I wake up every night at 3AM without ...

Gilbert, AZ

#43 Oct 10, 2008
I wake up at 3:19am. Everyday. Its horrible. Whats wrong with us?

Hamlet, IN

#44 Oct 13, 2008
I have been waking up at 3am sharp for quite some time as well. Have you heard of "dead time"? It freaks me out like no other, but I am a believer of spirits. When you're alone, do you feel like someone is with you? See shaddows from the corner of your eyes? Sounds crazy, but Im trying to see if maybe we all have something else in common.
Also awake at 3am wrote:
I have a same problem for last 3 weeks. I am waking up at 3am and cannot go back to bed. It is always at 3am sharp. I am so tired as I have to wake up and go to work at 6am. I wish I could go back to sleep but I cannot. I write a journal but didn't see any difference in my life yet. Honestly, I wish this would stop as I am so tired. I was using sleeping pills to help me but unfortunately that didn't help... I was up again at 3am...:-(
R Mackenzie

Coldstream, Canada

#45 Oct 16, 2008
In case it helps...

Visiting a naturopath, I was told that between 3-5am (depending on what time you go to sleep and eat during the day) our bowels become active. Not that this sends you running for the toilet, but rather food is simply shifting through the gut. If your gut is not too healthy (e.g. sensitivities to food, damage to gut lining), this can be the cause of a disturbed sleep each night - an upset stomach is not necessarily a symptom. I visited a homeopath for some medicine and took 1 acupuncture session (regular doctor was no help at all) and within 2 days, was getting a solid night's sleep much to my relief.

Saint George, UT

#46 Oct 19, 2008
Starting at the age of 8 until my early 20s I repeatedly woke up between 3:00 and 3:30 ALWAYS in a state of intense panic. I couldn't breathe, run, talk, or yell for several minutes. I felt like something was suffocating me.

Dallas, TX

#47 Oct 30, 2008
Am I going Crazy?? I keep waking up at 3am every night. I have tried sleeping pills perscribed by my doctor some times more than one. I have tried staying up late sometimes past midnight and I continue to wake up right at 3am. Sure I am dreaming just before waking up and some are pretty bizzaro or sometimes just peaceful dreams. What can I do???

Los Angeles, CA

#48 Nov 1, 2008
i've been waking up at the same time every night around 3am. My grandma who lives with me say she wakes up at the same time and heres the sounds of a car parking and the screams of someone being dragged away. I've been having to put a blanket over my window cuz im really scared to look out at night.

Does anyone know what the reason for all of this might be???

Los Angeles, CA

#49 Nov 1, 2008
sorry its [email protected]

for the two above comments

Oceanside, CA

#50 Nov 2, 2008
3 a.m "Dead time" active hour in the spirit world..just say a prayer for someone who may need one , or pray protection over you, now go back to sleep,and rest easy~

Hayden, ID

#51 Nov 4, 2008
Granted im not that old, I am only 19 but that shouldn't make a differenc right? so in reality i shouldn't have any sleeping problems but i do.. I wake up at 4:25 sharp. Every single morning. I just want to know if it's what i think about before i go to bed or what. I hear alot about the witching hour but i don't believe that's what it is considering it's after 4 ya know. Can anyone help?


#52 Nov 4, 2008
For about a week i too have the same problem, getting up exactly 3am give or take 10 mins. I have had this before, but this time i just wake up and i am so wide awake i have ended up on this site! i am in bed at 9/9.30 and have to be up at 6... i dont get it. i suppose a snoring cat and man in my bed dont really help!!!

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#53 Nov 5, 2008
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Carlsbad, CA

#54 Nov 12, 2008
WOW. I hadn't realized this was such a common problem. I've heard of the whole "dead time" thing, but I wake up at 12:15 every night. Sometimes 12:12 or 12:16. As all of you know, it's pretty unsettling, especially to see the same time every night.

I don't get up or anything. In fact, I only wake up, see what time it is, and go right back to sleep. This started when my husband and I moved to our new apartment (about three months ago). The cat has acted funny (well, funniER) since we moved here, also; it seems like she's constantly staring at certain parts of the ceiling. I know cats do that anyway-- it's just she's doing it a lot MORE now.

I jokingly declared this place haunted, but... Well, I just don't know. Like everyone, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed or what time I plan to get up, but it sure is annoying as I wake up (purposely) at 3 am to get to work at 4...

Cumberland, MD

#55 Nov 17, 2008
Hi everyone! I am also having the same problem. For the past few days, I have been waking up at 3 AM exactly. For the first few days it was on my own. Worries and more on my mind.(My wife is extremely Ill). But now it's just not myself waking up. For the past few night, my phone has turned off at 3 Am. Now I have looked and there is not a clock that will turn it off. I dont know. I just took some Tylenol PM to see if that helps. I dont know I am kinda freaking out tho

Canton, IL

#56 Nov 21, 2008
Awake at 3AM wrote:
Does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night EVERY night? I get up at 3AM give or take 15 minutes every single night. I then have to get up to get water to fall back asleep. It's really annoying. Is there anything I can do in my daily habits to stop this? I wake up around 6 AM every day for work and take the occasional nap in the afternoon (like once or twice a week). I eat a good dinner and avoid booze and caffiene before bed. Any ideas??
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Canton, IL

#57 Nov 21, 2008
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Madison, WI

#58 Nov 26, 2008
I have the same problem as well. For the last few months I've been battling severe depression after being laid off from my job and losing my home. I think it may have something to do with the 3am wake up.. but I'm not sure. I never drink, take sleep aids or consume caffeine. I think another reason I've been waking up at three is because of the realistic dreams I've been experiencing. Meditation has made these dreams more vivid and real and they scare me to the point of waking up and it's always at 3 and so I've had to stop doing that. So we're obviously not alone and it's definately something interesting to explore. Once I come up with a logical explaination I'll check back :)

Decatur, GA

#59 Dec 2, 2008
I'm up also around 3am most days for more than a year and I think I found my culprit. It may be different than most though, except for the other poster from Lawrenceville. Maybe it will be helpful to others. I too have lots of work and stress many days, but it just wasn't explaining this problem.

I was feed up by being awakened around 3am every morning either for no apparent reason or by my 2 cats running around the house. Some thing had to be stiring up the cats as well. So serveral months ago, I decided to find out what kind of noises might be going on. Could there be a paper delivery driving by, a neighbor leaving for work with a loud muffler, snoring...

I set up my audio recording gear 2 nights in a row and clearly recorded what sounds like a slow, low flying helicoper that takes about 2 minutes to pass. Just this week I've awakened twice to hear this same low thump, thump, thump noise fading away. Most nights I wake up and hear nothing, but maybe it's already had time to pass before I'm fully awake. It's a noise that you would barely notice during the day and not loud enough to bother your until you've had 4-5 hours of sleep. But it's enough to be nuiaces at 3am! I'll be doing another recording and if I pick up the same thing, I'll be calling the local authorities and/or air strip to find out what their flying over our neighbor hood every day.

Others might want to investigate what type of traffic is running through your area at these times. Many many years ago I used to be awakened by a city bus driveing by half a block away as 4:30 am every day. It took me about 2 months before I found out what that problem was.

Fitzroy, Australia

#60 Dec 15, 2008
Yeah. The same thing happened to me today/last night. I went to bed at 11pm & woke up at exactly 3am. I cant go back to sleep , my breath gets heavy due to frustration [terrified of the dark] and i break into a cold sweat. It feels like forever!
But its weird , because , as soon as i hear the bats fly past my house at around 5:30am,getting back to their cave or wherever , i know that its going to be morning soon and i feel really happy , and usually fall into a 10 min nap. And then suddenly theres a creak.

Apparently , its the witching hour or something ,because i recently watched Exorcism of Emily Rose , and thats where they say its the 'Witching Hour'. I think i might have sub-conciously woken up because of the movie.
I think its just paranoia and it will go away hopefully.

Cypress, TX

#61 Dec 15, 2008
I we everyone else i wake up at 3am everyday and am sick off it. I don't understand why but i feel like something is wrong, but i cannot figure it out. i have to get up early cause it takes me about an hour an a half to get to work so i feel very angry and wish that i could wake up at 4:30 or even 5am am so tire i find myself falling asleep as i drive to work. It cannot be normal for all this people to be waking up at 3am. Something is wrong I don't believe that is the evil hour either. God has a purpose for all of us and those that trust in him cannot be touch my the devil or the devils children who wonder around the world. He is the almighty and he protects all of his children. Any how it might have to do with some type of health issue, but it has nothing to do with demons, devils, and witches. Believe in God the almighty not the evil side of things. Why not think that it might be that Jesus want you to be away cause he is coming and doesn't want you to miss instead of thinking evil thoughts. Any how gotta go


Hamilton, Canada

#62 Dec 17, 2008
I think it is the time that you die.

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