As season slides, discontent brews: G...

As season slides, discontent brews: Gordon's dealing with veter...

There are 48 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 1, 2009, titled As season slides, discontent brews: Gordon's dealing with veter.... In it, Newsday reports that:

For much of this last-place season, several players say, the Islanders have been a team divided by rookie coach Scott Gordon and his focus on developing young players while showing a lack of respect for ...

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Honolulu, HI

#1 Mar 1, 2009
Great! More finger -pointing and nobody to take accountability for a struggling franchise which could be on the verge of relocating. Got to love turmoil and hockey drama between (young & veteran) players and coaches when a team has it's downward-spiral moments. It has to really suck to play for an injured-plagued losing team.

But there's light at the end of the tunnel here. With young players buying into Gordon's system, fewer third period break-downs, a crap-load of off-season drafts, more goals being scored as of lately, and Danis standing strong in the net. The Islander's are showing life with 20 games left this season with some hope for a promising 2009-2010 season!


#2 Mar 1, 2009
I've been an Isles fan since their inception and I have NO clue of what to make of all this but one thing is certain,,if you were a free agent and you read this story..would you come here?? Our draft picks will HAVE to be can't miss players now OR ELSE!! That said at least Trot's is in charge of player development!
Van Von Vernersen

Wolverhampton, UK

#3 Mar 1, 2009
Bobbygarz is right, no free agents coming to the Island anytime soon. Sad to see the "voices in the lockeroom" talking to the media instead of each other... pathetic
red white and blue

Holtsville, NY

#4 Mar 1, 2009
Do you blame Guerin for waiving his NTC to a contender???? This "rebuilding view" was honestly the worst approach ever! It has done nothing but prove failure over-and-over (30th place)! The blame can be placed with a 1/3 each to Snow, Wang & Gordon. It has been a pathetic approach and will be again next season. How many times has a player been caught off-guard & out of position because of this system? How many times has Bailey had the deer-in-the-headlight look over-and over? Or the 3rd period collapses? Even watching on tv by the 2nd period it is just a boring-routine game. I feel sorry for the season ticket holders who are paying for this minor-league team at the big priced NHL yourself a favor ask for a credit for next years renewal in the amount of what ever the total amount of losses are for this season!!


#5 Mar 1, 2009
poo poo

Rego Park, NY

#6 Mar 1, 2009
"If the team starts winning everyone will shut up, so I do whatever I want" is, sad way of rebuilding team, Snow. There are alive people involve in this. Plus there is always down side doing this way. I hate to see the team I love for a long long time, being treated this way.

New York, NY

#7 Mar 1, 2009
Logan took a season's worth of issues and put them out now when he could have written it any time he wanted the last few months.

Did he do this now to keep anyone from signing here or staying here and to help drive Guerin out?

No one put their name to a single negative thing quoted he wrote.

Was Logan in a bad mood because they won again and Bergenheim had a good game?

He did not even go near them for quotes, he saved all this to dump it on the fans after a good night for the team.

Why not just write about it all season long when it was happening.

Not like he's competing with five papers to break the story which Mr Botta did not break himself?

This was all pre-planned by Logan over months to get fan reaction now.


This team badly needs a beatwriter who does not dump on the team and saves it over months.

Newsday staff never pulls this on the Knicks or Rangers who have players ripping Avery and Renney and do not go where Logan did.

Huntington Station, NY

#8 Mar 1, 2009
I don't know what the vets are so shocked about anyway. It isn't like this was going to be a playoff team. From day 1 this season was going to be about player development. Everyone with a brain knew this going in.

I appreciate Guerin, Witt & Weight for their leadership, but none of those guys are a big part of the Isles future.

This is year 1 people. the First year of what is likely to be a 3-5 year rebuilding program. Yep, Isles are going to stink again next year and possibly for the next few years. But in a few years when this team grows together they'll make the playoffs and everything that was done in years 1-2 of this rebuild will have been worth it.

Developing youth is the ONLY way this team will ever be able to build a winner. If anyone thinks the Islanders are better off giving the prime ice time to the vets who aren't any good over the kids is just nuts.

The veterans should have realized this from the beginning.

New Bedford, MA

#9 Mar 1, 2009
Gordon should have called Peter Laviolette for advice, you never divide a local room. As he found out, slightly different but the end result will be same unemployment. Well this is the Isles probably not. I find it hard to believe the vets would not offer any advice to the rookies during those meetings. He wasnted to spare them from revewing rookie mistakes what a sport. BTW I wonder if he realized that his system will NEVER work in the NHL. But remember the goal was to get a top two pick, keep the payroll down, and then move the team, thanks Charles, and Garth, their system is working great.
Jim from st james

Port Jefferson Station, NY

#10 Mar 1, 2009
I am really starting to think that the only people who have a problem with gordon & the Isle is newday & Logan.

Pelham, NY

#11 Mar 1, 2009
Dougie had a good year this year, better then he did for the Ducks. As far as Guerin goes,....see ya. He never once went out there this year and played like a captain. He never led by example. Richard Park does that every game. If your trying to lead and inspire the young kids, watch Richard Park. He gives 100 percent every game, goals or not....Now think of Berggy. A young version of Richard Park. If you try hard, you get scoring opportunities. The Islanders in the last ten games have played with alot more urgency and desperation. They are blocking more shots, throwing more hits, constantly moving, and getting more shots on net. Guerin showed none of that over the course of the year. Here's what I say to Guerin. "SEE YA!"

New York, NY

#12 Mar 1, 2009
Do any of you remember how Logan reacted when the team announced it would follow the NHL injury policy?

Logan went wild in Newsday's blog and threatened to start his own policy.

Every member of the sports staff covering hockey bashed the club daily until they changed it.

Detroit asked for this policy and the teams agreed to it. Other teams did the same as the Islanders and no paper acted like Newsday.

Go look at how hard Zipay works on his blog vs Logan who's another former Ranger beatwriter not even honest enough to put that in his profile.

I'm not writing Logan is making anything up, but why hold it all and dump it on the public today?

Can we at least agree whatever happened did not all happen during the last 24 hours?

If so why didn't Logan write it at the time it happened, this is why he has a job, right?

Seems only time he is off the clock is when DP starts the ASG and he does not blog for us.
The Circus is back

Bronxville, NY

#13 Mar 1, 2009
this year was rebuilding and vets were going to be traded, understandable. locker room rift with the coach is not a good sign in any way. In one/two years where some of the youngers guys mature these things will still fester just with different players. Coughlign learned his lesson with the Giants after years with two teams. This coach seems thickheaded and might take time to adjust or might never adjust...One note is his run all over the place system might work in the minors but on the NHL level where players are better you can not get away with it because the game speed is much quicker and mistakes are turned into goals at a quicker pace.

Miami, FL

#14 Mar 1, 2009
You can read articles like this one, or complain about the system all you want. I see a team thats improving, and they have been playing better than some teams that are still in the playoff hunt. like uh............the Rangers.
The Village Idiot

Shanghai, China

#15 Mar 1, 2009
Gordon is taking the right approach. Garth better not change coaches again. We need stability and a long term approach. True Islander fans will not care about a few veterans venting. That's normal and to be expected. It's important for the Isles to pay the price now and not have to go through this again - unlike what happend under the Idiotic Milbury Regime when we changed strategies at whim. Keep up the good work.

Andes, NY

#17 Mar 1, 2009
I'm no fan of Gordon's, but I'm not sure he's being fairly criticized here. He's a young coach, obviously he'll make communication mistakes, even though it seems he's gone out of his way to appreciate that. I have not been impressed at all with Guerin's game as an Islander, I do not know what he brings to the lockerrom, but I am willing to believe it is positive. Weight would not have the points he has if Gordon hadn't given him plenty of ice time in scoring situations. Gordon's mandate has been clear to all of us -- develop the young players. It only makes sense that he would have "private" meetings with some of the younger players to go over things that Guerin and Weight don't need to be told. What would we be hearing then -- how disrespectful it was of Gordon to call veterans like Guerin and Weight to a meeting discussing X's an O's and backchecking? Islander players already fired one coach, Laviollette. It backfired. Many other major league players do the same. That's where the disrespect comes in. You have a coach. Whether you like him or not, agree with him or not, you play the system he tells you to play and you keep your mouth shut and cash your paycheck.

Springfield, MA

#18 Mar 1, 2009
While there have been unmistakably encouraging signs in the last month or so of a brighter future, I would strongly advise Garth, Scott and Charles against moving ALL the key veterans; Comrie never displayed any real consistency and Guerin, like Campoli and likely others, may not have been able to get on board with the 'overspeed' system when all was said and done - they need to hang on to Weight, though; he has been a valuable asset to the youngsters by example (like Guerin, albeit to an apparently lesser extent.....) as well as Sillinger (still one of the best faceoff men in the game). I believe Witt pretty much sealed his fate with this 5-game suspension, demonstrating as it does the wreckless element to his style of playing (only question is, who presently can replace his grittiness in back?)

And while there's no questioning Hunter, Park and Hilbert's steadiness and character, their playoff experience is, at best, limited. Park is, in his own way, an Asian-American Ed Westfall and I see him as captain next year more than Hunter (Trent and Streit should get the A's, though). And there's also no question that Bergenheim, Okposo and even Bailey have all improved tremendously, with Hillen quickly filling up Campoli's minutes and Sim, Jackman coming up effectively behind them.....hopefully Tavares, should he be available as anticipated, can provide a legitimately dangerous sniper for the
first time since Ziggy (not to overlook Chow, Parrish and Blake's contributions, however) but, that said, he may need some extended time to acclimate to the NHL.....

Which, of course, leaves goal; Danis and MacDonald have played a big part in keeping this season respectable and both deserve to be retained - it's only prudent to do so, what with serious doubt clouding DiPietro's health and future.

Edison, NJ

#19 Mar 1, 2009
Sounds like the vets on this team are a bunch of cry babies. Aww, Gordon spent time showing the youngsters video and he never bothered to hug me...wah wah, go cry your eyes out. Get rid of them all then...

United States

#20 Mar 1, 2009
It amazes me that there are so many that take this reporting as gospel!

Jays response is pathetic. Steve makes a very good point that this season was all about the youth players. The fact that the coach DID communicate with Bill is good enough - because he didn't have to.

Every team will have little issues - every team. It takes a skilled reporter to mesh little tidbits together to get a sensational write up and a stirring response. Logan can mix it up. This article is another good example. He can take a small bit of something, self-interpret,not back it up with names and throw it at you behind the force of the "Newsday" power.

Logan does not have to be a blind faith Islander loyalist and report everything in peaches and cream but
he certainly doesn't have to go out of his way through questionable quotes from unnamed sources to try to make the players and the locker room out to be a disgruntled, finger-pointing bunch.

It sure would have been nice for him to highlight the 1-goal allowed in 3 games w/ two shutouts and Bergie's two goal game. That's great stuff! How about a quote or two from a named source - like Danis or Bergie?????

Personally, I take ANYTHING I read with a grain of salt until it is confirmed by a legit source. If some writer outside of Newsday reports the same stuff then I will take interest.

This article is crap until proven other wise and readers like Jay should wise up.
Don Cherry

San Diego, CA

#21 Mar 1, 2009
red white and blue wrote:
Do you blame Guerin for waiving his NTC to a contender???? This "rebuilding view" was honestly the worst approach ever! It has done nothing but prove failure over-and-over (30th place)! The blame can be placed with a 1/3 each to Snow, Wang & Gordon. It has been a pathetic approach and will be again next season. How many times has a player been caught off-guard & out of position because of this system? How many times has Bailey had the deer-in-the-headlight look over-and over? Or the 3rd period collapses? Even watching on tv by the 2nd period it is just a boring-routine game. I feel sorry for the season ticket holders who are paying for this minor-league team at the big priced NHL yourself a favor ask for a credit for next years renewal in the amount of what ever the total amount of losses are for this season!!
Anyone who believed this team was a playoff team as presently constructed was fooling themselves. The veteran players that are on the roster signed here because their was lack of interest from other teams and more $$$ than was offered by other teams. As for worrying that free agents won't sign here, this will not occur until the team develops its young players and has a foundation in place and a new facility Snow has made it abundantly clear he was going to build the team through the draft. The fact that the veterans are unhappy who cares. Witt,Guerin and Weight etc. are not going to be here when things turn around. Gordon is setting the tone for what he wants to accomplish and the only way to do that is with young players. One only has to view the other New York team who caters to veterans watch the losing to be convinced.

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