Amazing Benefits of Diatomaceous Eart...

Temple Hills, MD

#143 May 28, 2012
Hey my headache has stopped just like to hear from someone. Thanks

Davenport, FL

#144 Jul 10, 2012
benG1 wrote:
Hello Sad101, have you used DE and if you have ,did it help you and where did you buy it from in the UK ?
Hope you're keeping warm ,BenG1
TRACTOR SUPPLY IN US< HAS 20lb bag for $12.99,,,,,

Davenport, FL

#145 Jul 10, 2012
TRACTOR SUPPLY, IN US has it, 20lb for $12.99

Denver, CO

#146 Jul 10, 2012
heelloooooo wrote:
<quoted text>
DE IS DIRT. you don't need DE for anything, and it certainly doesn't cure SCABIES. If you have tape worm, you take a worm med for it until the worms are gone...
Yes DE is a complete waste of money and time. And its hazerdous to breath and makes a huge mess.

Keysborough, Australia

#147 Aug 13, 2012
Hello vann, this is old post but wondering if you and your wife are still taking de? And how is her arthritis?
Many thank
Vann from Tennessee wrote:
Congratulations. How wonderful that you developed a non-toxic cure to your Mite infection.
You are to be commended. Lets hope that Sad101, Ben and others share in your rapid cure.
Best to all,

Woodbury, NJ

#148 Aug 19, 2012
december downtown wrote:
<quoted text>regarding post number 123, why on EARTH (no pun intended) would you give your cat DE, when the cat can EASILY be wormed by a worming medicine and be done with it. How dare you prolong an internal parasite infestation when there are dewormers out there for tape worms. what kind of cocamamie BS are you doing?
i agree with heellooooo, take your cat to the vet or find some worming meds for tape worm over the counter somewhere or online.
It's not as if diatomaceous earth is said to work on the basis of magic or something. It works by dehydrating worms and other small organisms. When the food the parasites are trying to consume within an animal is coated in this extremely dry powder, it helps desiccate them and cause them to die. Imagine if all your food was completely coated in salt and shards of glass. This is on a very small scale, so the cat doesn't come to harm. Yes, deworming medication works faster, but it is also laden with chemicals, so it is not for use on a regular basis, and DE can be used as a preventative measure against any future infestations without the worry of inundating the system with chemicals.

Also, DE is extremely cheap when compared to the fee you might pay taking an entire litter of feral rescues to the vet. Sometimes people wanting to do the right thing do not have all the money in the world and don't want to take the kittens to a shelter where they may be euthanised, never given a home, etc. I'm using DE on two feral kittens right now, and I began to see results after a week. The female's previously bloated stomach is almost normal. Her bigger brother may be needing a larger dosage, but his is going down as well. Both are much livelier, social, and curious than before. I wouldn't be using it if it was juju nonsense. It's a supplement that there is no harm in trying, and if you do not have results, by all means consult a vet.
Just Jennifer

Burlington, IA

#149 Aug 23, 2012
Hey you all....just want to let you know that DE is found cheapest at the feed store. You must make sure it's the white/off white one (food grade). But I paid $28 for 50# three days ago.

United States

#150 Sep 14, 2012
YOU can get it at the feed store...10lbs food grade DE for $12
Vann from Tennessee wrote:
More testimonials here:
This woman was LOADED with internal parasites:
Diatomaceous earth (DE) Fossil Shell Flour has been reported in scientific literature to absorb methyl mercury, E. coli, endotoxins, viruses (including poliovirus), organophosphate pesticide residues, drug residues, and protein, perhaps even the proteinaceous toxins produced by some intestinal infections. Pyrethroid insecticide residues probably also bind to diatomaceous earth, since pyrethrins from Chrysanthemum flowers bind to and are stabilized by this material......

United States

#151 Sep 14, 2012
rjean4358 wrote:
YOU can get it at the feed store...10lbs food grade DE for $12<quoted text>
You can by Food grade at any feed store in the states for $20.00.

United States

#152 Sep 14, 2012
flg wrote:
<quoted text>
You can by Food grade at any feed store in the states for $20.00.
for a 50lb bag...

Hollywood, FL

#153 Sep 15, 2012
flg wrote:
<quoted text>
for a 50lb bag...
and do what with it? it won't cure scabies or help you in your fight with scabies.
fine dust particulars will not cure scabies, food grade or NOT.

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#154 Sep 15, 2012
Psy wrote:
<quoted text>
and do what with it? it won't cure scabies or help you in your fight with scabies.
fine dust particulars will not cure scabies, food grade or NOT.
don't you ever have anythign positive to write? You need a lobotomy because you pretty much come across as a wortheless human being who has nothing to offer anywhere/
Shelly Weltsy

Los Angeles, CA

#155 Oct 1, 2012
OMG Diatomatious Earth is a MUST. NO its not a fast kill but when I stop using it I notice the population increasing over time. I would never go with out DE. I dust my hands with it when I am reaching into questionable places. Dusted it in my underwear to prevent re-infestation completely. I have beaten it down into my carpet along with flea and flea egg killer with growth regulator.
I sprinkle DE in my bedding, some in oil and then in my hair.
I is a VERY slooooow kill - like, months and months if used alone. Scrubbing with a mix of dawn dish liquid with Boax kiils the males on the surface too.
Ivermectin kills the females in the skin. I have been taking the horse paste with grapefruit juce and I notice less biting.
Feels like in about 3 months of this protocol, I could be cured if I can rid them from the environment and cloths also.
Gonna try the DSM and MMS also to speed things way up!
DSMO and cedar & Clove oil.
Hot bath with borax and bleach.
God, Im gonna celebrate my life when this is over as I kept a bottle of vicodin pills next to my bed as a terrible final exit strategy when I began to weaken physically and spiritually. I may not be out of the woods yet and still have far to walk but when you make a small bit of progress, it is a big moral boost and I get more strength to walk farther!

Los Angeles, CA

#156 Nov 6, 2012
I started using DE because my roommate came home with bed bugs that made it to my room! I am a person who has done many juice and wheat grass cleanses for years!! I read that I could take the food grade to lean my colon so I thought I had nothing to lose if I went for it. After two days to my surprise I looked at my hands and they looked ten years younger, my age spots had gone and they were so nice a smooth!! After four days my heAD STARTED CLEARING!!I noticed that my outlook was so postive and I had so much energy.
I am now eight days into using the DE and my bowls are moving so much better but I did get constipated so I pulled back on a teaspoon and drank tons of water and I am feeling great!! My hair is so shiny and soft!!


#158 Jan 5, 2013
Anybody know how DE affects tooth decay?

I don't really know what causes decay, but, I think it's bacteria.

Would DE influence it?

Columbia, TN

#159 Jan 8, 2013
andrea deneen wrote:
I purchased a small bag of the DE and have been vigorously spreading it all over my cats. I have seen some improvement. Both cats had a few is too many... My quandry is concerning taking it internally for myself. I am on Plavix which is a blood thinner and platelet med. I bleed on my skin very easily. What will this do to a person who has had a stroke? Is there a chance of a bleed in my head if I ingest the DE? I am going to the doctor in a week for my regular checkup. I am afraid he will not know the answer to my question or think I am a bit off the wall with such an inquiry....Anyone out there have a response to this......
I think you are wise ask. I don't think that anyone on this thread can answer your question adequately. I would suggest talking to your pharmacist about any interactions that may occur if you supplement with organic silica. Then follow his advise. Good health to you.

Kalispell, MT

#160 Feb 10, 2013
Pokadot Patty wrote:
<quoted text>
Your master....Lord Vann is the one that posted about my dreaming about him. The sheer thought of which makes me sick!
We are not a any of that.
We are people that are sick and tired of hearing his crap.
Are you a crap monger too?
The medical definition of a cure for scabies is anything that kills both scabies and their eggs at the same time.
This "cure" doesn't address the environment of a person that has had them for any length of time. If you disagree with that...please answer this question.
How do you make the DE stay on the ceiling? Yes....most people use a hairdryer (not much of a concern for Vann ;)) that blows the six legged nymphs on walls and ceilings.
I'm proud for Vann that he has a friend (1).
I know how lonely he is.
How sad for YOU! If you are an should be ashamed of your behavior. I got alot of help from Vann's posts and really appreciate them. Quit being a hater and grow up for goodness sakes!

Hollywood, FL

#161 Feb 10, 2013
Blessed wrote:
<quoted text>
How sad for YOU! If you are an should be ashamed of your behavior. I got alot of help from Vann's posts and really appreciate them. Quit being a hater and grow up for goodness sakes!
uncle sam


#162 Feb 10, 2013
I tried snorting DE for a while. It seemed to help at first, but the effect faded. I am snorting bath salts now and while it doesn't kill the bugs, it gets me high.

Mesa, AZ

#164 Apr 23, 2013

I started taking DE a couple of months ago. I suddenly stopped doing it a couple of days ago. There was no real decision made for me to do this. Sometimes, I think the body has a sense of things. However, this does not mean I have lost faith. I have been on doctor's meds since November for high blood pressure. I have not had success with them, but I'm still letting the docs do their thing. I felt like the DE might help things along. Unfortunately, I haven't found that to be true yet. Could someone give me some guidance here? I was taking a heaping tablespoon once a day for 2 months now. Actually, there has been a recent increase in blood pressure. Not a lot, but when you're working at it and things start going the other way, there's cause for concern. I don't know if I should increase the amount of DE I'm taking or give up! I'm on Norvasc, Hydralazine, Spironolactone, Lasix, potassium, magnesium. Seems like a lot, but I started with less and different types of BP meds. We've settled on calcium channel blockers because the Ace and Beta blockers don't work for me. That's it in a nutshell. The two different diuretics have a purpose, so I'm having a hard time with how much potassium to take. Still fumbling around with that. I can't say that I have experienced any detox with DE. Maybe I need more. Any comments out there?

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