Horse paste

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#22 Apr 10, 2012
Feel free to call Walgreens and ask them they are very helpful and will look it up for you.

Fenton, MO

#24 Apr 10, 2012
The Famous wrote: ectin.html

the plasma half life is approximately 18-24 hours. Who did you talk to at Walgreens, the clerk who stocks the seasonal decorations?

are you saying you are not capable of looking this up online???

do you know what half life means?

the pharmacist read it straight from the "book"?

after about 24 hours, the drug is no longer effective. that's a far cry from 6 days.
what is your problem I went to the pharmacist and ask how long ivermectin stayed in the body. She did not know so she looked it up and read it to me. 12 days! Half life 6 days!

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#25 Apr 10, 2012
Yes reading online it does say 18 hour half life. Wow i wonder what the hell the pharmacist was reading. I had no reason to double check what she had told me.

Well good thing you came along.

Fenton, MO

#26 Apr 10, 2012
Drugs. Com says 1/2 life in a man is 18 hours but takes 12 days to completely leave the body.

Fenton, MO

#27 Apr 10, 2012
Still no signs of any new Scabie activities. I feel the ivermectin has worked.

Fenton, MO

#29 Apr 10, 2012
augustmidwest wrote:
<quoted text>What you need to understand is that the enzyme the mites have that enables them to metabolize the Iver is the p4503a4 enzyme. People have the same enzyme in their livers. This enzyme adjusts to Ivermectin dosage quite rapidly. As people take more doses of Ivermectin more gets metabolized before it gets to your skin, then what's left is readily metabolized by the mites. If you had never taken Iver, it would take a certain dose to kill you but as time goes on that dose gets stronger because the p4503a4 enzyme is metabolizing it.

At a certain point Ivermectin becomes useless that's why it's best to go big with it right away.
It worked for me!

No side effects that I could tell

I truly believe a few strong doses wipes these Langoliers (Scabies) out.

None of the other things killed them all they kept coming back stronger each time. I had to use all of this years vacation to get over theses. For me time was an issue so I had to try the strong dose up front approach. I'm glad I did.

Edmonton, Canada

#30 Apr 10, 2012
i just order some of the iver. Im so tired of this and i pray that it works!! If any one could help me with how i should apply this and what does i should take it would be great. Im not to sure and people here seem to have gone through this. The perm the doc gave me did nothing. three times. Im around 200 pounds. im pretty sure they are on my face and scalp. also around my eyes. any advice? please heelp

Fenton, MO

#32 Apr 10, 2012
augustmidwest wrote:
<quoted text>If you read the links you would understand something more than, scabies bad, ivermectin good. The point is that Iver might cure you and it might not. It depends on quite a few factors, regardless of what you believe.
There appears to be many strains of these that are effected by different drugs. Some get cured one way and other that cure does nothing.
See a Doctor if you can if not read a lot of what people have posted. Read a lot so you understand everything that needs to be done. Not just drugs.
once bitten

Saint Louis, MO

#33 Apr 13, 2012
Can you really take horse paste in a dose 3 times your body weight?

I read if you are going to use Iver you have to hit them strong right off the bat or they will become immune too it and then your in big trouble.

So what do you do?

Potosi, MO

#34 Apr 14, 2012
One bite in the last 10 days and my 3 friends have only had only a few bites combined also. The high dose of paste and perm seems to have got them on the run.

Right now if we get a bite we put a cotton swab of bleach on the bite for 20 seconds then run in some perm and the bit is dead.

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New York, NY

#35 Jul 22, 2012
Wilbur wrote:
I believe that if you used just one thing it should be ivermectin (horse paste). I use a 750 pound dose of Bimectin brand every four days. The thing with Iver is it gets to where the egg layers are deep under the skin where creams can't get them. Ivermectin leaves the body though the skin and takes 12 days to leave the body. Taking every four days keeps it Very powerful in the body. Also ivermectin gets to the scabies in places that the creams and bleach can't get to like your eyes and ears and under the scalp. It really is the only thing you need is you stay with it and wash your bedding everyday and clean house everyday.
Good luck
My question here to all is: is it true that the liver wont let the iver go to skin if not taken in higher doses from the beginning of treatment? I have taken many times iver. Have been taking it for 3 months already but never did it daily. Is its good appproach to do it daily or not? Or is too late?

Denver, CO

#36 Jul 22, 2012
Scabiegirl wrote:
<quoted text>
My question here to all is: is it true that the liver wont let the iver go to skin if not taken in higher doses from the beginning of treatment? I have taken many times iver. Have been taking it for 3 months already but never did it daily. Is its good appproach to do it daily or not? Or is too late?
It's too late Iver won't work for you anymore.

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#37 Jul 23, 2012
not true, denver.
it's not too late.
stop taking it for about 3 weeks, and try again. it's not a good idea to take this EVERY DAY.
Itchy Scratchy

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#38 Jul 23, 2012
I agree - not too late for ivermectin.

However - dosing every day is overkill.

Personally, I would suggest using Ivermectin in unison with something else (Permethrin, 5% Tea Tree oil, Sufur soap)- just in case one or more of your bugs has a genetic mutation resulting in resistance to Ivermectin.

From an above link:

In light of concerns that a 2-week dosing interval is inadequate, we have further modified our protocol for treating recurrent crusted scabies to a 5-dose regimen with doses of 200 g/kg administered on days 1, 2, 8, 9, and 15 of therapy, with an additional 2 doses on days 22 and 29 for the most severe cases. Further dosing and dose-interval studies are required in order to define optimal ivermectin regimens for treating crusted scabies of varying degrees of severity.
Itchy Scratchy

Phoenix, AZ

#39 Jul 23, 2012
Read through Langoliers links above - very interesting.

Basically, you should drink Grapefruit juice along side your Ivermectin dose. Apparently, the grapefuit juice has compounds that block the enzyme which metabolize the ivermectin (allowing it to do its job against the scabies...).

Additionally - many say not to east with Ivermectin, and drink lots of water. I'm not sure the logic, as Ivermectin is insoluble in water and, one study I read states Ivermectin is up to 2.5 times more available if taken with a high-fat meal (ivermectin is soluble in fats).
Scabiegirl wrote:
<quoted text>
My question here to all is: is it true that the liver wont let the iver go to skin if not taken in higher doses from the beginning of treatment? I have taken many times iver. Have been taking it for 3 months already but never did it daily. Is its good appproach to do it daily or not? Or is too late?


#40 Oct 1, 2012
wilbur wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes that's correct 1/2 a tube every 4 days. Do not follow up with anything. You need not to eat 12 hours before taking and 6 hours after taking. Drink lots of water after taking. Eating can make ivermectin worthless. 70% more effective with out eating.
Dear Wilbur

How do you know that agout not eating before and after??? Where have you got that fact?


#41 Oct 1, 2012
Is there any ivermectin paste that you can use on the skin or is intended for using on the skin on animals or humans. That you can get without prescription....

Norcross, GA

#43 Sep 9, 2013
What sort of side effects did you have? I have had scabies for over a year now. Have tried everything
And have tried horse paste before, but didn't keep up with it bc I was a bit afraid of potential side effects.
Its been a year wrote:
Perhaps you should do a little research and find out what appropriate dosing really is.
Manufacturer, doctors on line(it may cost a bit), a vet maybe, or perhaps a doctor will feel for all of us suffering, and give some safe advice that works. Look at all the side effects and weigh the risks before you jump in on what worked for someone else.
Since you all like to read post I heard that iver causes neurological problems. I found this in wikipedia
(Toxicity The main concern is neurotoxicity, which in most mammalian species may manifest as central nervous system depression, and consequent ataxia, as might be expected from potentiation of inhibitory GABA-ergic synapses. Dogs with defects in the P-glycoprotein gene can be severely poisoned by ivermectin.)
and permethrin (Very high doses will have tangible neurotoxic effects on mammals and birds, including human beings. Permethrin is toxic to cats. Many cats die after being given flea treatments intended for dogs, or by contact with dogs having recently been treated with permethrin.)
not trying to degrade anyone or treatment but read before you leap. I jumped before I read and had side effects for over a week not fun while itching and removing scabs and doing sheets, pillow cases etc..........

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#44 Feb 6, 2014
well wish me luck, just picked up some horse paste from the local farm store,,, scared to do this but man im going crazy, 2 bottles of perm cream and 2 doses of the lver from the doc and still got em, there just now starting to come back after a week of feeling ok, must mean that the eggs hatched, if i die due to these threads, fuck

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#45 Feb 6, 2014
Everything I've read about the ivermectin shows little to no side effects even in very high dosages. This was from reading all over online for potential problems before I took any. Did it fix it? Still waiting for results but after 3 doses I'm not concerned the iver has caused problems for me, I did have the fuzzy eyesight reported as a side effect tho.

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