On this Day: U.S. Drops Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan

Aug 6, 2008 Full story: www.findingdulcinea.com 38

On Aug. 6, 1945, U.S. war plane Enola Gay dropped "Little Boy," a 9,700-pound atomic bomb, on Hiroshima.

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Long Island City, NY

#1 Aug 6, 2008
I know this story arouses a lot of hard feelings, but the Americans reasonably believed that unless we dropped this bomb, the war would never end. Three of my uncles were on ships in the South Pacific when they got news of this incident; they cheered wildly, because they knew it would bring peace.

Laramie, WY

#2 Aug 6, 2008
My grandpa (a World War II veteran) was on a ship from Europe to Japan when he heard about the bomb. I still remember him telling me how thankful he was that wouldn't have to finish that journey. He always talked about "those poor souls" whenever he spoke of the war.

Boston, MA

#3 Aug 6, 2008
My father always said the same thing. He was in the Navy, in the South Pacific, and to his dying day believed that we should be grateful to the bombs for ending the war. An interesting modern parallel is that at the time, we were afraid that if we didn't bomb Japan, they'd do something worse to us...
Lionel Fife

Cincinnati, OH

#4 Aug 6, 2008
It saved Jap lives too.

Long Island City, NY

#5 Aug 6, 2008
Loss of life is always terribly tragic but it might have been the only way to end the war.
Abe Brandolio

Long Island City, NY

#6 Aug 6, 2008
has anyone had any success on J-date?

Long Island City, NY

#7 Aug 6, 2008
John Hersey's book "Hiroshima" gives an excellent account of life shortly before and after the bomb was dropped.

Long Island City, NY

#8 Aug 6, 2008
Robin, I am not entirely sure what the historical parallel is here... fighting an organized state with a standing army vs. fighting a global philosophy of anger and desperation does not strike me as the same thing.

Long Island City, NY

#9 Aug 6, 2008
I read Hiroshima. It is devastating. It is easy to say, looking back, that it needed to be done to the end the war, but how does anyone know for sure? Pretend for a moment that your grandparents were on the other side. Pretend for a moment that you're Japanese and never wanted the war in the first place.

Westlake Village, CA

#10 Aug 7, 2008
Pretend for a moment that your grandparends were on the receiving end of Japanese atrocities, pretend for a moment that you're Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, American.... pretend for a moment that you never wanted to be on the receiving end of Japanese atrocities, never wanted the war in the first place... Now pretend that had the war continued, Japanese atrocities would have killed 200,000 more innocent Koreans, Chinese, Indonesians, Americans... who never asked to be invaded. Now pretend that the ending of the war requires the loss of exact number of innocent Japanese civilians, including women and children. This is a variation of the trolly problem in philosophy: pretend, by a flick of a switch, you can redirect Japanese atrocities by causing the exact number of loss of life in Japan that they themselves would have inflicted on their innocent neighbors, keeping in mind that Japan is the initiator and aggressor. The answer in my mind is very obvious.

New York, NY

#11 Aug 6, 2009
I did not have grandparents who lived through WWII, so I don't have the obviously deeply emotional association with hiroshima that others have, but I hope if that a president anywhere in the world ever had to make that choice again, there would be a better option.
Who is bad


#12 Aug 6, 2009
Korean gangsters need woman spies to service Sex for Japanese soldiers. After that they said Japan pushed them. Funny !

If there were not Korean spies, it would had not happened nuclear bomb.

Who can understand Japan clearly except Korean ? Who did kidnap Japanese and many foreigners to teach language for Korean spies ?
Who are running Bars, Karaoke, Pachinko ... business in Japan except Korean ?

Korean government is the Business men in War. They pull the reaction communist VietNam government to do this business together. Also they are pulling the poor Western countries such as Euroupe, Germany, DenMark,... go same way.

Who could attack Japan except porn star spies that are paid by Korean and War Western Business ?

Do not hide your dirty mind ! Only you want to rob profits and be King of the World.

After Middle East, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan,... you are changing to attack Asia, Japan, China by porn star spies, young childrens, poor peoples who have no choice to live with cheap price. For Korean and War Western Business, it is only the Profits and Power show !

Why are you noisy ? Because in fact, you do not have anything. Your mind is just zero !

Marquette, MI

#13 Aug 6, 2009
Time to panic. Somewhere out there is a country that has massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction- and has used them to devastate large cities. Oh. wait. Yeah. It's us. That's okay then.


#14 Aug 6, 2009
Who are us ?

We are not them. We are Human.

Who can accept that ? Human never accept it.

Human were born by clean and safe conditions.

Look, this time, there are many sickness and virus grow up, H5N1, H1N1, AIDS, cancer,... Dirtiness is the source of sickness and death. They eat dirtily, play dirtily, live dirtily and infect many virus to other peoples. Only they are animals, the undevelope countries like animals. They do not want to change. They do not want to develope. They want to be animals so they can do anything they want like animals that bigger animals eat smaller animals in hundred thousand years ago.

They just want to kill Nature, kill Human and rob all for thier family living.

What a selfish country !

“Lost college graduate”

Since: Jun 09


#15 Aug 6, 2009
I didn't know this until today but Butoh was inspired by the aftermath of Hiroshima.

Madison B

Dallas, TX

#16 Mar 23, 2010
I think it is a very sad thing but we needed it.
merrick Johanningmeier

Decorah, IA

#17 Oct 4, 2010
no good

Colbert, WA

#18 Nov 2, 2010
hahahahahahahahaha i know all this
Tranh thi quan

Ottawa, Canada

#19 Nov 2, 2010
Madison B wrote:
I think it is a very sad thing but we needed it.
americans are hypocrites, but japaneses love the bomb,they like americans with all their heart. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

#20 Nov 2, 2010
Tran thi quan wrote:'
americans are hypocrites, but japaneses love the bomb,they like americans with all their heart. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha

by this logic, the way to make japanese like you is to drop them a few A bombs!

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