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Black and White Gym Leaders,Elite Four, and the Champion!!!

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Eustis, FL

#1 Feb 5, 2011
Pokemon Black and White is coming to America soon,so i have spoilers for the new Gym Leaders and Elite Four members!! Will post em later.

Eustis, FL

#2 Feb 8, 2011
Gym Leaders
Striaton City-Cilan,Chili,or Cress
Depending on your starter,you will have to face either one of them.If you chose Snivy,you face Chili,a Fire type gym leader;If you decided on Tepig,battle Cress,a Water master,and if you picked Oshawott,you take on Cilan,a Grass expert.
Chili:Lilipup lv 12 Pansear lv 14
Cress:Lilipup lv 12 Panpour lv 14
Cilan:Lilipup lv 12 Pansage lv 14
Beating any of them nets you the Tri Badge.
Nacrene City-Aloe
She uses Normal type Pokemon, so she shouldn't be too hard.
Herdier lv 18 Watchog lv 20
Defeating her earns you the Basic Badge.
Castelia City-Arty
A Bug type fenatic,he'll only be a nuisance if you picked Snivy.If ya chose Tepig,it'll be pretty quick.
Whirlipede lv 21 Dwebble lv 21 Leavanny lv 23
Winning against him gets you the Beetle Badge.
Raimon City-Chamomile
She trains Electric pokemon,so if ya picked Oshawott,you'll have REAL trouble with this fight.
Emonga lv 25 Emonga lv 25 Zebstrika lv 27
Winning against her earns you the Bolt Badge.
Hodomoe City-Yacon
Somewhat easy fight if you have Water or Grass handy.He uses Ground types.
Krokorok lv 29 Palpitoad lv 29 Excadrill lv 31
When you beat him,e rewards you with the Quake Badge.
Fukiyose City-Fuuro
Flying type specialist.Use Electric or Rock against them.
Swoobat lv 33 Unfezant lv 33 Swanna lv 35
Defeating her gets you the Jet Badge.
Iccirus City-Hachiku
He uses Ice type Pokemon,so use Rock,Fighting or Fire.
Vanillish lv 37 Cryogonal lv 37 Beartic lv 39
For some reason,he gives the Icicle Badge when someone else has that.
Soryuu City-Shaga or Iris
Depending on game version,you fight either one though i think Shaga is the mayor of the city.Their Dragon types are the same throughuot.
Fraxure lv 41 Druddigan lv 41 Haxorus lv 43
The Legend Badge is the last one you get.Next up is the Elite Four.

Eustis, FL

#3 Feb 8, 2011
Elite Four Round 1
Shikimi-Ghost type user and the First of the Elite Four.
Cofagrigus lv 48 Jellicent lv 48 Golurk lv 48 Chandelure lv 50
Giima-Dark type user and No.2 of the Elite Four.
Scrafty lv 48 Liepard lv 48 Krookadile lv 48 Bisharp lv 50
Caitlin-formerly a member of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier,she is now featured as the third Elite Four member.She uses Psychic Pokemon.
Reuniclus lv 48 Musharna Lv 48 Sigilyph lv 48 Gothitelle lv 50
Renbu-the Final Elite Four member who specializes in Fighting type Pokemon.
Throh lv 48 Sawk lv 48 Conkeldurr lv 48 Mienshao lv 50
On the first time you beat em,you can't fight the Champion cuz Team Plasma has already defeated him.After you beat Team Plasma and obtain the National Pokedex you can rechallenge the Elite Four,who are much more powerful than before.
Elite Four Round 2
Shikimi-Cofigrigus lv 71 Jellicent lv 71 Froslass lv 71 Drifblim lv 71 Golurk lv 71 Chandelure lv 73
Giima-Sharpedo lv 71 Liepard lv 71 Scrafty lv 71 Drapion lv 71 Krookadile lv 71 Bisharp lv 73
Caitlin-Musharna lv 71 Sigilyph lv 71 Bronzong lv 71 Reuniclus lv 71 Gothitelle lv 71 Metagross lv 73
Renbu-Breloom lv 71 Throh lv 71 Sawk lv 71 Toxicroak lv 71 Mienshao Lv 71 Conkeldurr lv 73
Adeku-At the end of the building,instead of Team Plasma,the champion returns.He's the hardest trainer so far in your journey,so prpeare for a long fight.
Accelgor lv 75 Bouffalant lv 75 Druddigan lv 75 Vanilluxe lv 75 Escavalier lv 75 Volcarona lv 77
That concludes the Gym Leader and Elite Four list for Black and White.
The Poke King

Eustis, FL

#4 Feb 20, 2011
New English names for gyms and elite four.
Hope that clears things up.

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