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#370 Sep 4, 2011
I just got all my wisdom teeth removed Friday morning (Its now Sunday morning) I am 16, and I have started to transition to semi solid food and rinsing with salt water, but after I rinse my holes get really sore. Is that normal?
ms p

Barking, UK

#371 Sep 4, 2011
my daughter with special needs had 2 wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago now she has a really bad no more of a really strange smell coming from one of the holes the other hole has what looks like a bit of bone in it its really hard to clean her teeth let alone get her to rinse will take her to the dentist tomorrow but can anyone give advice as to what the smell can be she doesnt seem to be in pain thanks if you can help

Grass Valley, CA

#372 Sep 6, 2011
I guess I am one of the lucky ones :) I got all four of mine (2 impacted) surgically removed 10 days ago. I had hardly any bleeding, barely any swelling, no bruising, and not much pain after. All my stitches are gone, the top holes are pretty much gone, and the bottom ones (that were impacted and infected) are tiny holes now. I am eating solids like normal and have had no complications. I followed my post op instructions to a T though, wishing with salt water 6 times a day and brushing 4 times a day. I go in for my post op appointment today at 2. Good Luck to everyone, hope your recoveries speed up!

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#373 Sep 7, 2011
Gerg wrote:
some of these sound like "dry socket" but apparently dry socket also causes a lot of pain. I just had mine taken out about 9 days ago and one of my extraction sites is basically all healed up, just slightly tender. While the other extraction site has a hole. Today I started getting a weird taste coming from the hole. Its not really a bad taste, just weird. Anyone have a similar feeling?
That is exactly how mine is!

Huntsville, AL

#374 Sep 15, 2011
I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed 3 weeks ago. Recovery wasn't too bad, there was definitely pain but the prescriptions helped with that. After about 4 days I was finishing up my lunch and it felt like something was stuck behind my left molar where my wisdom tooth had been. I eventually got it out with a dental pick and discovered it was a piece chicken from my lunch.Looking at it closely in the mirror I could see something white also and thought it was maybe bone I was seeing. I decided to get my water pik out and just keep it on the lowest setting to see if there was anything else in there. You wouldn't believe the gunk that spilled out into the sink from that pocket where my wisdom tooth used to be. So I checked the rest of my mouth and ended up getting all sorts of stuff out with that water pik. The oral surgeon said it was a good thing and recommended continuing to irrigate with the water pik. Still having to do it even now because one of the pockets isn't healed yet, and the things huge. Bad breath went away too with the food. Definitely recommend using the water pik for this, I'm surprised more dentists don't recommend it actually. Hope this helps

Brisbane, Australia

#375 Sep 25, 2011
l have a question my neice had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled surgically 6 days ago now 1 bottom one is very painfull and the other 3 arnt that painfull,l was wondering if anyone may think she may have a dry socket or infection,she rinses after every meal but she carnt swish like normal has any one have any suggestion that could help us please

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#376 Sep 27, 2011
I had all four of mine surgically removed about a week and a half ago. I have holes on the side of gums rather that on top. It makes it a lot harder to clean with the sygrine. I was wearing an expansion retainer when I had mine removed and it ended up giving dry sockets on both bottom holes. Let me tell you... there is no pain quite like it. I didn't really have any food in there and they stuffed clove oil soaked gauzes in the holes to help healing. They made me sick. They took those out and put in a clear solution that dissolved on its own. I still have gaping holes on the sides of my gums.
Stoner McBoner

Cottage Grove, MN

#377 Sep 28, 2011
I had all 4 wisdoms taken out 5 days ago. Bottom 2 were impacted, extracted and stitched. I kept getting the most pain and a weird taste/smell on one of the lower sites, especially when i woke up in the morning. I thought I may have had an infection or dry sockets so I went in to the doc and he said everything looks fine, probably just muscle pain, since a lot of the muscles for your jaw and face are right where wisdom teeth form. He just gave me a little syringe to stick in the holes and flush out the sockets with water or salt water or mouthwash or tequila or whatever u want. Feelin pretty good now. I think people just hear "dry sockets" so damn often they think its inevitable. Quit psyching yourself out, give it a few days and everything will be fine. Usually.

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#378 Sep 28, 2011
I just got a regular tooth pulled today,and was wondering,is it normal to have what I think is extra tissue coming from the hole,it wasn't there early it seemed to start hanging down after I started to eat soup.I hope its not the packing,and how can I know?

Lawrenceville, GA

#379 Sep 29, 2011
I had an impacted bottom wisdom tooth surgically removed and the top wisdom tooth removed 2 weeks ago. My body rejects dissolvable sutures so as soon as the dentist completed my stitches, my body was already rejecting half of them. My doctor did not have any "old fashioned" stitches so I had to go home with a HUGE hole in the bottom of my mouth and no stitches. The pain was soooooo extreme that I missed a whole week of work. I have that nasty taste in my mouth but my doctor said I did not have dry sockets and it was healing normally. I am still in pain and HATE this. Lost 6 pound though.

Richmond Hill, Canada

#380 Oct 1, 2011
I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth out this past Tuesday, and am scheduled for a follow up for the following Tuesday (about 3 days from now). My face didn't swell up much, but the inside of my cheeks did quite a bit...
I had some pain and swelling up until earlier this evening, then it began to go down enough so I could stop taking pain medication.
However, I've noticed that the bottom left appeared as a hole earlier. Looked like a gum coloured cup that's been half covered with plastic wrap... except that it was whitish skin. Later on a whitish substance started to coat the inside, but it doesn't look like bone. Almost.. fatty?
I don't smell or taste anything weird (not since 2 days after the surgery), and there's no pain (it's almost back to the way it was before surgery), but I'm hopelessly worried about dry socket!
I got a syringe the day of the surgery but I'm scared to use it or it seems like it might blast he skin off or something... I'm not sure but I think it's only for getting debris out IF it gets stuck there, right? Otherwise I don't THINK there's any food there. Is salt water rinse going to be enough to do it?

Wheeling, WV

#381 Oct 2, 2011
i just got all four wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago all of them seem to be fine except the one that was impacted and has stitches, they had to remove some of the bone! ouch!!! but the dentist forgot to give me my list of what to do and not to do , and they never said anything abut getting my stitches removed? i am assuming they are disprovable????

South Golden Beach, Australia

#382 Oct 3, 2011
Hi..I just had my 4 wisdom teeth removed last week.. 2 at the top and two at the bottom... my face got swollen..I looked horrible... after a 3 or 4 days of my operation the pain was not too bad...but now, the pain is a little bit worse...there are some white stuff in my mouth but it doesn't smell.. it really hurts if im not taking any pain killers..but I hope i'm doing alright and i hope this white stuff is a good sign...

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#383 Oct 4, 2011
It took about 3 weeks after surgery to get an infection on the bottom left side. Hard cheek, swollen gum with pus oozing out. Ick. It went away with antibiotics, but I got another minor infection on the other side 2 weeks after the antibiotics ended. I had been using the syringe and warm saltwater after every meal, but I didn't keep up with it one day and soreness and little bit of pus the next day. I've been keeping it super clean and it hasn't gotten worse just a little better off and on (normal color again and no pain). It ranges from no pus to a minor amount of pus. Not sure how long it will take for a minor infection to go away. I'm waiting to call on the dentist again. It's been only a few days since it started. The dentist said I should have been good after a month, but it's been almost 2 months now. I guess I have to keep cleaning after every meal.

Moreno Valley, CA

#384 Oct 10, 2011
I just got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out on Monday so for me its been 7 days now and I can honestly I'm in no pain but these big holes are the worse ...I've missed food so my doctor said I can eat just continue to rinse and use the syringe..so I was all excited but soon I found out it was way harder to clean because the food was soo big and it felt like they were getting jammed in my holes I would see all this food still stuck even after I rinsed and used the syringe it sucks I'm gonna try the floss/ tooth pick idea that might help good luck everybody its no fun :( oh one last thing my doctor told me the odor is the blood in our mouth thats what u smell that went away after a week for me maybe because I washed my mouth after I would eat anything ..

North Vernon, IN

#385 Oct 12, 2011
I had my lower wisdom tooth taken out 8 days ago and ever since I horrible taste in my mouth and bad breath that just won't go away. I brush twice a day, rinse with salt water but it just doesn't help. I notice if i touch a tooth close to the extraction it has a bad odor, how long will this last and should I see a doctor?

London, Canada

#386 Oct 17, 2011
Here's what one dentist said on another website:
"You are doing fine. The white tissue you describe is often just the surface cells around an extraction socket dying off. That is totally normal.

Just keep up the warm salt water rinses to keep it all clean and you should do well."

Brussels, Belgium

#387 Oct 18, 2011
Jessica wrote:
I had my lower wisdom tooth taken out 8 days ago and ever since I horrible taste in my mouth and bad breath that just won't go away. I brush twice a day, rinse with salt water but it just doesn't help. I notice if i touch a tooth close to the extraction it has a bad odor, how long will this last and should I see a doctor?
It's perfectly normal. I had the same thing, it went away once I started using the medicated mouthwash that my surgeon gave to me during the post-operation consultation a week after.

General tips to ALL:

- Keep brushing
- Salt + water until you can use mouthwash (after meals and before sleeping)
- Take your medication on time (for whatever duration your doctor prescribed).

Basically the point is to keep the mouth as clean as possible in the few weeks after so that it heals quickly and there are no infections.

(This is coming from someone who has had no complications and is happily eating normal food 2 weeks after getting all 4 out)

Paauilo, HI

#388 Oct 23, 2011
When you get food stuck in your holes really bad or in my case the food was bigger than the hole for it to come out, use peroxide untill the food dissolves enough to dislodge with a tooth pick. It took me about an hour but it worked. What a releif!! note to self: dont eat rice while you have holes in your mouth.

Norwich, UK

#390 Oct 26, 2011
I recently had my 2 1st premolars out in the top (the teeth after your canines if your going back), anyway, it was a very difficult extraction, I had to have the teeth taken out on different days, the dentist said it should take only 20 minutes to get both out but one took 45 mins and the other took 30 mins. I now have bruising in my gums and very bad pain, often waking me up in the night, and painkillers, 2x paracetomol or ibuprofen regularly take up to an hour to kick in. Was wondering if anyone knew of a stronger over the counter painkiller or any remedies that will help, thanks

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