Electric shocks, aware while sleeping...

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#61 Jul 29, 2010
Same thing happened to me last nigh this was my first time, I woke up shaky out of breath and scare. My body paralyzed and I felt some sort of electro waves running up and down my body, then I saw bright flash lights like if someone had a flash light and had it pointed right at my eyes then the wort felling happened, same waves I felt on my body, went into my top right side of my brain and shook it vigorously I felt that I was going to die,(There was a period that I did felt like my soul was leaving my body), then a loud machine sound started getting louder and louder try to move or wake up but it only made it worts so I just relax
until it passed.

Does anyone knows why this happens?


#62 Aug 3, 2010
hi all, first of all i just want to say to kay, thank you for calling me and others like me a Jesus people, because yes you are right thats what i am, i am for Jesus all the way, and even as i belive in him with all my heart and all that i am i also know that we have an enemy which roams around seeking who he may destroy, and granted there may be some suffering from medical problems i agree but i also belive that not all we have read is due to health problems, i do know that some is spirtual and in that case no doctor can help, but we do have a saviour that can be called upon at any time of the day or night it is very important to know that christ Jesus died for all once and for all so that who so ever should belive in him and call on him will be saved,Jesus the only name by which we can be saved, so i urge anyone out there that may feel like they are still sufferin and getting no help from there doctor not to get down and dont let this get a hold of them, if you do have a local church you can visit do and get reading God's word and promises for your life, if there is anyone in need of prayer please leave your request with me and i would be more that happy to pray for you, untill then i pray for God's love and mercy his protection on each and all who are his, and i pray for those who are comming to him, before i go astral projection yes that is a real thing for some people but like i said very dangerous and there is plenty to be afraid of, the spirt world is a whole other issue which i would be happy to share what i know with any body who wishes to know, but remember this when one leaves there body which i might add is just an earthly vessel to protect the the real you within when one chooses to leave that vessel it is left unprotected and exposed, deamons roam around dry and barren places seeking where it may find rest, that also applys to those who are not suffering from any ot the things we have discussed, all the best for now will keep intouch.

Fairfield, CA

#63 Aug 9, 2010
I get this feeling once in a while, and I've noticed I get it most often when I sleep with my cell phone under my pillow or when I'm sleeping real close to a wall. I wish I knew the explaination of it all cause it is scary! And it hurts my entire body when its happening. I also get really exhausted when I get myself out of the shock, feeling like I was under water for a long time and I just barely reached the surface for air. I can also see exactly where I'm at in my room. For instance, if I'm laying on my right side, I can see my window and the curtains and the wall just how it should be if I was looking at it any other time. After I wake up, I am extremely terrified! Everytime it happens, I feel like somone is doing it to me.

Fairfield, CA

#64 Aug 9, 2010
Maria wrote:
Same thing happened to me last nigh this was my first time, I woke up shaky out of breath and scare. My body paralyzed and I felt some sort of electro waves running up and down my body, then I saw bright flash lights like if someone had a flash light and had it pointed right at my eyes then the wort felling happened, same waves I felt on my body, went into my top right side of my brain and shook it vigorously I felt that I was going to die,(There was a period that I did felt like my soul was leaving my body), then a loud machine sound started getting louder and louder try to move or wake up but it only made it worts so I just relax
until it passed.
Does anyone knows why this happens?
Maybe you were being abducted by aliens. As silly as that sounds, people believe what we're feeling is the result in an alien abduction. Especially since you mentioned that you saw bright lights. Do some research on it!

San Francisco, CA

#65 Aug 27, 2010
Glad to see this thread. I had sleep paralysis for many years as a kid and it scared the heck out of me. I cured it with a prayer that I repeated every night.

But recently, I was shocked awake by an electric shock that went from my left foot up to the top of my head. I've been shocked by an appliance once before and it was just like that. Not very pleasant. It only lasted 10 seconds and no other lasting effects but what the heck was it? Someone told me it was sciatica but it was not connected to my body. I was thinking it came from outside or above my apartment. I wondered if someone was attacking me? I was thinking it was the men in black. Maybe there is some stupid new weapon they test out. I have had many spiritual experiences in my life. Sometimes right as am waking up I will hear someone knock on the door.

Miami, FL

#66 Sep 20, 2010
I often feel these shocks but they are related to the dream i had before waking up, last night my leg was being ripped apart by a zombie... and i was woken up by a shock in my leg, and a few weeks ago i dreamt i was unable to move my body and i heard a ringing sound and when i moved my eyes a shadow touched my head and i woke up from a shock on my head. i think i might need to go to a psychologist

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#67 Oct 14, 2010
Omg I thought I was weird!!!!! I get this pretty often it started right after my pop died! I feel like I'm getting electrocuted threw my whole body I can't move talk or nothing yet I think I'm awake!! I feel like something paranormal is touching me and sometimes I can see sort of!! This is sooooo scary!! After I wake up I feel scared n nervous!! Anyone who has good answers please email me brittpma@aol.com... I'm 22 n a mom of two small kids been experiencing this for about 4 years wish it would stop!!! Thanks

Moyock, NC

#68 Oct 25, 2010
i have had this happen to me but not very often (it only happens at my parents house) when it does happen i will be in a dream within a dream maybe 4-5 times all together then it will go on for a matter of months and then disappear. it feels evil to me because of the dreams or hallucinations i have that go with these feelings in my brain, it especially freaked me out when i woke up tonight from an episode around 3:30am (which is the time i usually wake from these)to find my cat sitting by my head staring off to the other side of the room which is not like her. needless to say i took her out and have not been back to sleep. i am a christian and i trust in the Lord, but this is SCARY. i just recently moved back in with my parents and tonight was the first night its happened since I've been back. for some i don't think its spiritual but for me and I'm sure a lot of you i believe it is. It is also nice to know that I'm not the only one with these electric shocks and whatever you wanna call it going on.

Shoreham-by-sea, UK

#69 Oct 31, 2010
These are all very normal sensations. To allay your fears try not to listen to alarmists, and instead read about it on credible websites. This one has lots of information.

Mount Gilead, OH

#70 Nov 5, 2010
Man im sure that this is the only reason why most of us ended up on this site. I read some that don't make to much sense to me though. What I can relate to is the intense sense of having been shocked and im not tlkking about nine volt battery bull shit but almost like i just ran through an electic line after I jumped out of a pool. The feeling of not beeing able to move and i keep telling myself wake up wake up and not knowing if that will happen. Not trying to scare anyone but the feeling of possibility of knowing your dreaming and not being able to move or get your ass up is some scarry shit. I was dreaming once that their where other people around like a table or something. I can't levele with this jump to being some how related to religion. I was raised catholic and have faith in god but, I don't go to church and havn't in years. I guess I just posted this to let anyone else that may read this that they arn't crazy but have no advice on what it may be. Thanks for all you others input though and I hope everyone of you keep waking up out of those fucked up ass dreams. If NEONE reads this any time soon please send me an email to princezzforever@yahoo.com me or my wife will respond. L8r

Mount Gilead, OH

#71 Nov 5, 2010
calm wrote:
These are all very normal sensations. To allay your fears try not to listen to alarmists, and instead read about it on credible websites. This one has lots of information.
If no one else has responded I appriciate the information but it doesn't explain everything. I don't think that I am being abducted by aliens or that it dhas anything to do with religion. It's kind of an unexplainable thing that can scare the shit out of people. I will definatly be looking more into sleep paralisis but, what about the shock part of it quite a few people on here like me have a huge intense feeling of "shock". It doesn't make sense that so many people feel this and it isn't brought up in that particular site. If you could answer any more question's I would appriciate your time Thank You Danny.

Shoreham-by-sea, UK

#72 Nov 5, 2010
In response to Danny worried about the electric shock feeling - again it is nothing to panic about, just part of that strange set of feelings we can go through during sleep.
It is a symptom of anxiety however. That anxiety may just be related to sleep - fears about going to sleep 'in case it happens' or natural anxiety created during sleep when it does happen. Once you understand that, while you might not like it, it is nothing to worry about it will probably easy off. Try to relax as much as you can while it's happening.
On the other hand, you may have general anxiety in your life that you need to look at.
There is lots on the web about sleep and electric shocks - try to look at credible/scientific websites such as the one below - and avoid listening to unscientific cranks. Good luck.

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#73 Nov 13, 2010
Yeah I just had one last night I personally believe it's a lack of sleep and than again I certainly believe it has to deal with spirituality and your closeness to God I'm 20 and ive suffered with them for about 4 1/2 years and I won't lie I'm a catholic and I believe in god fully and when I have them in my sleep I feel personally that it's a sign that I need to bring god back into my life. Because it can be due to a number of reasons... Stress depression lack of self esteem and I sometimes I either have distance my self from god and he's sending me a big message to except him back into my life. I need to bring myself back into the church. Always pray and believe and have faith.

Islamabad, Pakistan

#74 Nov 22, 2010
I have this problem since last 6 years and now that is slight different what it was before because I have experimented many things when I am in this stage. I call this a trans when suddenly it feels like my brain is stuck somewhere and got into a trans. Then I try to get out of this situation and try to wake my brain up with my force then in response my body get shocks. But this is quite different now. Now when I get into this trans I try to stay calm and it feels like my brain is getting into some deeper space but at last a wake up with a shock and all this time when I was in this trans I was conscious and not sleeping. Once I was taking a nap and my friend was sitting beside me I got into the trans and I used so much force and moved my hand and gripped my friend's arm. When I woke up i asked my friend did I hold your arm he replied NO. There are many events like these happened with me while in this state. Sometimes I feel very strange because I see real things and I am present there bt not physically. While seeing the things in this state the things are quite blur but real and even real people around me which are actually there but when I ask them they say your eyes were closed and you were sleeping.

this is a mystery to me and very strange. can anyone please help me with this issue???

Atlanta, GA

#75 Dec 9, 2010
major spiritual problem...incubus, sicubus spirits. again, read psalm 35 and 91. for the unbelievers, i pray you never encounter to make you a believer. the lord be with you all.

Malpas, UK

#76 Dec 10, 2010
Indigo these sleep disorders are normal electrical activity in the brain - there is a totally scientific reason for them - and if you are interested in understanding more about them then refer to my two earlier threads offering advice on sensible websites that explain why they happen.

I am a christian, and so are the majority of the people who have written to this site, and it is not helpful to have menaces like you crawling around the internet and putting fear into young people. Now THAT is a very unchristian thing to do.
Dan Quillen

Knoxville, TN

#77 Dec 16, 2010
Chris - MI wrote:
I usually get them about once every month to 2 months. They are usually accompanied by a dream in which I dream that I fall asleep, and dream that I fall asleep... etc.(This trend has continued up to 8 times). Upon awaking from each "sleep stage" I get the "electirc shock" sensation. It can really be quite vivid terriffying. Anyways, unlike some people, this has never happened to me after drinking. It started when I was 13, long before I had even touched alcohol.
In fact, it started happening to me the day after I got home from the hospital after having nuerosurgery about 7 years ago. I just had one during a nap, and since I was consious (but still asleep somehow) while it was happening, decided to google it, and even decided what terms to search for (in my sleep. Imagine that.) Anyways, after my surgery I had seizures (as is fairly common after neurosurgery) and was even put on anti-seizure medication for a year until the seizures stopped. After the surgery, I would also get a loss of sensation and tingling all over one side of my body, which my nuerosurgeon hypothesized was a mild form of a siezure. I've always interpreted these "electric shocks" during sleep as an extreme form of this tingling. Really, think of the sensation of your foot falling asleep and multiply that by one hundred. Now imagine that sensation in your brain and traveling down your spine into your extremities. I'm sure that would describe what most people here are experiencing (correct me if I'm wrong). I am NOT a doctor or neurologist, but I guess my working theory is this is some kind of mini-siezure, though I have also considered the possibility that it is a different form of a night terror.
Anyway, it would be nice to see someone do some research on this, though I fear it's not common enough of a condition. I was surprised to see this many people respond to this thread, though.
This happens to me just as you have described. I even have the different dreams stages where I wake up within the dream, only to wake up within the dream and this repeats sometimes three dream stages. It may be some type of neurological problem but to me it seems to have something to do with connecting my conscienousness to my body and to reality. I also have a theory that all people go through this but they are not aware of it. I notice that most of the people that experence this have lucid dreams. I think this is the key. I also think that this electric shock is helpful to the brain some how. It is very scary but if you relax it can and I mean really relax it can feel good. I also hear a high pitch sound when this happen. I have described this sound as a circular saw pitch. I even notice my tounge tingling from the electric pulses. I am a Christian and have prayed throughout these experences. It does seem to help. During one event I reminded myself that God created the entire time, space and matter and that it is perfect and that God is with me during this and this seemed to relax me a great deal. I've am to the point where I do not mind this experience.

Collinsville, OK

#78 Jan 20, 2011
This has been happening to me for years and it seems random. I'd like to think of myself as a reflective person and I have tried to find a pattern, there is none. I don't drink or use drugs, I only drink maybe 3 cups of half decafe in the mornings, I eat very healthy (and never eat w/in 5 hrs of going to bed; usually around 11p)and I exercise. I have had numerous test done and they all come back that I am very healthy. The doctors are not going to call this what it really is. It is demonic and a spiritual attack. I am a Christian and the only thing that will stop this is rebuking it and saying Jesus' name, but USUALLY it doesn't stop instantaneously. Last night it happened again and I was exhausted! It went on for hours and as soon as I would close my eyes it would start again even tho I was not back asleep yet. I have to fight really hard to even be able to sit up. Then when I could fall asleep I would wake up almost jumping out of my bed seeing in my spirit someone walking up to put their hands around my throat. From the very first time that this happened I knew in my spirit that it was evil, before I was even awake I was praying in my spirit and taking authority over it. ONCE I did not stop it, not for any particular reason, other than I thought that if I quit fighting against it, that it would pass quicker. As I laid there I started levitating (NOT literally, but I could see that my body was in the spirit) and I was very near the ceiling and then my body started spinning around and around in circles. It's interesting to me that more and more people are experiencing this and there's not much on it before 10 years ago. I think it's a sign that we are getting closer to the Coming Of Christ. Every time this happens I always feel a presence near me that freaks me out, and I just keep praying harder. I usually have to get up, get out my Bible, turn the light on and read, falling asleep w/ my Bible open on my chest brings me comfort. BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT!!!! AND KNOW: "THEY OVERCAME HIM BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE TESTIMONY OF THEIR FAITH" !!!!!

Penzance, UK

#79 Jan 20, 2011
No wonder it keeps happening to you Lora - it's an anxiety response (see my previous posts)and you sound incredibly anxious every night.

It's nothing to do with evil spirits, it's just really normal, though unpleasant, for these things to happen.

If you really want to stop it happening you need to find ways to reduce the anxiety in your life. A good way to start reducing anxiety is to stop focusing on the negatives (your fears /worries /insecurities etc) but instead to look for more positives in your life.

Please give up assuming it's some sort of judgement on you. All the best.

Lehighton, PA

#80 Jan 21, 2011
i thought i was crazy. i have been having the same thing happen to me. i am in a deep sleep and this electric shock goes through my entire body. i can hear it too, it sounds like a very large buzzing fly in my ear. it is very real and it is happening, i am not dreaming. the shock literrally jerks my entire body and i jump jast as if i am getting shocked. i haven't told anybody yet because i wanted to research it first. so, i guess i am not crazy though it drives me crazy. what is it, why does it happen and how can i get rid of it.

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