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Providence, RI

#1 Apr 20, 2007
I have read somewhere that Pure Lavender Oil works well to kill scabies. Does anyone know anything about it or where it can be purchased?

Since: Apr 07

new york city

#2 Apr 21, 2007
i've been looking for natural/homeopathic remedies, and i haven't come across pure lavender oil as being somehing that kills scabies.
Fed Up


#3 Apr 21, 2007
Rosemary and Lavender is supposed to help some. I don't believe it. I do know that Rosemary is supposed to act as a repellent.

Denver, CO

#4 May 9, 2007
I once used pure lavender oil when I first contracted scabies. The oil was the Young Living brand - one of the best on the market. It did not work. In fact, I think it exacerbated the problem.

I had also read somewhere at the time that Ylang Ylang oil would help. But again, it did not. My .02 cents.

Cheyenne, WY

#5 Jun 7, 2008
for scabies i recommend a mixture of one or more or any one of these of eucalyptus, tea tree, and white thyme i would also add lavender to help heal the skin after the fact. use of these oils work as a deterrent i would also add some to my laundry and make a fabric spray with the oils and some pure grain alcohol to keep them out of your house. tea tree when mixed in shampoo and conditioner will repel head lice also


#6 Jun 7, 2008
If you want to make them feel less itchy there are tons of over the counter things you can use. If you want to cure them, no. You'll have to use Permethrin 5 days apart, or sulfer until it goes away, and maybe supplement with oral Ivermectin. If it's gone on a long time, it will be at least three treatments of Perm or Sulfer for a month or more. Sulfer is longer and stinkier but more natural.


#7 Jun 7, 2008
You can also use Eurax aka Crotamiton for three days for a couple of cycles. I think the five days apart cycle seems to help the most, I think the seven days seems to miss a few. That's just from my own experience. Also, some people have used Benzol Benzoate with some success, but I don't know about that one. BB is good to wash with according to Sam. I don't know anyone who was cured with BB alone though. But nothing that seems nice ever kills scabies. Also, some posters have had some early success with pour on Ivermectin, but again, that needs to be carefully dosed, so figure out your dose before you start slathering it on. More or less, most people get cured with Perm if they stick with it for three times and wash and clean their clothes and use a permethrin spray for fabrics on anything they can't clean well, unless they have cats, then it's bad for cats, so use DeFlea pet and area spray if you have kittys. Its a drag, but it's better to overdo and get rid of them as fast as you can, before they get really hard to get rid of. And put any pets on Revolution for a couple of months. This is really an overview from somebody who kept them at bay with OTC's but did not get rid of them until I went prescription meds. I could have done it with sulfer, too, I think, but mainly, I don't think I could commit to wearing a cream all day for a month.


#8 Jun 7, 2008
Correction: BB is good to wash CLOTHES with according to Sam. You never want to add water to BB on your skin, it burns to ever add water to Benzol Benzoate on your skin. In fact if you sweat a lot in the summer, don't use BB as it will burn if you're too sweaty. Many people use BB as more of a spot treat. Hope this helps. Give up on the sweet smelling OTCs, you'll loose time and patience, as you have to keep up the laundery etc. the whole time you go through this. Get it all done at once. Get an arsenol together and use it.

Downingtown, PA

#9 Apr 13, 2010
Hi, I too searched for a cure for scabies and the terrible scars it left behind and thankfully found a website called sixthcense.com where I bought tea tree oil to treat the scabies and lavender oil which healed my scars. I was skeptical at first because I had tried so many things without success. But these worked beautifully and I am now scabies free and scar free! I had scars all over my arms and legs for months at I tried various products until I started using the oils. The lavender is like a magic potion for scabies scars and you'll see results in just a few days (it has a lot of other practical uses too). I can't say enough good things about it!!

Downingtown, PA

#10 Apr 13, 2010
correction: the website is sixthcensearomatherapy.com or 6thsense.co. m
merry beth

United States

#11 Apr 13, 2010
You can get all of the oils off Ebay also.

Houston, TX

#12 Apr 13, 2010
Don't waste your money. They are nice to have around but won't help. Been there done that.

Downingtown, PA

#13 Apr 14, 2010
sorry to read they didn't help you Buggie, but I had tried everything too - borax soaks, bleach soaks etc. which helped but didn't cure me. It was the use of tea tree that did the job. I then tried the lavender on my hideous scars and it actually soothed and healed them.

Brisbane, Australia

#14 Apr 27, 2012
Does olive oil,lavender oil,tea tree oil n peppermint oil work. my son n myself are going crazy.. HELP PLEASE


#15 Apr 28, 2012
Chantelle wrote:
Does olive oil,lavender oil,tea tree oil n peppermint oil work. my son n myself are going crazy.. HELP PLEASE
Check the rest of the threads on this site. You need to use several remedies, not just one.
Get Lyclear, put it on everywhere (scalp, face, ears) leave it on as long as you can, reapply to hands after washing. Some people have left it on for 3 days - I had to wash it off after 2. Don't wait a week before using it again.(Every 2 or three days) Sulphur (food grade from a pet and produce store mixed with body lotion is helpful. Neem oil (do a search) mixed with a carrier oil stops the mites breeding - long-term treatment worth doing as the mites have become resistant to the medically recommended treatments. Borax powder in shoes overnight, wear socks always. Put all clothes you have worn in the last 4 weeks through the dryer for over 1/2 hour on hot (sheets, pillows too). Freeze anything that can't be heat-treated - at least 12 hours (I have heard 4 days). Get disposable gloves and use them so you don't contaminate clean washing. Sprinkle borax over mattresses, couches, carpets, car-seats, then cover with plastic (not the carpet!) Hair-brushes go into white vinegar or a borax solution after use. Tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus oils are great. So is masking tape - put it on the itchy spots, leave a few hours, remove. Reapply as req. Pinetarsol gel is good between treatments ( you will probably need 3 or more) Apply to wet skin, leave on for 3 minutes (or longer) and wash off. Anything with menthol or camphor is good (look at insect repellents etc. Keep your hair up (it can give the blighters a free ride). Treat all pets asap.(Haven't yet figured out what works for them yet - Advocate half works for 2 weeks, flea wash or powder with pyrethrin helps some. Can use the pintarsol on the dogs - Vet not happy about it. My lot are on oral Ivermectin - waiting for that to do something.)
You may need to take Ivermectin yourself.(It is possible they enter the intestinal tract - I think)
Am waiting for some Manuka and tea tree oil product from NZ - they claim it will kill the Scabies mite and the eggs in one go. That would be something.
Bleach solution (1 part bleach, 5 parts water)in a spray bottle to wipe down plastic on beds, laundry baskets and everything else is good. Methylated spirits is great for cleaning too.
White vinegar on itchy spots helps, as does a sea salt spray.
Check the thread on 'how I cured myself in 3 minutes'(something like that). Wear long sleeves and pants. Wash bedding every day and all clothes daily.
Stay positive and good luck


#16 Feb 2, 2013
My 15 yr old has scabies real bad n now my 13 n 12 n 6 n 3 n 9 month old n myself have them iv tried the creams but they havent worked were going insane n I thought headlice were a bugger to get rid off.

Miami Beach, FL

#17 Feb 3, 2013
Try tea tree oil. It really works. Also, if you rub petroleum jelly (vaseline) first, it smothers them and they come to the surface. Then wipe the gunk off and apply tea tree oil and let it sink in overnight or several hours. Do this over a few days and hopefully all gone. Good luck!

United States

#18 Jul 1, 2013
I just got tea tree oil n lavender oil yesterday. I already see a difference. At least I did not itch when I woke up. Been useing tea tree oil with olive oil. I got a burn with my heating pad last night. Put lavender oil on it made it feel better took the pain away. I have had scabies for 21/2 months. Seen 3 doctors. Finally when i got to see my reguler docter she said it was scabies. Have done permethrin 5% 2 times did not help. Tea tree is good to use. My spots are gettin9g smaller. Finally. :)
Rechal christine

Columbus, OH

#19 Aug 8, 2013
I also use lavender oil. I believe this oil provides a lot of benefits. It improvises total body health. It is good for relieving depression, calming emotion and also overcome the anger. This oil provides a mental peace and also good for hair and skin. This can remove skin acne and improve your skin tone.

Anonymous Proxy

#20 Aug 23, 2013
Yes I also use lavender. It is a clear liquid and has a floral and refreshing aroma. It also has the ability of relieving depression, calming emotions and overcoming exhaustion .In skin care, it helps skin rejuvenation. Also used for hair treatments. Among all essential oils, lavender is the best.

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