Concerned Neighbor wrote:
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I'm not talking about children I'm stating facts that I see happening all around me. If that's a problem for you than stop drinking that haterade and move on. If you've lived by me for 8yrs then you don't live on my street because you would be doing and saying something to try to get answers to what the hell is going on in our subdivision. I'm sorry I wasn't friendly to you but I treat others as they have treated me, so have u not been taught to treat others as you want to be treated? Because I highly doubt you've talked to every person in this village and got the statistics of half that want me to move. Im not trying to start beef, I'm trying to protect my kids from the kind of people all of these people on this website are talking about. The jury is still out on the lady on the corner. Us on this street have our own opinions I'm sorry if you don't feel the same way. I apologized earlier for putting her daughter on the spot but I thought her and the accused were buddies until I talked to her this morning and found out the truth. Squash It... It's over
I have tried talking to you to no avail, as far as apologies to for what you said you should of never said anything on a gossip site. I would hope that we are all adult enough that at this age we don't turn opinions into rumors it's not fair and you didn't like it when people told you to move. I can respect that you want to get along and raise your kids in safe neighborhood, but if we as adults throw stones our children will follow that lead. Thank you for apologies, and hopefully we can all just move past this, the girl on corner has never bothered a soul in this neighborhood, let them be. God Bless!