Hole in gum after wisdom teeth extrac...

Somerset, MA

#330 May 22, 2011
I had one wisdom tooth out 7 weeks ago. still a hole, food gets stuck all the time. awkward when at restaraunts or nowhere to rinse. wish I knew if this is a gingival sulcus, or if its still healing. figured 2 months has passed i should be golden, but I still have food getting caught. and yes, would have been nice to have literature on the healing process instead of floundering on the internet. sometimes after reading stuff,I think I have it!
anyone post 3 months extraction and no hole?


#331 May 23, 2011
I had my wisdom teeth removed all 4 of them the doctor gave me painkillers and antibiotic.my question is can this process delay my period since i am 2 days late.

Bradford, VT

#332 May 28, 2011
Sue wrote:
I had two of my right side wisdom tooth removed 6 days ago and for some reason, I stopped taking the antibiotic which now I think that I have an infection. It is starting to hurt and I see something nasty forming where the tooth once was. If I continuing to take the antibiotic, would it help removes that thing? I'm hoping that it's not a dry socket and since I don't smoke, drink from a straw, I am hoping that it's no.
I'm seeing my surgeon in two days, so hopefully he can do something it about it. It seems as if the pain is getting worst. Also, do we get the syringe thing after we get our stitches removed because I didn't get one.
Your surgeon should have given you the syringe for post op check up. Takes all particles out of sockets rinse well. Surgery was 2 weeks from this week and feeling much better finally.

Waterloo, Canada

#333 Jun 1, 2011
I had 3 removed a week ago, and I must say...NOT FUN!!:(
The bottom right is a gaping hole that seems to never end and really don't feel like trying to find the bottom..lol
I as well have a lump in my lower jaw line, tender to the touch, not sure what it is? They put me on antibiotics but..no change at all? I am also having anxiety attacks at night, again..NOT FUN!!

Barre, VT

#334 Jun 5, 2011
I had all 4 wisdon teeth pulled 9 days agao and i am so afraid to eat anything...I am tryn to keep mouth clean but it is so hard.I have just noticed that in 1 of extraxtion sited is black and white so i started blasting water at it and some food and gunk came out but there is still plenty in there and i can't get it out..Anyone know what else i can do(I AM NOT STICKING ANYTHING IN IT SO PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO)Not sure if it could be the packing my oral surgeon put in it for my dry socket

Fort Wayne, IN

#335 Jun 7, 2011
I'm 16 and had 3 teeth extracted. Its only been a few hours since one of them have been removed. Is it bad if I see no blood and a deep whole where the tooth was removed?

Towson, MD

#336 Jun 8, 2011
crystal537 wrote:
I'm 16 and had 3 teeth extracted. Its only been a few hours since one of them have been removed. Is it bad if I see no blood and a deep whole where the tooth was removed?
What you are seeing is normal! Don't eat anything solid for a day or so, after 24 hours start rinsing with salt water. dont use mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide┬ů..definately don't stick anything in the hole.

Cranston, RI

#337 Jun 10, 2011
Ok so I had 4 "trackter trailers" removed from my mouth 1 week ago. I look pretty good now. Most of the swelling is gone and it really doesnt hurt anymore. Ive been on a fairly normal diet and beginning to eat normally. I have a small hole on my lower left side and the gum is much higher than the other side and its really annoying because food gets stuck and you always feel the gum. I was wondering if this goes away? Also i smoke weed and began smoking 2 days ago but have been rinsing with salt water immediately after. Can i still get a dry socket even tho my Dr. Said everything looks good and the blood cots are all formed?

thanks for the help

Lincolnton, NC

#338 Jun 14, 2011
The wholes in your wisdom teeth will go away. I had mine removed 6 years ago. I had all 4 pulled at the same time and I do know that they had to apply stiches to mine because mine grew from underneath not on out like regular wisdom teeth. When the dentist went to remove mine the pain sadation medicene had not yet took place and I turned my head causing the drill to crack my molar tooth and now it has a huge hole in it. Which I go on the 17th of June to have that removed but it does get better after about a month. Remeber no drinking or smoking. Smoking prolongs the healing process and it also will make it bleed and hurt more. I know people complain about smokers and I am a heavy smoker myself but with all the pain it is just simply not worth it. I hope things get better and in time they will.

Lincolnton, NC

#339 Jun 14, 2011
Yeah smoking weed does help with the pain I use to smoke myself you should be fine. Especially if the clots have formed that is what you have to look at.

Dubai, UAE

#340 Jun 15, 2011
I had one wisdom tooth removed 8 days ago. Removal was painless but after a couple of days I had considerable pain. The pain killers and anti inflammatory medication did not help. Food hadodged in the socket and the bacteria has caused an infection. He cleaned it out and put me on anti biotics. After 48 hours I feltmuch better and the pain has subsided.
My advice If you still have pain or swelling after 4 days from the extraction go back to your dentist.

Washington, DC

#341 Jun 16, 2011
I had all 4 of mine removed about a year ago. Word to the wise: don't eat oatmeal. Oats will become lodged in the incisions and decay, making your breath smell awful. If something does get stuck, a water-pick will do the trick.


#342 Jun 17, 2011
My dentist plugged iodine in the cavity a week ago and everything tastes of iodine. Really horrible

San Diego, CA

#343 Jun 21, 2011
just got mine pulled out one week ago today. 2 days after i got severe pain and a terrible smell and taste in my mouth that put me on my ass and i then decided to start taking my antibiotics! had no choice but to take strong amounnts of ibuprofen also. also, my stitches ripped out on the second day due to rinsing my mouth.then i went back yesterday and they said everything was fine and healing perfect, they put some brown paste stuff in there and said to come back in three days, so im definitely mentioning to them about this hole! to everyone else, im pretty sure i had/have dry socket and wow i wish the best to everyone that feels the pain i went through, just hang in tight and take the medicine if the pain and infection gets bad enough to where you cant handle it. good luck guys =]

Hollywood, FL

#344 Jun 28, 2011
Hi I recently got my wisdom teeth pulled out on Wednesday last week (June 22). I happen to be 15 years old. I would like to express my experience with the extractions. First day I was bleeding like crazy and the pain was excruciating. Second day, no more bleeding but I look like a horrible chipmunk with my face all swollen. Third and fourth days, taking it slow and eating soft foods, no exercise or anything. Fifth day, no more pain and swelling went down. I can't really see the holes in the back of my mouth, but I can feel the stitches dissolving in the back of my mouth. My best advice from a child is always rinse your mouth with salt water, even if the taste is unbearable to you. And switch from icing your face to heating pads every half an hour. It helps with the swelling go down. Luckily there wasn't any dry sockets.

Mumbai, India

#345 Jul 7, 2011
Yes , I jst had n extraction of two of my third molar teeth at both sides... the right hole howver healed just overnight but the left still seems to have a deep clog. I also experience a white residue which does not come out after rigorous salt water usage nor with the help of a tooth pick. I wonder if that's a food particle or its something natural inside the gums which helps in healing. This tooth was comparitively more infected than the other, so I suppose that will take li'l more time to heal..but its just the white residue that I am worried about.I just hope that it helps me heal rather than cause more trouble.

Jonesborough, TN

#346 Jul 7, 2011
Okay the white gunk would be equivalent to a scab. Since the mouth is always wet typical "scabbing" is impossible. None-the less it is still a scab, Your mouth is fighting infection.((To understand, find a scab on your shoulder or hand, soak it... viola it turns white.)) I am no doctor but i do advise against "picking" it or "scraping" it away for that is what "a clot" is and prevents what they call "dry-socket" ... never had it but i hear it is painful.. Flushing with warm salt water is sufficient, or with the syringe if given. The wierd taste is alot of things. You're a grown adult practically eating baby foods. You're taste buds/ glands in your mouth are healing depending on where the extraction site is. And most common one would be, residue and the inability to actually clean it thoroughly. AND DEFINITELY NOOOOOOOOO BOBBY PINS.
lauramichellstan field

United States

#347 Jul 8, 2011
I have a deep hole in my back tooth i hope it dont take to long to heal im hungry its hard to eat ...


#348 Jul 8, 2011
yes it is very possible for the dentist to leave parts of your tooth in there. if the wisdom tooth hasnt fully formed under the gum the dentist will cut it up and remove it in sections as for easier healing.... if you bleed alot the dentist may have missed a section of your tooth.

United States

#349 Jul 9, 2011
my lower right was taken out 10 days ago an my hole is huge an yes its still tender an hurts from time to time. usually an ibuprofen knocks it out. but im gettin impatient! any one have this problem, im ready to heal up an get back to normal. why dont they tell us how long it mite take to heal up. it would definitly ease anxieties!

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