REALLY bad sore throat

Eastchester, NY

#125 Nov 4, 2011
Crazy sore throat, I'm a smoker 27 and haunt had a cigarette for 3 days because of this damn sore throat, feels like broken glass, sharp pain etc... Best thing I can think of at midnight, woken by pain, is to make some hot herbal tea with honey, get the sore medicine from cvs or pharmacy with 500mg acitaminophine and gargle then swallow. Also I took two percs I had from old hand injury. What you should do if you have this. Go to doc or ER get antibiotics if necessary and get the tylonal/codeine cough syrup. Liquid gold and WILL get rid of pain! Let you sleep etc... Don't be an idiot like me and take percocet for sore throat, only as very last, can't sleep resort.

Montevideo, MN

#126 Nov 5, 2011
My throat is so sore I can't swallow. And when I do eventually swallow it hurts so much that I bite down so hard on my teeth that they are starting to hurt. I barely cough but when I do it's very dry. My sinuses and back of my throat feel like they are full of crud. It feels like I have a super high fever, but I've tested it 3 times now and its actually 97 degrees. The first day I had this, i took 2 blankets with me every where. Any time the air touched my skin I would get goose bumps, shake, and my teeth would chatter. I went to the emergency room because I have an auto immune disease. They said its pharyngitis. It's a virus and they can't give you anything for it. They told me to take tylenol, drink tons of cold fluids (ginger ale and tea)and get plenty of rest. My fever has gone down, chest stopped hurting but my sinuses and throat feel the same. I guess you just have to wait it out. I can barely breathe, eat, or drink. I bought sherbert. And in very small spoonfuls, it helps for about 20 minutes.

Bradenton, FL

#127 Nov 5, 2011
My parents refuse to take me to the doctor and the first time I had this I went to the doctor and she refused to do a strep throat test she said my sore throat would be gone in a few days but it lasted 2 more weeks!! I had it a whole month b4 it went away!!!!!
Will od

United States

#128 Nov 12, 2011
matt wrote:
I cought a head cold that's driving me insane. my throat is so inflamed i can't swallow without cringing and my breathing is difficult. My nose is stuffed and I can't breath out of it, so I have to breath through my mouth. This results in coughing within 10 seconds. Therefore I can't sleep. I've gotten a total of maybe 9 hours of sleep in the 4 days I've had this. It keeps getting worse and now I have pinkeye. But that's do-able, I just can't take this throat anymore. Is this normal to have such a severe sore throat? what should i do?
sounds to me like you might have mono, strep throat, or both. I would recommend going to the hospital. They will manage the pain and imflamation. Your probably dehydrated also.

Hull, UK

#129 Nov 21, 2011
I think Im going to die :'(

Boynton Beach, FL

#130 Nov 24, 2011
Well I read the entire post for help on a sever sore throat.. So far the suggestions were drink hot tea or water with lemon and honey (tried it, works for 10 minutes..longer if the sore throat is not so severe). I've tried straight lemon juice and I've tried straight honey neither produced great results. I've seen a few that said swallowing garlic cloves, cucumber, or pickles help. I didn't have any so I didn't try them (it's Thanksgiving at 12:45 am so I can't buy them). Several people suggested gargaling salt and water followed by swallowing. Now this did help, but I did find that straight salt applied directly to the sore spot and letting it sit till it burned (30 sec). I did this by wetting my finger covering it with salt then stuck my finger right down my throat to the spot that hurt worst. Then follow that by gargling some water spitting it out. It gave me true relief from the pain for about 20 minutes then gradually came back over an hour. Good luck for those with bad gag reflexes. A tip though is not to drink to much of this salt water. It's very bad for your stomach and will make those with a weak stomach vomit if too much is ingested. Try to resist coughing or use whatever over the counter meds you can get to help (coughing is only going to irritate your throat even after you have soothed it). Best thing you can do for yourself is get on antibiotics and brave the few days of pain with these home based pain relievers (not really remedies). GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!

Boynton Beach, FL

#131 Nov 24, 2011
By the way I'm a smoker. For every idiot that asked if they should quit. The obvious answer is yes. BUT when you quit it can cause your throat to swell a bit. SO taking A PUFF might actually help in some cases to relieve swelling of the throat.. I'm no doctor, just know from experience.

Boynton Beach, FL

#132 Nov 24, 2011
Steve, you creeped me out. Call 911 man!

Boynton Beach, FL

#133 Nov 24, 2011
Oh yea, Mucinex DM pills (one every 12 hours) and their new Mucinex Fast max (a sipp poured into the back of my throat when I cough allot) have helped control my cough and runny nose. Once again good luck people!

Belgrade, Serbia

#135 Nov 28, 2011
The very first sign just about every mum or dad distinguishes if the boy or girl is sick is over-all listlessness and fussiness. One of the initial signs of strep throat are loss of urge for food, reaching the neck and throat or in the event the boy or girl is refusing to eat.

For those who have recognized your child’s behavior based on the indicators we've stated earlier visually check the throat as well as the tonsils. Should you be not skilled it is possible to typically not be able to figure out strep throat infection or you might be likely to mistake it with a sore throat. Even so, there is certainly one sign which might absolutely show that your toddler has got a strep throat. The tonsils are generally red and very swollen and they are covered with white areas if the little one is afflicted with strep throat. The white-colored patches on the tonsils are masses of Streptococcus bacterias, and you possibly are aware that this is where the this disease originated from.

United States

#136 Dec 7, 2011
My friend was treated for sinus infection monday but since sunday she has had a sore throat to the point where she can't eat or drink. She is in severe pain and we don't know what is wrong with her. If anybody has any advice email me at [email protected]


#137 Dec 8, 2011
hi from the uk guys

not been asleep properly for five days now. ive got rid of my flu symptoms already (aches, pains shivers ect..) with over the counter stuff which is called benylin. i got prescribed antibiotics (penicilin) yesterday morning its now almost 2 days of taking 2 every 4 hours and no change. do any of you know when the antibiotics will kick in?

thanks guys


United States

#138 Dec 13, 2011
I've been sick for three days now the first day i was dizzy my throat didn't hurt as much nd i could eat, the second day i can't move I couldn't eat that much nd my throat hurt REALLY bad now the third day( today) i didnt pee at all im dehydrated i can't even drink water and i cant swallow im spitting every 10 seconds nd gooey nasty stuff comes out nd my legt eye is tearing up nd my throat is soo swollen i can't move my tongue nd im only 15 i really needa catch up on school work can anyone help me?

Ennis, Ireland

#139 Dec 17, 2011
i have glandular fever and a very bad sore troat. i cannot sleep. please help i am ment to get 12 hours sleep everyday but i have got about 5 hours sleep in the last 4 days


#140 Dec 19, 2011
Hi I'm 10 years old I've had a bad throat for 3 days now. And I try all sorts of things but nothings helping me and evan it goes bright red please tell me what it is

Horsens, Denmark

#141 Jan 4, 2012
I have the same probleæ
m and I am very pissed of because when i went to pharmacy and asked themfor somy really toxic that wil just knock me out and then i wake up good as new they said there is no such thing. I mean common this is 21st century. Anyways i am gargling with salt water it does help but the relief comes in too slowly. I need to go to work and not wait anymore, does anybody know some superfast therapy?

United States

#142 Jan 8, 2012
billy wrote:
i am havin realy BAD throat PAIN feel's like there is golf ball's in my throat and im getting very bad sharp pain's in my back what should i do?
I am experiencing the same thing for the first time I am 22 years old and I went to the doctor, he prescribed me amoxicillin 500mg capsules. I been doing what he said to do for two days I feel worse than before I can't even talk or swollow my own spit. How did you over come this? And how long did it take?

Marlette, MI

#143 Jan 15, 2012
Seems as if I have the same problems as a lot of you. Going to the doctor tomorrow hoping they don't tell me it's just a viral infection because the throat pain is the worst ever, and I get sore throats a lot.

Liverpool, UK

#144 Feb 7, 2012
I have a really bad sore throat. It really hearts - and I do mean that it really hurts!!*there would be no point in saying it otherwise!*
I am only 11 years old - I'm nearly going to bed and I'm soo scared about tomorrow about going school or not. I wouldn't want to miss school because we are doing cycling!! Mum is planning to book a appointment with the doctors. I am drinking pleanty of tea, and water -(not too cold). It really hurts when I swallow and eat. I don't have any coughs -*PHEWW*- hope I don't get them!!
Soooo PLEASE PLEASE Help me ppl - this means SOO much to me - I WANNA GET BETTER!!
Thank you!! xx
(Night - night) xx LOL xx

Holland, MI

#145 Feb 8, 2012
i have a servere and i mean the worst pain ever in my throat and i want it to go away with out meds please plz help i can barly swallo i havent ate in 2 days i was tryin to go to bed but it made it ware i couldnt breath so i got upp plzzzzzzzz plz help me

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