Bill Clinton calls for justice to tens of millions that lost or going to lose their health care private insurance that they love due to Obama's effort to destroy the private sector insurance companies and make all Americans depends on his failed Obamacare with no doctors or hospitals available to them. Bill Clinton is right about saving the Democratic Party from disaster in the 2014 and 2016 elections when his wife Hillary could pay the price for Obama reckless and ruthless lies of the American people. For the sake of his wife election and preventing defeat of the Democrats in 2014, Obama needs to fulfill his promises to the American people to keep their doctors and health plans which gave Obama victory in 2012 elections. Democrat politicians will be proven guilty in the worst act by deceitful Democratic regime and supported by Democratic Senators against the American people that drastically harm their quality of life and health with lies and deceitful promises while knowing that the promises are false. Obviously, the Obama care is based on bunch of lies and deceit of the American people, aiming at crushing the private sector healthcare that is good for more than 85% of the American people and forcing the elderly, children and cancer and heart or diabetes sick people losing their insurance and forced by Obama to pay double monthly and triple deductible soaring cost for the same or much less healthcare .Obama is using the Obamacare to distribute money to his beggars, parasites and illegal invader sick from all over the world for his socialistic revolution of America and trashing the American constitution. No American should be deceived to join the fraudulent Obamacare that aimed at destroying the American health care system and bring the Stalinist healthcare and Hitler health care system to America.