Doubts arise over history of Galena's...

Doubts arise over history of Galena's Murder Bordello

There are 18 comments on the Route 66 News story from May 9, 2013, titled Doubts arise over history of Galena's Murder Bordello. In it, Route 66 News reports that:

Numerous media outlets - including Route 66 News - have reported that Galena's Murder Bordello in Galena, Kan., served as the headquarters of a murderous madam, Ma Staffleback, during the 1890s when she and other accomplices may have killed dozens of clients.

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Carolyn McLean

United States

#1 May 18, 2013
The "Stafflebacks" never lived in that house..
Russ Keeler put the picture with the Staffleback story in February of 2010...(him & "Kansas Legends") and has continued with the deceit to this day.. Now he is selling "Galena Murder Bordello" shirts..Will this never end.. I have contacted the Cherokee County Prosecuting Attorney at Columbus, Kansas...

See Route 66 Okla. for all of the comments and information..
Let's keep our hometown history safe from people like this..
Carolyn H. McLean
For the true facts:
Carolyn McLean

United States

#2 May 24, 2013
The Stafflebacks came to Galena in 1984 from "Swindle Hill" in Joplin, MO..They moved into a deserted miners shanty on the western edge of Galena in "Pickers Point" near "Owl Creek".
(Which would be behind the Galena Museum).. The mine shaft that they threw Frank G. in was 2 blocks west of 7th. & Main Street on the north side...The Shanty and the "Grungy Little Log Bordello" (Chicago Tribune 1897).. was 50 feet north of the shaft..
Swindle Hill and Pickers Point were very bad areas where prostitution, thievery, and a very low class of people lived..
Nancy Staffleback had 13-14 children and it was said that not one of them had any redeemable qualities..
The Stafflebacks "never" lived in the house at 206 N. Main Street,
Galena, Kansas. NO Murders and no Haunting's; that us Galena people ever heard of growing up.. It was a brothel in the 1930's is what all of our folks told us.
Russ Keeler came to Galena (Route 66)on Feb. 10, 2010..February 26, 2010 he proceeded to call it.."Galenas Murder Bordello"..In June of 2010.. He called Dave & Kathy @ "Kansas Legends" and had them come to Galena to pick up the pictures and the "NEW" story.. They put it on their site without checking it out...Shame!
Because that is exactly when the "DECEIT" started..
Russ Keeler was hired as the manager/promoter by Brian Jordon, the owner and had ever since been all over the newspapers, radio stations, paranormal sites advertising it as "Galenas Murder Bordello". Saying that the "Stafflebacks' lived in that house... Deceit to the worse degree.. He say's that he "never" said that was the Staffleback house.. after putting it all over the
He charged $95/1 person for one meal and a ghost hunt..
He charges $450/12 hr. night/7 people Ghost Hunt... Highway Robbery.. He is a con artist....Telling people there was a murder in the house "when he made" up the story..
Now the kicker is that the Mayor, Owner of the house, and the City Clerk are standing behind him..Because of the money..
They say that they are going to continue the "ILLUSION"...
You all should write to: Dale Oglesby, Galena City Mayor, West 7th. Street, Galena, Kansas 66739 and tell him that you do not appreciate him going on with the "DECEIT" for money..
Or if anyone knows how to start a "Petition" for the truth in History..of Galena, Kansas that would be great..
"Galenas gay Nineties Bordello/Galena History"
Carolyn McLean Galena Historian,
member of Cherokee County Historical Soc. at Columbus, Kansas
Carolyn McLean

United States

#3 May 29, 2013
He said that crow's had been living at that house and he would go by and see them.(He lives in Joplin)
Funny no one that lives in Galena ever saw the crow's.
Has anyone in Galena ever seen any crow's at that house? I think not!
'This "COVERUP", by the owner, will never work:
**Russell Keeler has had the "Staffleback Murder Mansion" in newspapers, on the radio, all over the internet, all over the paranormal sites everywhere, "Galenas Murder Bordello", "After Midnight Paranormal", etc. etc. etc...
Can you believe Mr. Jordon said that after Russell Keeler has called it "The Murder Bordello" (The Stafflebacks) for three years..
Hi! My name is Carolyn H. McLean and I am an Historian for "Union Chapel School/Community, Empire City, and Galena..
Any of you that have been keeping up with the "controversy" over the "Staffleback Mansion Axe Murder Bordello" at 206 N. Main Street, Galena, Kansas..
Russ Keeler, Promoter/Manager since March; I think it was, came to Galena on Route 66 on February 10, 2010. Took some pictures of the house and on February 26, 2010..He started "Galena's Murder Bordello"... In June of 2010, he called "Kansas Legends" and had them come to Galena, KS and pick up the picture of the house and the "NEW" story... "Staffleback" Murderer's.....
For the past three years he has told the "Staffleback" story (THAT HE MADE UP) over over and over in the newspapers, T.V., Radio Stations, paranormal sights...Hundred's of places.....
"Did you all see the Galena Sentinel today"
I guess if you have a ton of money you can say or do anything that you want..
Picture with the caption.. "Murder Bordello"
Brian Jordon says the house "was named" after a flock of crow's = Murder...
(The crow tree came a couple of months ago)
He said that crow's had been living at that house and he would go by and see them.(He lives in Joplin)
Funny no one that lives in Galena ever saw the crow's.
Has anyone in Galena ever seen any crow's at that house? I think not!
'This "COVERUP", by the owner, will never work:
**Russell Keeler has had the "Staffleback Murder Mansion" in newspapers, on the radio, all over the internet, all over the paranormal sites everywhere, "Galenas Murder Bordello", "After Midnight Paranormal", etc. etc. etc...
Can you believe Mr. Jordon said that after Russell Keeler has called it "The Murder Bordello" (The Stafflebacks) for three years..
**The real "CROW", Russell Keeler, came there years ago to "MURDER" our town History**
Russell Keeler advertised the house as the Staffleback Murder Bordello....Talked the "Klinge Brothers of Ghost Lab and they came here and there was a dinner and ghost hunt that cost 95/person..
They charge $450/12 hr./7 people at a ""PLAIN" house, No murders, no Stafflebacks.. How they keep from being sued is beyond me..
Anyone who would like to "know" more about this please go to "Galena's House of Deceit: Staffleback Murder Mansion" on face book or e-mail me at
If what is going on makes you angry..Please help me get a petition, film or whatever it takes to correct the History of my hometown...
Carolyn Mclean

United States

#4 Jul 26, 2013
You all should go to.... "Eye on the Paranormal" Blog... and read about Russell Keeler and Brad & Berry Klinge and Michael Wallis....Lisa martin...

Or go to my facebook page "Galena's House of Deceit:: Staffleback Murder Bordello...

I am an Historian in Galena, Kansas...

The above people are ripping off the unsuspecting public...
By lieing on National Television... Channel 12 Joplin, MO and saying that the Murdering "Stafflebacks" from Galena, Kansas 1897.. lived in a house on Front & Main Street in Galena..and killed 50 people...
When they all knew that was not the truth! The Stafflebacks never lived in that house and they were only convicted of ONE murder!

Russell Keeler, Brad & Berry Klinge are charging $525.00/12 hour night/10 people on a house that "Never" belonged to Murdering Stafflebacks of 1897...
Just a plain ordinary house.. No Murders! No Stafflebacks! Their site is "Galenas Murder Bordello"..
Everything on there is a lie...They are deceiving the unsuspecting public for profit... Criminal Conspiracy to promote Route 66 and promote tourism in Galena, KS and rip off the public at the same time..

You can call Marilyn @ The Cherokee county Historical Soc @ Columbus, Kansas and she will confirm that the Stafflebacks never lived in that house... Or contact the true story history author "Larry Wood" who is on facebook and lives in Joplin, Mo and he will tell you the same thing..
Please spread the word and stop these men from changing our Little Mining town History and Ripping people off for profit....

Des Moines, IA

#5 Aug 3, 2013
I have not had time to research and check the validity of the history of the Bordello. But I
know one thing, whether the story is true or not, that the face of Galena and the surrounding area has been transformed from a town that one would hardly stop at if it were not for the only stoplight on main to an up and coming major tourist attraction. The town is shaping up to be one that it's citizens can be very proud of. Good for the developers, good for the interested public and tourists and good for the citizens of Galena.
As for ripping people off-----let the buyer be ware!!!!! I just see new life and hope being injected into your community. Keep up the good work. I look forward to visiting soon.
Carolyn Mclean

United States

#6 Aug 4, 2013
As far as time...It would take five minutes... Call "Cherokee County Kansas Historical Society, Columbus, Kansas and talk with the President: Marilyn Schmidt...One Phone Call! Or put on the internet. "Staffleback, Galena, KS"..
Our Little Mining town has more history than anywhere in the "United States"...
You should come and visit the "Union Chapel School Cook Room"
We fought nine months to keep the school of my Grandfather, Mother and myself from being destroyed by fire..Three Senior Citizens just finished remodeling the "Cook Room" We have many donations for the school: Roofing, Sheetrock, Insulation, blocks, cement for floors..No one in Galena offered to help although I begged for help..
The Cook Room contains:
1. "Cherokee County Country School Assoc."
2. "Memory Lane Photo Gallery"
3. "Union Chapel School/Community & Empire City
Historical Pioneer Research Library"
Empire City is now Ward #5 of Galena and Union Chapel Community is north of Empire..
I sure do hope that when you do come to Galena you come to hear our wonderful wild history while you are here and have time to...
A City is just a bunch of buildings.. The heart of the city is the people.. and we have a lot of wonderful people here that are respectable, honest, caring about one another and much love in this town..We are most certainly not in it for the money...My family came to Empire City in 1878 and to Empire community in 1904..
I think that, for the most part, except the naked lady on the north of town...Galena is beautiful!
I do not think that it is right to change the history of the town to make money as Russell Keeler did...made up the story in 2010..
If you care for pretty..Please do come and look at the buildings... If you are interested in the wonderful history of this town, come and see me also...Carolyn Facebook: "Galena's House of Deceit: Staffleback Murder Bordello" & "Galena's Gay Nineties Bordello/Galena History..
"Pretty Little Mining" town is one thing.. But when the lie's start to make money and we stand by and let it happen and say nothing what does that tell our Children? It is Ok to lie if we can make money..."I think Not"...What would "Jesus" say!
One tired "Union Chapel" Historian...
P.S. Are you kin to the "Dakes" in Galena????

Since: Mar 08

Wrightwood, CA

#7 Aug 11, 2013
A few summers ago I had the chance to visit the town of Galena and, with no disrespect to anyone, I remember it mostly as the typical economically challenged Route 66 town.

I was very impressed and fortunate to meet Melba and the rest of the gang across the street at "The Women on the Route" location. An attraction, to a certain extent, also built around and perpetuated by the make believe fantasy movie called "Cars". I see nothing wrong with aggressively marketing a venture in a town with obvious challenges. I am curious as to the number of local residents that were employed by the owners.

So in conclusion and in my humble opinion, history will not preserve and or guaranty the future of Galena, Kansas for future inhabitants. But thinking outside the box and creative ventures will...
Carolyn Mclean

United States

#8 Aug 11, 2013
Thinking outside the box is Ok... but when you take a "Plain Old Ordinary House" No Murders! No Stafflebacks! No Ghosts that I have ever heard of and charge $525/12 hrs. 10 people on a house and Falsely advertize that there were Murders there.. you are ripping off the "Unsuspecting" public...
Along with changing our History... Sad!

Since: Mar 08

Wrightwood, CA

#9 Aug 11, 2013
What other businesses in Galena can draw the type of tourists willing to pay "$525 for 12 hrs". I am still curious as to the number of local residents that were employed by this new venture. Also I have been unable to find anywhere on the internet where any of the "Unsuspecting Public" was complaining.

The Stafflebacks' are the ones that negatively impacted and stained Galena's history many years ago. It also sounds like their were documented bordellos in the area as well that added to the local history.

Your history was not changed by this venture. It was creatively brought back to life in a way that will position Galena to reap the benefits of new found tourism dollars for many years to come...
Carolyn Mclean

United States

#11 Aug 13, 2013
You have got to be kidding...

Bragging about ripping off "Unsuspecting" tourists...
I have found plenty of people complaining about the costs of the Klinge Brothers dealings...

I do not actually "know" of one paranormal group that has paid the $525 to ghost hunt...

No one in Galena even remembered the Stafflebacks until Russell Keeler faked it and put the house with the story in 2010...He brought all of this mess into our town...

The Stafflebacks never did the harm to this town like the lie's of the fake murder bordello did.. They committed one murder that was not pr-mediated...

The greedy lie's are pre-mediated!!!!!!

You people from out of town have caused us more trouble...

What planet do you come from anyway??? Not heaven that is for sure!

Algester, Australia

#12 Oct 31, 2013
You people from out of town have caused us more trouble...
What planet do you come from anyway??? Not heaven that is for sure!
Heaven a planet now is it?
Someone sounds bitter.
And out of towners caused more trouble? Perhaps I'll just pass through and not support any local businesses next time, would that make you happy?
Carolyn Mclean

United States

#13 Oct 31, 2013
My mistake!
No heaven is not a planet and you did come from there.
I don't think your business will make or brake our little town. Nor will your comments hurt this historian.
Yes it was a stranger or strangers that woke up the dead in 2010 and brought them back to Galena.
Galena was glad to get rid of them in 1897 and did not want them back.
Ron (Route 66 Okla, May 9th. Bless his heart; brought the truth out a long time ago.

Since: Mar 08

Wrightwood, CA

#14 Dec 31, 2013
I was just reading at Route 66 , link located below, and it sounds like the differences have been worked out between Carolyn Mclean and the Galena Murder Bordello owners. That will ultimately be very good for the community of Galena, Kansas. Congratulations to all.

Maybe now its time to "spread the word" and make up with all of the so-called "out of towners", "you peoples" and the "peoples from other planets", as described in previous posts by Carolyn Mclean here and on the many other websites that Carolyn Mclean has made similar comments.

In my humble opinion an apology would be a noble conclusion to this thread and others Mrs. Mclean.

To quote Mrs. Mclean, " What would Jesus say! "
Carolyn Mclean

United States

#15 Dec 31, 2013
We still do not appreciate people that are not from our town and do not know any of us to criticize any of us.

Unless you have contributed to our wonderful little mining town or done something constructive you have no right to judge us..

We each hold onto our own belief's therefore none of us need to apologize to anyone especially strangers..

Plain and clear people just need to mind their own business and not interfere in the past or future plans of our city.

We have a common goal of preserving the correct history
of our town and will proceed on with the project.

We put out our real names and how to get in touch with us and do not hide behind fake names...

We stand united!

Galenas Murder Bordello (from what I understand is in for a name change soon)
For all the wonderful changes going on in our little hometown and some of it's history... "Galena and Empire City History 1877-1977

P.S. No apologies from me for believing in the Lord and telling the truth.. It all comes out in the wash... God is in heaven and is charge..

Since: Mar 08

Wrightwood, CA

#16 Dec 31, 2013
Its really an unfortunate turn of events but, if not for your efforts, this disagreement might have remained a local Galena, Kansas story.

Keith Watkins
Carolyn McLean

United States

#17 Jul 15, 2014
Nothing was done to stop this deceit and now we have a Landfill Scandel going on at Galena.

If people would have stood up to Brian Jordon and Mayor Dale Oglesby in this instance maybe the new one would never have happened.

See: Galena's House of Deceit: Staffleback Murder Bordello or Galena and Empire City History 1877-1977 on facebook.

By the way; the Mayor of Galena was half owner of the house from the beginning.....

Corona, CA

#18 Jul 27, 2014
Sorry your gone. I miss you. Life certainly is mysterious, wherever you are, I'll be thinking of you.

El Sobrante, CA

#19 Jun 5, 2016
Brother K-WAT, I have missed you,
Alls forgiven, thank you for Nate,and your niece gaduates,Sat.CSU Hayward.

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