Lyrica for shingles head pain

Lyrica for shingles head pain

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United States

#1 May 6, 2009
My husband was just diagnosed with shingles and has severe head pain - the dr prescribed Lyrica. Anyone been on this medicine for shingles?

Perugia, Italy

#2 Jun 10, 2009
Yes. I had very bad shingles in 2006, and the pain went on long after the episode. I was prescribed Lyric about 6 weeks after the shingles outbreak, and it was absolutely fantastic. The pain eased almost immediately, and it brought almost complete relief after a few days. I have advised others to ask for it, and all have found it miraculous. Hope this helps

Clute, TX

#3 Sep 30, 2009
Yes I'm on Lyrica at the moment it works better than anything else the DR. has tried it doesn't do away with the pain completely but brings it down to a level that I could live with.

Hamilton, Bermuda

#4 Feb 1, 2010
i have severe left arm pain and was having sharp pains under left breast in t0p 0f ribs f0r 5 days n0w. i have been diagn0sed with shingles but n0 rash yet. prescribed lyrica and valtrex t0day. any0ne kn0w h0w l0ng until the pain st0ps. thanks

Norristown, PA

#5 Aug 19, 2010
I have shingles on rt side of head and neck and ear--severe burning pain --in day #26--blisters all gone--taking Lyrica for last 7 days--3x 75 mgs--just upped to 4x 75 mgs--don't notice much dissipation of pain--would love any suggestions

Morristown, TN

#6 Aug 21, 2010
I have been diagnosed with shingles in my head, forehead, and left eyelid. I had severe burning for several days and it felt like i might have burned my scalp with the straight iron! Of course, that wasn't the case. A bright patch appeared on my forehead, and a few days later, lines of blisters appeared. I realized at that moment that I probably had shingles.
I was up all night before I went to the doctor with my entire head burning like fire. It was really agonizing. Finally, at 4am, I just turned on the shower and washed my hair and let the water run on my head a long time. That helped a little bit.
I also have numbness on the left side of my face and it feels sensitive to the touch. I had become fearful that I had had a stroke, but after reading about head and face shingles, I understand that this can occur. It is a very unpleasant, frightening sensation, however, and can be very serious.
When I went to the doctor, he prescribed acyclovir oral tablets to be taken 5 times a day, a very expensive cream with acyclovir as the main ingredient to be applied 6 times a day, and 100mg lyrica 4 times a day.
At first, I felt disoriented and even had a few mild hallucinations from the effect of the medicines. I took my little dog out at night in my yard, and I kept seeing new bushes that hadn't been there before. I always take a heavy stick out with me to ward off dogs or muggers (just in case,) and I would reach out to touch the mysterious bushes, but there was no substance there. I then ran my hand through the delicate-looking bushes, but felt nothing. After a few days, I became tolerant of the meds and I can say that the horrible pain of shingles has lessened tremendously. One has to pay a price for taking Lyrica, however, because it really does cause immediate weight gain and swollen ankles, feet, legs, wrists, arms, etc.
Those are some real concerns with taking the Lyrica, but, hey, when you are suffering the horror of shingles pain, you snatch at anything that has even a promise of relieving the pain.
I can say it has been some of the worst pain I have ever had, and I have had seven major surgeries. I had dry socket from a tooth removal and had just gotten over it just before this hit, and it and childbirth were comparable as to the level of pain. I had my children in the days when you just had to suffer, because the doctors did not believe in giving narcotic relief during childbirth, or spinals, or any of the wonderful things that are now given to women in childbirth.
Shingles pain, childbirth, back pain, foot pain, and the pain of dry socket are all comparable as to the level of pain caused by each.
I would recommend the Lyrica, most definitely, for the pain of shingles.

Norristown, PA

#7 Aug 21, 2010
I'm in Day #29 of shingles---pain still same--dissipates some each time take Lyrica but have started getting numbness on outer edge of foot, end of toes, rt little finger, rt side of face---if I hold off Lyrica for 8+ hrs numbness goes away--am starting with acupuncturist and it may be answer--first session all pain went away while needles in--will report after next sessions--

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#8 Jan 10, 2011
i have had shingles for over to weeks. I am 54 female and started with nerve pain on forhead, for no reason. Continued to have pain and head ache but the day before rash started, got hit on the head badly with the hood of a hatch back. Was already hurting and the metal latch hit my head full force and gave me a bleed cut and lump. Next day pain worse and rash thought I had brain damage and have had immune problems. Just got over the same type with mono. Had it like Chicken pocks as youth, but got a break out. Have Hashimito disease, skin cancer and other issues. So for me I have had it. Im on to meds viral and anti biotic for it went in my eyes and been to er 3 times they said u can go blind from shingles in your eyes. It has been so hard. I had 2 bleeds in the brain a few years ago and they were not nearly as painful as this. Sometimes I feel I loose my mind soon and have horrible nightmares. Havent seen anyone else say that. Have any of u had that. Was told to sleep sitting up and have hugh gland I unlike the noraml have it on both sides. Mostly right. Got a biobosy from a derm. to be sure due to my medical hystory and that no cancer is involved. Well God Bless u all, this is a strange virus and wish it on no one. Granmdma Patty PS on morphine and diluide for I been on pain management for cronic and it still hurts have risistance to pain meds.

Memphis, TN

#9 Jan 1, 2012
I am immune suppressed and had shingles on right side of face, neck, back, and scalp. Suddenly. Given lyrica with absolutely no relief and pain escalated. Finally my specialist presccribed Percocet w caution and I could finally sleep. I am so grateful to have had an MD who understood pain and didn't withhold narcotics.
I had had Percocet in years past w no negative effect. New Pain medicines seems to be a great way to make money in this country when tried and true medicines are more effective and not addictive if prescribed and used properly.

Glen Ridge, NJ

#10 Jan 1, 2012
Jap1920--please go to "shingles recovery" topic on this list and see all my posts since Sept, 2010--I am now in my 18th month of the after effects of shingles called post herpetic neuralgia--PLEASE go to a neuralogist and get off the percoset which becomes very addictive--only a neuralogist will give you what I got relief from pain on day #49--neurontin---because they know what side effects to watch for--
my location changes from NJ to Fl every few months so don't be confused--
Brian Watkins

Elizabeth, Australia

#11 Jan 3, 2012
I always thought I was a big strong brave man, I've changed my mind (or shingles has done it for me!) I'm in my fourteenth day of scalp blisters to my forehead and a major outbreak in my left eyebrow. My swollen left eye has receded but as of three days ago my steady head pain burst into a two minute screaming brain explosion that sent me to the floor (I've had two more since and have sent my shocked wife away to live with friends. The poor lady was out of her mind at not being able to do anything to help) Anymore of those brain pain explosions and I'll be looking for those two cyanide pills I believe are still in my wartime memorabilia box in the garage.

Glen Ridge, NJ

#12 Jan 3, 2012
Brian--go right away to an eye doctor for the swollen eye--that's dangerous--also get to a neuralogist if at all possible or get your doc to prescribe neurontin/gabapentin a first gen drug that works for shingles off-label--

Dayton, NV

#13 Jan 10, 2012
I have shingles on the left side of my forehead and on my eyelid. How long do shingles last? I have been to the doctor and optomologist. I am on medicationsfor shingles and pain but this has been going on for four weeks. I have cronic migraines and this just aggravates every thing and makes it worse.

Dayton, NV

#14 Jan 10, 2012
I forgot to add that the migraines start in my left eye and te shingles are on the left side of my scalp, forehead and eyelid!
Brian Watkins

Adelaide, Australia

#15 Jan 13, 2012
Thanks Geoff. I have been frighteningly very ill up until last week-end (I never knew what shingles was or its variations. Its a real shock). One whole month now, and even now I am slow to shake off this ongoing attack of shingles that somehow doubled up on me, recurring with frightening "Knock him to the Ground Brain-pain explosion". Don't you dare call it a headache!
Such a fright for Pam, I had to send my poor wife away to stay with friends as she was so shocked to see her never complaining brave ex Royal Marine husband of 55 years marriage screaming in a screwed-up heap and clawing at the waine skirting (rats do that don't they?) Had five explosive bouts of two and three minutes duration. Honestly, I thought that was me finished. Can you believe a roll of steel barbed wire permanent headache between my temples, but then some power of the real devil decides to twist it around (Jesus Christ!)
I never got to send any Xmas cards. Even now I hear everyones attempt to phone me but wont lift myself to answer, or not until next week. I believe I am slowly improving. But slow.
Wow.... Oh for some sleep! Now four weeks without leaving the house or my bed except to go to four hospitals, see five doctors , have a brain scan and three opthamolgy tests on my eyes. You're the first I've opened up to. My own doctor is back off leave next week. Hooray, but what amazes me is that no one could do anything except offer me various controlled issue Morphine style drugs. I'm now a registered druggy, Ha!(Surely not me who is against all types of pills, even aspirin!) Seems the rash got under my scalp. All ddoctors have stopped me from driving.

Thanks all the same Geoff, but don't come round as I wont answer the door to anyone just yet. Cheers and happy new year. Just remembered I forgot to phone Pam and wish her happy 55th wedding anniverary. But then last week I couldn't have cared less. More when I feel better eh.

Hey, happy new year to you and your mum. And don't ever get double dose shingles in the head -eyes or whatever.

BrianRWatkins 010 618 234 0


Mcdonough, GA

#16 Jan 17, 2012
I was diagnosed with shingles 3 days ago, I started with the back pain, neck shoulder and down left arm pain 7 days ago. yesterday started having sharp pains in left side of head. Is this common with shingles. I am taking valtrex and have been since Sat. 3 days ago.

Honolulu, HI

#18 Jan 20, 2012
cathy wrote:
i have severe left arm pain and was having sharp pains under left breast in t0p 0f ribs f0r 5 days n0w. i have been diagn0sed with shingles but n0 rash yet. prescribed lyrica and valtrex t0day. any0ne kn0w h0w l0ng until the pain st0ps. thanks
Did your pain go away as I have the pain for 8 weeks in the same places and take Lyrica. Please let me know. Thank you.
Beverly ([email protected])

Honolulu, HI

#19 Jan 20, 2012
I have had shingles for 8 weeks under left rib and stomach and the pain is so sharp and throbs and sure hurts. I take Lyrica and does that help and did you get the pain that long or has it gone away the pain with stabbing pains? Let me know at [email protected]

Thank you,
Brian Watkins

Ingle Farm, Australia

#20 Jan 21, 2012
The pain is very slow to go away. I'm at day 36 and the real knock me to the ground pain 'BRAIN PAIN' came at days 16 and 17 and 18. It was then I went to our emergency doctor for a week long course of ENDONE. My own doctor returned from his Xmas vacation on 16th of Jan and stated me on LYRICA. Seems to be good as I am 85% and able to do things again.
I'm told I'll have this head pain over my eye for as long as six months. But I'm managing it all a bit better now. Brian W

Wrens, GA

#21 Feb 19, 2012
nobody came to listen to everyone complaining about the same thing over and over again. people came here for answers to get it to stop not listen to your crying over it.

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