Portland Rangers wrote:
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I never wrote the Islanders are the most popular team in the NHL, but when we owned hockey it was popular here and around the world.
You are in first place and no one cares in this town.
What you have not figured out no one wants to see the meatball Lundqvist, vanilla Drury and the boring Rangers with no star players either trap in an outdoor game.
Dino, being that the Rags will always be second fiddle to the Islanders in this town we will allow the Rag ice dancers (the ones who did not sue the garden for sexual harassment charges)
to be a part of the Islanders outdoor game at Yankee Stadium.
The Rag ice dancers will be coached by Tom Renney and instead of an actual game can do pre-game shootouts tournament games so everyone can get a good nap like the 9,000 knicks fans do at Msg who make up the 12,000 people actually sitting in the seats at Ranger games..
just logically explain to me, if the rangers are second fiddle. Why do the islanders do worse ratings than college lacrosse teams, and have 2000 people go to their games. I know logic is tough with you, but I want to see you try.

Oh, and do the corporate drones buy jerseys as well? Rangers spank the isles in those numbers too. Guess it goes well with an armani suit.

90 percent of new york wouldnt be able to tell you the islanders are even a hockey team. No one knows about them. Its a fact. Go somewhere and ask ten people what the islanders are, 9 people will tell you people who live in long island, and one will tell you "a horrible hockey team".

I know you are upset. Your team has been the laughing stock of new york for 25 years, but saying idiotic statements that even your own fan base doesnt agree with just makes you look silly