The voter fraud issue regardless of party is a legitimate one. The system is ripe for voter fraud without more recounts and auditing of the voting/voted lists and registered voter rolls. Lack of a paper trail also opens up the system to voter fraud.

American politics is based on favors. To payoff many of those favors strings have to be pulled with many people & issues being pressured to go away unethically if not illegally. Laws and procedure have to be overlooked. Problem is this IS business as usual for many politicians. This is how they learn and what they were taught & witnessed-the ends justify the means. The support staff sees this because they wind up actually doing the favors in the way of phone calls, letters, memoe etc.

I'm sure you have plenty of civil servants ie police, fire, clerks etc had 'stuff' overlooked including birth certificates among other things. Could Obama or any other candidate even think about running for president without all the proper credentials-you bet. Because they saw this stuff at a lower level done with regularity it's business as usual with no questions asked. They sometimes forget running for president brings alot more questions. It can't be treated as business as usual anymore and that's what many forget.