Dangers of Stopping Clopidogrel (Plav...

Dangers of Stopping Clopidogrel (Plavix) for Patients with Sten...

There are 260 comments on the Med Ad News story from Mar 16, 2006, titled Dangers of Stopping Clopidogrel (Plavix) for Patients with Sten.... In it, Med Ad News reports that:

BETHESDA, Md., March 16, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- Recent media reports regarding the results of the CHARISMA Trial may be misinterpreted by patients with coronary stents and other conditions*, causing these ...

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Henry San Diego

United States

#85 Jan 5, 2008
I have been taking Plavix for the last 5 years with aspirin. With two stents in my heart the first non drug eluting clotted up in two years after then another stent drug eluting was inserted inside and I have been living normally.

Shreveport, LA

#86 Jan 17, 2008
I had a stent put in July 2006 and began yo have blood pressure that was too low rehospitalized.

6 Months later I was rehospitalized for 6 days because I was having rectal and vaginal bleeding and I had had a hysterectomy over 20 years ago.

Yes Plavix does cause bleding if thee is a weakened area in the body. I am still on Plavix, however, I skip some days, may not be the best thing. I also take baby aspitin with the Plavix now instead of regular aspirin. My doctor prescribed Nexium for me to take one hour before I take Plavix and Aspirin,, this is suppose to line my stomach. There are some days if I miss the dosage time pharmacist said just take plavix without the aspirin.

Celina, TX

#87 Feb 4, 2008
After nearly 4.5 years since drug eluding stents, I am off the aspirin and now just taking Plavix plus two other heart drugs with the blood pressure medicine reduced to almost nothing. All generic except Plavix.

Noticed I do not bleed quite so easily (like when getting blood tests).

Would like to get off the Plavix but have two stents overlapping at a "V". Am still debating just taking a chance......

Heard that VA does not recommend aspirin witht the Plavix.

Bath, PA

#88 Feb 6, 2008
Plavix adverse reactions reported to the FDA between April and June, 2007

CONTUSION: 20 reports
ANAEMIA: 18 reports
DEATH: 18 reports

Catherine M

Corpus Christi, TX

#89 Feb 27, 2008
Julie from Missouri wrote:
Please be very careful on the drug Plavix. Especially if you are taking it in combination with aspirin. I think that it is certainly being over prescribed in cases where it should not be. The drug may be beneficial to those who have a "history" of blood clots. However, those who do not, may be risking thier life. This is not a joke. Unfortunately, I have discovered this the hard way. My father who was a very active individual and reasonably healthy was taking Plavix to "prevent" the type of stroke caused by a blood clot. Unfortunately, three months after beginning the drug my father died suddenly of a massive hemorrhage in the brain.(No history of aneurysm or any other bleeding disorders.) The Plavix disabled his body from clotting and the damage was done to his brain before the surgeons could fix it. Was Plavix the cause??? You tell me...because the doctor's are unable to give me any explanation or cause.
<quoted text>
Ditto, Julie from Missouri. You just described the death of my Husband, age 54. He was in excellent health all his life until a heart attack. A medicated stent was inserted. He was medicated with Plavix, aspirin and warafin (coumadin). Exactly two months later this active, outgoing, physically-fit man fell to the floor with a massive brain bleed. The neurologist who treated him was disgusted. Look into T.T.P. a blood disorder that is associated with Plavix. I've noticed that ONLY recently have the Plavix commercials added this disclaimer, "in some instances, a RARE blood disorder called T.T.P. has been associated with Plavix"... That is a very new disclaimer! Wonder what prompted that?

Halifax, Canada

#90 Mar 15, 2008
I've been taking plavix for 3 weeks for a superficial blood clot in my leg. The prescription is now finished and I'm wondering if there will be any after effects from this drug.

United States

#92 Jun 5, 2008
My dad had a renal stent put in April 1. He was put on Plavix. He died on on April 15th from a gastro bleed. He did smoke, but quit five years ago. No history of ulcers or anything else. He went to the doctor and complained of joint pain and horrible bruising two days before he died. Any insight? Was this preventable?

Calexico, CA

#93 Aug 6, 2008
JTJ and Cathy
Yes I have had the same gastro,chest pain and discomfort that you speak of after starting Plavix, after the stint. Went off of plavix for a month felt some what better. Doctor was stern I go back on it or risk a blood clot. Why do they tell you if you go off of it you risk complications or death, yet they tell you to go off it 5 days before surgery, where is the logic here.

United States

#94 Aug 13, 2008
I was taken off Plavix for seven days to have a Colonoscopy done. On the day of the proceedure, I had amild heart attack and was told by my doctor to get back on the Plavix immediately. No problems since then

Memphis, TN

#95 Aug 30, 2008
My 75yo Dad had a double bypass and valve replacement in July of this year. He was on Plavix prior to surgery and had to wait a week in the hospital before surgery to get the Plavix out of his system. Even after that week, when he went to surgery he had to have 20 units of blood and they had trouble getting the bleeding to stop. I begged the cardiologist not to put him back on it but he insisted. Just today he had bleeding from his foot that we could not get to stop. There was no injury there just two holes formed in his foot and started bleeding! I think Plavix is very dangerous.

Fayetteville, AR

#96 Sep 2, 2008
i have 5 stents put in my heart in oct of 03..this jan, my dr took me off of plavix..i now have a bunch of blocked veins in my heart and am consulting with a surgen thursday about a tripple bypass...is it just me or did the dr mess up by taking me off of plavix..i was doing fine till july..


#97 Sep 26, 2008
As a doctor myself, I can say that whilst it has its benefits, clopidogrel clearly has some very important side effects. Whilst a short break from clopidogrel could coincide with blockage of a stent, statistically this is still quite unlikely - probably less likely that the risk of bleeding at colonoscopy and polypectomy. No point having the best coronary artery stent in the graveyard if you die of bowel cancer.
What is my point - as doctors we tend to vastly overestimate the benefit of the drugs we give you, and to underestimate the harm they do. Under most circumstances a drug that does you any harm should be discontinued and less intense therapy used instead. Cardiologists tend to believe there was no life before clopidogrel - in fact aspirin remains a good drug.
No cardiologist will ever recommend you stop clopidogrel - he will be afraid it will harm his stent - but this is not a balanced view and is not the same as treating the whole of you.
The best thing I can advise is that you ask (as one writer did) your physicans to talk to each other and agree the best approach. You still need to accept the risk - but do it with your eyes open not based on one sided views.
Me as an ICU doctor I have seen patients bleed to death because clopidogrel is a problematic drug to reverse, and also die of acutely occluded stents - you need balanced proportionate advice. Remember there are few if any absolute in medicine.

Summerville, SC

#98 Oct 8, 2008
I had DES put in during a heart attack in August. I have been on plavix 75, 325 Aspirin, toporol 25, lotensin,lasix with potassium. I have complained to the cardiologist many times that I am not gaining strength, I am having pronounced episodes of sweating about every 4-7 hours when I get washed down in sweat and then get very cold and clammy following it. My doctor just says, I don't know and dismisses it! I don't know what it is. I don't know how long I can stand it.
Debi wrote:
My husband had a heart attack 4 yrs ago with 2 stents put in (bare metal stents) RCA & LAD. This Feb he had another one put in circumflex (new drug eluding stent). Two weeks ago he had to have his LAD one restented with another new dug eluding stent). He is having complications from this stent procedure relating to a low heart rate, fatigue, sometimes sweating episodes. We are not sure if this is a reaction to his new stent? Has anyone else had problems like this?

New Rochelle, NY

#99 Nov 2, 2008
i had a heart attack in dec 07 and a stent implanted - another heart attack in jan 08 with another stent - and another heart attack in august 08 with 2 stents. i , the hospital will be able to see what kind of stents i have and where they are located. this last heart attack has completely knocked me off my feet - i am so depreeseed - so fatigued - no energy - no hope. I was on plavis during this entire process and was in the hospital for 10 days during this last heart attack because they couldnt control my blood pressure - so i am now on 12 medications and i feel hopless. i went to my cardioligist and asked him what do i do to get out of this - he said walk an hour each day. i am not even able to bend over. i just turned 50 and i am so tired. the doctor said that my heart is weak and the next step - if i survived wud be a bypass - however the surgery is very serious and takes takes approx 2-3 months to recuperate. my question is this
how many days of plavix wud i have to miss in order for something to happen,
also, my doc said, my father died at 39 heart attack, my brother died 40 = heart attack - my mother 39 died heart attack - i have a younger sister that had bypass 8 years ago - she just turned 40 and is not able to walk up a set of stairs.
so between genetics and what has happened to me - what is the purpose of going on
thank you for your time please, if you have any answers - i would greatly appreciate it - my personall email is [email protected]

Celina, TX

#100 Nov 13, 2008
You can make progress from having stents and Plavix.

Started with Plavix and aspirin plus blood pressure and beta blocker medicines. Also, a proton pump pill for stomach that is often given.(just announced that this sometimes affects Plavix)

Off aspirin and beta blocker (maybe hair will grow back). Blood pressure medicine is at a minimum. Only take the stomach pill every other day.


Walking every day except golf days and lost 10 lbs. Took three years to get here but glad I persevered.

Plavix is much easier to handle now that I am off the aspirin. I will "eventually" get off the Plavix as it is difficult to have any kind of surgery or, my favorite, a colonoscopy.

Las Vegas, NV

#101 Dec 7, 2008
i recencly have had pain in my big toe and noticed when i get in the bath tub my big toe turns black.i am on plavix and other heart meds. can you please tell me why the toe is turning black

Coventry, UK

#102 Feb 24, 2009
I am 37 and had a heart attack 10 weeks ago. I am taking Clopidogrel and have experienced extremely heavy periods. Wondering wether this is related to the drugs - has anyone else experienced this?
greg haywood

Gastonia, NC

#103 Mar 17, 2009
My mother is taking plavix . She had a stroke 4
years ago. her dr. at rest home took her off of
this to have minor surgery on her eye. within 5 days of this she had a stroke. she lost her speech
and use of right arm and rigt legg.I FEEL THE DR. make a mistake by taking her off for this surgery.

Atlanta, GA

#104 May 4, 2009
can anyone tell what side effects they experienced when they stopped taking plavix. and how long did they last.
Patients Wife

Dalton, GA

#105 May 20, 2009
My 42 year old husband stopped taking Plavix due to the cost and had a heart attack 3 months later. He won't stop taking it again!

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