Body on beach identified as Alief ISD...

Body on beach identified as Alief ISD teacher

There are 541 comments on the KHOU-TV Houston story from Feb 24, 2006, titled Body on beach identified as Alief ISD teacher. In it, KHOU-TV Houston reports that:

A woman found dead near the Flagship Hotel Thursday has been identified as Natasha Solidum, 30, of Houston, according to Galveston police.

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Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#43 May 31, 2007
Bell was arrested in Louisiana in the early seventies that's the only connection I see.
He was incarcerated in 1998 Ellis Unit Huntsville Tx.

Nem it's [email protected]

Ravenna, OH

#44 May 31, 2007
Sorry, you misunderstood. I meant there are at least 4 girls who vanished from Louisiana, three of them at least, turned up dead in Texas. I just meant there seems to be a connection between those four cases, and also I have personally tied them to the 4 deaths in League City (where Jane and Janet Doe were found) It has to be someone with ties to Louisiana as well as Texas.

The reason why I wanted the exact date Bell was arrested, was so he could be eliminated of having committed crimes after that date. Do you know what he was ultimately arrested for. I'm of the understanding it was a case not connected to these girls.

Sorry if I was confusing.
Cecil Wingo

United States

#45 May 31, 2007
Do not know how to respond to this man. His ego is great. Has anyone looked at this fellow..... his behaviour... really looked at him????? Anonymity and mobility ????

Angleton, TX

#46 May 31, 2007
I agree with Wingo, assuming he is talking about Sam, Sam has already confessed on here whether he likes that or not. Sam knows too many things about too many killings in too many places. With his position as Texas Investigator and civilian army investigator who knows where he might be at any time. Some of us are cops who read this stuff for fun and it is offensive to see a proclaimed cop speak as he does, maybe he is divulging confidential matters, course I know who Sam really is and know his credentials and lack thereof. He who boasts and tells of matters supposedly held in confidence says not much to the character of the man, just to huis ego and need to be the center of attention, posting under other names arguing with himself , giving himself a "challenge", yep Sam has left his signature on the world talking as he does, boasting as he does, betraying those he "worked" for. Right Glenn. I think if he belittles Pat Bittner and those other officers in Galveston County I believe I might be compelled to expose him.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#47 Jun 1, 2007
Kandy I'm familiar with a few of those cases in Shreveport and I see NO connection.
One girl was in a night club and was seen leaving with a man.
Her remains were found in an old abandoned house in East Texas near Marshall If my memory is correct.
I think the case is still unsolved.

Please feel free to report me to the police little jealouse boys and girls.
My hobby is assessing murder cases and if you don't like it tuff.
Who is Pat Bittner?

“Missing Texas!”

Since: May 07

Santa Fe Texas

#48 Jun 1, 2007
What about all the killings that have occured in the nineties. Some of these murders have suspects, some that are in jail. Could these guys who have known connections with at least one or more murders be involved in some of the unsolved?
These are the ones I have listed in the 90s including my friend Jessica.
Jane Doe #4
-Found August 8, 1991, in League City 'Killing Fields'.
Maria del Carmen Estrada 21-August 16, 1992. Last seen going to Bus Stop. Body found a few hours later
Trellis Sykes 16-May 13, 1994. Abducted on way to school in Houston. Found later that same day in a field murdered.
Diana Robbolar 9-Abducted August 7, 1994, body found that afternoon behind vacant office Bldg, with 1 mile of where she disappeared.
Dana Sanchez16-July 7, 1995, Vanished from pay phone , On July 14, 1995 a man called TV station KPRC and identified himself as a Serial Killer. Gave directions to field near I-45N where body was found.
Lynette Bibbs 14-February 1, 1996Disappeared with friend Tamara Fisher from teen club in Houston. Body found
Tamara Fisher15-February 1, 1996. Last seen with friend Lynette Bibbs at Houston teen club. Found body
Krystal Baker 13-
March 5, 1996. Disappeared after calling friend from Texas City convenience store. Body found,
13 year old escapes March 11, 1996. Man forces her into truck while she walking near Miramar Shopping Center in Seabrook, TX. at gunpoint. Girl says she jumped out of car in La Porte, TX. An officer driving by saw girl fall out of moving green Ford Ranger Truck. Suspect is 34-45, 6 ft to 6'2" with graying black hair and beard. The truck was never seen again.
Laura Smither 12
April 3, 1997, Abducted while jogging near her home in Friendswood. body found
Sandra Sapaugh (escaped)19- May 16, 1997 She was fixing a flat on NASA Road 1 in Webster, across I-45 from Friendswood. When she says William Lewis Reece was the man who kidnapped her by pulling a knife on her and forced her into his truck. He ordered her to undress but she opened the passenger door and jumped out of the fast moving truck. Reece was charged with aggravated kidnapping of Sapaugh. Reece also is a suspect in the murder of Laura Smither and the disappearance of Jessica Cain.

“Missing Texas!”

Since: May 07

Santa Fe Texas

#49 Jun 1, 2007
And more..

Erica Ann Garcia 14-June 7, 1997 Disappeared from teen club in Houston. Found dead behind nearby vacant building.
Jessica Lee Cain 17
-August 17, 1997 Disappeared after leaving a Bennigan's restaurant in Webster. Her truck was found about two hours later along I-45 in La Marque. There was no signs of struggle and truck was operational.
Tina Flood23-November 29, 1998 a police officer pulled over Jonathan David Drew and found Flood beaten and barely alive in his front passenger seat. She died days later and he was convicted for her death. Drew is also suspected of several sexual assaults and it is speculated he could be responsible for the slaying of Jessica Lee Cain. A search of his former home in League City, where his parents still lived produced a vial containing several human teeth. League City is the Galveston city where the infamous "Killing Fields" are located. Where 4 other victims have were discovered between 1983 and 1991. Though his age would not match the time line of the "Killing Fields" murders.
Wanda May Pitts18-Jan 23-1999 She was at work the lobby desk at the Lodge Motel in Shenandoah. William Ray Mathews a drifter confessed.
Tracey VickeryFeb 1999 Matthews attempted to abduct Vickery from the office where she sold mobile homes.
Laura Ayala 13
March 10, 2002 Dissapeared outside convinence store near house.Witnesses reported observing a full-size, mid-1980s red / maroon cargo van near the store around the time of Ayala's disappearance. The vehicle was two-tone and had a large-sized white or light-colored stripe painted along its center and had a gray-colored bumper. Sara Trusty 23
July 12, 2002.-Last seen in Algoa near her church on her bicycle. Bike found in foyer of church the next day but Trusty was not found until July 28 dumped on a dike in Texas City.
Maria Isabel Solis 16
March 3, 2003, Last seen in Houston getting off of city bus near her school. Fellow students and nearby motel manager heard screams. Solis has not been seen again. Update: It was reported on February 9, 2005, that the remains of Solis have been identified. Her body was recovered in a wooded area near Sugar Land, Texas, on August 13, 2003, but remained unidentified
Teen Girl (Terrorized)- July 29, 2004 a northwest Houston teen girl stranded on a southwest Houston freeway was stranded with a flat tire on the West Loop near Interstate 10. A man she believed was a tow-truck driver offered to help, he changed her tire and then tried to sexually assault her. The girl said she managed to escape by stabbing the man in the torso and shoulder with a pocketknife. The attacker has a tall, bald, clean-shaven man with a tattoo of a spider web on his left shoulder. He was driving a faded black, older model Chevrolet pickup with "Super Tow" painted in white letters on the side.
Natasha Nicole Solidum 30, February 23, 2006
Terresa L. Vanegas 16- October 31,2006. A man on a motorcycle found her body just after noon Nov. 3. near Dickinson High School. Police said that Terresa had been dead about two days by the time of the discovery. They have ruled it as a homicide.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#50 Jun 1, 2007
Detective Alfred Paige Galveston PD CID is the investigator over most of these cases.
He's worked very hard on these cases and is a very dedicated man.
Breck Porter editor of Galveston Police News has wrote several good short stories on the I-45 killer.
The name Pat Bittner sounds familiar but I can't place her.
She may have been with the League City Police Dept who has jurisdiction over the killing field cases.
I don't know anything about Pat and certainly don't remember bad mouthing her.
I may have read her opinion on the I-45 killer and disagreed with her.
I will say this many mistakes were made on the killing field cases.
Most mistakes were made by the Harris County Medical Examiners Office.
Now I'm not on here to argue with people and if that's going to be the case I'll stop posting.
Sam the super cop

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#51 Jun 1, 2007
Kandy Bell was arrested for murder in 1978 after he exposed himself to little girls. A man ran out to stop him from exposing himself to the little girls and Bell shot him 5 times.
After Bell was arrested he made bond and skipped town.
For 20 years he was on the run and we don't know where he was are what he was doing for most of those 20 years.
He was re-arrested I think in Panama by the FBI in 1998.
I think he's up for parole in the next few years.

Manteca, CA

#52 Jun 1, 2007
Sam, can you profile yourself for us?

Don't stop sharing because of Nem. I find the battle of wits quite interesting.

Ravenna, OH

#53 Jun 1, 2007
Sam, I don't know what all the ruckus is on here. I'm telling you there has been a connection made, it just isn't public yet.

I also think this killer, yet unknown was using these I-45 killings as an excuse, sort of a scapegoat to commit his own,making it look as though it may be Ed Bell or Shore who had committed them. I think there is still yet one more killer out there.

Ravenna, OH

#54 Jun 1, 2007
Sam, If Ed Bell took off, it's highly unlikely he hung around the area committing crimes.

Ravenna, OH

#55 Jun 1, 2007
There has been a connection to all of the Louisiana cases made, it just isn't public knowledge yet.

Angleton, TX

#56 Jun 1, 2007

Angleton, TX

#57 Jun 1, 2007
Pat Bittner is the League City officer you vilified on May the 15th a few posts back, you agreed with the sick author of the letter that was sent to Tim Miller.Go back to your post and you will see that you did agree with the sick individual who further victimized Mr Tim Miller. And I add the letter writer is a very sick and cowardly individual but the identity is being sought and there are some very good leads.

Although knowing this to begin with I pulled the articles on the autopsies regarding the killing fields and found that League City is in Galveston County outside the jusrisdction of Harris County. I further learned that the autopsies of those girls were performed by Dr William Korndorffer of the Galveston County Medical Examiners Office.

The slam to Harris County was a premature reaction to something. Actually calling for an apology to those folks.

Cannot help but react to some things said, if the readers of this site are to be made properly aware of the actual facts and settings, the information needs to be factual. No matter general, they should be factual. No one should be releasing information under investigation.

I have no problem placing my real name on here, I have been primary investigator on many of these cases named and I will say this.

Detective Paige is a fine officer, he merits praise even if not successful as he continues to try and bring the matters to resolve and he seeks no public recognition for it. Detective Paige is a good man if nothing else but for what he does for a living and he puts forth great effort to be successful.

Pat Bittner , the same, dedicated police officer, good man, good mind.

Breck Porter comes from a great lineage of blue with his father being the longest termed Lt in HPD homicide history, He does a hell of a job with that very informative paper.

The criminal psychological profiles that keep being turned out are generic, off the shelf canned verbage. The profiles offered will never put anyone in jail but by their generalities, things can only be done in so many ways by a human being, any person who is ever arrested will fit the profiles + or -. Therefore the author of the general profiles will always be right, after someone is arrested. After the real police work has been done by real police officers.

Detectives Paige and Bittner(and others) are the ones seeking the killer, doing the actual blood and guts work. Controversial, successful or what, they are trying and using the prevailing methodology available and quite a lot of innovative techniques as well that they themselves have developed on their own.

I worked a few, Sam has named them in his list herein. I was not that successful either, I have been very lucky in my career and solved a few homicides but these are different, they were not of this typology, the serial killer, got one once but it was luck, he killed 14.

My name is Matt Wingo. I am a 35 year lawman in Texas. I have been where Bittner and Paige have been and it is no fun. But I assure this group that there are no harder workers and thinkers than those men saddled wth the responsibility of clearing a serial murder case.

They cannot and should not share the secrets of the cases reserving the secrets to aid in the identification of the actual killer(s)

Monday morning quarterbacking is not acceptible, if you were not there. Law Enforcement does not post on these blogs and rightfully so, I dont either till now, there is much that is proprietary to the agency only, for good and sound reason.

We now have seen error made in what actually has been said and done and where as well.

I still urge out of pure decency that apology be made to the Harris County Medical Examiner. And that Pat Bittner be disenjoined from collaboration with the sick letter writer.

Sacramento, CA

#58 Jun 2, 2007
I thought the Username looked familiar. I read Crime Library too. Is this post by you on CL? NOTE: THE MESSAGE BOARD ON CL IS NOT RELATED TO THIS TOPIC. I JUST HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THE POST.

Questions are at the bottom of the post.

From the Crime Library Message Boards:
Member Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 15
(IMO) I am an investigator!(IMO) I have been investigating this case since December.(IMO) I have not posted on this board before, but I have been reading it religiously since January. Yesterday, I spoke with another interested party who has been investigating the case from day 1.

That there is considerable evidence, eye-witness accounts, forensic evidence that points strongly to other person(s).

recently, I was involved in resuscitating a young woman, who had a blunt force trauma to the head, cause unknown; I came upon her lifeless body, and immediately got on my knees, checked her for pulse, and respiration and determined she was not breathing and had no heartbeat. Knowing she could have had spinal injury, and not knowing what had happened to her, I had no choice but to handle her, clear her air passage and administer CPR. This continued for ten minutes. During this time, not once did it cross my mind that I was messing with the evidence, of any crime that may have occurred before my arrival. I was focused solely upon the task of saving a life. Which I did. She is recovering as we type.(IMO) Had she died, stayed dead, remained dead, not recovered, there is little doubt in my mind, that you people would be discussing my tampering with the evidence to cover up the fact that I had killed her.

Oh, and yes, there were bloody fingerprints all over the house.(IMO) Whatever evidence of a crime was there, was completely muddled by my thoughtless life saving activities. I had no way of knowing at the time how long she had been there, whether she could be resuscitated, but I had little choice but to do everything I knew might save this life.

(IMO)) It is obvious he did not have my experience in dealing with trauma victims.(IMO) I likely would have recognized soon after handling Nonaís body that it was too late to save her life.


I would like the readers and members to express their views on investigators placing their comments here. Thanks. Oh, and Iím still finding bloody fingerprints around the house; I canít tell you what I touched.(IMO).

(IMO) Valley Girl, how many times you walked in on a good friend in a pool of blood? Did you go for saving the life, or preserving the evidence?
(IMO) FDinLaw, how many times have you rescusitated a blood covered trauma victim without tainting the evidence? Is everyone on this board saying they walk in on a friend, lying in a pool of blood, going to think only about tainting the evidence?
(IMO) Ben
What agency do you work for? Can you share how you came across the lifeless body of the woman that had blunt force trauma? Were you responding to a crime in progress? Was she in her own residence? How long did it take for back up to get there? Do you normally secure the scene first in that case or tend to the victim? Any suspects? How is the investigation of her case coming along? I assume it was an assault of some kind.

There must be an article or newsclip you can refer us to. You deserve kudos for your heroics.

Sacramento, CA

#59 Jun 2, 2007
Sam, don't tell me you let Nem get under your skin. And do you have a response for what Kandy is claiming?

Sacramento, CA

#60 Jun 2, 2007
does anybody know what Corvette concepts means? I saw it on that weird letter to Tim Miller on .

Am I the only one here?

Ravenna, OH

#61 Jun 2, 2007
Does anyone know if the case of the teacher that this thread was originally started about has been solved ??

GCBC, I'm still here.

“Missing Texas!”

Since: May 07

Santa Fe Texas

#62 Jun 2, 2007
Hey goodcopbadcop. where did you find that letter to Tim Miller, I have only been able to find clips but I didn't see it on .

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