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Vancouver, WA

#44 May 11, 2012
Hi Adana,

Long time no see
Skf had the bug very bad and tried many Doctors and chemicals , then she found arm and hammer powdered laundry soap and soaked in 1 cup and it cured her.

I use betadine on the skin around the eyes and it kills them, I dont put it in my eyes, just on the skin and it must soak in caous it kill them in 10 mins, then I dont go lay down in a bed full bugs, ecause they will reinfect me. I stead i sleep on a nice clean air matress. To cleanit ai deflate it and roll it up a put it in a 5 gal bucket with 1 cup arm and hammer powdered laundry soap and let it soak for 1 hr - 8 hres , than I rins i in the shower , let it drip dry aand pread it on a floor the I have just mopped wit h2 tbls coconut oil an 48 oz of water, then I reinflate it with a hair dryer using the cool setting. Then I spray the air matress wit the coconut oil 2 tbl and 48 oz of hot water and go to sleep , the dont bother me then. The bug can not walk over oil , it hinders them .
The betadin procedur for me is follow thedirections on the bottle, wet skin , apply betadine, let it stay o nthe skin fpor 5 mins , then rinse. I keep my eyes closed because it stings like soap if you get it in the eye. it never sting if I close my eyes wile I appy.
Adana Saw had Norwegian scabies , He soaked his feet in 1/2 cup borax and 3 gallons of water and it cured it , he had to do the soaking 2 times per day for many days. I use rubber boot from walmart for 20.00 and put 3 cups or so of water in the boot and 3 tbls borax an wear them for 30 min per day, once in the maorning and once in the evening. It is a miracle , it soaks the m put of the foor very well
I use a cotton rag wit 1 gallon of water and 1 tbl borax an hold the rag on my face fo 20 - 30 mis 2 times per day and it removes all bugs in 2-3 days. I keep doing it for weeks so I know the are gone.

God bless you ,Adana.

Adana wrote:
The eyelids had an infection, so it was just an antibiotic cream.

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Fayetteville, NC

#45 Jun 20, 2012
Rey, pink eye doesn't crawl!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#46 Mar 3, 2013
Have any of you heard of a disease called Morgellons, and see if the symptoms match yours. The. look up Dr. William Harvey. This might answer some of your questions. Good Luck, Heal Quickly
The Sick Pelican

United States

#48 Apr 14, 2013
Go to llocal farm supply and get durvet oral ivermectin for horses or cattle pour on pour on ivermectin. mix it with regular saline eye drops and put in eyes. then rub gel all around eyes. take internal dosage 2x weight for horse. if u weight 140 take dose for 280. take until all symptoms of scabies are gone. ivermectin is non toxic. see medline articles about toxicity. just keep drinking lots of fluid and taking it. then get to hot tub for dead ones to come out of your skin. coconut oil after shower after hot tub. just keep repeating. got to kill them internally too
Dermo Dan

Leduc, Canada

#49 Apr 14, 2013
My wife got mis-diagnosed by the family doc in Canada for over 4 years calling it exema which docs do out here when they don't have a clue and can't be bothered to sort you out. Steroid cream as usual which controlled the itch but it got worse. Fell upon scabies whilst researching teatree oil. Did an experiment on myself, I had scabies, rubbed copious amounts of teatree oil on suspect area and left for 10 mins. Did the same on the wife, she had Norwegian/crusted scabies, both witnessed tiny black dots escaping from our skin, GROSS!
Our poor puppy has no fur left on her chest, evolution on standby. Apparently "neem" oil is an effective natural pesticide and can be used for cleaning and treatment of many parasitic ailments.
Do some research on pure neem and find out the possibilities.
I hope everybody finds a good solution, this infection is awful!

Osage, IA

#50 Apr 14, 2013
Scabies in the eye wrote:
I need to know what kind of medicine i can use for my eyes that will kills mite eggs. Is there any doctor out there who knows some kind of liquid drops that can kill things living on the surface of my eye? Any one please. Post it here I'm always watching.
Read up on a herbal called eyebright it helps many eye conditions and keep a ring of epsom paste around your ears and eyes so they wont cross the barrier back into the eye once your eyes are must make your ph alkaline your acidic condition attracts them to feed

Salisbury, MD

#52 Jul 19, 2013
Adana wrote:
Yes, the doc said it could be scabies, allergy to water pills, or allergies to food. Only the elimite cream brought down the swelling. when the mites climbed back on, the swelling and redness came back. He changed the water pills to a milder kind.
its scabies tea tree oil will help

Fayetteville, NC

#53 Jun 23, 2015
I quit treating because I can't get rid of them. It feels like someone took my eyes out and rolled them in scabies. My eyes are so sore and down in the sides of my eye balls I can file hard mites. My eyes keep getting wet and filling up with fluid full of gritty scabies. My face is turning gray in spots. I started a Facebook page called Scabies and Morgellons. I know I will go blind but I'm hoping by going blind, I will open some doctors eyes for other scabies victims who are going blind. I already have one hemmorage to the and cataracts in both eyes.

San Anselmo, CA

#54 Jun 24, 2015
When you get scabies in a delicate place such as the eyes or the ears or nose you can use 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water and either spray this on or dab it on with a q-tips.
going crazy

Ridgewood, NJ

#55 Jun 25, 2015
i have scabies try borax- bleach and proixde and doctor given me cream 5% but still nothing these creatures are in my hair- eyes -and mouth going back to docor in the morning i can barely open my eyes and these things are eating and bittig my hair ive done the washing daiy cleaning like a dam mad woman going ou my mnid dont eat or sleep
going crazy

Ridgewood, NJ

#56 Jun 25, 2015
have scabies done it all bleach borax creams and these creatures are in my hair eyes and mouth nose whole body any suggestions anyone going out my mnd done the cleaning and washing daily changng linens daily infected baldy seems like its gotton worse since starting treatments

Poole, UK

#58 Jul 18, 2015
Put drops of Clove oil into your favourite body lotion and shake well. Use after washing when your skin has cooled so it will absorb into the layers and kill the mite. This kills mrsa and scabies. It's amazing . For hair and scalp , put a couple of drops into a serum and rub over whole scalp :) tried and tested and can be part of your daily routine

Poole, UK

#59 Jul 18, 2015
As for your eyes I had irritation in mine and my ears, but repeating the lotion with clove as a deterrent this eventually cured. It's probably from mites eggs in dust I'm your environment . Buy new pillows and duvet and steam clean bed and furniture xxx good luck I know what a living hell this is and get reinfected from family who won't accept they have it. if I dont see them for months my family is fine. Years of this but still they live in ignorance


#60 Jul 18, 2015
Believe it or not:

It doesn't matter if you have carpets in your home, hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, or whatever. Mites do not live on the floor, or in your carpet, or fabric. Their home is your skin – where they feed and breed. And they feel comfortable there.

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