Glenview, IL

#1 Jun 11, 2011
My husband has scabies for aout 4 months no one else isn the house has gotten them when are we safe

Glenview, IL

#2 Jun 11, 2011
when is it safe

Healdton, OK

#3 Jun 12, 2011
my son is suffering with it ive used the permethrin cream as instrusted and no results im desprate to save my baby he is just 16 months.

Baltimore, MD

#4 Jun 12, 2011
sofrustrated wrote:
my son is suffering with it ive used the permethrin cream as instrusted and no results im desprate to save my baby he is just 16 months.
I had had scabies for a long time around four years I had tried everythting or almost everything including washing the sheets every day and so on and so on... and on and on spending lots of money and doing drugs and chemicals that did not work I was desperate and at the end of my rope. Then I discovered sulfur. I ordered 10% sulfur soap from its cheap and it works. Wash with the soap and work it into the skin especially the obvious areas but all over. You msut work it into the skin because there is a surface tension on the skin and the scabies can hide under the skin cells so you have to work it into the skin not a lot just a little. Once you start to use the sulfur soap you will see that scabies are not to be feared if you have haqve the soap, if you do not have sulfur soap its all bets off and you will be miserable. Sulfur is safe for all ages and is actually good for the skin. Order it from where you choose but is a good place to get it they seem to take pride in making an excellent product in the US. You can get 8 bars of soap for 25 dollars no shipping charge.

Baltimore, MD

#5 Jun 12, 2011
help wrote:
when is it safe
Please go to and order the sulfur soap it works please see my comments below there is no need to suffer with scabies.
experienced with scabies

District Heights, MD

#6 Jun 12, 2011
you son doesn't have scabies. Some people can't use permethryn due to allergies and therefore get even worse hives. Also, you can get a secondary infection from scabies. Go to a good dermatlogist now! Use lindane or ivermectin to rid scabies topically since your baby is reacting to permethryn or get a gel to treat the secondary infection from a dermatologist.


#7 Jun 13, 2011

Your husband may not have scabies, and that is why no one else in the household has them. However he may have bird mites which produce similar symptoms, and which often infest just one person in the household. Go to and read through the Links to learn about them and how to effectively treat them.


#8 Jun 13, 2011

Most Dermatologists will not prescribe the 5% Permethrin cream for children that young who display symptoms of scabies. Instead they usually prescribe 10% sulfur ointment, as it is much more gentle to the young child's skin and does not produce the side effects that are fairly common with the 5% Permethrin.

The sulfur soap will work as well, as long as you use it as advised as at least once a day, every day, for at least two weeks (3 would be better) or as close to that as possible. As the scabies actually burrow down to the second layer of the skin (and produce the "Tracks" which are the burrows under the skin which is what the Dermatologist searches for with a small fluorescent lamp during the examination of the skin), where the female lays her eggs, the soap will not affect those under the skin, no matter how hard you rub it in. However it will kill those on the surface of the skin as long as you lather up the entire body, from head to the bottoms of the feet, including between the toes and fingers, and under the fingernails and toenails, and leave the lather on for at least 5 minutes before washing off. Unlike Permethrin, which works by poisoning the mites, the sulfur works by smothering them. That is why the 5 minutes is needed to kill them.

As the hatching cycle for the eggs is 5 to 6 days, the eggs will produce additional mites which will then travel to the surface of the skin and start biting. As you will be using the soap every day, eventually you will kill them all, including the females which again go to the surface after laying their eggs. Just be persistent with the soap, or the ointment if you use it. Both can be purchased without prescription (10% sulfur) at either or . The packages offered are slightly different, but the company is the same. Using a Link at the top of the home page, you can go to the home page. Also read through the other Links on the home page for more helpful information about treating scabies.

Remember, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps veterans who picked up scabies in Europe during World War I and World War II only had sulfur ointment to treat and eliminate them before coming home, and it worked! Permethrin did not exist at that time. So yes, sulfur does work, and unlike the chemicals such as Permethrin, the sulfur does NOT lose its effectiveness because the scabies cannot develop a resistance to the sulfur's action, as they do to the action of the Permethrin.
Me too

Murrieta, CA

#9 Jun 13, 2011
These are super scabies that have built up a resistance to the poisons used to eradicate them, so in the past it was easier to get rid of them. I might compare them to the cockroach that has done the same thing to survive. Killing the eggs is impossible and that is why people are having such difficulty getting rid of scabies. Your timing has to be good in order to get to the new hatch-lings before they lay eggs. It is also easy to get reinfected by washed clothes, as they can survive a wash too. Iron everything!

Miami, FL

#10 Jun 14, 2011
The microscopic insect(s) that I feel are causing this suffering are the collembolans. The Nat. Pediculosis Assoc. had found them embedded tightly in the skin of 18 out of 20 patients in a study in 2006. I've been experimenting with parasitic insects ever since I became allergic (sensitive) to them in the mid 90's. Freezing, Boiling, storing away for years and yet no results, they were still alive! Only the collembolans can accomplish this. They can even dehydrate themselves in a kind of suspended animation state and survive any kind of freezing. I do believe this most primitive non-insect in the fossil record
even travels around on icy comets and meteors terra-forming our entire linear-time membrane (universe).‘Speaking of linear time. our brains have been wired (by the ALMIGHTY GOD) for non linear time but SATAN saw to it that those areas were buried deep in our subconscious by narrowing our natural Metaversal scope to a simple, single, demonic, linear-time membrane by using the EVIL chronometer (think 60 sec, 60 min, etc.) God warned us but no one seems to take heed! I have a time-displacement experiment (paper) in which you can prove this to yourself, if anyone would like to conduct this simple 2-3 hour mind-expanding technique in bringing one of these areas back into our conscious mind where GOD intended it to reside!! email me [email protected] and I'll be happy to send you my paper.’
Back to these insects(?) The best bet for control that I've found is to do as follows:
You need 4 things as they are already breading and contaminating your entire environment! Thereby turning you into a super carrier before you know it. These bugs killed my mom! Pyrethrins (no permethrins), Safeguard Soap (triclocarban), and a Seal a Meal Vacuum sealer, oh and plenty of Garbage bags! Seal a Meal everything that touches your skin, including shower curtains, mice, books, all clothes and bedding for at least 4 days! Plastic off everything your skin touches, car seats, pillows, mattresses, chairs, and replace shower curtains regularly (use cut large trash bags and dispose of make shift curtains regularly)! etc. Make homemade 'Elimite' by mixing 3 parts lotion to one part pyrethrin (home depot Rose Pesticide. active ingredients pyrethrin and sulfur(white spray bottle)). Any further questions please feel free to contact me. [email protected]

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