The worst case of racism at a sports event was in July of 1999 when I was at a Mets vs Yankees game at Shea Stadium. Wyclef Jean of the Fugees was playing guitar and a African-American woman was singing the National Anthem and those "wonderful" Yankee supporters expressed their displeasure by booing and yelling the N-word because they wanted the WHITE OPERA SINGER!!!! I'm surprised that those crude Bronx guido Yankee fans didn't break out the Italian & Confederate Flags and start doing HEIL HITLER salutes. After the anthem, I was so disgusted that I almost left the stadium but I stayed and the Mets won that night. And it pisses me off that many African-Americans wear the GARBAGE YANKEES CAP considering that the Yankees organization was one of the biggest hate groups (They didn't break the color barrier until 1955, 8 years after Jackie Robinson because George Weiss didn't want to offend their fan base (Translation: Mostly Suburban Italian Rednecks). Thank god I'm a Mets fan!!!!!