I wake up every night at 3AM without ...

Moss Point, MS

#22 May 13, 2008
This is the correct answer. Many people suffer from levels of adrenal exhaust/burnout without even knowing it. Many doctors don't test for it. Get adrenal tests for cortisol and dhea. The saliva test is done 4 times in a day to get levels throughout the day. Treatment is important because eventually you can be completely exhausted. Also could be glucose levels, so have a small snack before bed.
Ginny wrote:
Waking at 3 am is a sign of depleted adrenal glands. Drinking caffeine (at any time of day), stress, and going to bed after 10 pm all are causes of depleted adrenals. The adrenals do a lot of their repair between 9 pm and 12 am. If you're not in bed asleep at this time, they don't repair. Stress is really rough on the adrenals. They were meant to save you in fight or flight situations, but in our modern world many people are in fight or flight mode all day long, and our adrenals can't handle it. That's why it's so common for so many people to awaken at this time.
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Winnipeg, Canada

#23 May 25, 2008
have any of you who consistently wake up @the same time every night thought that maybe "someone" was trying to contact you? perhaps you should have your angel cards read & find out......just a suggestion...thought i'd throw it out there....

Aberdeen, UK

#24 Jun 6, 2008
I have been waking up at 3am for the past few weeks. This has happened before in my life, a while back. So I get up go to the loo and go back to bed and fall straight back to sleep. It just freaks me out how the clock is on the dead same time every time!

San Diego, CA

#25 Jun 13, 2008
I've been waking up every single night between 2:00-2:30am. I am WIDE AWAKE. I can't get back to sleep, I have to wake at 5:30 every morning for work, and I am so tired and drained during the day. By 8:30-9pm I am tired, but if I dont fall asleep during that "tired period" I can't fall asleep. Eventually I will, but again every night when 2:00am rolls around, I'm up like clock work...I am SO frustrated!!!

San Francisco, CA

#26 Jun 23, 2008
Hi, I've been waking up exactly at 2:57 in the morning everynite for the last 3 weeks. So my guess is 3, my clock might be 3 minutes slow. I'm not saying at at 2:56 or 3:03...i mean exactly to the second at 2:57 no matter what time I go to bed. And I'm not tired at all. I feel really good. Like I can start my day. I spend then next hour trying to fall asleep again. If this is my mutant power, it's really lame. I wish I could move it to 8 in the morning, that would be cool.

United States

#27 Jul 6, 2008
Try acknowledging the fact that when you fall back asleep you will have what's known as a LUCID DREAM where you can literally control yourself in the dream. This opens up an opporunity for some cool stuff. I started waking up at 3 am recently too. I have delt with some pretty insane stuff in the last month (God/demon shit) and im not religious. Im pretty sure there's more goin on in the world than meets the eye lol...but who knows right, not me.

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#28 Jul 10, 2008
Boy- some strange answers out here.

Folks- seek a professional sleep doc at an accredited sleep center and please do not follow advice from witches, weirdos, and company shrills out here.

Your problems are easily resolved at a fully accredited sleep center

Anyone that is solving problems out here without knowing you or your history is just wacky

Tampa, FL

#29 Jul 10, 2008
Awake at 3AM wrote:
Does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night EVERY night? I get up at 3AM give or take 15 minutes every single night. I then have to get up to get water to fall back asleep. It's really annoying. Is there anything I can do in my daily habits to stop this? I wake up around 6 AM every day for work and take the occasional nap in the afternoon (like once or twice a week). I eat a good dinner and avoid booze and caffiene before bed. Any ideas??
You could try to drink hot milk before bed. I have tried that and sometimes it helps. Another thing is if you're getting enough Vitamin B. I read in this book that if you aren't getting enough vitamin B than you won't get a full night's rest. Hope that helps!

Springdale, AR

#30 Jul 14, 2008
I woke up at 3 am (between 3:00 and 3:03) for years. I actually went to a psychic as a joke with some friends about a year ago. She talked about my waking up during the "session" and it has subsequently stopped. I did not change my lifestyle in any way.
I don't know why this suddenly came to a halt, but thankfully it did. Good luck!

Kearney, MO

#31 Aug 1, 2008
3am is exactly 12 hours from Jesus Christs death.
some people beleve it is the time of the devil. as 3pm is a holy hour.
had same problem

Boston, MA

#32 Aug 1, 2008
try forcesleep it helped me fall asleep fast and stay asleep for 7 hours it's a really amazing product.


#34 Aug 11, 2008
Melatonin for my 3 year old helps him to fall asleep but is causing sleep problems where he wakes up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep.


Parkton, MD

#35 Sep 2, 2008
I have this same issue! I wake up every night at 5am, and I get up at 6 for work! I don't know whats wrong!=[


#36 Sep 5, 2008
I wake up exactly 3 a.m. You go into different sleep cycles1 You go into the REM stage. You go from light to deep and and in the morning you are near the lightest cycle.Anything from snoring can easily wake you up because you are at the lightest stage.
Depression can cause you to wake up a.m.

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#37 Sep 7, 2008
Weird wrote:
Glad its not just me. I get up between 3:01am and 3:59 like clockwork, EVERY NIGHT, no matter what time I go to bed. What's the deal? Every horror movie involving religious connotations and says its "dead time" - not sure what THAT means or if its a sign of something. A little freaked.
Dead time is at 3am because supposible demons are mocking Christs death which happened at the opposite time was at 3pm.

Warrenton, VA

#38 Sep 16, 2008
It's 3am and I'm wide awake. Chocolate does it to me every time. It sends a giant adrenaline rush to my brain and causes me to have full brain seizures which cause me to wake up at 3am every time. I don't know about the rest of you, but it's definitely related to the digestive system in my case. A girlfriend punched me in the stomach 1 and a half years ago and I've had this problem ever since. Even after sonograms and blood tests and radioactive dye tests the doctors can't exactly explain it. But it is healing, because it's not as bad as it used to be.

Kerava, Finland

#39 Sep 27, 2008
i also wake up at 3 am for no reason..
Waking up repeatedly

Manchester, UK

#40 Sep 27, 2008
I've been waking up repeatedly recently. Hopefully it'll go away.

The most common cause is unfortunately depression. If you take ages to go to sleep or feel fatigued or bored during the day then get some help.
If mine doesn't sort itself out, I definately will. Starting to affect how I feel at school.

Québec, Canada

#41 Sep 27, 2008
that's so weird,
recently, i've been waking up very night around 3 as well. I found this thread by googling it... i'm glad to see i'm not the only one lol

Peoria, AZ

#42 Sep 30, 2008
Troy McLure wrote:
I wake up at 2am everynight, reglardless of what I do. I can drink 10 shots of Svedka vodka at night pass out and wake up sober at 2am. I can drink wine and wake up at 2am. I take simply sleepy and wake up at 2am. I can do nothing and wake up at 2am. Alcohol, which used to make me sleep past sunrise, has no effect on this mystery making me wake up at 2am.
I live in the burbs, everyone is asleep, no exterior noises, no sonic booms, no alarms, no noise.
I am not worrying about anything when I fall asleep. I hate this. All I want, more than anything, is to sleep for 7-8 hours. PLEASE :(
As silly as it sounds.....Am I actually entertaining the thought the MATRIX has me? Or some gov't brain wave machine thingy is activated every night at 2am. I pray for slumber!
I have been going through the same thing, only at 2:30 am almost EVERY MORNING....please contact me! ckaisporna@hotmail.com

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