Hole in gum after wisdom teeth extrac...
allan liverpool

Ramsgate, UK

#471 Apr 23, 2012
i had 6 back bottom teeth. 3 one week 3 the next never again as i wont have any left lol....
allan liverpool

Ramsgate, UK

#472 Apr 23, 2012
dreadfull pain. i think i have dry socket as i had a neck like a wrestler last night

Elgin, UK

#473 Apr 24, 2012
My dentist and local chemist informs me that Listerine and other mouthwashes are no good for tooth extractions because they are not anti-bacterial. Anti-bacterial product recommended is Corsodyl. Other products contain alcohol which doesnt do a lot for healing. Use Corsodyl 2-3 days after extraction after every meal. Read all instructions on the bottle carefully because can cause staining if drinking tea, coffee, wine and will MIGHT need extra brushing!

Atlanta, GA

#474 Apr 26, 2012
an update from my previous posts...

its been 3 months since i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. most of the gum has filled in both top and bottom. the 2 top holes are shallow enough that food doesnt make a home for itself there. the 2 bottom holes i still need to syringe food out daily. hopefully in a month or less that i wont have to any longer.

im a smoker that lite up right after the procedure and never cut back and never got dry socket. the only discomfort i had was when food was packed into the holes. after flushing the food out with a syringe the discomfort went away.

i must be lucky that i have no horror stories
will 19

London, UK

#475 Apr 28, 2012
i just had my left wisdom tooth out and now i will have a wank
will 19

London, UK

#476 Apr 28, 2012
no but seriously it didnt hurt at all i was shitting my self before the extraction ,
now i have a hole in my mouth cant see down it coz is filled up with blood still got cotton in my mouth now its been about 3 hours since the extraction but im starving and desperate fora smoke they said not to smoke for 72 hours but fuck it im going to have a single skin blunt dont useally do that but i live with aloud of dickheads that are going to get hit with a brooklyn crusher when it arrives parcel force suck dick never go with them ! i will keep who ever is reading this up 2 date with my hole but b4 i go sum advice .... my tooth was cracked and rotting b4 it was removed , i had stupid amount of pain with it 4 weeks and tried every pain killer under the sun in! the only 2 thing well 3 that toke the pain away was lifting weights ...wierd i know and anti biotic called amoxicillin and also to help me deal with the pain before i found that was marajuana (weed) im not saying that weed toke the pain away but helped my cope lot easier anyway im gonna stop ranting shit and make a biff .. if n e 1 has any q,s my bookface is willbass ... and the should be a picof a brown dog

United States

#477 Apr 28, 2012
Its been three days since the surgery i got all 4 take out. The top does not hurt at all but the bottoms do especially the left one. I've been washing my mouth constantly with salt and water and I brush my teeth as far possible as I can gently of course. But my left side hurts like hell I can't take the OxyContin cuz when I did the first day I threw up twice. I look like a chipmunk but the swelling has gone down some. I iced it the first 24 hours and now I'm using a heating pad. In taking amoxicillin and Motrin 800mg and I noticed the blood clots and and one of the wisdom extraction a white thing on it it's not food I've been eating light stuff. I also noticed that one of my stitches (dissolvable ones) is hanging off. I'm just leaving it alone.. But my jaw hurts a lot on that left side the right side nothing
will 19

London, UK

#478 Apr 28, 2012
apologize for my 30 inch cock

Spring, TX

#479 May 8, 2012
take all y'all teeth that what yall can do

Maryland Heights, MO

#480 May 8, 2012
KMoore wrote:
<quoted text>
Exactly what happened to me. I got all 4 out and now on the bottom right I have a deep hole. I shine a LED down it and can't even see the bottom! Lol. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I'm angry it couldn't have healed like the left one, which is perfect. I use a dull toothpick to pick out food/dead skin. I hope it heals fast. I use salt water to clean after brushing, is this enough? Thanks
I agree I had mine done 2 months ago and paid 1500 cash with no insurence to help i have huge holes to and worried they were dry sockets so I went back and they gave me the stupid needle too to flush it out if I know it was going to be all this would of never did it even knowing they didn't hurt they still wanted to take them out so now I'm paying twice once to have them take them out and second now I have to flush the holes out every time I eat and then do that for 6 months so what does happen if they don't heal for a couple years like I heard I have to clean them out for 2 years and if I don't I get a infection wow what a pain in the ass

Rotherham, UK

#481 May 15, 2012
I had all 4 wisdoms removed, and was recovering, but had the bad taste/smell from the lower sockets, I used a syringe to clean the lower sockets and felt better for a day, but then major pain and ear ache set in, what I had done was blast out the blood clots that are needed for the sockets to heal and caused dry socket syndrome I ended up in A&E injected with local anaesthetic again, then they scraped my jaw bone in the bottom of the sockets till it bled again and formed new blood clots, then they packed the holes with a very stong smelling brown stuff (smelled of cloves). Now 2 weeks after, still troubled with food in the holes, I wish there had been better information on what to do.

Canon City, CO

#482 May 17, 2012
Dawn wrote:
I had my molar pulled last friday. My socket is filled with this white gook I have no idea what is is. I have a very foul odor coming form my mouth and if i touch the site with my tounue it tastes bad. My dentist only told me to rinse with water after I brush my teeth. The piece breaks off little by little, it is completly disgusting!!
I had my 2 lower wisdom teeth out and after a week had bad smell in my mouth and gums were really raw..my dentist had a syringe and filled it with water and put in inside the hole and flushed it out 5 times, it was disgusting. But the dentist said that was food that was stuck and rotting and all I have eaten is jello, pudding and mashed potatoes...so try and get the syring and they gave me an antibiotic..Hope this helps

Toronto, Canada

#483 May 18, 2012
Margret wrote:
just use a bobbypin to get the food out.
k... youre a dumb bitch, clearly.


#484 May 19, 2012
I had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth extracted on the 4th and they were impacted and last monday the left side got infected so my gp prescribed 500 mg of co amoxiclav and will finish course on monday.right side has healed now but the left side is still a very big hole and hasnt got got any smaller since my op im washing with hexetidine after eating but am scared infection will come back after antibiotics have ran out as i doesent seem to be healing and it still aches a bit on the left could this be dry socket please take into account i used to be boxer so pain doesnt boter me much lol. Please comment if u have any idea thanks

Bloomington, IL

#485 May 19, 2012
I had my teeth removed two weeks ago. The "white" stuff is dead tissue NOT food. How could that be food? Yuck! Anyway my dentist said not to rinse with listerine because of the alcohol in it and to rinse with salt water after every meal. It only takes approximately two months for the gum to heal. However, the bone and teeth have to be restructured naturally to adjust to the teeth being removed so as to not mess up your bite. So there will be some pain. The wisdom teeth those hurt like hell. No kidding on that. Invest in Ibprophen and some ice packs for the swelling. Do not agitate the gum with salty foods or soda or citrusy foods like oranges or apples. Eat soft food that don't require alot of chewing like yogurt or soup.DON'T EAT SWEETS or tough MEATS. eat soft veggies for example. UPON ANY SITUATION do not put your tongue over the holes in your gum because this will cause infection and irritate the gum more. Trust me you do not want that. My dentist didn't put stitches or give a syringe just let mother nature take its course. it will heal up fine as long as you practice great oral hygine.

Bloomington, IL

#486 May 19, 2012
your dentist might put you on an antibiotic just for precautionary reasons and to dull the swelling.

Bloomington, IL

#487 May 19, 2012
Dr Gerald Wiggins wrote:
<quoted text>
The easiest way to get rid of that stuff is to clean it out with a screwdriver. Don't go too deep or it will bleed. I use Sears Craftsman because they are better on tooth holes than dental instruments. If you get any of the white stuff out, I would eat it because it is high in fiber and will help your colon cope with the loss of it's friend, the tooth, that was removed. I hope I have answered all your questions.
Obviously if you are a DR. you should have your license revoked, and second u r a dumbass. That is like telling the girl to take a piece of string and tie it to a door knob or to pull it out with a pair of plyers. Really?!?! The white stuff is DEAD tissue there is no nutritional value to it. and that is just nasty. I realize that you just may be kidding but really you need to grow up.

Rio Rancho, NM

#488 May 21, 2012
So the foul taste in your mouth may be from a dry socket, especially if you keep putting your tongue on it. That's why the doctor advises not to mess with the surgery site, to avoid infection because of the mass amount of bacteria that gathers on your tongue not to mention throughout your mouth. If there's a large amount of pain or swelling in your jaw, any discharge or lots of bleeding, it most likely is unfortunately a dry socket.
Though if you're just tasting a salty or maybe even blood (iron like) taste from your holes that's normal, and you should not mess with it. If it bothers you immensely you can rinse your mouth with the syringe or use a 50% water 50% alcohol free mouth wash mixture more often, but do not "lightly" or otherwise scrape your holes out with anything. The white "junk" in there is just dead tissue as previously stated and will be eaten away by phagocytes just as it is anywhere else in your body. The best advice is to just keep your mouth clean by brushing twice a day, rinsing after meals, and syringing your holes with warm sea salt water after brushing. It seems like a pain in the butt doing it for the full 4 months, but it's a lot easier than having that healing time on top of the time it takes to fight an infection in your mouth especially (that's how you eat and get your energy to heal!), so trust me when I say it's worth it to just do it right. There's no short cuts here. C:

Kenton, OH

#489 May 23, 2012
I had all four wisdom teeth removed on Friday(6 days ago) and three of the four stitches have already fallen out. The top two have healed really well, and there is a ridge where the teeth used to be, but it is completely closed and doesn't hurt at all. The bottom two have large holes and I am getting an iron-y taste when I swallow(I'm guessing that is just a small ammount of blood). They aren't really sore anymore, except if I chew too far back. Even then, the pain is tolorable. I didn't get any syringe, but I did get a medicated mouthwash, along with two pain meds, and an antibiotic. I am doing just fine and don't need the pain meds anymore. My pain tolorance is zero, so this pleasently surprised me. I haven't really looked at the holes, but from a quick glance I don't see any white "stuff" that has been talked about earlier in this thread. I honestly don't have the greatest oral hygene, but I do brush once a day(at least) and use the mouthwash after, along with rinsing with salt water towards the middle of the day. I can say that the day that I had it done, and the two days following that, I was in a great deal of pain, and ice packs along with the medication helped keep it at a level that I could take. The ice also helped a lot with the swelling. I had a small ammount of swelling on my right side and hardly any on my left. From what I have read in posts from others, I am one of the lucky few that didn't have really any problems. So far, anyway (:

Albuquerque, NM

#490 May 24, 2012
I'm in the same boat. C: just got my teeth taken out last Friday, my stiches are out, and i seem to be one of the 90% that doesn't get a dry socket. Hooray! Though I can't stress enough infection can happen any time, and it can be verrry serious especially in the mouth. There's even reported deaths from oral infection, so when thinking of whether or not you can eat, touch, drink something be precautious. Otherwise just treat it like any other healing wound and keep it clean.:]

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