League parents angry over Wellington football on Holy Days

Jewish holidays have collided with youth football out west. The Western Communities Football League, which draws about 1,000 kids, scheduled practices during Rosh Hashana and games during Yom Kippur, two of the ... Full Story
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Cheese With That Whine

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#1 Sep 14, 2007
Slusher, Cohen and Margolis - get a clue! You people seem to think the vast majority has some sort of obligation to cater to your particular needs.
If a parent believes a child should not engage in athletic contests on a Jewish holiday then don't allow him to play on such days - simple, tidy, no fuss, no muss.
In case you haven't noticed - this is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society with a broad spectrum of religions - almost any day is a religious day for someone - should we re-schedule events for each person who objects, or should we do it just for you since you apparently developed the never ending whine into a fine art?
The unfortunate fact of life for you is that you live in a society which, at this time, is overwhelmingly Christian, and in all societies throughout history things are done as will address the needs of the majority, even in such places as Palm Beach County. Imagine that!
Nuttier than a fruitcake

United States

#2 Sep 14, 2007
What about Ramadam? And Jehovah Witnesses who do NOT celebrate any holidays.

Watch out Wellington...the nuts are living in town.

United States

#3 Sep 14, 2007
Just take the kid out for that one game. Geesh is that too hard.

Major league football is played on Sundays!

One group dominating another.

Religion rears it's ugly head.
Just a thought

West Palm Beach, FL

#4 Sep 14, 2007
Isn't this the same town that took down its Christmas Scene?

West Palm Beach, FL

#5 Sep 14, 2007
If you don't want your children to play on your holy day, don't let them play!! Is everyone required to adhere to your schedule?
I can see it now- ACLU vs WELLINGTON.
Then Ginsburg & Ginsburg vs. Football League of Wellington.
THEY never give up.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#6 Sep 14, 2007
When is it enough for these people. Geeee---we fight wars for them and now they want us all to bend for them.

1% forcing their wishes on 99% of the population---

Elizabeth Delray Beach

Delray Beach, FL

#7 Sep 14, 2007
Since when are we living in Israel??

United States

#10 Sep 14, 2007
Get these council people OUT. These knee jerk reactions everytime someone complains are too much for the village to endure.

Ditto for the senior affordable housing. A group has nothing to do during the day.(they do not work) and are asking the council to set aside land to build affordable housing for seniors who do not want to leave Wellington. It is NOT the responsibility of Wellington to secure senior housing. Seniors need to sell their homes and move to where their families are. The land in WEllington is EXPENSIVE and belongs to ALL people in the village. It should NOT be used exclusively for seniors. Stop having staff spend hours and hours on senior housing. Catering to a samll group.


It is apparent that an equestrian needs to be on council.
Ex Waiter

Hialeah, FL

#11 Sep 14, 2007
Just a thought wrote:
Isn't this the same town that took down its Christmas Scene?
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
E Finley

Kansas City, MO

#12 Sep 14, 2007
I hope that they will not allow games to be played on my religions holiday....September 30 is the Celebration of the Birth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Pastafarians unite to shake off hate and intolerance everywhere!
Bree Daniel

Miami, FL

#13 Sep 14, 2007
Since when do Jewish mothers let their sons play football? Oy vey!

United States

#14 Sep 14, 2007
Ahhh life in Wellington....where rich (uninvolved) people with time have nothing better to do but complain. If they were that concerned, they should have attend league meetings and expressed concerns at that time. Just like a spoiled brat, nothing to say until its time to complain.

United States

#15 Sep 14, 2007
No football games on Festivus either!
GW Bush

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#16 Sep 14, 2007
What we ought to do is send more troops to Iraq and then we don't have to worry about such silliness !!

Braintree, MA

#17 Sep 14, 2007
I live in a suburb of Boston, same issue with a PTO meeting at my kids school. What frost my ass is the complainers are only religous two days a year. Get over it. Or, here's a shocker, GET INVOLVED WITH THE LEAGUE insead of whining.

Miami, FL

#18 Sep 14, 2007
"I'm shocked at the level of intolerance I'm receiving for a minority religion," said Jeremy Slusher
"Slusher said he asked that the Sept. 22 games, which fall on Yom Kippur, be moved to the following Sunday."
First, Mr. Slusher, "shocked" at "intolerance" is a complete over reaction to this situation. Second, your response to move the game to Sunday illustrates that you have the same level of intolerance you are accusing others of having.
This is a secular activity, no doubt supported by some public funds, and is completely voluntary. Therefore, the old adage majority rule, minority expression applies.
Life Coach

United States

#20 Sep 14, 2007
Seems like the parents are teaching how to whine instead of teaching the value of that day. If their religion is important it is easy to demonstrate how important by personally holding that day sacred. Not by having someone else do it for you. Biblical principles would better serve this family than the ACLU.
Miami Sucks


#21 Sep 14, 2007
Jewish owners of professional sports teams makes them play on just about every holiday..... oh, thats right, its all about the money.......

Esom Hill, GA

#22 Sep 14, 2007
and they wonder why people talk about them!!!
PBC Resident

West Palm Beach, FL

#23 Sep 14, 2007

My kids had the day off of school yesterday. Why? Because of some dumb religion.

There are more Hindis, Muslims, Buddhists, and even atheists, than there are jews in this nation. The jews should feel lucky that they even get any holidays given how small their population is.....and the non-jews should be questioning why the jews do have so much power even though they are such a small population.


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