PHN in young people - Shingles

Brooklyn, NY

#81 Jan 11, 2010
I am 33yo and having my first shingle outbreak on my chest and back and this is definitly one of the most painful and discomfort disease out there. I am really having a hard time to sleep due to the pain.

I am really hoping this is due to stress which I am having alot lately, since HIV is also a possible cause which is scaring the heck out of me.
Just got my blood tested today and will be waiting for my result in 5 days...hoping for the best this is stress related

I have a 3yo son, a wife which I love very much, a 30 year mortage and whole lots of other loans and a very bright future ahead of me and this is the last thing a guy need

after reading this forum it actually help relaxes me since there are other young people out there that have this disease

I hope everyone who have or had this will have no more outbreaks and for those who have not have this yet....Stay away from it, cause it really sucks

San Antonio, TX

#82 Jan 23, 2010
Mike, most recent poster, did your bloodwork come back clear? I am now 34, had shingles back in Oct. Took about a month to fully recover but high stress at work and an emotionally difficult breakup recently, I have had pain where the shingles were, itchy skin and itty bitty pimple like bumps, 3 or 4 of them that never formed blisters. I felt like this must be PHN or the same outbreak getting aggravated because of my stress levels. I take two to three L Lysine and Vitamin C tablets, two to three times a day, and sleep with heating pad on my left ribs where the pain is. L Lysine is supposed to keep herpes type viruses from recurring. Ick, shingles is a type of herpes becuase it lies dormant in the spine. My PHN didn't show up for about a month after I felt 'over' the original take Vitamins daily! Don't slack off. I also think apple cidar vinegar helped me. I took Famvir a day or 2 after seeing the rash back in Oct. Never, ever want another outbreak, the FDA needs to approve shingles vaccine for all people who have had chickenpox!!! We should write letters. My doc said he saw lots of young people with this, it is not just for the elderly or immunosuppressed. Shingles sucks!!!

Westfield, MA

#83 Jan 24, 2010
Down with diseaseRefuse to become stressed about anything since my first and only outbreak. Will have a year without a recurring outbreak on Memorial Day. My mother didn't name me Catfish my real name is Steve.Slay the anxiety monster .

Chicago, IL

#84 Feb 9, 2010
icky rash wrote:
ive had 3 rashes since december. i am 17
and i think its shingles. its painful blisters filled with a gross clear liquid they last about 2 weeks tops. but im really young and this is kinda scary for me.
i had chickenpox really bad as a kid. maybe that has something to do with it.
is it normal in kids my age?
i need to see a doctor
It is becoming more common in younger people. I had shingles at the age of 8. At that time they said it was the youngest case ever reported. It covered my entire back and most of my tummy area. I am 42 now and have never had it come back. I do feel itchy in a particular place on my back where the shingles started. I did become type 1 diabetic at the age of 26 and they said it is possible that it came from the shingles. Why? They say because the shingles virus can attact and kill other healthy cells and in my case it was the cells on my pancrease.

United States

#85 Feb 16, 2010
Hi, My name is Lauri. I am 45 years old. I first had shingles when I was 18 on my back. NO big deal at the time, although it was SOOO painful. I never had shingles again until I was 27 and now i've had them over 50 times. It has ruined the nerves in my left leg as I get them on the top of my left butt cheek, almost to belt line. Very rare occasions i've had them on the right buttcheek. It affects my hearing my vision, my stomach. I'm on acyclovir, not seeming to help,,i've been tested clean of aids, advanced terbuculosis, etc......what is going on??? I hate this.

Rogers, AR

#86 Feb 23, 2010
Lauri wrote:
Hi, My name is Lauri. I am 45 years old. I first had shingles when I was 18 on my back. NO big deal at the time, although it was SOOO painful. I never had shingles again until I was 27 and now i've had them over 50 times. It has ruined the nerves in my left leg as I get them on the top of my left butt cheek, almost to belt line. Very rare occasions i've had them on the right buttcheek. It affects my hearing my vision, my stomach. I'm on acyclovir, not seeming to help,,i've been tested clean of aids, advanced terbuculosis, etc......what is going on??? I hate this.
Have you ever been checked for food allergies? sometime there are under lining causes and allergies bring your immune system down.

North Tonawanda, NY

#87 Feb 25, 2010
ive had shingles sence i was a kid because the chickenpox shot went wrong im 15 now and is there any possible way i can grow out of it ? if anybody knows can you let me know

Westfield, MA

#88 Feb 26, 2010
There is no growing out of it. Your best bet is to live stress free, or at least as stress free as possible. And fire your doctor.
Marco wrote:
ive had shingles sence i was a kid because the chickenpox shot went wrong im 15 now and is there any possible way i can grow out of it ? if anybody knows can you let me know

Canoga Park, CA

#89 Apr 2, 2010
skeptical wrote:
You all were diagnosed by a doctor? It's just that shingles only recurs in 4% of patients and usually only once. If you're getting multiple outbreaks do you think it might be herpes symplex in an atypical location? You can get herpes simplex anywhere on your body and contrary to common belief, it can also cause PHN although that is rare.
I was diagnosed at age 14... very painful until blisters broke, then again three additional times during my 40's... the last three times were internal shingles with no outbreak, but just as painful. Dr. said its very rare, but i guess it does happen. BTW i went to second Dr. because i was skeptical and got same diagnoses.

San Clemente, CA

#90 Apr 5, 2010
ShinglesHurt wrote:
PHN hurts so much. I have had shingles twice and now i have nerve problems all throughout my body. I am only 28 with no other known illnesses it all started out when I got to stressed and then got shingles. Now I have PHN and or some other thing that has occurred but no one knows what it is. I have all these eletric shock pains in other areas where the shingles did not occur. I had my shingles on my trunk half loop around to the breats. Exactly a year later I got another attack without the blisters. That is when I felt all the electric shocks. I am much better but now I am left with pain in the joints and in my body all over. 4 mri's and a million blood test and nerve tests did not show any signs of anything else such as MS or Nerve Damage.
Hey there, This same exact thing happen to me word for word I got shingles one year when I was 25 it was on my right upper back trunk that wrapped around to my breast. Then one year later I had another outbreak on oppisite side in my neck/shoulder but with no blisters, just real small ones just bumps they never turned to blisters and got red bumps all over my body like chicken pox. Now whenever I do too much work or get a little stressed (and I mean a little stressed) it flares in my neck/shoulder I believe the nerves have possibly been damaged. But here is what I have found keeps the pain away and no major outbreaks like the first one, I try to eat a tablespoon or two of coconut oil a day unrefined first cold pressed virgin coconut oil. But If I happen to feel this coming on I take at least 5 tablespoons a day and only eat raw fruit and veggies for a couple days especially lots and lots of strawberries! AS I do this the pain goes away and I am better. i hope this can help you!!! Please let me know if it does. OH and I am 27 now so that was two years ago. This is a crazy virus a very strange one!

San Clemente, CA

#91 Apr 5, 2010
To everyone who is suffering or has suffered (and it possibly will come back) from this horrible virus shingles please read what I am about to write.

I have suffered this virus in a real bad way! Was the worst pain I have ever had and I have had a lot of pain in my life. This little crapper virus tries to come back often when I do to much stress work meaning like I am lifting too heavy of stuff or working labor stuff all day long...for me its the physical stress not emotional.

But Anyways the way I have kept it from flarring up is coconut oil and eating raw fruits and veggies for a few days when I feel it coming. This has done wonders, and the crazy thing is the first time i tried it it took away my pain in less than 20 minutes!! I cried I was so happy, cause I was sooo scared it was coming back like the first outbreak.

If you are having an outbreak what stopped the pain for me during my first intense crazy outbreak was my sister seran wrapped me in cold apple cider vineager compresses I left them on there for like 2 hours but within 30 minutes or so maybe even less the pain was subsiding and from that day on I didnt have the jabbing, shooting pain. I hope that this can help people I have been keeping her away for three years now, so if anyone has any other questions or wants to talk about it please feel free to email me! [email protected] I would love to help anyone and give any advice.

Westfield, MA

#92 Apr 6, 2010
haven't had it for almost a year YAY thanks for the advice think peel some carrots right away coconut oil? mine tends to wrap around my chest hard time discerning between heart disease and pain of shingles coming on it feels like strained a muscle in my upper torso wonder if that is all it is

Tijuana, Mexico

#93 Apr 9, 2010
I am 37 and this is my first and hopefully my last shingles episode, it started about two weeks ago with a sharp pain from my back to my right breast, at first I was worried it could be breast cancer but then a red rash came out and I thought it could be a spider bite, but I work in a hospital and all the doctors confirmed it was shingles, I since have been reading everything I come across at the internet, but I am still a little worried because I have two daughters, one is four and has already have her varicella shot but the other is only one and the first shot is until 18 months, Is she at risk of getting chickenpox and how can I prevent it besides not letting her touch my rash and washing my hands all the time? Also I have a pregnant sister, should I keep away from her if she already had chickenpox when she was little?..


#95 May 12, 2010
I am 26 yrs old male , I am having shingles for last 9 days ,on my forehead and along my nose . I had taken mendicine for 5 days (Anti-Virus ) doze . With some antibiotics . My intial infection got cleared completely . But unfortunaly some symptons of of shigles are appearing on my hands . I work for an MNC. I never had a history of unsafe(or Commercial) sex . I never had blood transformation or any drugs habit .
Can anyone help me that should I go for a HIV test ?
Is is really necessary ?
How long does the infection really last ?


#96 May 12, 2010
I forgot to say I had a chicken pox infection at the age of 6 . Then after that I didnt had any major infection . And recently one of my managers had chicken pox infection had joined the office .
I have a stressful job and generally dont get to sleep for more than 5.5 hrs due to my love of exercise in the morning .
Kindly help ,
I need your suggestion friends !

Cleveland, OH

#97 May 19, 2010
Oh my god. I have had this for over 3 years now and i can tell you IT IS ON BOTH SIDES OF BODY. I only hope some doctors read this.
Especially since other people are having the same things happen.

First i had it on the middle of my back. And than i had it again on the back. Then it showed up on the right thigh. I still have a redness patch there. Looks like a red birthmark.

That was over a year ago. Now i'm getting them on the left and right side of my forehead. And let me tell you. First its burning, then its like stinging needles going thought the burning area.
Then it is streaks of head migrane pain.
Then finally it turn to blisters and the pain
stays for at least a week. Then is get a little better. But not much.

I've seen 3 different doctors on this case. And
they all said it was not shingles. That's bull!!!!
I was prescribed neurotin, and and antibiotic. Which was started during the blister period of the out break.

I mean to say common DOCTOR'S. You can get shingles on both sides of the body.

Redding, CA

#98 Jul 2, 2010
I am 33 years old and Today I woke up with blisters on my nose. This is the third time I have gotten shingles in the same spot between my eyes. Each time it has been a year apart and it happens around July each time. To be fair I have been very stressed out at work this past week. The first time I got them, the doctors thought it was a skin infection and gave me an antibiotic cream and it caused it to grow even faster and I ended up almost going blind before the 3 doctors I went to figured out what it was. These past two times I went and got Valtrex the day the bumps popped up and it takes about a week to dry up and go away. I do have the tingley pain on my nose but luckily its not like other people on this site. I am going in for a full physical next week just to make sure everything is ok. I know I am overweight and have high blood pressure. I am hoping to get checked for all possible causes. Thyroid problems run in my family and I saw someone post something about your thyroid causing low immune systems. I was also told by doctors how rare it is to get this multiple times and that my shingles are in the middle of my face and that most people have it on one side or the other. I wish there was more info out there. I have read like every web page about shingles I can.

Corvallis, OR

#99 Jul 6, 2010
Just started my 6th outbreak of shingles in less than 2 years. Has anybody with reoccurring shingles gotten relief from the Shingles Vaccine? I am 47 years old now and had chicken pox when I was 16. My blisters are small, but are always on the back of my neck. Twice on the left side four times on the right. Literally a "pain in the neck"

Frisco, TX

#100 Jul 17, 2010
I was diagnosed with Shingles for the first time when I was 12. That was right after I got braces, so the doctor said the stress of that is what brought it on.
I am now 33 and have had episodes at least once a year, sometimes more since I had the first episode at 12. It is always on my right shoulder and neck. The blisters are not always big areas, but I have constant pain in that area. It is so frustrating!
I am really worried bc for some reason my immune system is extremely weak. I have had every test for immune disorders you can think of, and all were negative.
The only thing I can think of is that I was burned really badly at the age of 3 due to hot water. It was really bad, but I was very lucky and have very few scars, but the worst area of my scarring is the same area that I get Shingles. Just curious if anyone else on here had any trauma they might could relate to their Shingles outbreaks and nerve pain???

Ardmore, OK

#101 Jul 22, 2010
Was diagnosed with the shingles last week after the blisters apearded ( only a small amount) on my right hand and 3 spots on my upper arm. The pain was a week before across the uppere right side and down to my wrist. Took the meds ( anit-virials and predisone ) for 5 days and thought all was good @ days later was calling doc and telling them my lower back ws hurting kinda like my arm did but worse. Know I'm on predisone for 15 days she thinks that it might be trying to break out on my back, since I didn't have much on me the first time . Either way I have prickly burning needls here there and all over my torso. severaltimes a day. I'm 51 years old and had 2 chickpox on myself at 8 years old, my brothers and sisters 4 others had them bad, just not me. My son was 12 when he finally got them ( after exposing him a dozen times or more. Don't know how this is going to turn out, praying and thinking positive its going to be okay.

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