Marvin Windows

Elizabeth, IL

#396 Jul 19, 2012
[Any luck with Marvin? Have the same problem with rotting windows.
Bill in Minnesota

Superior, WI

#397 Jul 23, 2012
We have double hung marvin windows in our kitchen. They are about 17 years old. Can somebody tell us how to get them to tilt so we can paint them please.

Unhappy Anderson Owner

Spencerport, NY

#398 Aug 22, 2012
We just had a service man out to check out our Anderson windows for the same issue. He said we have to pull them straight up from the top to avoid the paint chips...Even in the commercials they open them "normally" by pushing up. These windows are poorly designed and made with an ineffective coating process. Anderson beleives a can of touch up paint is the best solution! Of course, this is a temp fix and the added thickness of the touch up paint will further the extent of the issue. The only thing "upscale" about these windows were the price we paid.
-VERY UNHAPPY Anderson window owner
bill mc donald

Ballwin, MO

#399 Sep 5, 2012
Judy B wrote:
Wow, lucky I found this site. We're replacing windows and are looking at the Marvin Fiberglass and Andersen Fibrex. Any comments?
well, judy: all these people cant be wrong or have same installer. what you are reading is bad bad bad. if you dont believe them, perhaps you can get their lawyers name and sue (by yourself)in about 11 years when there is no warrenty.
larry fiala

Glyndon, MN

#400 Sep 14, 2012
i too have problems, mine were suppossedly redone about 3 years ago but the same thing is happening again. my home is 9 years ago. maybe if a class action suit were started they would do something.

United States

#401 Oct 14, 2012
I finally found where it leaks! The center of the window the house side of the fixed panel is not sealed at the sill. Driving rain can push water from the center towards the fixed corner. The edges of the wood windows do not seem to have any sealant so they suck up this water and rot. Also the sill was not well sealed at the end so water leaked into the house. I caulked the gap at the center sill just below the black brush the slider runs across and retested with a hose. No leak! About 5 minutes to fix per window. I think this is lousy manufacturing, design and product control. I had gotten a quote of about $9K to replace 4 large sliders so I am hugely relieved.
Monte M

Arvada, CO

#402 Oct 19, 2012
These windows and the company is a POS. Nothing but problems. I would never use their product again and caution anyone who is about to. Metal clad wood windows from the mid 90's. The windows leaked and clouded up or the wood rotted out or both. Very poor customer service. Help this company go out of business.

Greybull, WY

#403 Nov 18, 2012
(QUOTE) who="RodT"]I have all Marvin, wooden casement windows, in a log home that was built in 1984, so the windows are 27 years old now.
These are not clad with anything, just plain wood. None have rotted, but I do maintain with a linseed oil and mineral spirit application every 4-5 years. I have had to replace all the plastic weather stripping that is set in a grove around the windows. But thatís an easy job and all the window still work fine. They are e-gas and all still seem to be fine. I live in N.E. WY a harsh winter environment, but not a lot of sun problems.
I wonder just what sort of warranty people expect? 18 years old and you want some one to pay to replace them, when they came with a 10 year warranty? Isnít that a little like taking your Chevy with a 3 year 50,000 mile warranty in for warranty work after 7 years and 90,000 miles?(QUOTE)RodT Can you tell me where you buy and what kind of weatherstripping you use. We have 30 year old Marvins and it really needs to be replaced. Thanks from Cody, WY

Minnetonka, MN

#404 Feb 2, 2013
We have the same problem - Marvin Integrity windows purchased in 2002 that are rotting. Mold started on the inside of the jamb within a year and despite regularly cleaning it off has now migrated through the sills inside the house. It has stained the wood and cannot be stopped or removed. The windows look horrible and I have to believe are an air-quality hazard. The cladding on the outside is peeling away as well. No idea what to do, dealer not anxious to help.

Tucker, GA

#405 Mar 18, 2013
After reading the comments, I decided to post my experience with Marvin windows. In 2000, I bought a home in CO at 7200ft that had 35-40 Marvin casement windows. In 2003, we moved to SC into an old farmhouse (~90 yrs. old at the time). I had noticed before we moved that the seals had broken on several of the windows. As we were selling in 2004 and an inspection was done, many of the seals were broken so Marvin was called in to inspect. They found all seals had problems and stated that the windows installed didn't meet the altitude requirements (can't remember the exact details). Not only did Marvin replace every 6.5 year old window in the house, they did so at no cost to me...that's install cost, and I didn't make one phone call. My realtor handled the whole situation. Now I know we all have different experiences, but a company that will replace all windows and re-install for free can't be all bad. I'm sure it's like anything else; there are many factors that often create issues...maybe the local reps and their reputation also make a difference, but I can definitely say in my case, they stood by their warranty. I am ready to purchase a couple of windows in my old house in SC (that has original windows by the way) for a kitchen renovation. Despite all the bad press, I will still keep Marvin in the running based on my experience.
Eugene Blanton

Glen Allen, VA

#406 Mar 26, 2013
We purchased 21 Marvin windows 12 years ago on my house in Deltaville Va. on the river. The warranty is only good for 10 years. Our windows are rotting and are literly falling out of their frames. I like many of the people complaining would like to know if you can direct me to the class action lawsuit. We were planning on retireing to the river, but now with the added expense of replacing our windows, our plans have changed. We were so proud of our windows when they were installed and now are really upset with the results!
Kay Hicks

Wayland, MI

#408 May 2, 2013
We have battled mold ever since our Marvin Integrity double-hung windows were installed in 1999 into a new house. The frames are made of fiberglass, which I thought was going to be wonderful, but no air is able to move, and I'm guessing the frame gets colder than a wood frame - wood is a natural insulator, but fiberglass is more like glass, and in the protected track it's made a perfect place for mold to take hold. Horrible.
who="Patrick"<quo ted text>
Yes, I, too, had purchased Marvin Integrity windows back in fall 2002 for my home (new construction) and these windows are junk. Since that time, I have had all of the sashes replaced, all of the frames re-painted with some "special" paint, and all of the weatherstripping replaced 2 times with "improved design" products - so Marvin claims. Oh, and I just had the sliding door panels replaced for the second time as well as the thermopane of the custom Marvin oval window which was defective. At this point, every product in my house which Marvin had made has had some work done on it by the Mfr.
Has anyone had a big mold issue in the track of the integrity double hung windows?? I have tried everything and cannot keep it from occuring every year. This is ridiculous that I have to spend a day every spring cleaning the mold out of the window tracks. Marvin claims that it is my fault and won't stand behind their product which, obviously, is defective. One note: I have one newer style Integrity window in my house and it has none of the same problems I listed above. I just heard that Marvin re-designed the integrity window again - if it is a great design, why do they keep changing it??
Tom G

West Chazy, NY

#409 Jun 23, 2013
Gee I always thought my windows fell apart for lack of maintenance. What junk. One by one they fall apart because of water leakage between the plastic which then holds it to soak into the cheap wood they use. If I had any idea I would have run a bead of silicone around the lower top facing surfaces which would have likely stopped all this senseless waste. Conveniently they are willing to sell the lower wooden pieces for a meer 25 bucks a foot to fix their cheap poor quality manufacturing. Aint gonna happen, I'll make my own and use pressure treated wood like they should have. What absolute GARBAGE
Renate Fong

United States

#410 Jun 28, 2013
On many of our fiberglass windows where the window slides into the slot to close, there is, on the outside a vertical beige weatherstrip that is buckling, undulating instead of being straight and flush with the window. I am not even going to contact Marvin because they find every reason to blow the consumer off. Previously, I had to supply them with the exact number in every corner of every window in the house to prove that I had Marvin Windows.The Reno dealer who installed them closed, and the nearest distributor is in Sacramento. To get replacement handles (for which I was going to pay since I was changing the finish) they said he would come to Reno, charging me $1,000 for one day's trip, plus hotel overnight. I have a house full of Marvin replacement fiberglass windows and sliding doors, about $30,000, bought within the last 3-7 years. Without a local dealer, I am fucked. That's Marvin, true Republicans!
Marvin service

Stockton, CA

#411 Jul 4, 2013
Mrs. Fong, please contact me at 800-545-8648. Amber
thiago daluz

Rutherford, NJ

#412 Jul 10, 2013
Has anyone here tried using building supplies in Phoenix AZ. I've heard from sun that the weather makes it all but impossible to do DIY construction, you have to have a contractor with their gear. Truth?

Maple Grove, MN

#413 Aug 31, 2013
we built new in 1998. Within the first year we noticed water in unusual places, finally figured out the marvin casement windows leaked into the framing. we had to take off the stucco to replace multiple windows that marvin provided after much hassle. Now the sashes on many of the original 15 year old and 10 year old replacement windows are rotting and need replacement.$300 per sash, I don't know what to do. Marvin is no help out of warranty.
I will never ever recommend marvin to even my worst enemies.

Durham, NC

#414 Sep 27, 2013
Sixteen of the more than twenty-five Marvin windows in our 25 year old house need replacement of a hook that settles in a housing at the top of the window that hold the window open. Some of these defective windows have never been opened. Cost:$4,000. My son lives in an Edwardian townhouse in London with original windows. No problems. Why do modern manufactures build products that do not last?
Mike H

Storrs Mansfield, CT

#415 Oct 4, 2013
Built new house in 2006 using Marvin Integrity windows. After first year started noticing problems, had company rep out 4 times in past 7 years. Always does same thing, takes a few measurements, spray a little silicon. Company rep installed additional weather strip a few times which over time have fallen off. Windows have become very difficult to open and close, I mean difficult. We are considering getting new windows ( after 7 years ) yikes!

Marvin will not do anything about it. They do the same thing everytime hoping if they stall long enough, you will have no recourse. I believe I am now past the point of recourse.

If anyone has had success with the manufacturer let me know. Thinking about starting a class action suit!!
SKG from Oklahoma

United States

#416 Nov 15, 2013
We have had the same problem with Marvin forever wood windows covered with flexacron, Unfortunately we did not complain early enough? is their still some help available ? We might end up replacing all of our windows?

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