I can't beleive how bad the politics in high school baseball is until my kid try out for the team.My kid made All-Stars two years in a row in little league and plays AAU.He's a great player and I'm not saying it because he's my son,but because coaches from reds,brewers,orioles and angels organization coach him and saw him play.They all said the same thing he should have no problem making the High School team.But when he try out for North POrt High,fl.The coaches didn't like what they saw.That my kid will make their kids look bad in the field.And also the coaches friends kids.That's why North Port High,fl never won any titles and never will.We had one of the worst record in the state.But good talent like my son and other kids are being bench because of their talent.They try crush my kids spirit by telling him he wasn't good anymore.If that was the case why did they pick him,we would of went to another school.I know they trying hold him back.But next year he'll be going to another school.I feel bad for the town of North Port ,fl.Until Schoolboard do something about it,instead of looking the other way.North Port High will never win a title.