Shingles recovery

Chillicothe, OH

#62 May 21, 2011
I am 61 years old, and have been battling these miserable shingles for 5 weeks now. The pain has been terrible. I tried everything to get some relief. I cannot sleep, only doze off for a few minutes. One thing that has helped me is apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. My blisters got a bacterial infection, and the sores are still not scabbed over completely. Worst pain in my life!!!

Glen Ridge, NJ

#63 May 21, 2011
Jan and Christopher--please go toa neurologist--I am 72 yrs old and have now had the residual to shingles--post herpetic neuralgia--PTN--for 306 days--10 months in my right side of head, right neck area and right ear--I also couldn't sleep until the Gp referred me to the neurologist who prescribed neurontin and Pamelor---and suddenly the pain went away as long as I took the meds--I too have gotten better slowly--I don't wear the lidoderm patches on my neck anymore and I almost forget about the shingles between meds of about every 8 hrs--I don't take the Pamelor anymore and there is very slow progress--the main thing is to get the pain under control and a neurologist has much more understanding than a GP giving percoset or oxycodone to relieve the pain--it was 7 weeks before I found relief--keep on pushing your docs and use the internet--it's amazing what you can learn--
Yves in China

Beijing, China

#65 May 29, 2011
Hi I am Australian age 53 and living in Beijing. Shingles came upon me out of the blue all over the right side of my face and scalp. As all stories tell here, nothing but torturing and hell. I went to the hospital do get antibiotics on drip three days in a row and that reduced the swelling but I had to deal with all the sores on my eye, nose and forehead. A Chinese traditional doctor did cupping on the sores to extract the bad blood and did some deep tissue massage around the sores. Within a week it was all gone. I could not believe it. But now I keep feeling the tingling and it itching in different parts of my face and body and I am wondering if it is not the Shingles coming for revenge. Would anyone know of the after-Shingles effects? Good luck to all.

Glen Ridge, NJ

#66 May 29, 2011
Yves--Please read my prior posts to see how mine have progressed and receded for past 10 months--when I had bad itching in beginning my doc gave me atarax which is an industrial strength anti-histimine--I was able to stop the itching for 4-6 hours and sleep alittle--eventually it slowed down--now I take neurontin (gabapentin) every 6 hours (300 mgs x 3) a day--

Edgewater, MD

#67 Jun 2, 2011
Yes Yves, the itching is all part of the progression of this illness. It can drive you crazy, but it does eventually end. I used cold packs and Lanacane on occasion during the worst of it. Since you had it on your face (like I did), PLEASE go see an opthamologist so that they can monitor your eye for corneal lesions. It is very common that they will appear - even months after your outbreak. So it is very important that they check your eye regularly. My doctor is still seeing appearances of the virus in my eye - even 5 months later - and so I am still on Lotemax drops. I don't feel any of this - but it can quietly, stealthily - affect your sight. Please go to a qualified eye doctor. I wish you good healing1

Since: Jul 10

Birmingham, AL

#68 Jun 2, 2011
I am 42 and originally had shingles in July of 2010 on my right forehead and scalp area. Horrible experience! It then recurred in October of 2010 in the same area, with terrible headaches that hung on long after the blisters healed. Today I developed a rash on my right torso right in the area where my bra sits and below my breasts with intense pain, and I have had nausea, fever, tiredness, and headaches for the past few days. I went to the Dr. today and he diagnosed me with shingles again and started me on steroids, Valtrex and norco for the pain. I cannot take this again! I am just not up for round 3!! I thought that I was done with this...

Laguna Beach, CA

#69 Jun 15, 2011
Hi all, I am a 35 y/o female and was dx with Shingles 5 days ago. Pain started 7 days ago, rash 5, which is what prompted a visit to my Dr. Unfortunately for me, I had an allergic reaction to both Valtrex and another anti-viral. I was put on prednisone and topical Acyclovir cream for the rash. Has anyone gone through this minus the anti-vitals? How long did it take to feel better? The rash is along my L2, so it goes across the front of my left thigh and a bit down towards the knee. Just when I think the rash has gone as far as it should, I get new ones, is this normal? It's very frustrating! The 1st patch is a deep red and looks to be scabbing, how long before the rash stops and the others scab and heel?

Any help would be grately appreciated!

Since: Jun 11

Fairfield, CA

#71 Jun 27, 2011
Shingles help i was told that i had shingles 1 month ago. it started n my left shoulder blade. woke up one morning and thought that i slept wrong and pulled a muscle. it was excrutiating pain. i never got a rash anywhere but the excrutiating pain. i never got a rash anywhere but the pain has stayed with me as we speak. 1 month now the pain has moved into my left arm. first 2 weeks severe pain now it just hurts bad. sitting down makes t hurt more. has anyone ever heard of this. i cant ind anyone that has.  (6 min ago | post #4)

Douglas, AZ

#72 Jun 27, 2011
I think you may need a second opinion from another Doc babie cindie, I've never heard of shingles with no rash. Please seek medical attention even if you have to go to the Emergency room.

Douglas, AZ

#73 Jun 27, 2011
Christy, I think you should be feeling better by now. I couldn't take antivirals either, but after 2 weeks the pain and itching had begun to subside. I had a few bumps at first but over the course of a few days they did spread, they were oozing and very painful but then scabbed over indicating to me that things were going to get better. But It was a months before I could go out without makeup to hid the redness and scarring on my forehead.

Since: Jun 11

Folsom, CA

#74 Jun 27, 2011
Piper wrote:
I think you may need a second opinion from another Doc babie cindie, I've never heard of shingles with no rash. Please seek medical attention even if you have to go to the Emergency room.
yea i have been to the doc. i did have one blotch on my back when the doc. saw me and said it was shingles. i have researched not having a rash and it does happen.
thanks for the reply though.

Columbia, SC

#75 Jul 3, 2011
I have shingles on my abdomen and back on the right side for 5 weeks. I have experienced two complications- paralysis of my intestines from the shingles infecting the vagus nerve(gastropareses)and abdominal wall protusion with a balloon like swelling under the right rib cage. I understand this will eventually go away. I still have some large flattened purple lesions on the abdomen and back. I have burning searing pain that is pretty constant. I am talking Acyclovir 400mg twice a day and Lyrica 5o mg every 8 hours and elavil 25mg at bedtime--I am thinking about seeing an accupuncturist or aestheisologist for a spinal block Anyone out there with these complications or that has used these therapies--?? thank you, reading others experience is helpful.

Glen Ridge, NJ

#76 Jul 3, 2011
Ruth--please go see a neurologist like I did 9 months ago--I'm in my 12th month with PHN--post herpetic neuralgia--which is what shingles is called after the initial bumps go away--I got relief from all pain with neurontin/gabapentin--4 x 300 mgs a day--and Pamelor initially--now don't take Pamelor anymore--your GP will not give you this stuff cuz it needs to be monitored by a neurologist--they also tried Lyrica and Cymbalta on me and it had no effect---I also was taking Ambien 12.5 --strongest you can get--to sleep--now down to Ambien-5--each nite--Hank

Derby, UK

#77 Jul 16, 2011
I got shingles 4 weeks ago for the first time on my face and above and below the eye. I have finished 2 weeks of 800mg Aciclovir plus Penicllin and another antibiotic for infection. I am still left with a huge weeping scab that wont heal and an itchy rash all over my face. Do I need more medication and when can i expect it to heal? Already been off work for 3 weeks and hope to go back soon. Any advice welcome. I am 46 yr female.

Douglas, AZ

#78 Jul 16, 2011
Hi Stella, I'm really sorry you are going through this. Have you been back to the Doc and if so what does he say? Does he think the shingles got into your eye?
It looks to me that your shingles is still in an active flair and maybe more meds or stronger ones could be needed. And a visit to an optophomologist wouldn't hurt either. My case if shingles was around my right eye and left me with severe corneal scarring, and a visit to the optometrist for new glasses confirmed that the scarring is still getting worse after more than a year. Special eye drops during the outbreak could have prevented this.


London, UK

#79 Jul 17, 2011
Hi all, first posted on here back in January, still have shingles, flares up more when im low, although this is a nasty and understated condition feels good to be able to share with others in the same boat as often I am faced with ignorance when trying to explain my condition
Love to you all

United States

#80 Jul 17, 2011
Stella, I have suffered now 8 wks or longer. On rite arm & rite leg & inter thigh. The pain is awful. I have took meds & creams. By it being on face u may not want 2 try it. But I have been using White liquid shoe polish on my places. When it starts itching & burning. It helps so much it even helped dry it up! It's a old remedy that people used yrs. Ago on poison oak. Let me no honey if it helps lov & prayers!

United States

#81 Jul 17, 2011
Piper&jules, I wonder if there r any doc that read this threads??? The doc's say that I have seen hasnt read this forum!! Seems 2 me that they r more out breaks this yr. If u have been lucky enough not 2 every have it u r blessed. I have been through alot & this is awful ! I don't feel so all alone!I'm older now 56 & this. Knock me down so bad. This is the only place I can come 2 & feel like someone no's what I'm talking. God bless u all and thank u!!

Derby, UK

#82 Jul 20, 2011
Hey guys. Thanks for your replies. Have been back to Doctor and he said its still infected despite taking 25 tablets a day for 2 weeks and given me yet more antibiotics. My face is still oozing pus and its running into my eyes, especially at night. Have been to eye clinic twice and they said that its not inside my eyes, which is good news.. however my one eye now looks considerably smaller :( Have been using Zorivax cream as a precaution.
Have noticed today that I am getting a whole new batch of blisters on my face in an area where they had cleared up.

Have also been advised to go for a HIV test as a precaution as this is apparantly most common in people with weak immune systems!

Not sure about putting shoe polish on my face... eek!

All in all, pretty rubbish.

Douglas, AZ

#83 Jul 20, 2011
This message board sustained me also when I had that nasty outbreak last year, and I learned a lot from the posters here, a lot more than what the Doctors told me. One of my Docs thought I was after pain pills!! Some understanding and advice was what I needed and I certainly didn't get that from them. I don't think Doctors read this forum and until you have had shingles you have no idea what people go through. I think stress plays a major part in lowering the immune system and lack of sympathy and empathy from the medical community made matters worse, much worse. Stella, have you tried calamine lotion? One of the amino acids is helpful, I think it's called L'lysine. The emergency room Doc pried open my swollen right eye and told me shingles had not invaded my cornea, you may want to get a second opinion if that eye is puffed up. It looks like shingles has come back and is having another crack at you, but believe me it will end. Take the best care of yourself that you can, take vitamins like C and the Bs, eat healthy food and rest all you can.


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