Chronic shingles on eye 2x/year

Nashville, TN

#42 Sep 29, 2009
Alice in Florida wrote:
I have been dealing with shingles on the right side of face head and eye since June of 09. It
is the worst pain I've ever experienced. It got into my eye and caused inflamation, thankfully I had a wonderful eye doctor who kept me from losing my sight. Early treatment is very important. Gabapentent made me very ill. Valtrex and Lyrica helped. I was sent to a pain center where I received 3 cervical spine injections which helped. Post herpetic pain is painful and could be with you for over ma year. I have to keep drops in my eye to keep them moist. I have a poor immune system. I think most doctord agree it comes about from stress. I didnt't know about this sight till today. It makes me fill like i'm not crazy after listening to others. My eye doctor recommended I ask my primary doctor for lydicaine gel to rub on area of forehead that had shingles to help with the post herpetic pain. Thanks
You can get the lidocaine/aloe vera gel at a sports store that sells outdoor sports equipment AND from a pharmacy. Look under sunburn treatment. I live with my lidocaine/aloevera gel --being very careful to not get it into my eye -- but I put it on my forehead, into the fore part of my left scalp and over my nose. It helps ease sensations for me.

Aurora, CO

#43 Nov 6, 2009
Have had chronic shingles on my hip for 15 years, Western meds are helpful but do not do the job. Research alternative healing stuff like Shingles No More and PHN No More and MMS and others. Research pays off. Get an ETPS unit . It works true miracles, especially if you have it near an eye and can't use some of the topical stuff that's out there. Avoid Arginine,it feeds shingles,it's in lots of foods, often you can balance the intake with L-Lysine.HerbPharm sells chaparral,a SUPER virus stopper. Find someone who does Bioenergetic testing and therapy, it is another miracle that has even cured cancer repeatedly. You're not stuck with just regular western medicine, that stuff IS scary. Build your immune system,it is the biggest part of getting over this crap. Drink LOTS of water, look up that treatment too and the consequences of chronic dehydration. You CAN beat this, I am.

New York, NY

#44 Nov 14, 2009
I had shingles with bells palsy of my face 6 years ago.

My diet was not good (lots of sugar), and my job was too stressful.

A year later I was diagnosed with a slow-growing brain tumor (meningioma).

After quitting my job, improving my diet, and getting radiation for the tumor, I'm fine. Stress kills - if you're getting stress-related shingles, my guess is that you need to change your life.

Lisbon Falls, ME

#45 Nov 23, 2009
Are you sure it's not sacral herpes, basically genital herpes, and not shingles???? Though shingles are caused by a herpes virus, it shouldn't occur with any frequency like cold sores or genital herpes. Maybe you should get it cultured to make sure.
arlene wrote:
I am 49 years old and am having my 13th outbreak of shingles. My outbreaks are on one side of my buttocks. They have been in the same place every time. I have heard of people getting it on their eyes. I have been tested for HIV and it was negative. So far me and the DR think it may be stress realted. So I take ativan when I feel stressed and it does seem to stop some of the outbreaks but when I am really upset it doesn't stop the outbreak but it lessons the size of the outbreak. I take Valtrex when the blisters appear and it really helps lessen the time of the outbreak and the pain and itching. I hope this helps you. Are you sure it is shingles and not pink eye? Either way don't rub them and keep your hands very clean. If you have to touch your eye, use a kleenex, throw it away and wash your hands thouroughly.

Nashville, TN

#46 Dec 2, 2009
Roni wrote:
I've been getting shingles on my eyelid 2 times/year for the last 4 years. I started getting them in my early 30's. I've been to eye doctors and general practitioners & they all say they've never seen anyone get shingles like this in the same spot on the eye twice/year at such an early age. No one can help me. They give me a prescription for acyclovar & something for the neuralgia and send me on my way. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I'm worried about losing my eyesight someday.
Roni -- stay in today. Today you have not lost your eyesight. And who knows what will happen in the years to come. I am saying this because I, too, must live in TODAY. I have post herpetic neuralgia in my left eye -- it turns red and irritated when I wean off my steroids. My skin is affected by the post-herpetic stuff, too, on my upper left side of my face. I am 56 and concerned about my eyesight, too. But I have today and today, I can see well - although the left eye is different from my right eye. And, I have learned that the doctors don't have an answer for post-herpetic neuralgia. Someday there will be an answer, but searching for one on-line and talking w/ people who have been successful is the very best thing I can do today. The doctors don't know.(I am in a hospital working daily w/ docs by the way)
I see my eye doctor every 3-6 months and my internal medicine at least twice a year. That way if they ever do learn something new -- well, I'll be in there soon. Hang in there. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Read and research on-line. But if you have vision today - say thank you. Fretting about it - only increases anxiety, increases nerve issues. God bless.

Campbell Hall, NY

#47 Jan 14, 2010
Trish wrote:
Reading all of your messages is not very encouraging to me. I am recovering from shingles on the left side of my head, face and eye. It has been the worst pain I have ever had. I am so concerned about me eye. I have been seeing the Opthamologist about twice per week. I am so concerned about my eyesight! I see where many of you have had shingles over and over. I do not want them again. I can't go through this pain and numbness repeatedly. I wish you all the best. I will definitely say a prayer for you all. Let me know if you find anything that helps prevent recurrence.
Trish - I too have shingles on the right side of my head (scalp, face and eye) and it's taking a long time to heal. The best help I have found with the pain is NOW Brewers Yeast - I mix a heaped teaspoon in a small amount of orange juice several times a day ( I shake them vigorously in a jar). It doesn't completely heal the pain but lessens the intensity incredibly. Sometimes I forget to take the Brewers Yeast but the increase in pain reminds me.

Nashville, TN

#48 Jan 14, 2010
Marlene -- The vast majority of people do NOT have multiple cases of shingles. Those who do are on-line getting support. I have had only the one case of shingles. I still have post-herpetic neuralgia which is very livable for me. I have a bright red eye, and numbness on my face below my hairline. Occasionally, the tip of my nose itches and drives me crazy. But, I do not have unbearable pain at all. I don't have pain. I have mild annoyance. It doesn't bother me to the extent that I am easily irritated. I'm happy, playful, energetic even with the numbness, red left eye and almost daily feeling of having a spider on the tip of my nose. YOU ARE STILL EARLY in this process. Don't give up on recovering and enjoying life again. That is what bugged me most about the shingles -- I thought my life was over. It wasn't.
Marlene wrote:
<quoted text>
Trish - I too have shingles on the right side of my head (scalp, face and eye) and it's taking a long time to heal. The best help I have found with the pain is NOW Brewers Yeast - I mix a heaped teaspoon in a small amount of orange juice several times a day ( I shake them vigorously in a jar). It doesn't completely heal the pain but lessens the intensity incredibly. Sometimes I forget to take the Brewers Yeast but the increase in pain reminds me.
spelt 1970

Bracey, VA

#49 Feb 16, 2010
I am 39 and was just diagnosed with my first case of shingles on the hairline of my face and in my left eye. I was hospitalized for 5 days and am now at home trying to recooperate. I was placed in the hospital on Feb. 9th. My ear(which had been aching for a week and had been misdiagnosed as an ear infection) was checked. My eye was checked by the eye doctor and had a CT scan. All checked out to be OK. I am now finishing anti-viral medicine at home by mouth. My main worry is the pain that shoots between my eyes and the numbness and tingling that I am experiencing. I pray I am early in this and patience and time will help me to improve. I miss my teaching. Good luck to everyone out there!
Daves wife

Annandale, MN

#50 Mar 8, 2010
2 years ago my 55 year old husband was given a statin drug for slightly elevated cholesterol, and around the same time, developed shingles on his left eye and forehead. He was hospitalized for a week on Valtrex, and morphine for the intense pain. He's been on Lyrica and hydrocodone for 2 years, and still gets flare ups, and is very sensitve to light. The nerve pain is stinging and the drugs make him sleepy. He recently was put on Cymbalta in an effort to peel back the codone. Then we saw an article at the chiropractors about the statin-shingles connection, and he gave up the statin in favor of Omega 3. It's been 2 weeks, and things are slowly improving. Really, finally. Days in a row without pain. Keep looking.

United States

#51 May 14, 2010
I had my second episode of shingles, with pneumonia simultaneously, last month. I had been in mild pain and exhausted for a few weeks before, then the pain became so severe I couldn't bear it. Since there was no rash (zoster sine herpetes), it took much longer to diagnose this time. Finally I got a small rash about 2 inches in diameter. But the pain followed my neural pathway around my back to the front of my ribs in a band.I may have had the Valtrex a tad too late. The pain has continued. I tried accupressure, with mild results, peppermint oil which temporarily helps with surface pain, capsaicin, which caused a great deal of pain, gabapentin, which was useful to help me sleep but made me unable to function during the day, and tramadol, which did nothing.
One thing that happened this year is that my doctor had switched me from cimetidine (as in Tagamet) to rantinidine (as in Zantac), for my acid reflux. I have since learned that the cimetidine actually can help prevent the reoccurence of shingles and shorten the duration . It was actually investigated as a drug for shingles but pharmaceutical companies decided not to pursue it because it was already OTC and no big money could be made off it.

Cleveland, OH

#52 May 19, 2010
Oh my god. I have had this for over 3 years now and i can tell you IT IS ON BOTH SIDES OF BODY. I only hope some doctors read this.
Especially since other people are having the same things happen.
First i had it on the middle of my back. And than i had it again on the back. Then it showed up on the right thigh. I still have a redness patch there. Looks like a red birthmark.
That was over a year ago. Now i'm getting them on the left and right side of my forehead. And let me tell you. First its burning, then its like stinging needles going thought the burning area.
Then it is streaks of head migrane pain.
Then finally it turn to blisters and the pain
stays for at least a week. Then is get a little better. But not much.
I've seen 3 different doctors on this case. And
they all said it was not shingles. That's bull!!!!
I was prescribed neurotin, and and antibiotic. Which was started during the blister period of the out break.And didn't seem to help at all.
I mean to say common DOCTOR'S. You can get shingles on both sides of the body.

United States

#53 Jul 3, 2010
I've had shingles in my right eye and 1/4 upper face and scalp on right for 3 weeks now. It started with a migraine and my eye gradually getting swollen, read and tearing. And the pain and pressure in my eye was horrible, extending through my sinuses and teeth. Went to a walk-in clinic, was disgusted by the doctor just giving me a scrip for vicodin for the migraine, so then went to the ER - there, I was treated only for the migraine through IV, while I did start out with a little red patch on my right eyelid, noticed by others but not by the doctors or nurses. Went to the eye doctor(optometrist)2 days later, was given antibiotic eye drops. Next day the migraine was gone but my eye was worse, swollen upper lid, redness, constant watering. Next day, had my mom drive me to the eye doctor since my eye was so swollen that I didn't trust driving. Was given antibiotic eye drops and had to call to check in 2 days later; meanwhile, rash developed and eye doctor then prescribed Valtrex and trifluridine eye drops for 7 days. So there was a 5-day delay in finally getting the right diagnosis and treatment. I spent that first week on my couch, with some nausea (ginger candies are great for this), and fever up and down, and not able to be upright more than 15-20 minutes at a time before needing to just lay down again. This past week, my eye got worse again - swollen, red, pain and pressure, and tearing - I have a petsitting business, so I do a lot of driving and I have yet to find dark enough sunglasses for the excruciating brightness while driving and being outside. I ended up at an ophthalmalogist's office Tuesday, and am on Valtrex again, steroids and steroid eye drops. I did stop at the walk-in clinic to let them know their mis-diagnosis, and intend to let the ER doctors know as well just in case someone else comes in like I did. I have no health insurance, and do normally get migraines - why would I go for expensive treatment if I didn't think this was more than my normal migraine? It's sickening how traditional medical professionals don't listen to the patient - the whole thing has been so frustrating! I was in a lot of stress during the few weeks before this hit me, over a very hurtful relationship breakup. So I know this came about because of the stress. I did hear of a client of mine getting relief after 3 months of shingles by going for acupuncture, so I'm keeping that in mind. I've taken notes here from everyone mentioning different treatments to try, and will visit the health food store for the omega-3 and l-lysine to try. I can't imagine dealing with this recurring for years - something's got to work! I wish everyone here the best in healing - it's always good to learn what others are doing for treatments.:)
Bolo the Clown

Haleyville, AL

#54 Jul 7, 2010
My eyeball and around my left eye began to get sore to the touch, then I began to have sharp pains from my temple are into my eye and down the left side of my face. I thought I was getting sinusitis so I put up with it for a couple of days, then it got so bad that I went to my regular doc without an appt. He worked me in, and told me he would give me something for sinusitis, but that he thought I had the shingles. Because of the immense pain in my temple, he sent me for a brain scan, nothing there, and then he sent me to the eye doc. The eye doc confirmed that I had shingles. She prescribed Valtrex and a steroid eyedrop, and pain tablets. In a couple of days, blisters broke out around my eye and on my forehead, up into my scalp on the left side of my head. I lay in bed a big part of the next 2 or 3 weeks, and had virtually no appetite for food, losing 20 lbs. The blisters and pain left me after about a month but then I was one of the unlucky percentile that gets postherpedes neuralgia(or whatever it's called). Anyway I'm going on my fourth month and the left side of my face is so sensitive I can't wear a cap and can hardly stand to comb my hair. My left eyes is sore behind it and it hurts to blink it, though not bad. Just enough to let you know it's sore. And stays red all the time. My eye, eyebrow, and scalp on the left side itches not constantly, but enough to run you half crazy sometime. My family doc said shingles normally clear up in 6-8 weeks. Maybe the shingles do, but not the postherpedes neuralgia. It can go on for months or even the rest of your life. At my age,that might not be too long, but I hate to put up with this for the duration. Like I said, I'm into my fourth month and counting. Good luck to all on here. Maybe everyone will get lucky for a change.
Daves wife

United States

#55 Aug 3, 2010
In the"we'll try anything" mode, we read about the effects of super magnets to deal with chronic . There are no bad side effects, and there seems to be some improvement. More good days. The first day, he even "forgot" to take the hydrocodone, and that was the first time in 2 and a half years since this painful PHN began. Quitting the statin drugs did not eliminate the flare-ups as we had hoped, but he still visits our friendly chiropractor every 2 weeks, in hopes that his own body can deal with the damage. I'm wondering if the Lyrica and Cymbalta interfere with the healing messages, by blocking pain and the body's response to it.????
randy birmingham al

United States

#56 Sep 8, 2010
Hi I had shingles tried everything possiable to stop the itching the burning. Its been about 5 yrs ago I had them on the right side of my face and head. Was unbearable went to medical center east bham ala they treated me for poison oak for about a week of me going to the emergency room so I have scars where it eat my face up especially the right side of my nose yes I still wake up at night rubbing my face and head. The best eye drops to use is visine a has anahestmine in it help my eye from beeing so red. I'm 40. Now hope I never get them again I would rather be dead then to ever go through that again although I have had a place on my left butcheek it kinda looks like shingles. All you need to keep on the scars pollysporin. I hope god watches out for us that has to go through so much pain. Its almost unbearable hope you get well soon. Ill say my prayer now for everyone that has shingle god bless you amen. Praise the lord halllalua

San Antonio, TX

#57 Oct 4, 2010
Feel compelled to add my comments about shingles in the eye. For any of you who get shingles anywhere near your eye, you need to see an (please excuse misspellings) opthamologist (an MD, not an optomatrist)RIGHT AWAY!
I first was diagnosed with shingles in my left eye at age 43. I thought I had conjunctivitis, but for some reason went to the "eye dr." and he immediately diagnosed it. I have NEVER had shingles anywhere else but in my eye. It travels up the optic nerve, and I was told you will only get it in one eye, and probably the eye had some sort of trauma at some point. I was treated with antiviral drops (took 3 pharmacies to find it in stock), plus antibiotic drops to prevent a secondary bacterial infection, and lastly, steroid drops. I had to go back 2 to 3 times a week for progress checks. Fortunately it completely healed with no damage to my eye. Took 4 - 6 weeks total. Dr. told me to come in immediately if I ever even suspected I had it again. Got checked twice over the next few years when my allergies were bad and it wasn't shingles, but alas, almost 5 years to the day, he said, yep, you have them again. He had his partner, an opthalmologist, come in to see me right away. Again, I was put on the antiviral drops, then steroid drops, but I also was given a prescription for Valtrex, 1000 mg. a day. When that outbreak cleared up, the opth. told me to take 500 mg. of Valtrex a day for the rest of my life. It's been two years since that outbreak, and I have asked him if I could stop taking the Valtrex, and answer was NO. I think that it makes my joints and muscles ache, but after reading another shingles blog, I don't ever want to have the pain associated with shingles, and I certainly don't ever want to lose the sight in my eye! Yes, it can cause you to go blind. I don't think my doctors would lie to me about that. After reading some people's horrible stories of the pain and agony they've endured, I feel fortunate that joint pain is my only side effect. BTW, I never had any pain associated with the shingles in my eye; just a lot of discharge and redness. I just wanted to make sure that people don't mess around with shingles near your eye. My boss' son (12) has shingles frequently, and he starts Valtrex immediately (they keep a prescription from their doctor), and he gets checked at the eye dr. immediately (he gets them on his face close to his eye). Incidentally, he had the chickenpox vaccine as a baby, and my boss swears it "gave" him shingles, as her other son wasn't vaccinated and has never had them.
Bolo the Clown

Winfield, AL

#58 Oct 4, 2010
Going into my eighth month now and the post herpetic neuralgia is still with me. Sensitive area from my left eye up through my left scalp, and frequent itching that sometimes is hard to relieve by scratching it. Doctor told me there wasn't anything for the itching. Damaged nerve endings. The itching is not on the skin surface, it is deep. If anybody has the same thing and know of anything that relieves the itching somewhat, I'd like to hear about it. Maybe the cooler weather will be better on me. The hot weather was rough.

Best of luck to all.

United States

#59 Oct 5, 2010
Since the vaccine for chicken pox is a live attenuated vaccine, there always is the possibility that a child might get chicken pox and later shingles from it. Getting chicken pox would create the risk for getting shingles too, except possibly worse. Some kids, like mine, only get one or two little sores with chicken pox, it's hardly even visible. They are still at risk for developing shingles later in life. But the problem with your boss swearing that one child developed chicken pox because of the vaccine is that it cannot be proven. He might have had the vaccine too early and not developed immunity, been exposed to chicken pox and had such a mild case that it was not noticed as such. Then the virus sat dormant in his body until it decided to wreak havoc. The other child could still be at risk for developing shingles later, especially since he is constantly exposed to his brother's shingles .

United States

#60 Oct 5, 2010
It is now a full year since my bout w/ shngles. Ugh. My eye stll becomes reddened. Cannot go outsde w/out sunglasses. Left pupl is frozen open and th eleft side of my nose, left upper facial quadrant and left side of scalp stll tingle/itch. I have pulled the car over to fight wth an imaginary spider and realized it was the neuralgia. I laughed. My symptoms are easy to live with -- just wish I didn't have to at all.
Bolo the Clown wrote:
Going into my eighth month now and the post herpetic neuralgia is still with me. Sensitive area from my left eye up through my left scalp, and frequent itching that sometimes is hard to relieve by scratching it. Doctor told me there wasn't anything for the itching. Damaged nerve endings. The itching is not on the skin surface, it is deep. If anybody has the same thing and know of anything that relieves the itching somewhat, I'd like to hear about it. Maybe the cooler weather will be better on me. The hot weather was rough.
Best of luck to all.

Fowlerville, MI

#61 Oct 23, 2010
Sylvana wrote:
I'm now into my 17th week with eye shingles and although I am slowly getting better I still suffer severe pain in the eyebrow, eye socket and temple area. Any face expression involving this area feels like I have had stiffener painted on it and to touch it lightly is not pleasant. I am still on the heavy medication as mentioned above.
I am wondering when one says they get Shingles back two or three times a year, do you mean you get the initial pain and sickness then the blisters appear again, or does one only get more intense pain and one assumes they have Shingles (without blisters) back again.? Also I am interested to know if anyone has actually known or heard of anyone getting totally over Cronic Eye Shingles and getting back to normal without any trace of having them.? Interestingly enough I haven't and I would be very interested to know.!
--i am now in my 6th month of treatment for eye shingles! i go to the eye doctor once a week-it has been one problem after the other (iritis, swollen cornea, shingles, etc etc) i have been on daily eye drops regimens fro for these 6 months(antiviral drops and steriods)-when on meds, symptoms subside. as soon as off meds, symptoms recur-i am very discouraged as i see this as maybe a lifelong battle-doc says thankfully no permanent eye damage, but it is a daily struggle and fight to just try to keep it under control--i am not optimistic of being able to get off meds and get it stabilized

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