How Bad Is Your Breath? 14 Simple Tips For Reduce Mouth Odor

Bad breath, morning breath, breath odor or halitosis are all terms used to describe a noticeably unpleasant odor exhaled on the breath. Full Story

Castlegar, Canada

#536 Mar 6, 2013
Diana - Newark NJ wrote:
My breath smells 24/7 literally! Oral hygiene does not help make it better. I brush floss scrape...gargle with salt water n baking soda! Drink a lot of water cannot figure out the problem. No matter what I have that same smell every after I came home from work, I put a cotton ball all the way back of my throat...n smelled..yuck it smells like anus?
And usually my breath smells foul..I lick my hand to check!
You won't believe but even gum doesn't help! When having a convi with my friend...her breath does not smell even after she throws a gum out but I have to pop one right after I throw one because I know it wil, stink, well regardless it doesn't smell any better!
I did every possible test...went to ENT he gave antibiotics..sayin I have rhinosinussitis ...I did endoscopy colonoscopy and upper GI series...
I have ruled out pretty much everything and I give up.. I am so hopeless! I am in a long distance relationship but I can't imagine how it will be when we eventually start living together.! Right now somehow I try to cover it with gum mints breath mist n what not!
I know so many people who can talk freely right after eating without even drinking water but way my breath even stinks right after brushing n scraping flossing.
While having dinner...people enjoy n talk about stuff....n even after dinner .. I would never be able to do that in life...i dont know if i can live with this!!
Hi Diana. I imagine it is a awful situation to be in. Brushing and flossing are not supposed to get rid of bad breath immediately. If your gums bleed or if you have cavities, you might also have bad breath. But again, there are millions of things that could cause. Michelle reminded me that tonsil stones cause a really stinky that, from own experience, resembles your description. Watch the video she recommended. and good luck!

Since: Mar 13

Beverly Hills, CA

#537 Mar 8, 2013
I brush my teeth and tongue 2 times a day and I use to smoke about 5-7 tobacco cigs a day. cleaning my tongue helped a boat load however i use to get these weird little things called tonsel stones. look them up they are another cause to bad breath. right now to help with my cravings i use a e-cig that has also helped.

Brampton, Canada

#538 Mar 14, 2013

London, UK

#539 Mar 30, 2013
if i close my mouth for long, it tend to smell. need help pls

Basalt, CO

#540 Apr 2, 2013
The best short term cures of Bad Breath:

Tongue Scrapers
Breath Sprays
Sugarless Mints and Gums

However, I have found much more long-term success with a guide I found at

Hope this helps.

Naperville, IL

#541 Apr 3, 2013
shyanne wrote:
heyy guys my names shyanne (cheyenne) i'm 12 years old & in sixth grade I nave bright yeLLow teeth. I get maoe fun of everyday they all say what did you brusn your teeth with a stick of butter? It hard to wanna go xo skool now!>= PLZ HELP ASAP! And i a\ways f)oss And brush For 2 mins
Shyanne - Try Crest whitestrips. Apply them to your teeth for a half hour and your teeth will be much whiter in a week. Then just use them every six months or so to re-whiten.

Since: Apr 13

Mumbai, India

#543 Apr 4, 2013
Bad breath can be caused by foods, smoking, dry mouth, medical conditions, gum disease, and sinus conditions.
You better try home remedies to keep your breath at its best.
If your halitosis hangs on for more than 24 hours without an obvious cause, call your dentist or doctor, says Roger P. Levin, D.D.S. It can be a sign of gum disease, gastrointestinal problems, sinus infection, bronchitis, or even more serious diseases, such as diabetes, liver or kidney failure, and cancer. Bad breath can also be a sign of dehydration or zinc deficiency.


#551 Apr 13, 2013
Hi i am 28 i have got three bridges in upper front teeth i have been to dentist more 100 time these teeth hav been replaced three time,when touch then in border with gums it really stinks i am so embarassed and lost comfident,cant tak to peaple close at all need help please

Accra, Ghana

#555 Apr 21, 2013
I always brush but still it smell

Since: Apr 13

Athens, Greece

#557 Apr 27, 2013
really bad

Halifax, Canada

#558 Apr 30, 2013
I was in everybody's shoes for 40 years of my life. I went through all kind of tests, thinking that the bb came from the gut. Then, did a scope for my nose and throat and all test came back negative.
But when I tried the sinuswar 2 product, i noticed that i was breathing better, less phlegm travelling up and down my throat and was blowing up dark green mucus from my nose. I realized that I had a bacterial infection in my sinuses that couldn't be detected by a scope even!! Few days of using the sinuswar 2 product, twice a day pop a pill under your tongue, and your life is transformed for ever. It worked for me and i regained my life after a lot has been lost..Hope it works for you too.

New Zealand

#561 May 10, 2013
I seem to think there must be a common cause with all these people with the same problem. Who has BB and amalgam fillings? Had a lot of tonsillitis as a child? Has a root canal? Woman with irregular menstrual cycle?(Hormonal problem??). I'm just hoping to find a common link with us all in the hope to find a cure :)
wel wel welll

Allahabad, India

#564 May 16, 2013
CAUSE IS very common and is FU****g BACterIa
Neel B


#565 May 17, 2013
I'm 21 and doing office work. My breath really smells very bad. I talk very less and sometimes don't answer if that person is very close to me. I've been facing this issue since I was 10 yrs. I use to brush thrice a day. Still same. I've lost my gf because of this. And I feel shy to concern a Dentist. Thank you.

Sharpsburg, GA

#567 May 20, 2013
My breathe always stinks to. My husband let's me everytimme so its not just me. I am 24 and I have had bad breathe all of my life. My husband and I don't even kiss anymore. I don't like talking to people bc of it. I went to the dentist and they said they don't smell anything and that its all in my head. I really wish it was but I have had to many incidents with my breathe.

Pune, India

#568 May 20, 2013
Just Clean your tongue and back of the tongue, Thats it. Problem will be solved.

Ashburn, VA

#569 May 21, 2013
i notice dat i av bad breath,especially wen i wake up in d morning nd i do brush at night.somtimes during d day to.pls wat can i do
lost hope

Sutton, UK

#570 May 24, 2013
i have just read a thread in which someone asked if we noticed some change in our lives before it started-i noticed my started right after pregnancy termination due to health issues,before then i never had it not even morning breath.anyone noticed something similar.

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#571 May 25, 2013
As this topic is in the smoking section i'll add that smoking can adversely affect mouth odor,Not only bad breath but your clothes,your car,your house all reek of cigarette smoke,you as a smoker may not notice it but for non smokers your whole being reeks.
Through my life as a smoker i can only imagine how many people i turned off because i smelled like an ashtray.

Lagos, Nigeria

#572 May 27, 2013
Hi!, its not so easy to stop a bad breath but with these few tips, I hope I can help.
#1.Although people take brushing and flossing 'odinary', it takes 60% of bad breath away.
#2.Do not smoke or take tobbaco. Trust me.
#3.Clean your tongue properly.
#4.Chew gum most of the time cause it produces saliva which helps reduce bad breath.
#5. AVOID citric acid!
That's all!!

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