Scabies won't go away

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#1149 Nov 27, 2012
cindilu wrote:
I and many others are having excellent results with Eprinex Pour on for Cattle. It's odorless, transparent and rubs on like baby oil. There's no better topical for Scabies.
I guess this may upset you, Cindilu:
Just over 30 days ago you were posting "excellent results" and proclaiming "no better topical". Will we all here the same with your Borax recommendation? See, tactless, as I previously mentioned you are. Now I add, troll.

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#1150 Nov 28, 2012
TruthbeTold wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess this may upset you, Cindilu:
Just over 30 days ago you were posting "excellent results" and proclaiming "no better topical". Will we all here the same with your Borax recommendation? See, tactless, as I previously mentioned you are. Now I add, troll.
The knowledge that truthbetold has is regressive and dated he is a self appointed guru with a very limited understanding of the real problem, a simpleton who just likes to pump up his own ego at the newbies expense.

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#1152 Nov 29, 2012
I have now officially had scabies for 19 days- Worst I have ever felt, not from sickness but from the intense and constant itching and feeling like a total leper of society. But here a few facts for you- You cannot get scabies from an animal as the mites are different to animal mites.- You cannot get scabies from poor hygiene, that is a myth- scabies infection will itch more when your body is warmer like after exercising, showering or if you're like me sweating in bed (which I find the most frustrating).- Scabies can affect anyone and the only reason there's a stigma on homeless people carrying it is that they share close quarters and maybe clothes and bedding, like I said it is a fact that personal hygeine does not contribute at all to getting scabies. Scabies is most commanly passed from skin to skin contact, or sharing bedding, clothing, towels etc. That is why people have always believed you can get it from poor hygiene, and that is also why it is predominant in Pre-schools and Nursing homes. This fact makes me feel slightly better but doesn't help the itch!! I have used Lyclear 3 times now, after the 2nd time my scabies started easing on my chest, neck, torso but not on my legs. I went to the doc, but my doc was on holidays so I had to see a doc that wouldn't even come within 2 feet of me after I told her my condition, I felt terrible and she just gave me a prescription for more Lyclear and to keep taking Anti-Hystimine tablets. I felt rejected. I went to my chemist and put my script in with my head down and embarassed. When I recieved my script the very nice lady gave me my meds but also gave me a fact sheet containing info and didn't take one step away from me as she smiled and informed me about some lotion I could use to help with the itching and letting me know that the itching and sores could continue for over 4 weeks after I'd first used the Lyclear, she told me all this very discreetly and even though I hardly looked her in the eye as I was so embarassed she was more helpful than the doctor I had seen. I will always appreciate that. I am still itching, but should stop soon, Anti-Hystimine tablets help a little and since I first used Lyclear I have been doing everything about the bedding, clothes etc. So I will let you all know how it turns out. I know people will think you're dirty or something if you have scabies and don't have kids or work in a nursing home but that is simply not the truth- I still am wondering where I got it from, I am clean I don't work or have close contact with old or young- infact I suffer from depression so don't see many people at all, yet alone shake hands or hug them.
Creepy crawlers

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#1153 Dec 2, 2012
Hi there, we are going through the same thing.
Did the second round of ivermectin do the trick?
Where do you get it? Thanks
Scabies in Phoenix wrote:
My partner and I have been battling for 10 months now. Been through Tea Tree, Been through gallons of Acticin. Love Ivermectin...
The Doctors here in Phoenix think we are Delusional Pruritis (sp?) which means they think it is in our heads.
Recently we took Oral Ivermectin, then repeated one week later and treated the cats with the same course. We were clear for 2 weeks since the last dose of Ivermectin.
My partner and I describe the itch and "Creepy Crawly" sensations on a scale of 1 to 10. We were both "zero" for 2 weeks, but Thursday (10/5/2006) we were both about a 4 to 6 and getting worse. He's been out of town for a week also, away from the house and cats and sheets and everything.
Only thing I figure is the Ivermectin kills most of the mites but the eggs remain?
This is a tough thing to get rid of. If you think you have it, I feel bad for you. Get a stockpile of every chemical you can and blast it hard. Do NOT be shy.
Thankfully I just received a "lifetime" supply of Ivermectin and am back on it now.

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#1154 Dec 22, 2012
My boyfriend and I definitely got scabies because of a dog we found and picked up with sarcoptic mange.

My friend who's gotten scabies for the same reason told me to go to a feed store and pick up Happy Jack Mange Medicine and that stuff helped a lot. Although it says use only on dogs and horses, you may use it on any animal (including yourself) that is not allergic to sulfur. So I've been oiling myself down every day and if you look really closely you'll be able to see white-ish and black dots that look like teeny tiny specs of dust come out and those are the mites. It's gross but obviously that's a sign that it works. It also helps to bring down the sores and lumps that they make. Also if you sit in a sauna for awhile they'll emerge out of your skin and you'll be able to feel them and hopefully wipe them off.

I finally got some actual scabies cream today called Naturasil and I plan to do a steaming hot shower, apply the Happy Jack all over and let it dry a little, then apply the Naturasil. It seems to be working quite well but I have no idea how long this is going to take to completely get rid of.
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#1155 Dec 27, 2012
shady wrote:
I got scabies about 3 years ago from my ex-girlfriend. She said she got them from living in a lower-class living home. I have had them now for years and have tried all types of treatments. I have tried the creams, washed my clothes, cleaned my sheets, and it always seems like they have gone away except for the fact that I still have multiple red sores on the top of my thighs. These sores will nto go away no matter how many treatments I go through. The last treatment was three nights of Permethrin 5% Cream. And I still have the sores on my thighs. Any ideas???
use permetherin spray str use on yje floors walls couches bed mattress. Carpet I bought it. From a website email le I fan give u ibsurviged only beaguae of this stuff mzdivrchik at Hotmail.c
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#1156 Dec 27, 2012
Use permethrin sfr all over. Ur home and vehicle never in skin its the only the only cure c
ConCureR of Scabies

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#1157 Jan 2, 2013
I also fought a battle with scabies. Thankfully with the good lords help. I was able to develop a natural and effective solution to my scabies parasite infestation problem. I offer up my story and regimen for free. My aim is to help as many people as I possibly can.
click on over to read it now!

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#1158 Jan 8, 2013

Everyone...I had scabies too!!

rub it all over your body every night, and before work in the morning.(i rubbed it into my bed stuff too)

you can drink it too! kills parasites from the inside.

Also...if you've tried the other stuff, like i did, your immune system is getting weak...take 3,000 ml of VITAMIN C everyday.

i'm not kidding. i did the creams and herbs and bleach and all kinds of weird stuff. this works, doesn't make you sick and your skin may be only mildly dry.

that's the cure.

i've posted on other sites.
try it and do the same to help each other.
i've been 7 months plus scabies free.
i'm just here today to spread the good word.

good luck!

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#1159 Jan 8, 2013
P.S. I would sprinkle the DIATOMACEOUS EARTH anywhere I was car, my steering wheel, my chair at work, the carpet at work, my purse, my wallet...anything i would touch. if you rub it out, its almost translucent.
Louise Ann Uk


#1160 Jan 17, 2013
scratch wrote:
alright so ive had scabies now for about 10 months now and im really starting to go crazy, ive already had a full body breakout that was horrifying im sure you know what i mean if you have it or had the experience constantly itching with rage and taking lots of extremely hot showers
i have tried the permithrin creme as recomended many times in fact two full tubes in two months span, ive done the whole leave my house for a week and wash EVERYTHING and yada yada yada and bumps still keep popping up randomly almost everyday still
after hearing about the jive with the tee trea oil i went and got a bottle of it, you might find it cheaper but i got a small bottle for 7 bucks at my local pharmacy
for the past two days i have been covering my body from head to toe with the oil and it is very soothing, it has a distinct smell though (almost like petrulio oil or somthing - the hippie perfume)
anyways im on a mission to get rid of this nightmare and will take in any advise to those who have gotten rid of this problem, so far i have high hopes for the tee trea oil
i really hope something works
Sorry to say I have used loads of Tea Tree and it hasnt worked for me!:-( It works for a while but it comes back!
disgusted and depressed

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#1161 Jan 29, 2013
There is an oral med that can be used for scabies, it has some side effects like everything else but I'm going to try and get my hands on some! The dosage is based on your weight and it is called Stomectol Oral. Don't know much more than that. Although I haven't been suffering as long as some of you, I too am ready to go to the volcano...Have any of you had skin scraping done? This is truly the equivalent to mange in a dog, the sarcoptic (sp) type.
disgusted and depressed

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#1162 Jan 29, 2013

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#1163 Feb 2, 2013
I have had scabies for 4 months I leave for basic in 38 days please tell me how to get rid of them!! They are all over me from head to toe I can't take this!!

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#1164 Feb 3, 2013
Reed wrote:
I have had scabies for 4 months I leave for basic in 38 days please tell me how to get rid of them!! They are all over me from head to toe I can't take this!!
Go on Amazon and get Ivermectin injectable (or horse paste) internally and Durvet pour on topically. There are threads here telling you how to use them. You could use eprinex topically too.

Clove oil works too, but it takes a while and is expensive.

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#1165 Feb 4, 2013
Don't forget that they can also live in your shoes, I did the permethrin treatment only to have spots stay on my feet and disappear elsewhere.
Virtual Scabies

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#1168 Feb 7, 2013
heebyjeebies wrote:
Don't forget that they can also live in your shoes, I did the permethrin treatment only to have spots stay on my feet and disappear elsewhere.
For your shoes, I would suggest buying crocs, as you can wash them every day in hot water. Or buy a few pairs of inexpensive shoes that you can rotate. Do not wear the same pair of shoes every day. Rotate everything you wear, including bedding, shirts, pants, jackets. Buy some cheap stuff and ROTATE, never wearing the same thing, but once every 7 days. Wash in hot water. Use Arm and Hammer Powdered Laundry Detergent. This works great for washing mite infested laundry.

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#1169 Feb 7, 2013
Just wash everyrhing repeatedly. Hot wash hot dry. I put my blankets in 3 rounds in the dryer. We just took injectable ivermectin orally. This will be the second time we do this. In October we had scabies from a homeless kid we let stay the night. 2 doses of ivermectin and good washing of everything and we were cured. Just a few days ago I went thrift shopping and git them sgain from trying on clothes. I highly recommend the injectable ivermectin orally and just keep up on the washing.
uncle sam

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#1170 Feb 7, 2013
cindilu wrote:
Freeze whatever you cannot boil. The mites do not survive freezing temps.
How is it that you can give any advice when you just posted a few days ago that your infestation is "out of control"?

Like I said, cindilu is dumber than a box of hammers.


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#1171 Feb 7, 2013
Beware of the SULFUR SOAP sales people. They attack all products that they don't sell!

They don't care about you at all if fact they go way out of the way to try and harm anyone who stands up to them.

Read below the posting that has been posted on many other threads trying to embarrass me.

These are money hungry hateful people
Read below and see for yourselves.

posted by UNCLE SAM:

"For the information of people on this forum, Langoliers is also a consistent poster on the Scabies Forum. He and his wife have been infected for well over a year. He consistently posts some very dangerous and toxic "cures" there that are very dangerous to a persons health. He does this acting like some kind of authority when he is not even cured himself.
He also created a whole thread under an alternate identity just for his own pathetic amusement. he really needs to be in a psychiatric ward.

I invite anyone to go on the Scabies forum and read the drivel he posts as a remedy and then go and find real answers as to how detrimental it is. He even highly recommends Lindane which has resulted in seizures and deaths."

First off let me explain I do not or have ever had scabies. I had Tropic Rat Mite or a similar type of mite. I have posted links to photos of the exact mites I had.
Mites taken off of me or my wife.
Me and my wife are cured! She however is cautious about removing the coating of DE that has been dusted on everything. There is no doubt that DE was the main reason we beat them because these mites tend to spend weeks at a time off of the host. We could not beat them because they would re-infest us after weeks of being bit free.

This is how I beat them.

I beat them with a Doctor who gave me

1) Stromectol 5 5mg tablets once every seven days.

2) Lindane lotion 4 or 5 treatments

3) Diatom Earth lightly dusted on everything. And in bed with ya.

Note: I used a Doctor after falling for all the things I read on these threads and tried.

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