Hole in gum after wisdom teeth extrac...

Corpus Christi, TX

#148 Feb 6, 2010
i had 2 teeth pulled out. my dr told me to rinse but when can i brush my teeth.


#149 Feb 8, 2010
I had my back lower molar extracted last week, not without a lot of sweat and frustration from my dentist. At first everything was ok...then I seem to get some food particles lodged in there and it started to hurt a bit and the gum started to get inflamed. So then I started gently irrigating the site with ionic colloidal silver using a small syringe to flush out any particulate matter. Then I inserted a small piece of cotton batten soaked in colloidal silver. This prolongs the antibacterial effect of the silver solution and at the same time keeps out the food. I do this 3 or 4 times a day. The inflammation and pain quickly subsided after 24 hours. Now there is a hole left behind but everything looks very healthy and pink with very little pain. From what I read here....it seems I just have to be patient for this hole to fill in.

Saint Paul, MN

#150 Feb 9, 2010
Wow after reading most of this thread, I think it's safe to say I am a one-of-a-kind case.
On 1/29/10 I had 8 teeth extracted and 3 root canals. After avoiding the dentist for most of my life, I needed a lot of work done. I was put under sedation, and had all of my work done in about 5 hours.
My surgery started at 7am, and by 1 I was awake and taking the meds they prescribed. I don't remember much of that day, but I do remember that I did have a little bleeding. I used a tea bag to stop that, and it did burn a bit. The tea bag worked, but pulled out a stitch in the bottom. I was double stitched, so my dentist wasn't concerned.
I was in a lot of pain for 4 days, and by the 5th day I started throwing up. I couldn't eat and couldn't keep anything down. Now over a week later I'm just starting to eat liquid foods, applesauce, yogurt, soup.
I went in a few times to have my gums packed with the clove-medicine stuff, and it burns a little, but your mouth gets numb pretty fast. I just went back in yesterday to have my caps on the root canals ground down, and they say I'm healing up pretty well. I still have holes in my gums, I'd wager they are bigger than most of yours due to losing two teeth per side of my mouth. It's really hard to keep them clean, even with salt water, but they never gave me a syringe to clean them.
I still have pain, even with the pain pills I'm taking. I'd really suggest you keep an eye on the clock and take them 4-6 hours. If you forget the pain is a hassle to deal with until the meds kick back in.
--> I would never recommend getting 8 teeth out to anyone, but it was a matter of money for me. I couldn't 7 teeth root canaled and crowned, so they pulled 4. I still have to wait two more weeks to get my crowns on and I wont be able to eat solid crunchy foods for quite some time.
--> The wisdom teeth were impacted (all 4) and sideways so I didn't have a choice in that. It is hard having so many teeth out at once, and with the root canals on my remaining back molars, it's pretty impossible to chew yet.
--> I do have that 'white stuff' in my bottom gums but it doesn't hurt. I think it's just skin. I'll ask if it's still there when I go back in 2 weeks, but I wouldn't pick at it if I were you. Matter of fact I wouldn't touch your holes in your gums at all. The more you touch them the more chance you can get an infection from your hands into your mouth. You really don't want any bad bacteria in your mouth right now!

This has been one of the worst experiences of my life, but I'm glad that I did it. Know that if you are getting your teeth out, your not alone.:)

San Antonio, TX

#151 Feb 18, 2010
Margret wrote:
just use a bobbypin to get the food out.
Woow are you for real

Ojai, CA

#152 Feb 19, 2010
Hello, my question is on a related topic...

I'm getting two bottom wisdom teeth removed in about 1 week. My insurance covers the extractions, but it doesn't cover this artificial "bone" that my dentist wants to put in the cavities left by the removed molars...so my insurance doesn't cover for this filler stuff and they want to charge me $350 per tooth. So I guess after reading all of these discussion posts..I'm wondering if I should invest in these fillers or if I should save $700 and let the holes be...please advise!!!!!!!! Thanks.

London, UK

#153 Feb 23, 2010
I'm 16 and having to have 4 teeth out for braces, great fun... anyway, I had two out already, and my Dentist said no brushing around the area, no salt water and no mouthwash... at all...

I thought this was strange, and after reading this I'm convinced something's wrong. I now have an infection and have been put on a course of antibiotics, however with the course I'm on, I will be taking 800mg of medication a day, excluding painkillers.

I'm really nervous about going back to her and having my next two out, I know it has to be done, but she didn't advise how I should clean the area and I dont want another infection, and I need some advice! Should I just ignore her and use saltwater ?
Annoyed aT Dentists

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#154 Feb 23, 2010
So I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed exactly 7days ago. I could hardly eat for 4 days and I still can hardly open my mouth which makes eating pritty damn hard. My dentist didn't tell me anything about rinsing. All he told me was not to spit. I know they sewed me up because I felt it with my tongue. Now I have this completely horrid taste in my mouth and it makes all the food I eat taste bad. And sometimes it tastes so bad it makes me want to puke. I go to see my dentist tomorrow so hopefully he tells me what is going on because this is pissing me off. Also my mouth still hurts badly. I haven't been able to sleep at all since I got them yanked because it always hurt too bad. I got prescribed vicodin but it did Absolutely nothing for the pain. So I am still not sleeping and I'm back to going to school which is not good because even before I got my teeth pulled I didn't sleep enough to be alert for class and now I feel like passing out every class. I definately need this issue fixed. Icant live like this for several months since that seems to be common on here. >.< Wish me luck!

Jacksonville, FL

#155 Feb 25, 2010
Got my wisdom tooth removed 2 days ago and there was this nasty hole. Yesterday I noticed the white stuff around the hole and today the white stuff its covering almost all the "black" hole. I was worried and I called the surgeon. They told me the "white stuff" is the process of your gum healing and not to worry about that. I also asked about the pain since looks like is getting worst , even with the medication. They said that between the 3rd to the 5th day the pain will increase , then it will start getting better.
For the pain they also recommended to take Ibuprofen for the pain (you can easily get that at any pharmacy , since is an over the counter medication)

Albuquerque, NM

#156 Mar 1, 2010
So I had a couple of teeth extracted exactly 7 days ago. I have had teeth pulled before but never any stitches. I really wish the oral surgeon would have told me there were stitches there! I thought I had rice stuck between the tooth and gum, and flossed and licked like crazy....until I figured it out. I think the stitching was tied to my next tooth! It drove me crazy and I couldn't stop fiddling with it...until it came out. I follow up in a couple of days but wow, what an expensive visit to the dentist, who didn't give me any antibiotics or bother to tell me I had stitches or how to care for my extractions! I have these whitesh deposits in my holes, thought it was tooth left behind! I guess its normal? Apart of the whole healing process? rrrrrrrrrrrr

Roseville, CA

#157 Mar 4, 2010
I have two big holes in my bottom teeth two. The surgeon told me to rinse with hydrogen peroxide after the first week but I am thinking of also rinsing it with salt since it is more effective when it comes to getting the food out. Also, before I rinse, I use this probe that I got from walmart, when I got some sort of a dentist package thing, to get the food out because there is no way anything could rinse that much food out. (Of course I try to be careful not to get any forming tissue out) It doesn't hurt now after almost three weeks just when I open my mouth too wide, but I hope it won't take 6 month to heal, I though it's like two months. Also, I read that taking CoQ10 (a vitamin supplement) help speed up the healing.

United States

#158 Mar 16, 2010
michelle wrote:
I had 2 wisdom teeth removed 1 week ago and the upper healed up in 3 days the lower one left a huge hole and the most disgusting odor and taste.I brush,floss,rinse with salt water after eating.I told the oral surgeon and he said it must be food in it.I only eat soft food-mostly liquid I told him,he advised me to use listerine-I have and within 5to 10 minutes the smell and taste are back,I also have the white stuff at the bottom of the hole which I thought was causing the odor and taste?Any suggestions?
I had my all four of my wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago. On the third day I was experiencing some pain and an extremely bad taste and odor in my mouth. The taste was almost metallic. I went back in to the oral surgeon and he told me everything was healing as it should and that the odor and the bad taste was caused by the blood clot itself. You can rinse your mouth our and brush your teeth as much as you want but it wont go away. He says it could persist for several days and just do your best to deal with it. I hope this helps

Vancouver, Canada

#160 Mar 20, 2010
my wisdom teeth got infected after surgery, i was getting lots of pain and could taste something really gross coming out of the sockets (i guess it was the pus from the infection). So if you have those symptoms, see your dentist for antibiotics.
I think its not a good idea to NOT poke things around in there though, its probably left better undisturbed to heal as long as your doing the regular cleaning thing.
Also, for a salt water rinse, you only need a teaspoon of salt per cup of warm water. More salt than that wont help, it might even be a bad.
And unless you want your body to develop immunity to antibiotics and creat superbugs, always take your full course of antibiotics!!! its important
Hope these tips help, and also dont be afraid to call your dentist office about little questions or a checkup.

Broken Arrow, OK

#161 Mar 24, 2010
Crap123 wrote:
The god dam doctor messed up my stitches and opened on the first day, he said it was normal. F*** HIM. and now I have a hole in the lower left side of my wisdom tooth extraction. It has been 8 days, which is well over the time it should have healed. My friend took his out 4 days ago, and he has no hole. BULLSHIT!
I have been waiting this WHOLE DAM TIME, only to find out I might have to do something to stitch that hole up or something. I just scraped out LOADS of food, also finding a dam cavity right next to my molar. Even more bullshit. I am so f***ing pissed. The doctor sounds like he doesn't give a shit.
I got a hole the same day too! I didn't call my surgeon though.. Apparently from what I've read on here, it will close up within 2-3 weeks.. So just keep the food outta there.:)

Etobicoke, Canada

#162 Mar 25, 2010
YAY wrote:
yes, let's use a bobbypin and poke the crap out of those gums
what a great idea
i got mine taken out two weeks ago and still have the holes.
but they are getting smaller
i think the time it takes for the holes to close up just varies for everyone, so i'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about!
but still, you should go to the dentist, they'll tell you for sure whether it'll be a problem or not.
lol your sarcastic start of your comment made me laugh which also caused me minor pain i got 1 of my wisdom tooth removed and and it still hurts but really not even that bad i havnt even been taking pain killers and it hasnt even been 24 hours i was awake when he was pulling it out and i remember such force and me looking at the ceiling thinking i hate my life but the bill for 1 wisdom tooth was 350 bucks thats fcking expensive but its cause this guy was so good suposibly hes the best in toronto so when it comes to your teeth people pick a good dentist

Etobicoke, Canada

#163 Mar 25, 2010
the weird thing is tho whole reason i got my wisdom tooth removed is because food was getting stuck in the gums and causing infections and he said i should get it but however he didnt tell me how long they would take to heal and once its pulled your probably at a even higher risk of getting food stuck in there so wtf? i prob wont get another tooth pulled again unless it is a MUST he told me not to spit and i spat so much i wasnt going to swallow blood fck that but ya i dont eat dairy or meat so for the next like 4 weeks im going to be eating smartbread and cambells tomato soup yay..... but damn i want to smoke some marijuana i havnt smoked it in 90+ days but i wanted to smoke a bit this summer but now ill have to wait another month or so ;(

Wailuku, HI

#164 Mar 29, 2010
i just had my lower right side wisdom tooth pulled out on thursday and now its monday. the blood clot came out over the weekend and i started to get this smelly odor and the swelling is kinda going down. im taking pain killers and penicillin and so far with taking those the pain and everything went down. you really have to rinse your mouth out reall good after you eat and before you sleep with salt water. there will be this white-ish looking color in the hole but its part of the healing process but if theres food then you should try to get it out or you wont be able to sleep cause it will get infected and then you'll be sorry.. i've heard that the pain from dry socket is so sore that the pain killers don't even work. as long as you don't spit or mess with the hole with in 72 hr you'll be fine there will be swelling and it tends to go down within 7 days or less. the bad taste will be there till the hole is 80% closed because the gums have to heal over the bone and re build. so ask your doctor to give you hydrocodone or oxycodone after you get your tooth pulled. it will help you through the first week trust me and also penicillin for the infection. no matter what you do or how clean you think your mouth is it will still get infected all the rising is just to keep it to a minimum. well i hope this helps with what you guys are going thru.

Wailuku, HI

#165 Mar 29, 2010
oh and if the stitches come out within 2 days and there still is a hole then it hasn't healed yet it takes 8 weeks to fully heal but everyone's different. if your still bleeding the day after you get your tooth pulled then you need to go back to see the dentist cause he f'd up or your blood clot came out.

Bay City, MI

#166 Mar 29, 2010
I read some people's comments, thought I'd throw my experience in the mix:

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed (bottom 2 were still in the bone) and had self dissolving stitches. After 2 weeks when I began to eat "normal" food again I started getting food caught in my holes in the bottom. It was irritated and began to get painful so I went back to the dentist. I also had a horrid taste if I touched them with my tongue, and have been having terrible bad breath. He poked my mouth and ripped my lip a bit while checking it out. He said I'm fine and gave me a little syringe. He said fill it with salt water and squirt the holes out. He said rinsing with mouth wash is fine, but don't squirt it back there with the syringe, that salt water helps it heal faster. Sometimes my jaw bone hurts, he said it could take a few months to year for the bone to heal. So for 3 weeks I've had a bottle of salt water around, I don't like having to mix up the salt water every few hrs, I just take a swig and rinse and spit and go back to business.


#167 Apr 1, 2010
I had my lower wisdom teeth and the molars right beside them removed 7 days ago. The pas 2 days i have noticed massive holes in my gums with this horrible white substance covering around it. It does not remove when i brush , rinse etc. I called the oral surgeon today, he wants me to go to hospital tomorrow to get 'checked out'. I had to stay in hospital for a couple of nights straigh after i had them extracted due to extreme swelling/infection. Really hoping all is well as i dont want to spend another night in hospital.

Greensboro, NC

#168 Apr 2, 2010
I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed This tuesday , my right side is stil a little bit swollen and my bottom right one is hurting a little bit is that normal ???

thanks ashley

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