Football: Anthony Scarcelli has one g...

Football: Anthony Scarcelli has one great season

There are 13 comments on the The Times Herald story from Dec 17, 2011, titled Football: Anthony Scarcelli has one great season. In it, The Times Herald reports that:

Anthony Scarcelli stands with all of the football trophies he has been associated with in the Marine City High School gymnasium.

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Power I

Jackson, MI

#1 Dec 18, 2011
State Championship is not, I repeat NOT, one of the trophies Anthony Scarcelli has been associated with as a player.

State Championship is the one and only trophy that counts when everything is said and done. Anthony Scarcelli was NEVER able to be a part of the State Championship trophy as a Marine City football player.

Coach Tony Scarcelli himself specifically said his son Anthony Scarcelli and the other seniors on the team would be remembered forever based on their performance in their final game.

Zeeland West defeated Marine City in a BLOWOUT by the final score of 45-7!

Anthony Scarcelli never scored a touchdown in the State Finals and was completely embarassed against Zeeland West.

Anthony Scarcelli will forever be remembered as one of the very few players in history to play in the State Finals while the clock was running (because there was a difference of 35 or more points in the score).

The poor coaching of Tony Scarcelli and Ron Glodich, along with the poor play of Anthony Scarcelli are the reasons why every senior on the 2011 team will forever carry the memory monkey of embarassment on their shoulders.

Watching #22 and #5 and many other Marine City football players absolutely CRY their EYES OUT on the sidelines on TV was EMBARASSING to ALL the people of Marine City!

This is the reason why 75% of the crowd on Marine City's side of the field left Ford Field in the 3rd quarter!

Other teams that lose in the state finals do NOT have players crying their eyes out like babies the way that Anthony Scarcelli and the other Marine City players were while being blown out by Zeeland West.

Anthony Scarcelli was also completely embarassed when he allowed a Zeeland West defender to step in front of him, intercept a pass, and return it for a touchdown against the Mariners. If Anthony Scarcelli had not been on the field, it would have saved Marine City a touchdown that was scored against the Mariner team!

Anthony Scarcelli will forever be remembered as the captain of the team that gave up the longest Kickoff Return for a TD in the history of the Michigan State Finals. That is a VERY BAD THING to be remembered for! A state record was set AGAINST Marine City and Anthony Scarcelli in the 2011 finals!


#2 Dec 19, 2011
Scarcelli and his old man are both pieces of crap. He has all those awards, but if it wasn't for daddy how many of those would have. He is not even in the same class as Brendon Kay. Can't wait till both those turds are gone from this area.
Long Time Mariner


#3 Dec 19, 2011
Wow twice Little scumbcelli had a player step in front of him for a touchdown in the final game of Marine City's seasons. As for his dominance maybe this year but this was the only year. Last year he was not dominant or even the best player on the team. Can't wait till him and his piece of crap old man are gone from the area.
lovin it

Saint Clair, MI

#4 Dec 19, 2011
Whats the term im looking for?... oh yeah! HATERSSS!!!

Farmington, MI

#5 Dec 19, 2011
Scarcelli will be coaching the 8th graders now, getting them ready to kick Saints butts for years to come!
Power I

Jackson, MI

#6 Dec 20, 2011
Long Time Mariner wrote:
Wow twice Little scumbcelli had a player step in front of him for a touchdown in the final game of Marine City's seasons. As for his dominance maybe this year but this was the only year. Last year he was not dominant or even the best player on the team. Can't wait till him and his piece of crap old man are gone from the area.
You said it 100% PERFECTLY!

In 2010 it was a JOKE the way the Times Herald Editor named Paul Costanzo selected Anthony Scarcelli as the Blue Water Area's Best Football Player of the Year.

For God's sake, in 2010 Anthony Scarcelli was NOT selected by his Marine City teammates as the Best Player on Offense or the Best Player on Defense!

The Marine City Mariner football players know better than anyone who the best players on the team are, and they did NOT vote for Anthony Scarcelli as the Best Player! They voted for Jamel Abrams as the Best Player!

I just have one question: How in the hell can you be chosen as the Best Football Player in the Area when your teammates agree that you aren't the best player on the team!

The answer is because the Times Herald editor named Paul Costanzo is constantly trying to kiss the arse of his fellow Italian, Tony Scarcelli -- a so-called man that Costanzo looks up to as a father figure.

In the 2010 playoffs, we saw Ryan Fabbri of Cros-Lex, Anthony Scarcelli of Marine City, and Jamel Abrams of Marine City on the same field at the same time. There was absolutely no doubt that Ryan Fabbri was the most talented player and the most skilled player on the field.

Ryan Fabbri was like a man among boys on the field when playing against Marine City. Fabbri was personally slashing the Marine City Defense all by himself. I lost count of the number of times Anthony Scarcelli missed tackling him -- sort of like in 2011 when we saw Zeeland West ball-carriers run right by Anthony Scarcelli. This was no surprise, considering Ryan Fabbri had BY FAR the most impressive stats in the entire Blue Water Area during the 2010 football season.

Yet the Times Herald allowed the biased editor named Paul Costanzo to select Anthony Scarcelli as the Best Player of the year in 2010 anyways. All of this happened because Tony Scarcelli and Paul Costanzo had it planned from the start.

Tony Scarcelli and Paul Costanzo realized that choosing Anthony Scarcelli as Player of the Year two years in a row -- something only one other player, Brendand Kay, had ever done -- would be a useful marketing pitch to be put on a list of accomplishments when trying to get recruited by a decent college.

Anthony Scarcelli ended up at Central Michigan because the CMU coach is a friend of Tony Scarcelli. This explains why other schools didn't want Anthony. But Anthony Scarcelli certainly will not stand out from the crowd at the college level.

Anthony Scarcelli is just like Tony Scarcelli. Anthony and Tony look great against garbage teams, but they look like crap against quality opponents. Look how Anthony Scarcelli averaged 70 yards a carry against Tony Scarcelli's alma mater earlier in the year. That didn't happen because Anthony Scarcelli was good; it happened becaused Warren Woods Tower absolutely SUX! Obviously Tony Scarcelli built up a high winning percentage playing against garbage teams like that (since Tony Scarcelli refused to join the MAC Blue when he was assigned to join).

Look how Tony Scarcelli and Anthony Scarcelli were dominated by Zeeland West. And look how Tony Scarcelli was dominated 11 years in a row by Marysville's legendary coach Walt Braun. Now Marysville has a garbage coach and Scarcelli actually brags about his win streak and win/loss record against Marysville. People just laugh when ole' Fony Scar says that crap.

I really have to wonder how much Tony Scarcelli paid Paul Costanzo to do give Anthony that award in 2010, because in 2010 there was absolutely no doubt Ryan Fabbri was the best player in the Blue Water Area, as the stats definitely confirmed!

Farmington, MI

#7 Dec 21, 2011
Such animosity up there in St. Clair. Maybe you are tired of hearing the cannon being fired multiple times when you play MC?
Alley Cat

Jackson, MI

#8 Dec 26, 2011
@ Jumbalaya

I only have two things to say to you:

1. Do you realize that just because these posts come from St. Clair on here doesn't mean that the people live in St. Clair? I live in Algonac but it still says St. Clair because I use Comcast and that is where the online link is.

2. St. Clair and Marine City are the same school district called East China. But if you rip on St. Clair you are a fool. It is the power plants in St. Clair that generate the majority of tax revenue for the school district. If it wasn't for those St. Clair power plants, Marine City would have a need for every kid to pay about $500 for every kid.

East China, MI

#9 Dec 27, 2011
@ Alley Cat
1. Yes I do realize that. I live in Marine City but work in Macomb County, which is where I posted from.
2. Being from Marine City, I have every right to rag on St. Clair as much as I want. There is nothing wrong with a rivalry between two schools. But why would only MC kids have to pay if both schools are in the same district? Does DTE like St. Clair more?
Alley Cat

Jackson, MI

#10 Dec 29, 2011
@ Jumbalaya,

I think there is some confusion.

You are 100% correct that the Marine City players would not need to pay $500 for pay to play, since the East China School district does in fact exist. That's the whole reason why Marine City player's don't need to pay.

What I was saying is that IF the East China school district did not exist, you would see a St. Clair school district and a Marine City school district. The St. Clair players would be better off, since all those power plants are geographically in St. Clair, not Marine City. This would mean the St. Clair players don't need to share money with Marine City players anymore.

The Marine City players would be in big trouble. All the money received from those power plants in St. Clair would be gone. All the players in the Marine City school district (if it existed) would be paying $500 or more to play football.

Jackson, MI

#11 Dec 29, 2011
Hey jumbalaya

There is nothing wrong with a rivalry. But we need to be realistic, Marine City vs St. Clair is no more of a rivalry than Marysville vs Marine City was when Marysville was coached by the legendary Walt Braun.

We need to be realistic. Look at the decades worth of stats. St. Clair beats Marine City about once every ten years. The games aren't close either. That's not a rivalry. It was actually a disgrace when coach Bob Staskiewicz and Tony Scarcelli used to tell the Times Herald that St. Clair was the biggest rival of Marine City because they played for that Bell.

In reality everyone knew that if you read between the lines, Bob Staskiewicz and Tony Scarcelli were saying "Since Walt Braun always blows us out and we can't claim to be their rival, since Braun doesn't classify us as a rival, we are stuck saying that St. Clair is our biggest rival."

What is even worse is the way coach Tony Scarcelli and Ron Glodich started saying Marysville was Marine City's biggest rival after Walt Braun retired. Marysville's current coach, Mark Caza, is literally their worst coach in history. Marysville continues to have losing seasons under that guy. The way Tony Scarcelli was saying Marysville is the biggest rival of Marine City now is awful. We never heard Scarcelli say that when Walt Braun was blowing him out every year.

In fact, if you look at the stats, Marine City would only beat Marysville about once every ten years. It was like this for decades during the entire Walt Braun era.

Whether you realize it or not, Marine City coach Tony Scarcelli, Bob Staskiewicz and Ron Glodich aren't interested in forming rivalries with tough teams or local teams that have the potential to be tough.


* In the early 90's Marysville claimed their biggest rival was Port Huron Northern -- a team that played in the #1 rated MAC Red at the time. Pport Huron Northern repeatedly asked Marine City to play, but Marine City repeatedly refused to play. Coach Scarcelli, Staskiewicz, Glodich, and Athletic Director Warkentien just kept saying "We don't need to play tough teams like that." But it was always Game of the Week when Marysville would play that tough Port Huron Northern team.

* Now, coach Tony Scarcelli BEGS to play Port Huron Northern because their program isn't nearly as good and Northern is in the #3 MAC Blue league. This is funny, because Tony Scarcelli was too much of a wimp to join the MAC Blue league. What this means is that Tony Scarcelli only wanted to play the weakest MAC Blue teams possible.

* Anchor Bay was on Marine City's schedule for two years in the late 90's. Anchor Bay is only 12 miles away from Marine City. This would be a great local rival for Marine City.

* Anchor Bay beat Marine City in 97 while Marine City beat Anchor Bay in 98. But, the MC coaches refused to renew the contract with Anchor Bay. The Anchor Bay coaches and Athletic Director loved the idea of playing a local team like Marine City and having a tough rivalry where there is a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. But coach Bob Staskiewicz, Tony Scarcelli, Ron Glodich, and Gerry Warkentien did NOT want ANY part of playing a team that had a chance of beating the Mariners.

Please, face reality my friend. Tony Scarcelli and Ron Glodich want easy wins handed to them on a nice plate. This is why Scarcelli, Glodich, and Warkentien were all afraid to join the MAC Blue when they were assigned to join but refused to join.

You know what's really scary, is that by refusing to join the MAC Blue, Marine City may have cheated itself out of a state title in 2011. Maybe if Marine City had played those tougher teams, it would have caused the team to get better for the playoffs.

Look how Zeeland West says that of the 14 teams they played all year, Marine City barely ranks in the Top 10. Playing those tough teams pays off. But thanks to Scarcelli, Warkentien, and Glodich, we will never know.

Farmington, MI

#12 Dec 30, 2011
@ Cam

Being a transplant to the area, I don't have all of the facts on the past choices of the coaches. Having said that, I would love to see a re-birth of the old SCAL, where there would be many more cross town rivalries played. Imagine Marine City, St. Clair, Algonac, Marysville, Anchor Bay, Richmond, and one or both of the Port Huron schools in the same league. When I played in the 80's, my school was part of the old Eastern Michigan League, which had a very regional makeup. It meant alot more to play against team with kids that you may know personally. Then again, you needed to win the division to get into the playoffs, not just have 5 or 6 wins like today. I love the small town feel of high school football and was a little taken aback with the passion that comes with it when I moved out here. But it was very easy to get into it.

Jackson, MI

#13 Dec 30, 2011
Jumbalaya you've got my vote for most of what you said.

The Blue Water Area Conference is a fine league that is perfect the way it is. The teams like Richmond and Algonac love it the way it is. They don't want Marine City, Marysville, or St. Clair to join. You really need to look at things from multiple points of view, not just Marine City's point of view.

From the point of view of MC, St. Clair, and Marysville, it would be great to have Algonac to beat up on again. But Algonac doesn't like that.

I can tell you that keeping things 'local' is a good point you make. Marysville's Jim Venia was the best athletic director of all. Look at how he played all those local teams in the SCAL, and he also played both Port Huron schools. Yeah, Jackson Lumen Christi was a long ways away, but the Detroit News ALWAYS chose that game as Game of the Week because it was such an awesome rivalry.

People from Marine City don't realize this, but Marysville didn't even consider Marine City a rival when coach Braun was the head coach.

Several friends of mine played on varsity when Marine City played Marysville in 1995. I remember a helicoptor went over the stadium that year because it was shown on channel 2. When the Marysville kids got off the bus they all said 'why are there so many people here?' As far as the Marysville kids were concerned, it was going to be just another beating of a team like Algonac or St. Clair. And sure enough that's what it was, Marysville easily beat MC.

But the MC coaches and players were very jealous of Marysville because the Times Herald covered Marysville way more than Marine City back then. But don't you think that made since. Think about this:

Marysville vs PHH, a great crosstown rival

Marysville vs PHN, same thing

Marysville vs St. Clair, same thing

Marysville vs MC, often determined the winner of the league

Marysville vs Imlay City, often determined the winner of the league

Marysville vs Jackson Lumen Christi, huge rivalry that even the Detroit News chose as Game of the Week every year

Now compare this to Marine City:

MC vs St. Clair, great crosstown rivalry

MC vs Marysville, often determined winner of the league

MC vs Imlay City, sometimes determined the winner of the league

If Marine City would have played those Port Huron schools or Anchor Bay, Marine City would have received far more media coverage. Let's give credit where it's due. Marine City didn't deserve the media coverage.

To be honest, I think a new league should be formed to keep things local. But the Blue Water Area League needs to remain 100% as it is because EVERY MEMBER of the Blue Water League is 100% happy. It's never a good idea to try and fix something that isn't broken. That's like trying to reinvent the wheel.

A new league made up of the following teams would be great:

* Marine City
* Marysville
* St. Clair
* Port Huron High
* Port Huron Northern
* Anchor Bay

The name probably couldn't be SCAL, because Anchor Bay is technically in Macomb County (albeit, by less than one-half mile).

The Athletic Directors probably won't like the idea of scheduling four non-league games though. It might not be a bad idea to add a couple more teams. But those teams like Richmond and Algonac wouldn't want to join the league. It wouldn't be fair for Algonac to be playing in a league with MC (been to the state finals twice in the last 4 years) or PHN (three times the enrollment). It would probably be best to see both Lanse Creuse teams added to the league or as non-league games.

MC shouldn't try to use enrollment numbers as an excuse to say PHN, PHN, and Anchor Bay don't belong in the league. When Marysville played PHH, the Big Reds played in the MAC White and would often win the league title. But that didn't stop Marysville from beating them. And I lost count of the number of times PHN played in the MAC Red but beat Marysville by only 1 point. Other times Marysville won a close one or blew out PHN.

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