The Republican Tea Party is Bad News

The Republican Tea Party is Bad News

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Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#1 Mar 27, 2012
Search; The Billionaires Who Bankroll the Tea Party

Search; Tea Party - Ayn Rand

Search; Tea Party - "Atlas Shrugged"

The Republican Tea Party Leadership has embraced the Teachings and Philosophy of the Atheist Author Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was born of Non-Practicing Jewish parents in Russia in 1905, educated in a Communist University, and emigrated to the United States in 1926.
Ayn Rand was overwhelmed by the wealth and the lavish lifestyles of New Yorkers in the "Roaring Twenties."
Ayn Rand fell madly in Love with UNrestricted Capitalism, and the industrial and business Tycoons who made it all possible. Ayn Rand wrote books defending the Greed and Selfishness of her Tycoon heroes. Those books were Ayn Rand's passport into high society in New York City. Rand made a lot of money from book sales and speaking engagements. Ayn Rand's likes and dislikes mirrored those of her Tycoon heroes.
Ayn Rand despised the Poor, the Working Class, Christianity, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and ALL other Social Safety net Programs, and Rand wanted them ALL abolished.
The Republican Tea Party Heroine, Ayn Rand said, "Social Security and Unemployment Insurance are Hammocks that the people relax in, and these programs encourage laziness and a reluctance to work in the people."
Ayn Rand said, "The poor and the working class are Parasites feeding on the wealth accumulated by their intellectual
Ayn Rand hated Chritisanity because it teaches Love and Compassion, attributes Rand thoroughly detested.
Ayn Rand said, "Christianity is a sign of weakness in a Capitalist Society."
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#2 Mar 27, 2012
Mike Wallace, reporter for CBS News interviewed Ayn Rand on several occasions.

Search; The Mike Wallace - Ayn Rand interviews, video

See and hear this evil woman tell Mike Wallace, "I wouldn't feed the poor if they were starving to death."

Search; The GOP's Godless Philosopher

Search; Family Values network, Christians Must Choose Ayn Rand or Jesus

Search; Fox News, "America Needs Ayn Rand Now, Not Jesus"
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#3 Mar 27, 2012
Search; Ayn Rand - Anton Lavey

Search; What has the Tea Party Got in Common With the Church of Satan?

In additon to the Republican Tea Party Leadership, Ayn Rand was also idolized by Anton Lavey, Founder of the Church of Satan, and Author of the "Satanic Bible." At one point Anton Lavey was accused of plagarizing some of Ayn Rand's writings.
Anton Lavey said, "Satanism is just Ayn Rand's Philosophy with Ceremony and Rituals Added."
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#4 Mar 27, 2012
Search; Tea Party Leaders Say they Want to Abolish Social Security, video

Search; Catholic Paul Ryan Worships Atheist Ayn Rand

Search; Paul Ryan Attacked by Christians

(Paul Ryan was not physically attacked, BUT, he was chased down a Washington street by Christians trying to give him a Bible to point out the error of his ways.) Paul Ryan says Ayn Rand's books inspired him to go into politics.
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#5 Mar 27, 2012
Search; Ayn Rand - William Hickman

The Republican Tea Party Heroine Ayn Rand idolized William Hickman and she wanted to write a book about Hickman using him as the hero of her book.
William Hickman's claim to fame was that he kidnapped, raped, murdered, and dismembered a 13 year old girl.
Ayn Rand lavished praise on William Hickman for his "Rugged Individualism, his unwavering pursuit of personal gratification, and his total lack of regard for the norms of society."
Ayn Rand praised Hickman all during his arrest, trial, conviction and execution for the brutal murder.

Search; Ayn Rand, Hero or Monster

This disdgusting part of Ayn Rand's life was overlooked by society because Rand was considered to be an intellectual, "with a few quirks."
YOU would have been tarred & feathered and run out of town on a rail.
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#6 Mar 29, 2012
The Republican Tea Party wants to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, and all other Social Safety Net Programs.

Search; Koch Bothers Finance Tea Party

Search; Tea Party Leaders Say they want to Abolish Social Security
Swamp Fox

Lansing, MI

#7 Mar 29, 2012
Search; Domionist Theology, Dominionism

Search; New Apostolic Reformation

Search; Koch Brothers - Domionists

Search; Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch - Dominionist

Search; Tea Party taken over by Domionists

Search; Holy War Tea Party
American First

Manvel, TX

#8 Mar 30, 2012
You are demonstrating your ignorance of the Tea Party and the fundamental principles of being an American. I also suspect your a benefit from my tax dollars in the form of some social handout. I also suspect you poorly manage money. In the bible it states you are not to be a slave to debt. By taking the government hand out you are in fact accumulating a debt, a debt few if any will every repay.

As someone who does not belong to the Tea Party, dontate to the Tea Party or Participate in any Tea Party events, blogs, etc...

True Americans do whatever they must to survive by their own hand. Sometimes that means doing without the luxuries of cable tv, cell phones, new vehicles, etc.
Too many for too long have become accustomed to a hand out as opposed to a hand up. Those that align their beliefs with The Tea Party have clarity and see what is in our future if there is not a new president in the White House.

When I was laid off in 2009 with many others. I sought a job wherever I could find one making less than I made 14 years ago. The job happened to be 988 miles from the house I have a mortgage on. For 23 months I slept in my 15 yr old truck at camp grounds then I rented a dive apartment that I would not want my wife and kids to visit. All so that I could put groceries in the fridge, shoes on my kid's feet and pay the mortgage. I didn't take ONE DAM N cent of unemployment. In the process I ate Ramin, peanut butter and a ton hotdogs because they were cheap. At the same time I got two certifications since I didn't watch TV. I got a bunch of credit card debt that I'm paying down now and will pay off.

People like you sicken me and will usher The United States into a ever accellerating spiral downward until the country is the likes of Greece.

United States

#9 May 5, 2012
I agree with swamp fox the republicans and the tea party are the most evil and hipocrite people i have ever witnessed in my entire life,they use the bible and religion to bag anybody that contradicts their "AGENDA" i wouldn' t vote republican if i was born again, they are selfish evil people that don't believe in Democracy and peace in this earth but in encouraging more people to carry firearms and using the system to make people think is for self-defense,their strategy will not work this november at the polls, people are starting to open their eyes.
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#10 Sep 18, 2012

Tea Party Movie "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand
Swamp Fox

Savannah, GA

#11 Sep 18, 2012

What Have the Tea Party and the Church of Satan Got in Common?

Answer, The Sinister Atheist Ayn Rand

Orem, UT

#12 Sep 18, 2012
And they are worse than the idiots that bankroll the deomcratic party. NOT! George Soros and company. That entire group of people is looking to destroy the american way of life. You are talking about the entire Tea Party in terms of Ayn Rand - she may be the money but the ideals of the group are much more believable.

Savannah, GA

#14 Sep 20, 2012
Look Deep into the Black Soul of the Republican Tea Party.

Orem, UT

#15 Sep 20, 2012
The dems have ties to - one just recently passed away - Robert (aka KKK) Byrd for example. There are bad people in all parties. The big money backers for both need to be scrutinized much closer.

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