Barack Obama's Ancestors Owned Slaves

Barack Obama's Ancestors Owned Slaves

There are 76 comments on the Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter story from Mar 2, 2007, titled Barack Obama's Ancestors Owned Slaves. In it, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter reports that:

Wire services carried an article a few days ago describing the relationship of the families of segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

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Granbury, TX

#47 Aug 21, 2008
Obama, He is just as much white as he is black.

Famous Relations of Barack Obama

Presidents of the United States and their spouses:

01. President George Washington: 6C7R
Martha Dandridge: 10C8R

02. President John Adams: 10C7R
Abigal Smith: 11C13R

03. President Thomas Jefferson: 11C7R
Martha Wayles: 10C9R

04: President James Madison: H8C8R
Dorothy (Dolly) Payne: 12C6R

05: President James Monroe: No Relationship
Elizabeth Kortright: H9C8R

06. President John Quincy Adams: 12C6R
Louise Catherine Johnson: No Relationship

07. President Andrew Jackson: 15C7R
Rachel Donelson: 9C21R

08. President Martin Van Buren: 18C6R
Annatje Hannah Hoes: 18C7R

09. President William H. Harrison: 14C6R
Anna Tuthill Symmes: H14C4R

10. President John Tyler: 7C12R
Julia Gardiner: 12C6R

11: President James K. Polk: No Relationship
Sarah Childress: 23C1R

12. President Zachary Taylor: 8C11R
Margaret Mackall Smith: 13C4R

13. President Milllard Filmore: 8C5R
Abigail Powers: 17C3R

14. President Franklin Pierce: 6C7R
Jane Means Appleton: 10C8R

15. President James Buchanan: 17C5R
Never Married

16. President Abraham Lincoln: H16C1R
Mary Todd: 17C

17. President Andrew Johnson: 12C3R
Eliza McCardle: No Relationship

18. President Ulysses S. Grant: H8C4R
Julia Boggs Dent: No Relationship

19. President Rutherford B. Hayes: 12C6R
Lucy Ware Webb: 9C3R

20. President James Garfield: 6C4R
Lucretia Rudolph: 13C5R

21. President Chester A. Arthur: H17C
Ellen Lewis Herndon: 16C1R

22./ 24. President Grover Cleveland: 14C3R
Frances Clara Folsom: 9C3R

23. President Benjamin Harrison: 12C7R
1st Wife: Carolina Lavina (Carrie) Scott: 18C4R
2nd Wife: Mary Scott Lord: 19C3R (she was the niece of his 1st wife)

25. President William McKinley: 15C3R
Ida Saxon: 22C

26. President Theodore Roosevelt: No Relationship
1st Wife: Alice Hathaway LeeL 10C3R
2nd Wife: Edith Keremit Carow: 9C3R

27. President William Howard Taft: H7C5R
Helen (Nellie) Heron: 13C4R

28. President Woodrow Wilson: 19C3R
1st Wife: Ellen Louis Axson: 6C5R
2nd Wife: Ellen Bolling: 15C3R

29. President Warren G. Harding: 10C3R
Florence Mable Kling: No Relationship

30. President Calvin Coolidge: 16C2R
Grace Anna Goodhue: 10C4R

31. President Herbert Hoover: 15C3R
Lou Henry: H12C3R

32. President Franklin D. Roosevelt: 11C2R
Eleanor Roosevelt: No Relationship

33. President Harry S. Truman: 14C4R
Bess Wallace: 18C

34. President Dwight D. Eisenhower: 16C1R
Mamie Doud: 11C2R

35. President John F. Kennedy: 17C1R
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier: No Relationship

36. President Lyndon B. Johnson: 13C1R
Claudia Alta (Ladybird) Taylor: 16C3R

37. President Richard M. Nixon: 14C2R
Thelma Catherine (Pat) Ryan: No Relationship

38. President Gerald Ford: 8C7R
Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Bloomer: 15C4R

39. President Jimmy Carter: 12C7R
Rosalynn Smith: H13C3R

40. President Ronald Reagan: H9C2R
1st Wife: Jane Wyman: 12C3R
2nd Wife: Nancy Davis: 10C

41. President George H.W. Bush: 12C1R
Barbara Pierce: 11C1R

42. President Bill Clinton: 11C
Hillary Rodham: H15C1R

43. President George W. Bush: 12C
Laura Welch: 16C1R

“Rocker Chicks Are Hot!”

Since: Jul 08

Sacramento, Ca

#48 Aug 21, 2008
what does his ancestry have to do with his crediblity?

Granbury, TX

#49 Aug 21, 2008
In addition, Obama is related to the following 2008 Presidental Contenders:
Sen. Hillary (Rodham) Clinton: H15C1R. Sen. John McCain: H17C2R, Gov. Mitt Romney: 14C3R and Gov. Mike Huckabee: 21C7R.

Mayflower Passengers:
John Alden: 8C2R, Bartholomew Allerton: 10C9R, Mary Allerton: 10C9R, Remember Allerton: 10C9R, Love, Wrestling Brewster: H9C8R, Francis Cooke: 1C12R. John Cooke: 2C11R, Constance, Damaris, Giles and Oceanus Hopkins: 9C9R, Stephen Hopkins: 8C10R;
John Hurst: 10C10R, Joseph and Patricia Mullins: 7C11R, William Mullins: 6C12R, Mary Norris: 9C10R, George Soule: 10GGranduncle, Myles Standish: H10C8R, Edward and John Tilley: 4C14R, Elizabeth Tilley: 5C13R, Mary Love Wentworth: H8C9R, Resolved White: H12C7R, William White: H11C8R

Signers of The Declaration of Independence:
Carter Braxton: 13C7R, William Ellery: 10C4R, Charles Carroll: 8C7R, Button Gwinnett: 16C5R, Lymann Hall: 11C8R, John Hancock: 6C7R, Samuel Huttington: 8C6R, Francis Lightfoot Lee: 11C6R, Thomas McKean: 11C7R, Robert Treat Paine: H7C5R, George Read: 17C2R, Caesar Rodney: 6C9R, George Ross: 14C8R, Roger Sherman: H5C7R, William Whipple: 22C4R, William Williams: 10C7R and George Wythe: 8C6R

Signers of U.S. Constitution:
Abraham Baldwin: H5C6R, Jacob Broom: 13C4R and Roger Sherman: H5C7R

Other Historical Figures in American History:
Ethan Allen: H4C8R, Daniel Boone: 4C9R, Gen. Robert E. Lee: 13C4R, Capt. Meriwether Lewis: 7C12R, Master Edward Maria Wingfield,

The Following Famous Texans
James Bowie: 14C4R, Davey Crockett: 6C5R. John Simpson (Cow) Chishum: 12C7R, John Neely Bryan: 7C7R, Cynthia Ann Paarker: H15C2R, Chief Quanah Parker: H16C1R, William Barnet Travis: 12C4R, Perry Richardson Bass: H13C3R; Sid Richardson, Edwrd Berry, Robert Muse and Lee Marshall Bass: H14C2R

The Following Governors of Texas:
Gov. Dolph Briscoe: 14C. Gov. John B. Connally: 19C6R. Gov. Price Daniel: 17C1R, Gov. James Stephen (Jim) Hogg: 17C, Gov. Ann Richards: 17C2R,

The following current and former TV Newscasters:
Patrick (Pat) Buchanan: 23C3R, Anderson Cooper: 14C2R, Frank Gifford: 17C, Maria Shriver: 17C2R,

Granbury, TX

#50 Aug 21, 2008
More Obama relations

Other Politicians:
Sen. John Hollis Bankhead II: H16C1R, Cong: William Brockman Bankhead: H16C1R. VP: Aaron Burr: H6C6R, Sen. Pierce Butler: 8C9R. Gov. John Ellis (Jeb) Bush: 12C. Sir. Winston Churchill: H17C1R. VP/Gov. George Clinton: 8C8R, Sen./Astronaut John Glenn: 19C1R, Sen. Albert Arnold Gore I: H16C2R; VP/Sen. Alberet Arnold Gore II: H16C3R; Sen. Thomas Pryor Gore: 15C7R, Gov. W. Averell Harriman, Sen. John Kerry: 13C5R, Sen. Robert Lathan Owen: 17C, Sen/Gov. John Davidson (Jay) Rockefeller IV: 14C1R, VP/Gov. Nelson Aldrich and Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller: 14C, Gov. John Seiver: 17C, Sen. James (Strom) Thurmond: 15C3R,

The following Movie Stars/Entertainers
Gene Autry: 15C1R Alec, Daniel, Stephen and William Baldwin: 17C1R, Lucille Ball: 19C3R, Tallulah Bankhead: H17C, Humphrey Bogart: 11C2R, Marlon Brando: 12C7R, June Carter: 12C, Johnny Cash: 14C, Courtney Cox: 18C1R, Bing Crosby: H16C1R, Bette Davis: 9C2R, James Dean: 16C2R; Ruby Dee: 17C1R; Walt Disney: 15C2R, Clint Eastwood: H13C5R, Mia Farrow: 18C3R, Judy Garland: 17C, Lillian Gish: H13C3R, Audrey Hepburn: 13C4R, Katharine Hepburn: 11C2R, Peter Lawford: H12C3R, Raymond Massey: 19C1R, Lisa Minnelli: 17C1R, Marilyn Monroe: 10C2R, Audie Murphy: 19C, Sir Lawrence Oliver: 15C1R, Maureen O’Sullivan: 17C4R, Gregory Peck: 13C5R, William (Brad) Pitt: 15C3R, Freddie Prinze: 22C4R, Elvis Presley: H16C2R, Kyra Sedgwick: 14C2R, Elizabeth Taylor: 16C3R, Spencer Tracy 17C13R, Angeline Jolie Voight: 26C2R, John Wayne: H14C1R, Vina Fay Wray: 11C2R,

The Kennedy Family:
Carolyn Bouvier and John F. Kennedy Jr. 17C2R; Joseph Patrick, Rosemary (Rosie), Kethleen (Kick), Eunice Mary, Patricia, Robert Francis (Bobbie), Jean Ann and Ted Kennedy: 17C1R; Cong. Patrick Joseph and Lt. Gov. Kathleen Harringson Kennedy: 17C2R

William (Bill) Gaither: H17C, Rev. William Franklin (Billy) Graham: 20C2R
Prince Rainer Grimaldi: 14C1R, Princess Grace Patricia Kelley: 17C5R
Queen Elizabeth Windsor: H6C12R, Price Philip Mountbatten: H25C3R
Prince Charles Windsor (Prince of Wales): H7C11R, Diana Frances Spencer: H12C1R

American Outlaws: Pretty Boy Floyd: H16C1R, John Wesley Hardin, Jimmy Hoffa: 13C1R, James and Jesse James: H14C4R, Ned Kelly\Kelley: H13C4R, John Peters Ringo: 11C6R,

American Business Owners Etc.: William C. Durant: 8C4R, Harvey Samuel Firestone: 18C, Howard Hughes: H14C2R, Samuel Curtis Johnson: H11C, John Pierpone (J.P) Morgan: 8C5R, John D. RockefellerI: 12C2R, George Wilken Romney: 14C2R, Conrnelius Vanderbuilt: 13C4R, Sam Walton: 16C1R, Daniel B. Wessen, Oliver Fisher Winchester, Frank Lloyd Wright: H8C3R

This is just a brief list of his famous relatives. He is also related to quite a bit of European Royalty, including Russian Tsars. And also many famous authors, etc.
Anton Mustaffah Shabazz

Reseda, CA

#51 Aug 21, 2008
Duz dis meen dat Bacack Hussein Obama bee givin' me sum reparashuns b'cause hiz gran pappy dun owned sum slaves?

Since: Jul 08

#52 Aug 21, 2008
Febbie wrote:
If you want proof of his mother family owning slaves, go to the US census and look it up.
These documents show the slave owners and how many slaves his mother's family had. Some out there may have brought this up to use it against him, but it has nothing to do with the person he is today. You vote for the person that is qualified to do the job, not his family. Before this election is over there will be more information on all the runners, it is up to the voter!!
This is true. His mother's family owned slaves. It can be found in the census records and slave schedules. Obama has confirmed it quite a while back.

Since: Jul 08

#53 Aug 21, 2008
Starr24 wrote:
what does his ancestry have to do with his crediblity?

Since: Jul 08

#54 Aug 21, 2008
Sovelenko wrote:
He is related to Sen. John McCain, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Mitt Romney and most of the United States Presidents.
It's weird how they're all intertwined like that.


#55 Aug 21, 2008
Yolanda wrote:
<quoted text>
That is a crazy comment. I am brown skinned, about the same complexion as Obama. I don't have a nose ring "or" kinky hair and BOTH of my parents are black.
Do I have to look like militant black panther members from Harlem to be considered "black"? I should think not.
Obama simply looks like a "clean cut" black man. Nothing else.
if you don't have them features then you are not 100% negro, in truth you probably have a white grandfather or great grandfather, trust me there is a honky somewhere in your wood pile because you didn't get that color overnight, not to mention you don't have the infamous gunbarrel nose, ought to tell you something.
Doyoulikethetrut h

Montréal, Canada

#56 Aug 21, 2008
I'm sad for the world and the United States
Cain 2008 mean world war 3 in a few months. But, vote Obama will make the war take more times to come, but, it will come with him too. Whoever, you vote the end of the United States is near... Learn about war and super power!!! just google...
Every begin got an end, you can build a country on blood and injustice. It won't just work. That's why any government in that world has never worked.

“Rocker Chicks Are Hot!”

Since: Jul 08

Sacramento, Ca

#57 Aug 21, 2008
You are so right. Wow, I hope people read this. Please repost. lol
Lou Voren

Reseda, CA

#58 Aug 22, 2008
Is Senator Obama going to issue an "apology" on behalf of the sins of his ancestors, whose actions were not his responsibility?
The truth

Florissant, MO

#59 Dec 16, 2008
This is all very silly. As a black man in America and citizen of this country, I must say who cares who owned slaves once upon a time. If your care about this, your thought process is broken. Get to know who you are. Unlock the secrets of time and you will find the creator of the framework is hidden. You will be plesantly surprised to find that you only needed a mirror. This is what Obama has done. Can't you see that he is who he is because he won't fall to the trapppings of this type of small minded mentallity. Once you know the truth behind the allusions you will find an ancient people who have the same values and core beliefs. History is only as strong as the people making the case to the board of academics.
The truth

Florissant, MO

#60 Dec 16, 2008
Besides Bill Clinton already applogized publicly for the involvement of the governments activity in the slave trade. Several companies that directly prospered from slave labor now have diversity training and offer grants to minorities. Not as many that should, its not 40 acres, but true intergration is a slow process. I think it could take 300 to 400 years. Hardship will expedite the assimulation. Economic hardship will seprate the modern masters from the modern slave. Slavery lives. I'm trying to free your mind, But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it. Slavery will always exist until most products are automated by machines. Then those in control will either give limited freedom or regulated freedom at the high demands of the people.

Dundas, Canada

#61 Jan 15, 2009
Hint: He and Bush are distant cousins. Cheney is part of the 'family' as well. The 'family' behind the curtain which is enslaving you and your family. Have fun with that.

Honolulu, HI

#62 Jan 18, 2009

Granbury, TX

#63 May 19, 2009
I was recently sent another e-mail from a scammer and liar in Africa. This is one of several that said they were a Christian, etc. Here is my response:

For your information you liar and scamer, here is what I believe.

1st I do not believe in the divinity of Christ. I believe he lived and taught us how we should live our life, but I do not believe he was virgin born. I believe Mary WAS his mother and Joseph WAS his father.

2nd, I believe the Bible is a book of Jewish fairy tales. Well, maybe it started out that way (and that is for certain), and then they added some truth along the way, but have you ever wondered why basically it pertains to mostly the Jewish race. Where are the American Indians which lived in Massachusetts way before the Biblical story of creation. Where is the mention of the ice age, etc.

Here are some. And by the way, thank you for the opportunity to reveal some REAL truths.

Here we go:
Spposedly Adam and Eve were born about 4000 and 3980 BC and this was the beginning of the human race according to the Bible. Yet, Native Americans lived in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA for thousands of years before the white man came. These First People included members of the Wampanoag Tribe of the Algonquin Nation and members of the Massachusetts Tribe. Evidence of Native American habitation extending back to 9,000 to 10,000 before Christ. has been found extensively in the area.
Go to this link.
It reads:
The last great North American glacier began its retreat some 10,000 years ago, leaving behind the accumulation of boulders, sand, and clay that is now known as Martha's Vineyard. The ancestors of Wampanoag people have lived for at least 10,000 years at Aquinnah (Gay Head) and throughout the island of Noepe (Martha's Vineyard), pursuing a traditional economy based on fishing and agriculture. The Aquinnah Wampanoag share the belief that the giant Moshup created Noepe and the neighboring islands, taught our people how to fish and to catch whales, and still presides over our destinies. Our beliefs and a hundred million years of history are imprinted in the colorful clay cliffs of Aquinnah.

I guess something is obviously wrong here, because according to the Bible, God created man (Adam 4000 years before Christ was born) and yet today (9:57 AM Central Time, United States, October, 2, 2008, the earth and man have been here about 6008 years.

Continuedon Post 2.

Granbury, TX

#64 May 19, 2009
Post 2.Post 2.

Now, here is another one. It was in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Saturday, March 7, 2009. It reads: A mammoth win for Waco? The Interior department has recommended that the Waco mammoth site, where about two dozen Columbian mammoths were buried in a mudslide 68,000 years ago.
The first mammoth bone was found in 1978 in thick woods along the Brazos and Bosque rivers. It is the world largest-known concentration of prehistoric mammoth killed in the same natural event.
Now this is way more years than the 9,000 to 10,000 B.C. mention above in Plymouth, MA.
Then there is the Barnett Shale, a geological formation of economic significant. It consists of sedimentary rocks of Mississippian age. That would be 323-354 million years ago. The formation underlies the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.
Now if the earth was created in seven days how does this millions of years ago come into play?

Read all about this Mississippian age at this link:

But that is not all, I can show you a lot more and I will if you people keep hammering away at me. I am 75 years old and not about to fall for one of your scams. You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you believe in God? I do! I just don't happen to believe the Bible is HIS words.
Adam and Eve, in the Bible, the 1st man and woman, progenitors of the human race. The Biblical account of the creation of human beings occurs twice: in Genesis 1:26-27 and in Genesis 2:18-24. In the 1st account, the Hebrew common noun Adam is used as a generic term for all human beings, regardless of gender; Eve is not mentioned at all. In the 2nd account, Adam is created from the dust of the earth, whereas Eve is created from Adam's rib and given to him by God to be his wife.
The biblical story of Adam and Eve is thematically similar to many human-creation myths of the ancient Middle East and elsewhere. However, in some respects the story is unique. Through considerable editorial work, what began as a narrative of the beginning of the human species in general was converted into a more complex exploration of the situation of men and women in relation to one another and to their environment. The ethical concern that pervades the biblical story of Adam and Eve constitutes its primary claim to consideration as a religious classic.
Adam was born 4000 Before Christ and died 3070 before Christ.
Genesis Chp. 2
(7) And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
(19) And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.
Genesis Chp. 3
(20) And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.
Genesis Chp. 5.Post 3

Continued on Post 3.

Granbury, TX

#65 May 19, 2009
Post 3.

Golly, Gee Whiz, she is the mother of all those people that lived millions of years before she was formed or created. Now how could that be!
Fossils of modern humans found in a cave in Israel at Qafzeh were dated 100,000 years ago. However these humans seem to have either gone extinct or retreated back to Africa 80,000 - 70,000 years ago, possibly replaced by south-bound Neanderthals escaping the colder regions of ice age Europe. All other fossils of fully modern humans outside of Africa have been dated to more recent times. The next oldest fossil of modern humans outside of Africa are those of Mungo Man found in Australia and have been dated to about 42,000 years ago. These remains are the oldest anatomically modern human remains found in Australia to date. The body was sprinkled with red ochre, in what is the earliest incidence of such a sophisticated and artistic burial practice. A Mitochondrial DNA study was made of these remains, and they descended from a different direct maternal ancestor than the most recent common ancestor in the female line of all living humans, the so-called “
Mitochondrial Eve”, this mtDNA is not entirely extinct, however, as a segment of it is found inserted in nuclear chromosome 11 of many people today. (human)

COntinued on Post 4.

Granbury, TX

#66 May 19, 2009
Post 4.

Notice the “ICE AGE” mentioned. There is no age such as this mentioned in the Bible. The most recent Ice Age occurred 20,000 years ago. Yep! That was way, way before Adam and Eve were created. Did you know there have been at least four major ice ages in the Earth's past. Outside these periods, the Earth seems to have been ice-free even in high latitudes.
The earliest hypothesized ice age, called the Huronian, was around 2.7 to 2.3 billion years ago during the early Proterozoic Eon.
The earliest well-documented ice age, and probably the most severe of the last 1 billion years, occurred from 850 to 630 million years ago (the Cryogenian period) and may have produced a Snowball Earth in which permanent ice covered the entire globe and was ended by the effects of the accumulation of greenhouse gases such as CO2 produced by volcanoes. "The presence of ice on the continents and pack ice on the oceans would inhibit both silicate weathering and photosynthesis, which are the two major sinks for CO2 at present." It has been suggested that the end of this ice age was responsible for the subsequent Ediacaran and Cambrian Explosion, though this theory is recent and controversial.
Sediment records showing the fluctuating sequences of glacials and interglacials during the last several million years.
A minor ice age, the Andean-Saharan, occurred from 460 to 430 million years ago, during the Late Ordovician and the Silurian period. There were extensive polar ice caps at intervals from 350 to 260 million years ago, during the Carboniferous and early Permian Periods, associated with the Karoo Ice Age.
While an ice sheet on Antarctica began to grow some 20 million years ago, the current ice age is said to have started about 2.58 million years ago. During the late Pliocene the spread of ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere began. Since then, the world has seen cycles of glaciation with ice sheets advancing and retreating on 40,000- and 100,000-year time scales called glacials (glacial advance) and interglacials (glacial retreat). The earth is currently in an interglacial, and the last glacial period ended about 10,000 years ago. All that remains of the continental ice sheets are the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.
Ice ages can be further divided by location and time; for example, the names Riss (180,000–130,000 years bp) and Würm (70,000–10,000 years bp) refer specifically to glaciation in the Alpine region. Note that the maximum extent of the ice is not maintained for the full interval. Unfortunately, the scouring action of each glaciation tends to remove most of the evidence of prior ice sheets almost completely, except in regions where the later sheet does not achieve full coverage. It is possible that glacial periods other than those above, especially in the Precambrian, have been overlooked because of scarcity of exposed rocks from high latitudes from older periods.

Continued on post 5.

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