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Rural Hall, NC

#42 Aug 22, 2013
Almost forgot! Before I go to bed I also use vinegar mixed with a little Dr bronner's tea tree soap. I spray it before I put my sheet down then around where I'm sleeping and it works. I also took wormwood drops - 15 drops in little bit of whatever I'm drinking 2x a day and bird mites, or mites in general, hate the taste of it and stop biting you. It really worked for me, but it took years to find out what they were and a sure fire cure. I don't stress about it anymore because I found what works and feel like I have my life back. I wish that for all of you - it can happen!

Rural Hall, NC

#43 Aug 22, 2013
Also, clove and texas cedar oil work for bed bugs. That's what started everything off 3 years ago. It's expensive, but you mix 20% and the rest water. Once you have a bottle you'll never be without it again. The DE they have to crawl through to die but I put four tupperwear bowls under my bed legs filled with DE and that helped. They're so small but the cedar oil works. if they're still coming, peppermint and clove will do it. I'll think good thoughts for everyone on here, I've been there and it's difficult. People think you're crazy till they get bit. This story is true and that's how I got rid of all the creepies.For anyone who has kids, I would have them use the Organic Oscar shampoo for itch - it works!

Dallas, TX

#44 Oct 14, 2013
I'm living this nightmare now. I finally ID'ed what my problem must be by googling symptoms and learning about bird mites. Seriously considered suicide that same nite after reading so many blogs and those still fighting it years later. My dad came to my rescue and I have an exterminator treating my car and apt, but boss won't treat the whole office so I had to quit. I ended up with a "really bad staph infection", my doctors words; and that's when my whole family went after me to quit the job. My apt is getting better; ditto the car, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get the red ones out of my skin. A new bunch must have just hatched because I feel like I've been under attack all day. The way I was able to trap them for the exterminator to examine was by using the clothing lint sheets. Most are way too small to see, but I got enough for him to ID them and then lay out the action plan. I'd highly recommend everyone use the lint sheets to get them off each day. Be sure to seal them inside zip lock baggies though cause they'll dry out and then the buggers can get off. Oh yeah, per my exterminator, these started at my office as he found at least 3 times the amount of them there, so they got me there and then went to my car and my home. I wash bed linens daily and then once a week take them and the mattress pad to the laundromat as you need to wash in 135+ degree water. I've been adding cedar essential oil to hydrogen peroxide and also to witch hazel. Everything works for 2-3 days and then they've built an immunity, so have to concoct something else. I add borax to all loads of laundry and white vinegar. I use blue Dawn and tea tree shampoo in the shower; unfortunately till the staph clears I can't be back in my apt so staying with my dad and he only has showers, so do try to at least get some epsom salt on me twice a week.

Colorado Springs, CO

#45 Oct 19, 2013
I've been.battling.some.sort.of.mit e,since mid August, but haven't been able to identify them.yet. I've had the.creepy crawlies all over my body, even in genital areas. Its been a nightmare. But two days ago, thru extensive online.research, I.discovered this nontoxic reptile spray that is specifically designed to kill mites. Its by a company.called Natural Chemistry and its called Reptile Spray. You can get it at Petco or prolly any.pet store. Last night I.totally soaked my head with.this.stuff then put on a shower.cap (cuz they're more in my hair than.anywhere else) and ledt it.overnight. then.this.morning I.took.a.hot.shower and used.my regular body wash that has been treated with tea tree oil. I have had some sporadic crawling sensations, but this stuff really worked. I.have also ordered a natural enzyme cleaner that is guaranteed to kill off all of them.from.my.clothes and carpets and bedding. Another thing I am.doing is treating.the.carpets and the insides.of.my.clothes.with food grade diatomaceous.earth, also.known.as.fossil shell flour, which kills anything with.an.exoskeleton by shredding and dehydrating the shell. This works without any.pedticide and is.com pletely safe for people and pets, as long as it is pure food grade. You can get tjis at Lowe's for just under $10 for 4 lb bag. I am so glad to finally find something to get relief from tjis nightmare!

Sydney, Australia

#46 Oct 27, 2013
I've been battling potential D.Gallinae infest few wks now. Rental accomm. Had owner's chickens delousing unda my low shack during hot spring. Had place fumigated & car, but dont trust they did adequate job. Currently spending 1wk in hostel by ocean to giv self reprieve from ordeal of being so OCD about contamination & spending hundred$ on laundromat & plastic storage boxes & sprays/oils/ medications etc,; to swim in saltwater & to get perspectiv re: going home again & how to leave tenancy mite-free if i get bitten again.(Lost my joy/trust for livn there anyway).
My car's been parkd on road next to ocean in sun. Already there 's fresh spiderwebs from pre-existing spiders, so fumigation seems lame. Yesterday i drove car few hrs & thought i got bitten on back but couldnt see. Tonight i'v def been bitten on bum in bed & managed to take foto. Def same type of bite (ie. not my leaky gut reacting w rash etc). So disappointd i'v brought problem w me & dreading going back.
My main question is this: i hav older toploader wash machine. I went to laundromat (1/2hr drive) to be sure i had temperature higher & used dryers also. But i simply cant afford the $'s or the energy/time to keep combatting this way - & the resentment that builds up inside me is toxic). I'm thinking about eitha soaking clothes/linen in saltwater 1st (eg. Epsom salts) or adding salts to hot soak, leavn an hr then rinse & hang in hot australian summer sun. Dont care if my machine gets wreckd by salt - i envision i'll hav to leav property & want to do so mite-free. Do u folk who've combatted this nasty parasite think that this saltwater strategy would work to kill mites? Hav no way to know how hot my wash is but assume its not as hot as laundromat. My landlady paid for fumigation & fenced off unda house, but she's covering her ass & doesnt believe nor understand what i'm dealing with. Gave her website address but she clearly hasnt educated herself re: mites. Her chickens.

To clarify: i'm desperate to avoid laundromat costs & exhaustion - would this saltwater approach work if i weigh down clothes in water during soak. And what proportions of salts? Its a largish toploader. Not modern. Thanx all.

Sydney, Australia

#47 Oct 27, 2013
Also, what if i bought a garment steamer to treat clothes linesn bags etc at home? Would thatbe effective?

Cape Town, South Africa

#48 Oct 29, 2013
I had something since about 2009, noticed it (bump in fold of index finger, 2010), tried everything, state clinic did nothing, said x-rays showed nothing, prescribed some salicylic acid ointment, were treating it as a wart. Saw a private dr., he burnt it once with liquid nitrogen (extremely painful) and I had it lasered twice (very, very painful); then left it and started using different wart remedies at great expense, was on antibiotics a few times and then used a blunt blade to lift the hard skin, whatever was under the skin in that spot, then moved, travelled and to cut a long story short, after a lot of hair came out very gradually over months and hours of massaging with oils, castor oil, etc., the benzyl benzoate and Eurax and that yellow soap Tetmosol for scabies, things started happening and while in kitchen earlier, a hard white grain of "rice" came out and also hard, black little specks like ground filter coffee. I hope this is the end of it, I am not on medical insurance, but was intending to save to see a dermatologist. My wrist is messed up, tired from massaging that finger over years so as to soften the skin so that this thing could loosen and come out. All I could do was pray, ask God to help me, it was hell. I hope this is over now after all this time, I lost so much sleep. There are a lot of birds where I live and they were nesting near the window - I am 58, have never had something like this in my life. Have been horrified and very, very tired.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#50 Mar 12, 2014
I have bird mites in my house and I don't know how to get rid of it, the problem I can't use a lot of chemicals because I have 6 months baby
Please help me

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#52 Mar 14, 2014
Hi all

I think I found a way to get rid of these horrible mites , I'm not sure yet but I'm doing some experiments.

I try to use nstural organic stuff , yesterday I burned cinnamon sticks on coal and I used it all around the house , I think the mites don't like it's smell or the fumes I'm not sure .

At night I only found 2 or 3 mites entered the house while 2 days ago there where hundreds of them and I used to kill them using regular cocroch killer .

I hope this info will help good luck

Clarksburg, WV

#54 Aug 24, 2016
For relief of bird mites on your skin try a sulfur based bath soap with pumice. I found one made with mint and sulfur spring water and pumice. It will give you a good bit of relief. Still trying to fix the problem in the home. Had good success with Elector PSP premise insect control agent. It's what farmers use on their birds. It is organic and not harmful to humans.

Saint James, Barbados

#57 Oct 10, 2016
What is giving me some relief is I put menthol crystals and camphor block in a saucepan, on a very low fire an let it smoke in the house.

Since: Jun 17

Carson, CA

#63 Jul 13, 2017
papaj wrote:
i had these syptoms and used absorbine jr and it cleared up in two days the stuff burns and smells but kills everything i think i got it from my dog he was getting bald spots put the jr on him too and he is all cleared up i also raise chickens so maybe bird mites or scabies but the absorbine jr was a miracle cure
How do you use it? Is it like stop pain?

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