cPrime: The Next "Burnlounge" Scam?

cPrime: The Next "Burnlounge" Scam?

There are 37 comments on the FITSNews story from Apr 27, 2010, titled cPrime: The Next "Burnlounge" Scam?. In it, FITSNews reports that:

Three years after he was implicated in the Burnlounge pyramid scam , former University of South Carolina running back Rob DeBoer is at it again - this time hawking "magic" magnetic bracelets that ostensibly provide whoever wears them with enhanced power, flexibility and balance.

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PP Willie

Stephenville, TX

#27 Oct 19, 2010
steve wrote:
Hello Everyone,
Just to set the record straight, I've been wearing cprime since May and it has changed my physical life. I've had extreme back pain for over five years and let's just say cprime has taken that pain away. When I take off the bracelet the pain comes back, its not placebo. In fact a few weeks ago I lost my bracelet and didn't realize it until a few hours later, I was working and didn't realize it was gone. During those few hours I started feeling back pain and discomfort on my lower back. I found the bracelet a few hours later and about an hour after putting it back on, the pain subsided once again. Since wearing ythe bracelet for 5 months my energy levels have increased, performance and flexibility is the way it was 10 years ago for me. For those that are knocking the product, you obviously haven't tried it. As they say, "Ignorance is bliss" Give it a try, if it doesn't work then return it, the company gives a 30 day money back guarantee. In todays world how many companies do you know stand by their product?
As far as the financial freedom and business opportunity, it works and is a legit business venture. Success depends on the individual. Some people make excuses, some knock a product down without trying it, while others progress, it depends on the goals of that individual. I am a distributor, but not here to sell you a product or convince you of anything. Just stating what this "magical" bracelet has done for me, physically and financially. Best!
Steve - New York
Steve, if i amy ask-- how did you LOSE yoru bracelet-
i am a distributor myself, and have had several complaint for the customers i ahve sold to, that their clasps are not holding and they fall off ( i wear one myself that the clasp does not hold). Trying to work with the company about getting an upgraded more heavy duty clasp, we are having a meeting tonight, so i should know more on that request.
Thanks and good luck with CPrime in your area-

Corpus Christi, TX

#28 Oct 29, 2010
This is why I let my customers TRY it for a week or two before buying. I have sold almost 150 CPRIME bracelets in the past 3 months AFTER letting people try them first. I've had 4 come back and say it didn't help them...okay, thanks for trying. In the meantime, I have people buying it everyday who have tried it first and believe in it as I do. We're hearing too many positive unsolicited stories for it to be a fake.

Orange, CA

#29 Oct 30, 2010
News 7 did a double blind placebo test through a University and found the whole thing to be a complete scam. No results. One of the founders squirms through an interview trying to explain away the lack of results.


Charleston, SC

#30 Nov 1, 2010
This works. Check out www.Primeperformancebands.com
for all the info and videos.

Dallas, TX

#31 Dec 4, 2010
Here's your sign cPrime peeps!


cPrime is a "no go"... unless you want to throw away a Benji!

Dallas, TX

#32 Dec 12, 2010
All kidding aside, cPrime has been fairly investigated by a local television station (among others) and the results are interesting. It looks like it the BIG SCAM I always thought it was. Check it out for yourself. See: http://www2.wspa.com/news/2010/oct/28/cprime-...

Good night, cPrime. You are done!

Wallis, TX

#33 Dec 19, 2010
For every post that acts like they are some kind of authority on this or as if you have any real idea of what you are talking about, it's simply laughable... you have no idea just how foolish YOU sound and are...for us being blessed by the benefits of the bracelet there are no words or attacks that can take away the very real and absolutely amazing benefits (and I don't have to try to proove it's not placebo...placebo can't give me 5 extra inches down to touch my toes after car accident and physical changes)! I'm not going to detail all the benefits I've received (way too many), but I was very skeptical for 2 months that my dad tried to get me to try it...and now you can say all the garbage you want...it's obvious you are completely ignorant and more likely than not knock a whole lot of things you have no idea about...guess it makes you feel superior or something. Your loss! Any one going to buy, go for it...w/ 30 day money back guarantee, you can see for yourself...don't let others foolishness keep you from the wonderful benefits (which for me and many have surpassed the benefits the company can tout). I'm not even going to give my website so you know what I write is true :)

North Myrtle Beach, SC

#34 Dec 20, 2010
John wrote:
All kidding aside, cPrime has been fairly investigated by a local television station (among others) and the results are interesting. It looks like it the BIG SCAM I always thought it was. Check it out for yourself. See: http://www2.wspa.com/news/2010/oct/28/cprime-...
Good night, cPrime. You are done!
cPRIME isn't around anymore? They are done? Really? Are you sure? You must be a whiner. It's ok, just wanted you to know we found you. Yep--YOU ARE A WHINER.


The WhinerFinder

San Antonio, TX

#35 Dec 20, 2010
Haha! And you cPrimers are a bunch in CON ARTISTS! Keep your prize... theif! You guys are PATHETIC! I'll stick with the facts and you can maintain the fantasy... till you're busted by the Feds and State authorties.

San Antonio, TX

#36 Dec 21, 2010
CPRIME, Do you deny that independent scientifically standardized study supports the accusation(s) that your product is a SCAM? Here's the evidence. http://www2.wspa.com/business/does-it-work/20...

What I think John meant by "You are done", is not stating that you’ve stopped scamming folks and closed shop, but that the report by Channel 7 in the link above should decisively end the debate for any intelligent individual that is considering your overpriced product and your questionable, MLM scheme. This vile and legally questionable if not actionable marketing (which IMHO is an obvious 21st century version of "snake oil") should be yanked off the market by the FTC.

The disgruntled and ripped off masses that bought your junk should stop being embarrassed and seek relief by complaining to their State Attorneys General. A class action lawsuit should also be enjoined on behalf of all who’ve been burned.

C PRIME is a hoax as far as any real evidence would indicate. Science does not support any of the miraculous claims you make. The CPRIME shrill shills claiming a new life, etc. are sadly laughable. If your product had any true validity, the NEWS would be a report of this life changing product, heralding the dawn of a new medical breakthrough. We’d all sincerely and gratefully welcome that. Instead, the facts warrant the position that CPRIME is just another scam. I believe you are done! I hope so. Praying on those desperate for a “cure” or recruiting naïve simpletons (or experienced tricksters) to follow your MLM track to “riches” at the cost of those being duped into buying your worthless product at high cost is reprehensible. Arguably, your enterprise is criminal, especially when you (or your Independent Contractors) don’t pay local sales taxes or comply with IRS rules of business operations and reporting. Your “distributors” are potentially like sheep being led to the slaughter. They should read the fine print in their “contracts”. Better still, they would do well to bail before the authorities descend on the Directors of CRPIME.

Buyers, beware; duped purchasers, seek remedy; distributors, pay your taxes and stop the deception and founders of CRPIME, shame on you! Remember Bernie Madoff? A curse on him & and his co-conspirators too!

Chatsworth, CA

#37 Dec 25, 2010
I saw a cprime demo at a Triathlon i did for charity last August. I thought that it was a parlor trick so I asked the dealer if my friends and I could do the demos on each other and he said, "sure". I had no idea what I was doing, neither did any of my friends but all I can say is that we tried to tip each other over, bend each others' wrists and we could do it w/o the bracelet but could not with it on. I was showing a friend a bracelet I had just gotten yesterday and doing my "un-coached" demo and was attempting to show her that w/o it on, that she could indeed bend my wrist. I was astonished to look down my arm to see that she could NOT bend it. I had amazing strength and was somehow resisting her although I had just taken the braceelt off! My other friend pointed out that I was still holding it in my other had. I put it down and it all returned to normal. She bent my wrist pretty easily. So I don't think it was a placebo effect.
I'm the first to admit and want to reveal a scam but I cannot explain this one.
It works for me and if it IS a placebo effect, hey, I'm fine with that! What does it matter if your brain thinks it is and therefore DOES make you stronger or cures cancer or moves an object. Reality is subjective, is it not?

San Antonio, TX

#38 Dec 26, 2010
"Reality is subjective, is it not?"

That is a reasonable question… even if you are assuming agreement vs. truly posing an honest inquiry. The answer ultimately is no. In the real world and for intelligent persons, realities are not subjective, unless you are desperate, easily deceived or want to be fooled. For example, let's say, your "subjective" reality is that you are very talented, good-looking and highly intelligent because 1) you genuinely feel it’s so when you look in the mirror and 2) your Mom and best friends tell you that you are. Then objective reality vs. subjectivity presents itself. You boldly try out for the TV show American Idol and are ridiculed off the preliminary trails stage, attractive people rebuff all your smoothest advances and your SAT score remains around 400 at best thus thwarting your ambition to be the first NASA Astronaut with only a GED.. You may think the objective reality is BS, but you are in fact lackluster, ugly and kink of stupid. Do you want to waste your money or life believing a lie or trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear? It would be better to face objective reality (the facts) and begin improving yourself from there with what you have, thus making the world a better place for yourself and others vs promoting crap. Once the objective reality is recognized, one can build a good life and even possibly a fortune, but honesty is the key, not fakery.

A better question would be. Is not perception, reality? There the answer is yes, if one accepts everything at face-value…and that’s why this CRPIME foolishness has any traction whatsoever. To a small child the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause is real, because they perceive it’s true. See the dollar bill under the pillow or look how Santa came and ate the cookies, drank the milk and left all the toys! This is how I view CPRIME based on both personal observation and scientific findings as revealed by Chanel 7, etc. If as an adult you believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny you too can be a NASA Astronaut even if you only have a GED. Subjectively speaking, you are absolutely right… until challenged by objectivity and reality. CPRIME is an illusion that will fade away sooner or later even for the most ardent follower or as this MLM scheme crumbles under certain increased official scrutiny.

Again, I reiterate, please see: http://www2.wspa.com/news/2010/oct/28/cprime-...

“Buyers, beware; duped purchasers, seek remedy; distributors, pay your taxes and stop the deception and founders of CRPIME, shame on you! Remember Bernie Madoff? A curse on him & and his co-conspirators too!”

Laton, CA

#39 Jan 14, 2011
I was a skeptic at first too when my wife approached me about the idea of selling cPRIME. However, I kept an open mind but not too open. The demonstrations did prove that the band improves your balance, strength, and flexibility. A seller who was a skeptic as much as me said he got involved when he tried on his friends wife who has MS and needs a walker for balance. She wore the band for a week and she felt her ability to walk became easier.
prove it

Woodbridge, VA

#40 Feb 8, 2011
Ok Anthony. please can you tell me who invented this, and I dont wanna hear its patent pending so you cant tell us.
How does it work...
Why is the money man behind Cprime already been lost a suit, for running an illegal scam. you think he just magically found a product that works better than any invented in the past 100 years.
these have been around for years. As a personal trainer myself, ive seen them and have had the test done. They are garbage. its all applied K. these tricks have been around for a long long time.
I would love to see you do these test with a Cprime that is hidden, ill go in the bathroom and put one on my ankle, and not let you know if im wearing it or not do the test and prove to me these work 10 outa 10 times... then ill belive, til you can answer these questions your full of it.

United States

#41 Aug 1, 2011
Say what you want, but it's worked for me.
I'm wearing one as I type.d
I have noticed the difference.
I recently packed my entire life's belongings, loaded them into a 26-foot moving truck, drove across country and am unpacking.
I would have never imagined I'd feel this good.

cPrime works.

Cprime is a Pyramid Scam

East Brunswick, NJ

#42 Sep 2, 2011
David wrote:
It is obvious none of you naysayers have even tried this bracelet, my guess is you dont have any money, if you had you would know for a fact that there is a difference and it isnt a placebo effect.
That's not what the recent independent double blind study showed.
Cprime failed. Similar bracelets are being banned in Europe and Australia because they're junk science garbage.
No...all the marketing crap from Cprime is not going to change hard science.
Oh...where's the patent? USPTO patent applications are public...so where is it?
Secret? Now I know you're brainwashed...

Bethlehem, PA

#43 Jan 24, 2012
Honestly if you are dumb enough to buy this product, you do not deserve to keep the money they are worth. hell for the same logic there are companies that sell miracle weight loss pills. Oh and make sure you google search "free ipad giveaway". Let me know how it goes for you. post your reply using your free new ipad. should take about 4-6 weeks to deliver.

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