red white and blue wrote:
As a long time Islander fan I had the option to watch the game on MSG+ or the Versus game last night Sabres vs Pens....I opted for the Pens game by the 3rd period....honestly its amazing how good everyone on the Pens are, if you have at least two-gifted goal scorers on a line....where are the Islanders sharp-shooters? Thats right we have none...we will stretch the half-ass talent out again this season and cross our fingers for 8th see!!!!! I really feel last night was the turning point for many one comment mentioned "we chased Toronto around all night"!! How true and we will continue to do so...I will not mention ho is at fault but it starts with the front office and ends up on the ice for this dismal team approach. I will say hats off to Bill Guerin because honestly without him...where would are goals come from!!! Can anyone post who plays tonight on Versus so I can maybe pick a team I will follow tonight!!!