Ravelry.com connects arts-and-crafts ...

Ravelry.com connects arts-and-crafts lovers the world over

There are 234 comments on the Orlando Sentinel story from Mar 13, 2009, titled Ravelry.com connects arts-and-crafts lovers the world over. In it, Orlando Sentinel reports that:

"Super-cute Crochet" by Nicki Trench shows how you can make these bees. We arts-and-crafts junkies need a networking site, a place where we can share our most intimate knitting and crocheting secrets.

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Guelph, Canada

#228 Sep 6, 2009
I got put on a time out for telling a person who was harassing me to take a hike and leave me alone.

Casey and Jen have let their success go to their heads. They will only fail in a brilliant business venture if they let it continue. They are headed for a very serious fall because it takes only one really bad thing to happen for them to implicated in a lawsuit.

Salt Lake City, UT

#230 Sep 24, 2009
Hey, RavSucks, get over yourself. It's a private site, they can do what they please. If they wanted to kick all the redheads off, they could, as it's a private site, privately owned

And you weren't following the rules of being excellent. Telling someone to take a hike is not being excellent.

Sucks to be you, I guess.

Kennesaw, GA

#231 Dec 9, 2009
RavSucks wrote:
I got put on a time out for telling a person who was harassing me to take a hike and leave me alone.
It's Casey and JESS. Sheesh, if you're going to insult someone at least get the names right. Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm certain you were put in time out for a brief period of time in a group by a group moderator and not Casey. Sounds like someone needs to get over themselves.

Brooklyn, NY

#232 Dec 26, 2009
I'm amazed this thread has gone on so long. I just had holiday dinner with my friend that I've known for years, who happens to be progressive now. I'm conservative. All politics put aside, we get along great.
I live in a city where Democrats and liberals are the status quo and are most praised for their views. I am a part of a religious community, that although there are no requirements to be liberal, liberalism pervades. As such, and being a knitter, I found great relief in being a member of the Bunker. It was great not just to be conservative, but unapologetically so. Yes, there are other conservative communities on Ravelry, but the mods were always made to walk on thin ice and make sure that everything is extremely PC. The liberal groups were not treated the same way. However, up until the Bunker closed, I did not realize how far the contempt for the Bunker group went. I recall one day that I was severely depressed and some anonymous person decided to mark my comment as "funny." Another member's family member had cancer and that was marked as "funny" as well. Whether conservatives went to liberal groups or not, I do not know but that's part of the problem. If you create a double standard, then of course people are going to be upset when they find their group deleted or their membership removed.
I will own up to one thing I did. The day the Bunker community was closed, I said Casey was a coward for handling the situation in such a way. I stand by what I said.
I joined the BunkerBoard shortly after the group was deleted, and I saw the post where Casey gave us his best wishes in regards to our offsite group. I thought the matter was dealt with then.
Then one day, after a week of not logging into Ravelry, I came to find that my account was suspended. Of course, there was much discussion among the BunkerBabes when I checked the BunkerBoard. I mailed legal and was given a letter basically saying I was banned for being a member of the BunkerBoard and that I was not a "legitimate user" of the site.
If you consider that I made probably around 50 posts during my entire membership(many of which were not in the Bunker but non-political groups), added yarn to the database and my commentary in regards to patterns, I do think I was very much a legitimate user.
If folk want to make it a liberal vs. conservative thing, this is all I can say for myself. I am no white Christian. I am a person who has actually stood up for the rights of liberals to have free speech on many websites. But when I live in a world where I feel, at least on a local level, that I cannot hear my own voice, it was nice to talk to Bunker Babes. And yes, we did prefer to keep liberals out of the group, simply because we get enough debate in our real lives.
Did I care much about the thongs and pasties? Not really. Do some of the Bunker Babes have a point? I think they do, simply because the website might be designed for adults but there is no way to really regulate it. Perhaps if users are required to give their age, that would provide some sense of parental control. Still, like any website out there like Youtube, all a kid has to do is lie.
Being the way I am, I am an expert at being a stealth Republican. So, while I was insulted earlier this year, and I am forever banished, there is really no telling where I am now or where I will be in the future.:) I am not bothered anymore.
Whatsallthefussa bout

Douglas, Isle of Man

#233 Jan 15, 2010
I've been a Rav member since its inception. I am perplexed by the belief that it is full of pornographic images and vulgarity. I for one have never seen "pasties" or anything vaguely erotic - I guess it's there if you go looking!! Is that what Conservatives do in their spare time????
Grow up people. This world is a mixed bag of opinions, views, tolerance levels - if you don't like it, stay away, but please don't foist your views on others. It's only knitting!!


#234 Jul 29, 2010
I love rav and haven't been banned, but as someone with traditional values (although i am not christian), and anti-socialist ideas, I ca attest that any traditional values "holder" will almost immediately get ridiculed and attacked on ravelry.

Awhile back I spoke up about feminism (i don't endorse it even though i am a direct result of it), I spoke up about why, considering my background I don't endorse it. This was Big Issues Debate group.
Immediately, I got made fun of, ridiculed. Only when I could prove my point with documents, they shut up a bit, but I was still ridiculed.

I stopped visiting that group and now I only visit knitting related groups, and stay away from even a mildly political ones. It's clear to me that most so called "liberals" can't handle when someone doesn't share their opinions.

I was called names, I actually had a feeling that I was in a room full of teens.....it was that bad.

SO yea, join at your risk and if you are not liberal, stay away from any political/discussion threads.

Otherwise, it's great!


#235 Jul 29, 2010
Jillian wrote:
I've been think about how some of the conservatives are feeling so sad about the bans at Ravelry and then I came up with a really great idea. A conservative knitting, programmer can build a conservative crafting site for free just like Ravelry.
Oh wait that's right no conservative ever does anything if they don't get paid. So I guess they conservatives will just have to put up with the horrible lib sites if they want some place free.
one example of an insult and generalization.

Chatsworth, GA

#236 Apr 1, 2011
I left Ravelry more than a year ago of my own choice. I was tired of being flamed and post-stalked for the most neutral of comments. Now, I'm not talking about the political groups; I steered clear of those.

One Christian group I joined didn't like my avatar, which was a picture of Lizzie Borden. As it happens, I love reading about famous unsolved mysteries. The Borden case is one of the most well-known. Lizzie was a Sunday School teacher before her arrest for the murders of her father and stepmother. She was later acquitted and the case remains unsolved. I saw nothing wrong with having her picture as my avatar. The comments I received were incredibly rude and hateful.

The owner of my local yarn shop offered a discount to her friends if they would go on Ravelry and post nice things about her and the shop.

Waltham, MA

#237 Apr 6, 2011
Overall, I don't think the site is not bad. Lots of active users and posts. It's hard to manage a site with thousands of active users by just individual (part time I guess).

James @ onlinecraftsstore.com


#238 Aug 12, 2011
Ravelry is extremely left-wing, popular opinion, "Obama is awesome", "GW is real", "get your vaccines" kind of a site. If you want to actually have a decent debate with people and express any opinion other than their common liberal one, you will be verbally attacked most of the time using sarcasm (which happens to be favourite tool of argument for liberals). You will be called names.

I am neither conservative or a liberal, but I find that the new batch of liberals are a brain washed lot who resemble communist activists of the Russian revolution. Most of them can't even get their facts straight and often know very little of subject that they are trying to debate.

Take a look at Big Issues Debate and the offensive behavior that's rampant there - they didn't have to pick new mods for no reason.

I avoid political/religious/environmen tal/health discussion with Rav members. It's just amusing to see 99% of BIG ISSUES DEBATE to have such small uneducated minds that are clouded by their devotion to liberal ideas. They are a big lot of sheep who can't think for themselves. Which is sad.


#239 May 11, 2014
Seeing as though the last post was in 2011 and Ravelry has now over 4 million members something is going right

Toms River, NJ

#240 Aug 19, 2014
There aren't 4 million active members. Many people joined but pretty much abandoned their accounts. Ravelry can be very clique-ish. I use the site once in a while and haven't had any problems but it's pretty obvious that if you express a different opinion than the "regulars", you'll get flamed. It's childish.

Naugatuck, CT

#241 Sep 4, 2014
kak wrote:
if you are conservative, don't bother joining, it's not worth it
I'm conservative and proud of it.

Hubertus, WI

#242 Jul 4, 2016
I'm a liberal Rav user and I'm absolutely appalled at the double standards. Ravelry Rubberneckers get away with things that other group never would be able to....post stalking, off- Rav social media stalking, sending threatening PMs, etc. absolutely disgusting.

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