what did I do wrong?
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#1 Mar 17, 2013
Basically I had scabies for the last 4 months, but only a month ago I recognized what it is.
I started quite mildly, didn't know anything about this sh*t, rubbing my body every evening with coconut oil with clove oil. Didn't help. Then I found more and more info so I became a little freak about it all.
I scrub my floors daily, vacuum at least daily if not more, mattress, sofa, everything. Thanks God I live in 1br so not that many items. I unload the dishwasher wearing gloves, spraying every possible surface I touched with mix of borax, peroxide and water. Spray whole bathroom with chlorine bleach/water after each use. Iron everything, every single item that can be ironed - every piece of clothing, sofa, mattress, pillows. My comforter is in a plastic bag, most of my things are in a closet, althought already for a week I'm still afraid of opening it.
Used an advice I found here, sprayed everything with tones of peppermint oil in rubbing alcohol, mixed 5oz of cocoa butter lotion with 1 oz clove and 1oz peppermint, rubbed everyday after shower with sulfur or msm soap. Burned like hell, quite funny now when I remember sitting in embryo position crying a little praying for the feeling to go away. I feel like my nerves are fried because peppermint strongly cools and clove heats.
I also smeared myself with castor oil before taking a shower for at least 20 minutes, heard it suffocates them. Swallowed gargantuic amounts of the hottest cayenne pills available, B-Caro and odorless garlic. Neem powder, grapeseed oil, mattress covered with DE, even applied DE in grapeseed oil, used almost everything that was mentioned here except perm since I heard it's pointless and strongly toxic.
And it seemed they still were active. So when I received my package from amazon one evening with horse paste I vomited everything I ate, waited for a couple of hours and swallowed two times the dose for a horse my weight. It was 4 days ago, I'm going to repeat Iver tonight so I only ate breakfast, going to take it with two grapefruits before bed.
My concern is, after two days of my first Iver I noticed a few new bumps on my hands and legs. Yesterday I was itching like crazy, I think even worse than before any treatment. And my left arm developed horrible rash with lots of pin pricks and bumps. These bumps on my hands are gone now, but there are new on legs and the rash persists. Some are filled with pus for some reason.
Have I been reinfected or is it the post-scabies? I really try to believe in the latter so since my first Iver I didn't use any treatment, and covered my body lavishly with cocoa butter or organic lavender lotion two times daily, but it doesn't seem to help.
I can't wait for tonight to come so I can take iver and go to sleep to see what will happen tomorrow.
Am I paranoic? I really, really need to get rid of this as soon as possible, it's destroying my life. I can't concentrate at schoo, don't wanna start my job until I'm free of scabies, had many, many great offers I had to refuse.
It's driving me absolutely crazy....

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#2 Mar 18, 2013
Id say you had some die off after the Iver

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#3 Mar 18, 2013
Lawson1 wrote:
Id say you had some die off after the Iver
Fred....It is agaist your core values to talk about iver.
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#5 Mar 18, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
I agree. Intense itching after treatment and new bumps can be die off, especially after a long work out in the gym, and the body reacting to the death.( I have thought maybe the mite take a dump with the acid load at the point of death and the immune system goes nuts, and then we stand there and can't remember if I took my moxdectin this morning or last night, over this and it makes a pimple form)
I have the same response on the days I take the oral amoxiccilin. I gauge my progress by counting the flowers on the trees and when they pollenate.
Keep a note on your calendar when my buddy fred stops posting, so I can jump in with my nutty professor suggestions in a month.
I know you want it over quickly but if you can accept it will come in increments you will find it easier to cope with. We have little understanding of their menstral cycles but it seems they multiply rapidly when engaged in a night of activity with Lawson. Mark six months on your calendar and make notes of progress' scabies forum.
Oral and topical go hand in hand.
It helps and gives a sense of moving forward even though painfully slowly, and then I will fly around with peter.
It will end with consistency and if you document it , you will be able to see it heading towards that ending.
It is okay to take an cheery flavored cough drop to reduce the itch and the distress it causes. It wont hurt you. Keep some on hand and in your car or bag or inside your can of magic fairy dust. I find suphur powder works well and you can buy it in big boxes to keep it cheaper.
Dont swallow two times the dose or just apply full body. Try to follow dose for weight and do it long term and consisently. Not every day. Every 3 or 5 or 7 days.
On the rashes filled with pus, take pictures and show to your psychiatrist, Is it pus or is it clear fluid. The bacteria/lyme seem to release a clear fluid when they are dying or cause the body to release clear fluid in response to them exercising. So that is a positive result, I think.
If it is pus, you may have a little skin infection added from scratching. Get some Eurax and drop it on with an eye dropper and let it bubble up for five minutes. That is it eating those juicy ripe bananas.
Try to keep covers on your tent you made in the living room to protect the boggy man. You can cut up cotton balls, and sprinkle them around the house. Leave it on and only change when you shower and reapply any rubbing alcohol.
Focus on watching you tube videos until you fall asleep or have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. they wont kill them but they will be nice to use when you are feeling lost and confused.
With post manic-dressive episodes- this is probalby what you experience, but you will get a post nasal drip response to each wave of ooglies that hatch and therefore each oral treatment. There will be an end to the waves of hatchings from eggs that have been laid but you will need to plan how often you are going to take your oral hot chocolate to cover this. Every 3, 5 or 7 days. Maybe start with 3, then move to 5 and then wait 15 days, subtract four days, then further apart to 7.
It is good you had a good response to hair gel,
Do you have a clothes drier? I do.. Saves on going to the laundry matt and using all those quarters. I also add ammonia, and Kleen Green and Cedarcide...same stuff as in Arm & Hammer and a few nails. have had no trouble with my neighbors re-infesting since.
Soak for a half hour first. one cup in with powder. Dont stress over being nutty as a fruitcake . Write down or write on the walls, what you use in a scrapbook and the date. Look at it and change your mind and then consult with your imaginary friends if it feels right and try the next thing. You got a huge response from the moxdectin/cough syrup so that is a postive result.
This is my twin sister.
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#7 Mar 18, 2013
Faerie, thank you very very much!
I only have a w/d combo, but it gets pretty hot when drying - the drum is burning when touched so I assume it heats to at least 120. Nevertheless I want to be extremely sure, so I use ammonia or borax in every wash cycle, iron everything on both sides and what's unwashable is in my freezer I turned to max cooling. Quite scared about the bill after all this electricity usage..
I try to believe it's post-iver or post-scabies, I couldn't find any burrow so far. And it seems like on my arm the rash comes and goes, but in the same exact spots.
I saw yesterday those two bumps on hand completely faded, and those on legs are a bit lighter, more brown than red I think.
My main concern is that Iver kills them in sebum, and my skin is super dry after all these previous treatments. I received a pound of sulfur and it was very tempting ti mix a 10% lotion, but I decided to resisn not to overdry my skin even more before Iver. Althought it would be much more comforting for my mind if I could smear it from head to toe while taking horse paste.
It's been my second shot, I decided to take it on empty stomach every four days at least four times, which should give me coverage of at least 2 weeks so probably even with reinfestation I shouldn't have many more problems. But you know what it is, once you read this forum you become a psycho..
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#8 Mar 18, 2013
It is so unfair that there were man people dealing with this and once (I assume) they were healed they disappear.
When I'll be sure I'm over it I'm going to write a very detailed post about every single thing I used, experienced or felt. Maybe it would help somebody.

Port Neches, TX

#9 Mar 18, 2013
anything you post from your experiences would be helpful thanks in advance..it sseems some folks come in a while then leave and nothing for years or months are updated in the forums! I am dealing with crawlies and pin pricks now driving me nutso! dont know if is new batch of hatched ones! or post symptoms of feces and dead matter!
DesperateScabieFighter wrote:
It is so unfair that there were man people dealing with this and once (I assume) they were healed they disappear.
When I'll be sure I'm over it I'm going to write a very detailed post about every single thing I used, experienced or felt. Maybe it would help somebody.
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Astoria, NY

#10 Mar 18, 2013
I felt crawling for long time, and everyone tries to convince you can't feel crawling since the mites are too small, but I read a post about a woman who steamed her mattress and the feeling went away.
I bought Haan steam mop sanitizer, it has an attachment for steaming carpets and upholstery, and I try to believe it really works on my floors and carpets so I use it everyday, but steaming the mattress didn't help so I smeared a decent amount of DE directly on it, and then covered it with my sheet and the crawling stopped immediately so there's something in it. Nevertheless just to be sure I bought a mattress vinyl cover in a dollar sotre for $6 so it's nothing. And I covered the zipper area with sticky tape.
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#11 Mar 18, 2013
and btw the argument for crawling was that it's caused by permethrin but that's virtually the only thing I never used just so you know.
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#12 Mar 18, 2013
I meant I felt the crawling while in bed almost everyday.

And the funny thing is that my rash on my arm is fading and then going red back again. It's like they're switching light on and off lol.
My hands are clear; since my yesterday's Iver shot some parts of body get itchy from time to time but it's going away quickly. I didn't notice any new bumps so far, but I felt a strange crawling on my feet and legs from time to time, a single one, and definitely slow. Slower than this feeling I experienced in bed.
I have hell no idea what's going on, but now I'm 60% convinced it's post-scabies.
Going to stop any sulfur soap, any abrasive treatment(althought hot epsom salt + powdered sulfur soak is extremely tempting).
Funny thing, I haven't showered for two days already, trying to keep as much sebum on my skin as possible, but it doesn't seem there's more than too less...
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#13 Mar 18, 2013
BTW Faerie, was the #6 adressed to me?

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#14 Mar 19, 2013
DesperateScabieFighter wrote:
It is so unfair that there were man people dealing with this and once (I assume) they were healed they disappear.
When I'll be sure I'm over it I'm going to write a very detailed post about every single thing I used, experienced or felt. Maybe it would help somebody.
I think there are a few reasons why people don't come back and say what cured them or that they are cured. The "troll" thing is one of the reasons, as soon as you say your cured, those individuals get attacked. God forbid you think your cured and come back now your a liar. Don't want to jinx it!! Lol sounds silly but it's true. If you search cure, cured you will find a few threads.
There had been many individuals who have said what they did and people will say that there treatment does not work. We are all different and not everyone has scabies.
You said you have crawl feeling and pin prick, do you see bumps or tracks after the pinprick? The prem does cause nerve damage in some individuals. I sometimes feel crawling, it's rare now but it was mainly on my scalp. I hope you are cured.

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#15 Mar 19, 2013
Now there is no crawling at all, I feel maybe 20% of the itch and it goes away quite quickly when untouched, my rash is getting better andI feel like I really won the battle!
I'm not going to stop being paranoic about the cleaning and stuff for at least two weeks I think but I need to underline that:
-I used essential oils that burnt my skin and in some places I still see peeling flakes caused by peppermint and clove oils. That treatment somehow seemed to helped at first so I decided to keep slathering myself but two days later I had a massive, extreme outbreak. Almost every inch of my skin was burned but itching irresistibly, with scarlet red rash. I also noticed when I swept my hand e.g. on my shoulder it would be covered with some tiny white crystal-like dots, whaever it was I don't want to know.
That is when I was desperate enough to order horse paste.
I took it on Sunday as second time and since the itch is getting better, no overwhelming need to scratch myself till I see blood.

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#16 Mar 19, 2013
I'd be more inclined to ask 'what did I do right?' as it would be interesting to know what stage of the treatment killed them for you.

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#17 Mar 20, 2013
Yeah but when I was writing the thread I was pretty convinced all the action failed because of itch and bumps.
I'm still afraid that I just put them to sleep and in a week it's going to start all over again. Or I'd reinfest myself. It's a nightmare.
No doctor is ever going to understand or give a proper advise unless experienced themself.

Ironing is the best thing ever, it kills eggs too. You don't have to quarantine your clothes if you iron them on the hottest setting both sides, since it's usually around 400F, and no dryer ever gets that hot.

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