yea how about a drug dealer/selling museum showing some of the badest drug dealers and where they were shot/killed on the streets.

then a welfare queen wing at the museum with stories of the queen that had the most kids without knowing or caring who the fathers were or are. the queen what scammed the most money from the state for sitting around getting fat.

there could be wanted posters, along with charts graphs showing how all those lame unsupervised black kids ended up dead ,in prison or in the Detroit mayors office or both.

then we will want the looters, armed robbers wing of the museum too. chance to show off those really fast kids with lame off brand sneakers who could chase down cars on i65 hold them up at 55mph and get away with toaster, beds, Tvs etc.

gotta have some fire bugs kids too,
hey how about some terracotta fire bug kids holding matches showing them lighting fires in downtown stores to protest anything they were protesting.
heck everyone loved the Chinese terracotta army this could be good for our museum attendance.

then gotta maps showing how many are michigan fugitives living in other states or countries or other planets to avoid prosecution.

then photos of the most useless unproductive people from local schools who dropped out of grade school then spent entire life times on the playground drunk totally wasted under the basket ball hoops.
we had a couple of them in our Air force in the 60.s
poor kids ,they were never really sure where they were they just knew it wasn't Detroit ,or how they got there. They never understood where all these white people came from.
we could always reassure settle them down by promising to send them home to mama when the tour of duty was over.
they missed that home cooking drive by shootings, fast paced drug sales on the corner while the local police stood guard.

then we gotta have low cost tickets the government could underwrite the ticket cost so that every one could get the educational cultural benefit of the museum