Hole in gum after wisdom teeth extrac...
Silly Girl

Jackson, CA

#108 Oct 15, 2009
I had my wisdom teeth taken out mid-August & one "black hole" is still in the process of healing-almost completely closed. At least food no longer gets stuck in it & I don't have to bring a syringe everywhere I go and excuse myself to the bathroom every time after eating. That wasn't fun, but was necessary to avoid an infection. I suggest everyone ask for a syringe if not given one. I only had to use a pick once to dig out a peanut scrap that wouldn't flush out with the syringe. I would also suggest not eating anything small like that since it could get stuck in the hole, but 2 months later I had enough of my "wisdom tooth diet" and then freaked out when I couldn't get the food scrap out. I never would've used a pick except I didn't want to sleep with food stuck in there in case tissue grew over it overnight.=P

Wadsworth, OH

#109 Oct 17, 2009
I had one of my molars(#19 I believe it was) pulled Monday (the 12th) and the swelling has finally gone down after taking ibuprofen like clockwork. The extraction site was never very painful (inlcuding now), and I did have the white stuff form over the extraction site. Its gone now, and there is just a hole there. My dentist told me to salt water rinse three times a day. I didnt know tho, that it was gonna take that long to heal completely... Wow, sentenced to salt water rinses for a but longer... But, beats a dry socket... Best wishes to all heal-ees!

Hyderabad, India

#110 Oct 20, 2009
i got 2 extracted wisdom tooth 2 weeks ago.when i am eating any food i am hearing a sound when chewing the food.so can one reply me the cause for that

United States

#111 Oct 24, 2009
My tooth was pulled. The Dentist put a filling in the hole for a future implant. The filling keeps falling out causing me to keep coming back to the Dentist. What is causing the rejection?

Brooklyn, NY

#112 Oct 28, 2009
I got all four of mine taken out a little over two weeks ago.

I think it's ridiculous that our oral surgeons don't give us an idea of what is to come after the first 3-4 days. I knew there would be holes, so I expected them. However, there were no directions on 1) how to clean them 2) or that I got stitches on my top right one and what to expect 3) how long they expect the whole to stay around for.

I started to realize the holes were going to stick around for a while after two weeks. How I cleaned them initially was by washing my mouth with warm salt water after meals. However, that did not solve the problem of the sometimes "impossible to get out" food. I used a sucking motion a lot to get the food out, but what came with that was a lot of blood. One horrible episode involved a popcorn shell getting lodge in my bottom left hole and I had to finally get a tweezer and a flashlight to get it out which involved more blood.

So I called up a friend who had them taken out and this is what she said:

1) Never use the sucking motion because you break the clot and it keeps he holes from filling in or healing properly.

2) Use a contraption called an "aspirator" which you use on babies to get snot out of their noses. It works great.

3) It takes months for the holes to heal because they need to fill in slowly.

Since I have a 7 month old, I went and got the aspirator. After eating a piece of cake, I washed my mouth first with warm salt water. Whatever remained, I used the aspirator and, wow, it worked beautifully. No sucking motion and the blood that generally followed.

I'm going to give my surgeon a call tomorrow just to make sure of all this. I'll also give them some advice for their future wisdom teeth extractees!!

Medford, OR

#113 Oct 29, 2009
hi i went to my dentist about proper hole cleaning and he gave me a syringe made for cleaning ask him/her about it.works great

Seattle, WA

#114 Nov 3, 2009
My lower right wisdom tooth was pulled Oct 7. It is now Nov 3 and still hurts. The pain isn't too bad, it usually goes away with ibuprofen, tylenol, etc. For a week or so after it was pulled though, there was a really nasty tasting liquid that came out of the gaping hole that made my breath bad and left an awful taste. That is now gone, but still hurts. Now it doesn't hurt as bad as it did before, but it is still sensitive to food and drink so I have to chew and sip drinks carefully on the other side of my mouth. There is no swelling, and I can't see into the hole to see if there's anything down there, but when I asked the dentist I was told it was NOT a dry socket otherwise ibuprofen wouldn't be enough to make the pain stop, and that there'd be swelling if it was, too. The dentist told me this was a hard one to pull. The first time I had one pulled it took her less than 40 seconds. This one took nearly 4 minutes. And it made my jaw hurt worse immediately afterward. My question is... because of this, is it just taking a long time to heal? BTW I don't smoke and I didn't drink alcohol until 3 weeks after the extraction, to be extra careful. I did all aftercare instructions as they were prescribed. I hope its just taking a long time to heal and that there are no complications. I am still taking the amoxicillin she prescribed. There are 4 left. Any ideas?
Barry Stang

Memphis, TN

#115 Nov 16, 2009
irene wrote:
I had mine pulled 8 days ago, and just got my stitches out yesterday----they said I really needed to be rinsing a lot more and so they gave me this syringe to use to rinse out the hole in my gums---worked really well because I got rinsed out a lot of food particles that got stuck in there...But there is still some "white" residue in there---it almost looks like fat deposits or maybe gum tissue?? i have no idea..I am going to go to the dentist--but has anyone experienced this?? What is it? My mouth doesn't hurt...I tried using the syringe but it won't come out..and is the hole supposed to be just flesh or is this white residue something I am should be worried about?
Tylonl is bad for anyone, it raises viro points by million not to mention liver damage.

London, UK

#116 Nov 18, 2009
Update on my hole so other have something to compare to....

My Original Post was 100, and after 1 month from having an impacted wisdom tooth out (still covered by the gum and bone removed too) my hole was a bit of a mess and looked like this:-


Now after a further month (now 2 months after op) it looks like this:-


As you can see there is alot of improvement, but it is still a sizeable hole and still very deep.

Now I just try and eat normally and let it fill up with food, and most of time I can manage to get any food out with a couple of minutes of swirling water about, only real stuff I have to use a syringe for is rice, and the skins off baked beans or peas etc.


London, UK

#117 Nov 18, 2009
Also I forgot to add that its still quite sensitive to hot/cold even after these 2 months, and a few times I have experienced a bit of aching after eating from the remaining tooth next too the hole. My dentist has check this out, with x-ray and re-filled it, but said it is caused by the missing bone I have had taken out, and this has exposed/made the root of the tooth there a bit sensitive. It should pass as the hole heals further

Newfie Crystal

Regina, Canada

#118 Nov 20, 2009
I have had 4 of my wisdom teeth out for about a week now. Three of the holes are healing and closing up very nicely, but one is super deep still and I have sorness but nothing like people say dry socket feels like. If I look into the hole with a flashlight I can see somewhat of a blood clot, but it's so deep. Is this weird??

London, UK

#119 Nov 22, 2009
Sound fairly normal, my hole was so beep initially I couldn't even see the bottom of it.....now after 2 and a bit months I can just make out pink flesh as the bottom


Madera, CA

#120 Nov 22, 2009
I had my lower widom teeth removed about a month ago. The surgeon did not stitch up my gums and I still have gaping holes that the food gets stuck in. Are the surgeons supposed to sew up the gums after the procedure?
Arjun Seattle wa

San Jose, CA

#121 Nov 25, 2009
yea i have had a wierd tast in my mouth since i got my wisdom teeth taken out (last thursday). Someone earlier stated they had been taking two ibuprofen and two Tylenol.
I have been doing that and it has been working. Also I am constantly washing my mouth out with salt water and trust me people, the more you do it, the more it will relax you.
You do have to take those pills like clockwork though lol (as stated by someone earlier!)
Arjun Seattle wa

San Jose, CA

#122 Nov 25, 2009
Oh and when you sleep!! Keep your head as elevated as possible. When lying down the blood rushes to your head and makes your tooth ache even more!!

I have found myself just practically sleeping the last couple days almost upright, weird but it has stopped the pain.

I forgot to mention about the odor and taste. I think its because blood clots are forming and they excrete some sort of foul fluids

London, UK

#123 Nov 28, 2009
If you are getting some foul liquid then it might be an infection like I had, the liquid was browny yellow and stunk really bad, get a swab or cloth hankie and bit on it then sniff it to see if it smells !


Alexandria, VA

#124 Dec 3, 2009
yes, let's use a bobbypin and poke the crap out of those gums
what a great idea

i got mine taken out two weeks ago and still have the holes.
but they are getting smaller
i think the time it takes for the holes to close up just varies for everyone, so i'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about!
but still, you should go to the dentist, they'll tell you for sure whether it'll be a problem or not.

Perth, Australia

#125 Dec 12, 2009
I had mine taken out , all four of them, about two weeks ago. Pain is almost gone but my concern is there are pockets of flesh where the wisdom teeth used to be. And the food gets stuck there, I have to clean it with a syringe. But I dont want to have to clean/syringe after every time I eat for the rest of my life. Please tell me how long do I have to do this?

John of Oz

Belleville, IL

#126 Dec 14, 2009
Margret wrote:
just use a bobbypin to get the food out.
thats a good way to get the socket infected and prolong the healing process

Belleville, IL

#127 Dec 14, 2009
john wrote:
I had mine taken out , all four of them, about two weeks ago. Pain is almost gone but my concern is there are pockets of flesh where the wisdom teeth used to be. And the food gets stuck there, I have to clean it with a syringe. But I dont want to have to clean/syringe after every time I eat for the rest of my life. Please tell me how long do I have to do this?
John of Oz
it will take awhile but b4 you know it the socket will be filled with new gum tissue

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