Kool Smiles making some parents frown

Kool Smiles making some parents frown

There are 212 comments on the WAVY Norfolk Hampton Roads story from Nov 17, 2008, titled Kool Smiles making some parents frown. In it, WAVY Norfolk Hampton Roads reports that:

For some Hampton Roads parents, their child's first trip to the dentist became their last .

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L Taylor

Fredericksburg, VA

#1 Nov 17, 2008
My 3 year old son had a procedure done at the Hampton office and so far it went good. He had w wisdom tooth pull. The only thing that I did not like was that I felt like my son was a gold fish in a bowl because I was told that I could not go in the back where he was gettting his teeth looked at and cleaned. But now that I know it is my right to be with him I will be.
L Taylor

Fredericksburg, VA

#2 Nov 17, 2008
And what I ment by gold fish was that he was in a room with 6 other people and I had to stand outside and look on through a round window at my son while he at times asked for "mommie" and sometimes cried.
laura wenzel

United States

#3 Nov 17, 2008
they told my grandson's mother he had 8 cavities, took him to Dr. Avent and he had none!!!! He had one small area of concern but did not require any dental work, plus kool smiles trumatized him. He was afraid to even open his mouth up.
laura wenzel

United States

#4 Nov 17, 2008
Spoke with a local dentist in Newport news and found out there are alot of kool smile victims out there,I'm just glad my grandson wont be one of them.
Sandrine Pierce

Virginia Beach, VA

#6 Nov 17, 2008
I , also went to Kool Smile to get my girls teeth checked and 80.00 later Iwas told that our younger Daughter Tiffany needed a lot of work done. I felt the same pressure as the lady on the news . Sence they would not accept my insurence it would come out of our pocket . For Tiffany about $8000.00 and our oldest never saw them due to the wait for next appointment. I , then called a different dentist and they are going ro be able to get the work done for less but their dentist told me that some of his clients had experienced a lot of problems with Kool smile. They call me at home for follow up app. with Kool Smile but honestly I will not take my children back to them ever again. The Kool Smile that we went to is the one on Holland road . Bad experience and I was very upset and Tiffany did not want to go back there. I wss not erlaub to go back with her and they told me the same thing, it was their policy. Sandrine Pierce.Thank you !

Ashburn, VA

#8 Nov 17, 2008
Kool smiles, is a sham. It's like taking your kids to "Chunky Cheese" with Dental Techs...a BIG RIP OFF, the pizza sucks and so does the bill!

Williamsburg, VA

#9 Nov 17, 2008
The comment that parents are not denied access to the back area is interesting. We have used Kool Smiles in Portsmouth and were denied access to procedures that my son was being given in the back room. I was called to see the assistant who told me he was being somewhat difficult and asking a lot of questions. Of course as a 7-year-old he wanted to know what was going on. When asked if I could just go back with him I was absolutely no, it is against company policy. I knew then that I would not be coming back. When my son was finished he came out completely deflated and would not talk. When we got out to the parking lot he told me that he was told over and over to "be quiet" and "stop asking questions." I am sorry, but I that is unacceptable. I was SO angry at the dentist and at myself for allowing this to happen. He has a right as a person to know what is going on. I went straight back in and confronted them. I left with my child's dental records and never went back. I was interested when I saw this was going to be on because whenever Kool Smiles is brought up I tell people my opinion - don't take your child there. It literally makes me sick that I even allowed my son to go back there without me; I never should have let him go. I learned and we now go to a great dentist is Suffolk who is happy to answer his questions and explain what they are doing. Thank you for running this story.

Williamsburg, VA

#10 Nov 17, 2008
Just to explain - for checkups and cleanings you can watch through the window. For further procedures they go to a back room where you cannot see or hear anything as a parent. And, yes, denied access, even when I asked to go back. Also, for $70 they will use a "restraining blanket" ... a heavy blanket that they will lay over your child so they cannot use. I was told this before the procedure and asked to sign a permission form for this. I told them if my child is that upset, then just let me go back there. They told me no over and over, and I told them if it gets to the point of them needing a "restraining blanket" that they can clean it up because I will not sign the permission form for that.
We have good insurance and my son is a very well-behaved child. We went to this dentist because we were looking for a kid-friendly environment. What we found was a money-making corporation whose dentists were extremely disrespectful. You are better off at your local family dentist office.

Midway Park, NC

#11 Nov 17, 2008
my child had two silver caps put on and was told he needed white caps on his front teeth and a few other things done. When it was time for his second appointment I was reluctant to take my child back for such an extreme procedure so soon so I decided to wait. That turned out to be a good idea because am not sure all the work they say was needed is really necessary.The doctor offered me to wait the same day and have more caps put on even though my child was not only in pain but horrified and tired from being there over three hours.Thank god the nurse suggested to me that he had enough for one day.

Norfolk, VA

#12 Nov 17, 2008
My kids have been seen at the Norfolk office.. and them saying that you can go in the back with your kid is a total all out lie.. they won't let you back there with your kid at all..even if your kid is crying his/her little heart out to the point of having problems catching his breath they won't let you back there to calm your child down...the only thing you can do is stand at a window and watch them clean your kids teeth but anything else you can't see...
real deal

United States

#13 Nov 17, 2008
There is nothing cool about Kool Smiles.

Kool Smiles is a rip off of Small Smiles.

They have the same office designs and protocols.
These places generally have unskilled and uncaring dentist. And they do over treat patients. Yes they often can not diagnose stains from decay. And yes pulpotomies and stainless steel crowns are the preferred methods of treatments. That is because they pay the most through Medicaid systems throughout the country.
These places are just dental mill meat market type of operations. They take advantage of Medicaid. And they take advantage of people who come with their children who are on Medicaid. They are taking advantage of these people because they are generally not knowledgeable of dental related issues. And they know that there is a virtually unlimited supply of people on Medicaid.

Sure one may have a favorable experience. It depends on the child really. But by and large they do treat teeth unnecessarily. And they do over treat cases with stainless crowns and pulpotomies.

These places are staffed by uncaring and greedy people. The Trans and Phiems who stole the idea for Kool Smiles from Small Smiles are not interested in "caring for" the "underserved". They are only interested in milking the Medicaid system. Wake up people! It is all true. Get off Medicaid. Get yourselves educated about dental care and exactly why your child's teeth are decayed as they are. It is totally preventable!
Places like Kool Smiles and others are not interested in your child's well being. They are just interested in making money as easily as they can. And anyone who knows about Medicaid knows how easy it is to milk money out of that system. Just make it a large scale operation like Kool Smiles and others.
As a taxpayer- personally I am offended at these places like Kool Smiles that take Medcaid money at such a large scale. And I am offended that Medicaid allows this waste- even though they are aware it is going on.

There is nothing "Kool" about Kool Smiles.
Smart Daddy

Norfolk, VA

#14 Nov 18, 2008
What amazes is me is how quickly parents give away their parental rights. Get a backbone! If somone, anyone, wants to do something with my child that I don't want done, it doesn't happen. There is no paperwork in the world that disallows me to take posession of my child, physically if need be, and no dental-goon can prevent that regardless of policy. If their policy is to disrobe your child would you let them? If their policy is to scream at your child would you let them? From what has been said, their policy has you ABANDON your child, and that is disgusting. Be parents, protect your children, at all costs, no matter what, regardless of someone elses policy, on your terms, because they are your children. That responsibility comes with the title parent; you owe your children that.

Norfolk, VA

#15 Nov 18, 2008
That is just awesome and Kool Smiles should be held responsible for the repair of any childs mouth that they have damaged. The repair should be done by a dentist of the parents choosing. i am an adukt and the dentist that I visit is also crooked. About a year ago I was told that I had ten cavities, however I never got the work done. I have been going to the same dentist every six months and now its something else and the 10 cavities have not been mentioned??? They know that we as patients can not prove that we may need or not need the work done that they mention and they take advantage of us. But what goes around comes around.

Norfolk, VA

#16 Nov 18, 2008
sorry i meant to put that is Awful-reference to above
Hard Working Woman

Washington, DC

#17 Nov 18, 2008
I stop taking my kids to Kool Smiles (Portsmouth) about 2 years ago after they put 5 crowns in my 7 year old daughters mouth! They keep calling and sending postcards to the house! They want let up!

Florence, SC

#19 Nov 18, 2008
My nephew is 27 years old and was still getting cards from this type dental practice.
Angry Mom

Norfolk, VA

#20 Nov 18, 2008
I also took my son to Kool Smiles. He had a toothache and it looked like just the perfect place for his first real visit. Less than an hour later we were talking 8 crowns and they were ready right that minute to do them. That should have been my first warning that this was a quick lube business. The fact that that doctor sat there and said parents could go in the room floored me. Not only was I told I had to watch through a porthole for cleanings but they took him into a small back room for the actual procedure where I couldn't see at all. My son cried for 2 days, still has nightmares and will be terrified of dentists his whole life. Avoiding that fear was the reason I brought him there in the first place! I am SO angry..at them, at myself for being so concerned about getting him out of pain that I let them bully me into things he didn't even need. I just want to sit here and cry. How do we stop them from ever doing this to another child? One question I have is they have only been around for about two years. Who were they before they were Kool Smiles? I heard about a place on Va Beach Blvd that was very similar that existed about 4 years ago. Has this been going on longer than we realize? Scary!
crissy rogers

United States

#21 Nov 18, 2008
Hi, let me say, I have been going to kool smile for some time. I should of listen to my mother when she said there is something wrong with that place. She works at a daycare, and almost all parents says that Kool Smile wants to place caps on the teeth. I have 4 kids that I was taking there, but not no more. My youngest has like 8 caps on her teeth, but I think know that she might not need them. But yes, they do refuse you to go back there with them, because of their "policy." My other 2 kids, one has 3 caps and the others has 4. And they do have a round window to look though, to see your kids. Well, all I got to say, I will be finding another place to take them, and if they didn't need them, I will be taking acting by suing them. Thanks for reading
Kim M

Virginia Beach, VA

#22 Nov 18, 2008
I also have taken my children to Kool Smiles. I saw the ads, figured it would be a nice kid friendly place to take them. The waiting room has a little jungle gym, sure. Cute. Until it is time to go back. That man LIED when he said parents are allowed back there. We are allowed access to a small, soundproof round window. While it didn't bother my 7 year old much, I watched in horror as they held my 3 year old down to brush her teeth. When my 7 year old was done with her appointment, I was told she needed 2 silver crowns on her back teeth as well as multiple fillings. Today, the silver crown on one of her teeth is very sensitive to sweets or cold. Today, I made an appointment with MY dentist to see her. She will not be herded into a big room and I will be able to go in there and discuss her treatment plan or hold her hand if she gets scared. Kool smiles PREYS upon the "undeserving".

Chesterfield, VA

#23 Nov 18, 2008
I have recently had this same issue. I don't understand how so many teeth need to be worked on when these teeth are falling out in a matter of 2 years! I have spent a lot of money lately. I trust that these "dentist" are the experts. Why should I go to numerous dentist to get the right story?

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