Body on beach identified as Alief ISD...

Body on beach identified as Alief ISD teacher

There are 541 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Feb 24, 2006, titled Body on beach identified as Alief ISD teacher. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

A woman found dead near the Flagship Hotel Thursday has been identified as Natasha Solidum, 30, of Houston, according to Galveston police.

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west dallas

Angleton, TX

#63 Jun 2, 2007
jsut say scared monkeys and tim miller letter in google
Sam the super cop

College Station, TX

#64 Jun 2, 2007
Sorry folks I'm very buisy today and only have a few minutes to post.
MATT you claim I attack other cops but you Sir attack me.
I hope your not a trouble making punk cop.
I've had to put a few cops in jail over the years.
I did agree with the sicko about Pat. I do think Pat was clueless but I'm not knocking PAT I may be clueless too????
I know alot about these cases and BELL.
In my opinion Bell is more than a POI in the seventies he's a suspect.
Kandy if there is any connection with Bell and LA victims it would had to have been in the early seventies.
Bell was on the run in 1978 but I think he returned to the Houston area from time to time and could have killed in the eighties possibly even in the nineties.
Laura Smithers and Krystal Baker MO looks interesting.
Corvett shop was the scene of a double or triple murder.
I was a licensed Texas Peace Officer for 20 years and Dept of Army Crimnal Investigator for about 10 years.

Angleton, TX

#65 Jun 2, 2007
Jail? Well ok. Punk cop? I have nothing to prove to you, you know my feelings. I will not post again but I still would like an apology for the Medical Examiner Slam.

I remind you I post and not anonymously. this is a waste of time, what I have had to say has been said. Punks do not post anonymously.

Matt Wingo

Ravenna, OH

#66 Jun 2, 2007
No, I don't believe there is any connection to Bell to any of the victims after the 70s. This of course, is just my opinion.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#67 Jun 4, 2007
Matt you claim to be a police officer.
Why don't you start trying to act like one.

Let's talk about the Harris County ME for a second. Is this the same ME (medical exaimner)who didn't x-ray the decomposed remains of Jane Doe found in the killing field?
Is this same ME who put her decomposed remains in acid to boil the tiisue from her bones so he could exaimne her bones for injuries?
But in the process the acid destroyed the ballistic chacteristics of the bullit (barrel gove markings)?
Now we know the bullit was a 22 cal long rifle but we have NO ballistics to compare do we?
Any time you have a badly decomposed body you x-ray it prior to removeing tissue in acid!
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#68 Jun 4, 2007
Kandy it's my understanding the teacher this thread is about committed suicide.

LA connection?
Kandy you claim their is a LA connection. If their is I'm not aware of it.
We know our suspect was in LA in the early seventies and their were some murders but information on those cases are hard to get.
I really don't know if their is any connection?
Our boy was a mad man nothing would surprise me.
I know girls missing form Shreveport are not connected imo.
Kandy your not confuseing Brown with Bell are you?
Brown confessed serial killer from Colorado claimed he be-headed a girl in Passedena Tx and another girl in another town in Texas.
He also claimed he murdered some woman in LA.
Like Bell I think he's telling the truth and so does Det Lou Smit from Colorado Springs.

Matt I shaved real close this morning and brushed my teeth extra long in preperation of you giving me mouth to mouth.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#69 Jun 4, 2007
Big Eyes Fish

I've assessed these cases in the nineties you refered too.
Diffeerent MO for most of them, ligature strangulation, bodies dumped in places where they would easily be discovered like DQ parking lot.
Most of those girls killers have been arrested and convicted.
Our killers MO is different he's organized and smart.
He knows how to destroy evidence by placeing the victims in water are in isolated areas. By the time their bodies are found most of the evidence (dna) has been destoyed. He's very brutal he likes to beat the crap out of them, bondage, sexual torture then shoots or strangels them to death.
Very sadistic, very brutal killer.
Krystal baker, Laura Smither cases are very intersting.
Laura was almost beheaded, Alison Craven was mutilated.
Jane Doe found Huntsville Tx Halloween 1980 had a bite mark on her back. Laura Smither had a bite mark on her right buttock.
The Wilson girl in Galveton had some clothing shover in her mouth Jane Doe Huntsville had her panty hose shoved in her virginia.
Laura's family think Reece murdered her.
They found NO eviddence to implicate Reece. Bite marks on Laura's buttock could possibly match Reece if they would have tried to do that but maybe she was to decoposed.
I don't know about Reece??

Wanda Priddy Corpus Christy Tx went missing in 1979.
Jane Doe found beside I-45 could be Wanda Priddy.
Some of you web sleuth detectives check that out and tell me what you think.

United States

#70 Jun 5, 2007
while I find this testosterone battle entertaining, I have to bring your comment about your opponent to the forefront. You said he needs to act like a cop. I must say that you haven't acted much like a cop on any of the threads I've seen your posts on. MOF, your credibility has been questioned a couple times. Not from your lack of knowledge but the fact that you seem to know too much. If you do know all that you claim, as an "investigator", why are you sharing all this information on forums that could be viewed by any suspects "Googling" their crime victims' names. I am related to a homicide detective and I have been told that LE gives the public what we need to know and keeps a little something back so if a suspect is found, there are details only the killer and LE would know. He is aware of my interest in true crime but doesn't discuss details of cases with me. It seems that you are so determined to know more than everyone else that you are willing to tell it all to prove to the online community that you know more than we do.
In the name of justice, remember the oath you took when you joined the police force. Why is it that your law enforcement career ended? I do know there are crooked cops but it surprises me that there has been so much cop-bashing by a cop. I know it's an unwritten law that the boys/girls in blue stick together so were you wronged? And as a former officer, I assume you would be highly offended if we amateur sleuths identified ourselves as investigators simply because we research and analyze crimes. I think it's deceiving that you identify yourself as a profiler when you haven't actually been certified as such. What is your story? It has been suggested that you might be involved in some of these cases and I don't mean as an investigator. Hope i didnt offend you.

Clyde, TX

#71 Jun 5, 2007
None wrote:
<quoted text>
I heard that she passed away because of her fiance.
I was in her class in 01'
I'm wondering if what you heard could be true.
Reply wrote:
Jail? Well ok. Punk cop? I have nothing to prove to you, you know my feelings. I will not post again but I still would like an apology for the Medical Examiner Slam.
Yes, punk cop. And you are - by your own cop bashing posts and your own definition.
Reply wrote:
I remind you I post and not anonymously. this is a waste of time, what I have had to say has been said. Punks do not post anonymously.
Matt Wingo
I agree with this:
Sam the super cop wrote:
Matt you claim to be a police officer.
Why don't you start trying to act like one.

Clyde, TX

#72 Jun 5, 2007
goodcopbadcop wrote:
I think it's deceiving that you identify yourself as a profiler when you haven't actually been certified as such.
He said it was his hobby. I don't think there any such thing as a "certified criminal profiler."
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#73 Jun 5, 2007

Your absolutely right investigators should hold back and do hold back important information. I'm holding back information on the I-45 Serial Killer/s.
The only thing I'm releaseing is public information.
If you take the time to research the cases you will see the only thing I'm discussing has already been published in news paper articles.
I do remember my oath I took that's why I'm on here trying to generate discussions on these cases hopeing somone will read this and give us some addtional information.
I'm also hopeing the Phantom may respond since he seems to like media attention.
You remember the Phantom the sicko who wrote the letter to Tim Miller.
I'm sorry if I have not sounded professional.
I get tired of these people attacking me who claim to be cops.
I will say this, sometimes you have to kick a little Butts in order to jump start an old investigation.
I think if I used the hat Cecil Smith I probably wouldn't be attacked as much.
My time is limited and I hope the intelligent people on this site will continue to discuss it.
You never know when the old Phantom may decide to come on here and join in.
I have a question to ask.
Do ya'll think we have two different serial killers one in the seventies and one in the eighties or the same serial killer responsible for all these murders?
I must go and I"m not sure when I'll be able to post again.
I'll be checking in at times.
You good people keep up the discussions.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#74 Jun 5, 2007
Let me add one more thing about crimnal profileing and psychology.
Neither one of these professions are a true science.
The best crimnal profilers like Pat Brown PHD who happens to be a friend of mine are usually only 50% correct.
I don't like to call myself a criminal profiler.
I call it assessing homicide cases.
I give my opinion that's all.
I was watching TV about the Jonbenet Ramsey case and they had all these so called criminal profilers on tv giving their opinion.
I figured I was better than them because I had been in the police buisness longer.
Most of them have never been a cop just educated in psychology.
I disagreed with most of them but I did like Pat Brown.
I have assessed Jonbenet's case if anyone is interested.
I do not think the parents murdered Jonbenet.
Jonbenet murder was a sex crime period.
Folks I think it's important that you know I was in junior high school when these murders started in 1971 and I lived over 300 miles away.
It's rediculous to think I'm the killer because I'm familiar with these cases.
How can I assess these cases if I'm not familiar with them.
I have a question someone mentioned maybe it was BIG EYED FISH about the killer calling a radio station.
Wasn't that Stallings the young man who worked for Ables?
Orville Glenn Owen

Angleton, TX

#75 Jun 5, 2007
Glenn also gave the following profile to the Ipswich Evening Star. This link takes you to that paper’s special online section devoted to covering the crimes of the Suffolk Strangler.
Glenn Owen writes in his usual terse style — I’ve converted his statements to bullet points:
Your killer is an organized serial killer.
Above average in intelligence (IQ).
Works and has transportation.
Most likely a white male between the ages 25 and 40.
Had a very strict and dominant father figure.
Has been in petty trouble.
Graduated high school and has some college.
Could be a college graduate.
Very familiar with police tactics and criminal investigations.
Knows how to destroy evidence by placing bodies in remote areas and in water to destroy evidence.
Also removes clothing and is keeping souvenirs from the victims.
Likes to be involved in some manner with the investigation and may try to become friends with the victim’s family and may attempt to contact a member of the victim’s family.
Keeps up with news and follows the investigation closely.
You can bet he’s reading [the] news paper.
Motive–either sex crime or power issue over his victims.
He will continue to kill but he may stop and change MO.
Remember he’s smart and organized.
The area where he has been dumping bodies is a dumping site.
He will need to move his dump site because it’s to hot now.
New dump site will be located in a very remote area 10 to 20 miles from Ipswich.
Good chance he returns to dump site to have sex with his victims or play out sexual fantasies with the corpses.
Orville Glenn Owen

Angleton, TX

#76 Jun 5, 2007
Riehl World View: The Nona Dirksmeyer Murder - 3 visits - Jun 3I profile murder cases and thought this case would be interesting.... Posted by: SAM THE SUPER COP NEMESIS | Friday, May 11, 2007 at 11:57 PM ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
Orville Glenn Owen

Angleton, TX

#77 Jun 5, 2007
Sam the super cop

Posts: 366
Registered: 10/6/03 (1 of 14) Anthony Kirby
Apr 13, 2004 10:01 AM Report Abuse
JJ ask for just one accurate profile. I gave him 2 minor profiles I made. Now I would like to ask posters to do a google search on Anthony Kirby. Kirby killed a mother and her little girls in Alaska. An FBI profiler really did a outstanding job profiling the triple homicide. As a result of his profile it led to the arrest of Anthony Kirby. The FBI profiler was the first profiler ever to testify in a criminal court of law. The case was extremely similar to a case I was involved with and still am. The Butts triple murders, I used that profile to profile the killer of the Butts and it was very accurate. So some profiles are very good and accurate. I like Orange County profile on the ONS and my profile on the ONS was patterned after theirs

Orville Glenn Owen

Angleton, TX

#78 Jun 5, 2007
June 02, 2004
**** The I-45 Corridor Serial Killer
was profiled by SAM, a Texas Law Enforcement Officer,
Former criminal investigator, Crime scene investigator,
Death scene investigator, Homicide investigator.
Advanced Texas peace officer license.
20 years.****
I have completed my profile on the I-45 Corridor serial killer.
He is a white male between the age of 55 and 60. He has size and is strong. He is an opportunist and takes advantage of girls who may need a ride using a pay phone at convenience stores. He also uses a grab and snatch blitz attack or tricks some of his victims into a compromising position.
He is normal to above normal in intelligence. He is organized and works, has good reliable transportation. Most likely likes to drive a dark colored pick up truck.
Statistics on I-45 homicide victims.
Total of 18 victims that I think are linked to one serial killer and one attempted abduction.
All but one were between the ages of 12 and 17. All were white except for 2 . Note: two afro american girls who were killed at the same time may also be victims of this serial killer making the total 20.
40% were abducted from convenience stores tall;king on phone.
60% bodies were dumped in killing fields are in bodies of water in close proximity.
3 victims were mutilated.
6 victims were beat and strangled to death.
5 victims were shot to death most in the head.
Modes of death--since some of the vict have been shot and others severely beaten and strangled we have different modes of death. 4 victims were found in close proximity in a field called Calder Road field. 2 of the vict were shot the other 2 were severely beat and strangled to death.
Obviously the same killer was using this field as a dumping ground and sense we have different modes of death I'm including all strangulation cases and head shot cases to our victims list based upon age and geographical location of where the victims were abducted and recovered.
3 of these death were mutilation, in 1971 Alison Craver 12 years old was abducted. Her hands and arm along with some teeth were discovered 3 months later in a field called Pearlman field not far from her home.
The rest of her body was found not far away.
In 1997 12 year old Laura Smither was abducted. Her decapitated body was found in a retention pond located on Pearlman field.
So we have 2 mutilation involving 12 year old girls who bodies are located in close proximity 26 years apart. Now we either have more than one serial killer are one very sick puppy.
I think on these victims we have one serial killer. He obviously has different modes of killing demonstrated by the modes of death of the 4 vict in Calder Road Field.
I think our perp likes to torture by beating his victims then sexually assaulting them and strangling them to death. If they fight or he has a control problem then he shoots them in the head.
Some are mutilated by decapitation and other body parts dismembered.
I think our perp likes to experiment with the human anatomy in a sexual manner. He may re-visit his victims in the killing fields and have sex with them post mortem like Gary Ridgeway did the GRK.
He is very dangerous to young girls and woman. He is not in custody and will kill again. And I'm confused why this serial killer has not made the news big time. People who live and travel in this area should be aware of this killer.
NOTE: Some of the victims had artcles of clothing shoved in their mouth anus/vagina that's another way I used to link this sick perverted killer.

Ravenna, OH

#80 Jun 5, 2007
Sam asked: I have a question someone mentioned maybe it was BIG EYED FISH about the killer calling a radio station.
Wasn't that Stallings the young man who worked for Ables?

Kandy replied: No, it was Anthony Shore.

“Missing Texas!”

Since: May 07

Santa Fe Texas

#81 Jun 8, 2007
I agree with Orville Glenn about this story needing to be more well known. Jessica has been missing since 1997 with no new info about her wereabouts.
I also agree with Orville when he says that he believes the killer is still out there.
There are way to many missing & murdered girls from the 90s to say this guy has been caught.
True, some of the cases have been solved, but there are still a large number of them that have not been solved or connected.
Do we really think there are a bunch of individuals that are sick enough to commit all the murders individually. So we need to be looking for ten suspects, no cases connected.
I believe there is a seriel killer, and the media needs to pay a bit more attention.

Clyde, TX

#82 Jun 10, 2007
If the teacher committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest, how did her body end up in the ocean?

Angleton, TX

#83 Jun 10, 2007
What does shooting oneself in the chest have to do with where someone is found?

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