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Mites, Nits, Blephartis, Vision and Health Problems WHY ME?!

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Lewisville, TX

#1 Jul 13, 2010
Looks like I am in it for the long haul. Might as well introduce myself:

I am 23 years old, currently reside in Dallas, Texas. I did 4 years deployed overseas in South Korea as a Tank Gunner, been home a since May of 2009. I am working as a Private Investigator traveling an average of 1200 miles a week everywhere and anywhere in Texas. Long hours, hot car, and cheap, dirty motel rooms. Hopefully will be starting school in the fall.

Now to my ailment.

I completely broke down early this morning after no sleep last night. I did some looking around online and thought it might be either scabies or crabs. After spending a couple of hours this afternoon, and thankfully finding this forum, here is what I have deduced:

Not body lice, at least not just body lice
Probably scabies or mutant scabies combined with some form of nit laying lice (maybe Demodex)
Maybe fast moving nit laying burrowing super-scabies (video link below)- some form of bird mite maybe?

I will try to describe what happened as best as possible. I have an active 8 year old Dalmatian (sometimes sleeps with me) who goes in the backyard. We battle fleas every summer with the dog and cats. Also 3 cats, one is pregnant. All animals go outside. No sexual contact in one week and my wife has no symptoms (as of yet, waiting to break the news to her after she gets off work). This all started last night:

About 8 pm I noticed nits on my leg hairs. I have no prior history with any sort of mites, crabs, or lice, so I didn't know what it was. My leg hairs seemed stuck together in some spots, and when I pressed both of my thumbnails together with the black hair ball in between and heard and felt a distinct pop. I thought this was odd, and found about 20 or so more, and popped them all. It thought I had gotten them all but I felt a crawling sensation on my legs and a few minutes later more appeared on the same spot. They just kept reappearing, rather rapidly -- I felt whatever this was moved pretty fast (I will go more into that later).

I thought I had gotten some sort of flea or bug from the dog, so wanting to act quickly (I had to leave for work at 5AM) we bombed the house and left for 2 hours. We came back at 10, and when I sat down at the computer 15 minutes later, all hell broke loose.

I felt a biting sensation and then when I looked at my leg it looked like I had been bitten by an ant or something, but then it started moving down my leg, like something out of "The Mummy". I have pretty skinny legs and it had bitten my right on the middle of the left leg, center where this skin is thickest against the bone. I watched as it painfully crawled about two inches and finally settled. I put my finger on it and could feel it crawling and grinding against the bone.

This was the beginning of a very painful, sleepless night. Within 15 minutes they were hatching, crawling, biting and burrowing on both legs. I then got worried and headed to the bathroom and revealed nits all over my facial hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and possibly on my hair around the ears and neck. Also nits in groin area.

I wasn't thrilled, but was glad when I saw the nits because I figured it wasn't some sort of hard to get rid of mite. I now know otherwise.

I took a long bath to try and help and cleanse whatever this was off of me, but that didn't work. I noticed new nits even after bathing. As I went to bed they started the hatch/crawl/bite/burrow cycle full blast again, and it was pretty rough.

It seemed to get aggravated when messing with the nits. If you pop or maybe just move them they hatch and go running. I of course can not see these microscopic bastards, but it feels like they are moving very quickly on my body, and then the painful bite and burrow. It might not be associate but I am thinking they at least move pretty quickly. They definitely seem to burrow faster than what I have read for scabies (2.5cm a minute). Here is a video I found:

Lewisville, TX

#2 Jul 13, 2010
Here the Bird Mites are now burrowing beneath the skin like Scabies, they have gone from ectoparasitic to endoparasitic.- We have done extensive research and found out that prolonged exposure to bird mites results in the bird mites infestation moving from ectoparasites to endoparasites (from on the skin to under the skin). It's documented that bird mites after prolong exposure move INTO the skin and body and exhibit scabies-like symptoms and burrowing. That is what we are currently dealing with. We Wont even mention the other places they are now entering and burrowing.(note May 09: symptoms worsened after this vid was made, we later were diagnosed Morgellons and have since found our health again).

Now I am not sure that is what I am working with or not but I am certainly experiencing similar symptoms.

After writhing in pain all night I took a shower and shaved all pubic and facial hair. I have done a pretty good job of not scratching, although I did try to cut one out while he was crawling. It feels like a miniature crab that you could get, but isn't.

I drove an hour to work (thank god I was local today) and it was only getting worse. I felt like there was things both scurrying rapidly across my body and crawling on skin, in addition to the biting and burrowing. I had nits all in my eyelashes and eyebrows again, and my eyes were getting heavy. Slowly my vision started to get worse and my eyelids were very swollen, only a 1/4 open. I felt things crawling around the inside of my eyes, eyelids and forehead area. Then they started burrowing in my forehead, face and nose. I freaked out again (which is something NEVER do) after fully realizing the depth of what was just turned my world upside down. I need to get to work on figuring out just what this is and treating it, fast.

Now I am currently trying to do just that, and hope you guys can help. I am holding off on a doc or dermatologist, hoping to be well-informed if I do have to go. I have heard they aren't the best at diagnosing problems like this.

What do you guys think?

I am thinking it is just one parasite, not a couple of different ones, but is it possible I have scabies, lice, AND demodex? Add in a little delusional parasitis while we are at it?

Either way I am getting some Permethrin on the way home. I really want to figure out exactly what it is before going into combat.

I thank you in advance for all of your welcome advice, help, and suggestions.

- IdRatherLoseANut
Doug in Dallas, TX

Lewisville, TX

#3 Jul 13, 2010
P.S. I am starting to get a little worried about the health problems as well. This morning my body started rapidly fading. I am normally in great physical health, I could eat and sleep better but still could pump out 70 pushups in two minutes. I am no stranger to pain or withstanding harsh or uncomfortable conditions due to my years in the Army. I now can not do one pushup and have almost zero flexibility. It hurts to turn a door handle or open the refrigerator. I cant hold my left arm above my head and my right is starting to go. Both of my elbows are swollen. My thighs feel like potato sacks filled with worms. There are creatures burrowing in my face, two of the little bastards got into each ear and are working their way towards my brain as we speak. My body is sore all over with moderate back pain. It hurts to move, and I limp when I walk. My egg-laden eyelids are swollen over my parasite infested eyeball 75% shut. I am not sure what to make of these sudden physical symptoms, and they may not be related, but something surely has got me seriously ill.

I feel like I should be on the Discovery Channel,'Monsters Inside Me'. If I only knew what it was..

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#4 Jul 13, 2010
Yes , it's entirely possible that you have all of them bar the delusional parasitosis , do not even hint that you think it you might be imagining it !
I'm not best placed to help you (UK) but I'm sure some US posters will be along soon .
Hang in there and zap them hard -perm,ivermectin , hot washing etc.
Good luck.

Lewisville, TX

#5 Jul 13, 2010
Well I would much rather it be just one, preferably one that does not survive off its host 9 months.

I will admit some of the Morgellons symptoms seem to be right on, especially when you consider the body pain:

* formication, the sensation of insects "moving, stinging or biting" beneath the skin
* skin lesions, both spontaneous and self-inflicted
* musculoskeletal effects and pain, including joints, muscles, tendons and connective tissue
* disabling fatigue
* cognitive and emotional effects

I have yet to see any hairs though, and frankly I don't care too. I want this to be a problem chemicals can fix, and not of the anti-psychotic variety.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Morgellons, although that seems hard to diagnose and thats a whole nother can of beans anyway..

I definitely am feeling all of those above symptoms though..

This would be something that would happen to me. The Morgellons I mean, considering my stress level, state of mind, and bad luck.

Never thought I would wish I just had crabs..



Hollywood, FL

#6 Jul 13, 2010
Sounds like bird mites...

check out the arm and hammer thread.

visit the birdmitesorg yahoo group.

there's a spray you can use. it's for dogs. called happy jacks sardex. has 29% benzyl benzoate in it. bb is a scabicide.

do a search on here for ivermectin and read up on it.

happy jacks also sells permethrin, but it is 17% and it contains the good PBO. and it's cheap. you can cut it in half, down to 8% with lotion.

sublimed sulfur mixed with lotion or vaseline works, too.

read some of the threads on here.

good luck.
oh, you need to treat your dog, too. these mites need hosts to survive, so your pets are probably hosts, too, even those the mites you picked up might not be scabies or mange mites, they will survive off of you and your pets.

demodex mites are different. they are a sign of a weak immune system, so I don't think you have them, as yours are very visible. bird mites.

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#7 Jul 13, 2010
It sounds like you're having a severe possibly anaphylactic/allergic reaction to what's happening ; if I were you I'd get someone to drive you to the nearest ER or it that's not possible ,call a cab .
Please do that; if it's visibly obvious ie swollen eyes then maybe you'll be taken seriously ,tell them about the rapid deterioration today
Please keep us informed but please go ....GO now !

Since: Jul 10

Location hidden

#8 Jul 13, 2010
I agree with benG1 please head to a hospital that doesn't sound good at all good luck and please let us know what happens

Lewisville, TX

#9 Jul 13, 2010
Just got out of a hot bath and applied the Permethrin lotion. It was the 1% crap from walgreens. Does the stronger stuff work better? I applied it to my entire body, and noticed an immediate reaction from the bugs, they certainly seemed agiated and before even finishing applying the lotion it felt like there were at least 20 more that had burrowed in various places from head to toe. I snapped a picture of one on my rear end, you can see the burrow marks which are straight up and about an inch long. Hopefully that can help.
I am gonna leave the lotion on and keep at it. I am expecting it to get worse before it gets better, but have read success stories after one dose of lotion.
I feel a little better after the bath, but still cant open a can of coke and am very sore. Hope I am not in shock. If whatever this is will eventually take me, I hope it goes quickly instead of this misery.
Ill be checking in regularly.

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#11 Jul 13, 2010
Doug , I don't know how the US health system works but I think you should go to your nearest ER whilst all your symptoms are at their worst and most visible as I think you'd get the right treatment and hopefully for free as scabies can be a public health problem . Get your arse down there !:)
1% perm is not going to do it !

Lewisville, TX

#12 Jul 13, 2010
Thats the one thing, currently without insurance and very broke. Wanted to go to the ER driving home when I could hardly see, but unsure of what to expect.

Does anyone know I eligible for VA health services for this. I was only in the military for 4 years and was under the impression free VA healthcare was only available for those who retired or had service-connected disabilities.


#14 Jul 14, 2010
Better read some posts of the Case Report thread.

There is no epidemiological link to suggest that a new invasive specie has entered the arena. All doctors from east to west do the same.
They refuse to make a correct diagnosis.

Only if proper bacteriological/fungal research has been performed you can draw a conclusion.

It is exactly this that the attending medic will avoid try to do.
However, many medics see no problem to suggest scabies...

Your case shows NOTHING new.

You live in the great era of molecular biology.

Even if your symptoms resemble scabies, or whatever you come up with,
you would not find your answer outside the index of known human pathogen.

The ongoing epidemic, as well as the still to introduce new US legislation
indicates that it finally all is about staphylococcus aures.

However, the VIRULENCE you talk about is quite likely derived from initial manipulation on escherichia coli, and the genes that code for antibiotic resistance are transfered via a so called MOBILE GENETIC ELEMENT.

The microbial load you are with, starts to recombine.
This results in a behavior called SWARMING.

Why not read a few posts on the Case report thread.

United States

#15 Jul 14, 2010
I should probably have mentioned that I carry MRSA (Staph) in my blood. I have recurrent infections that sometimes can get pretty bad. I have been battling staph for 4 years since catching it in 06 in Korea.:(

Response unit


#16 Jul 14, 2010
No, you do very good, mentioning first what you think it is all about, and only than come up with the clue!

Probably the Staphylococcus Aureus you are with (MRSA) derives its virulence from a series mobile gentic element(s) that reside on escherichia coli.

So to treat effectively, you would need to treat as well gram positives as gram negatives.

Your best investment is to fly to the Republic of Georgia, or Poland.
They treat with phage, or a combination of phage and antibiotic.

Georgia has the biggest library of phage.
There also seems to exist an agent in California, but the treatment centre is over the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

Also Russia offers similar treatment.

Maybe what people finally fight is scientific conduct?

Lewisville, TX

#17 Jul 14, 2010
After doing a little more research and more cleansing, I am beginning to think I am have a serious condition of staph in the lungs.

The pain is only getting greater, beginning to be to unbearable to even drive, and that greatly affects my work (my car is my office). I have swelling in my joints, severe joint pain and headaches. It is difficult to breath and my chest feels heavy.

I think possibly due to my lowered immune system (bad eating and sleep habits) and climate change (repeated 10+ hour days inside a car) the staph that was in my bloodstream is having an outbreak, and if my lungs are affected, I could get seriously ill.

I am heading to the doctor RIGHT NOW, hopefully he can correctly diagnose and prescribe some medication for the pain. I am not sure about anti biotics as I tried most all of them with no success.

I will post an update when I get home.

Thanks for all the support guys.


Since: Aug 09

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#18 Jul 15, 2010
How did it go Doug ?

Lewisville, TX

#19 Jul 15, 2010
Sorry, went right to bed after I got home last night.

Pretty much as I expected, except the $560 bill.

I saw my family doc that I have seen since I was a kid. Last time I was there was 2006 when I first got staph. I explained the recent joint and muscle pain, along with the marks on my legs, face, hands, etc. that had what looked to be staph.

I didn't mention bugs or mites because I know that would only lead to trouble and future diagnoses of delusions.

He prescribed doxycycline for the staph, etodoloac for the joint swelling, and hydrocodone for the pain.

They took my blood and took a culture from an infected spot on my face.

I got the distinct feeling that he did not believe me on all accounts. Like he didn't want to associate staph and all around body pain.

He didn't believe it was in or could have gotten into my lungs, and I think he thought I was just trying to get pain meds, which he gave me 12 of. WTF?!

He also took an EKG and Chest X-Rays, said they looked good.

I feel a little better this morning after finally getting a good long nights sleep, and the meds seem to be working, at least for the pain.

I don't know if this is a bacteria, parasite, or my mind playing games. Whatever it is I dont want it to just mysteriously go away, I want physical evidence.

We will see what develops.


Parkville, MD

#21 Jul 15, 2010
with treating these things you must think logically about doing it, because you can re-infect everything pretty easy.

Once you have treated yourself, realized that you will still have them in, on, and around you. Do not get discouraged, as you will methodically kill them.

First, GENEROUSLY Spray your car (EVERY COMPONENT)with the Ultrashield Sprayer, and sprinkle the livestock dust on the floor. Spray and sprinkle the trunk. Roll up the windows and go to the house to treat it.

Next give yourself 2 hours to get out of the house(and open the windows)after this treatment. Sprinkle EVERYTHING with the dust except the kitchen and bathroom. Sprinkle the carpet and furniture (generously). Sprinkle the tables, open drawers, dvd, dvr, tv, ornaments, knick-knacks.

Spray your bed with the Rid Bedding Spray (because of the fine mist)

Next, get the trash bags and all of you clothes that you have worn. Spray all of your worn clothes generously with the Ultrashield EX spray (this will be strong fumes, but not nauseous), top it off with a bit of the Gordon's livestock dust then put those clothes in the bags, and close the bags up (tie them if you can). Put them in a corner you don't walk near.

pick out clothes to wear for the next three days, but do not pick them up or put them on till use. Look to spray the clothes that you have not worn after you start to feel as if the bugs are not eating you up, then you treat the unworn clothes.

Then, Spray EVERYTHING (EVERYTHING) except important papers with the Ultrasheild EX. Go lite on tables and furniture (in between cushions), but go heavy with the the furniture (and don't spray the bed) the fumes with be to much to sleep that night if you do.(that is what the RID spray is for).

Spray the RID bedding spray in your wife/kid purses and your wallet.(don't forget everything could be infected by the mites and or their feces.

Spray the Kitchen and Bathroom with UltraSheild EX.

Now, Leave the house with windows open for a of couple hours, relax as much as you can. Come back home. Sleep.

Let the carpet, furniture, clothes ,and everything sit with the treatment for TWO DAYS.- not less.

Into day two/three keep up with the 20 mineral oil soak, wash then listerine showers (DO NOT soak in the tub. BTW>>> I forgot to mention in the first part.. when you do the first and each subsequent mineral oil treatmentbefore showers, rub your body gently the find and remove any foreign particles. You should find nits and/or black specks.

As the days and treatment goes along, use a new towel and washcloth ( I may have mentioned this already.)

Rounding the corner, now after the house and clothes had sit, and you feel as if the mites and gone, put out the clothes that were not worn (if they were exposed to being near you of the family and spray them with the ULTRA for cleaning prep (let sit on the clothes, and in a bag for about 6-8 hours)

Now, start you clean up... Vacuum up the carpet and furniture. Wait to wipe the stuff down now, you can do this the final day after fogger bombing the house. Put/keep the the vacuum outside after use and spray it generously with the Ultra afterward.(avoid dust getting back into house.)

Finally, put on clean clothes, load all the clothes into car. Spray you bed with the Ultra before going to wash clothes at the laudromat. BTW>>>If I did'nt mention, spray you bed with the linens OFF.

Go wash your clothes at the Laudromat on hot water.(anything you can. Warm washables put on hot, dark --- you may wash on cold but blast them in the dryer.) Wash all you linens and travel bags that you used to transport the clothes.

After you unload everything at the laudromat, spray the car in the cab and the trunk to kill any tough mites.

Finally, As you repack the clean clothes, Do not re-use trash bags that you pack the clothes in, use new bags to reload. Congrats!

Parkville, MD

#22 Jul 15, 2010
IdRatherLoseANut wrote:
After doing a little more research and more cleansing, I am beginning to think I am have a serious condition of staph in the lungs.
The pain is only getting greater, beginning to be to unbearable to even drive, and that greatly affects my work (my car is my office). I have swelling in my joints, severe joint pain and headaches. It is difficult to breath and my chest feels heavy.
I think possibly due to my lowered immune system (bad eating and sleep habits) and climate change (repeated 10+ hour days inside a car) the staph that was in my bloodstream is having an outbreak, and if my lungs are affected, I could get seriously ill.
I am heading to the doctor RIGHT NOW, hopefully he can correctly diagnose and prescribe some medication for the pain. I am not sure about anti biotics as I tried most all of them with no success.
I will post an update when I get home.
Thanks for all the support guys.
These issues sound like anxiety and allergic reaction to your condition. Treat the lice/mites anyway, the other stuff may go away, if not still see your doctor at the VA.

Mount Pleasant, SC

#23 Jul 15, 2010

Great great advice - I know I am going to be following your plan. Sure hope it works. Thanks for giving us the step by step!

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