Scabies won't go away
Gone Crazy and Back

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#1124 Aug 23, 2012
So I got scabies from a house guest's dogs who gave it to my dog who slept in my bed. In October 2011 they were full blown. They started in my toes and then I felt a bite on my bum and from there it was itch crazy.

I used the perm 5% cream 4 times. It only made me sick. I even moved into a brand new house with only one previous tenant hoping to get into a mite-free environment (to find the people before us had a dog with ear mites and something was in the carpet.

So, out of desparation, I went searching through the net and found a cure so I'm here back again to share. This is how I cured it. Trust me it took a VERY LONG TIME.

I bought a new bed and left the plastic on. Luckily we have full time housekeepers so I didn't have a problem getting them to cooperate. Each day all my bed is washed in hot water and borax and detergent. The plastic is lysoled off every day.

I take two showers a day in the hottest temperature possible (yes i even have burned my skin). The hot water would often feel so hot it would feel good. I felt something moving or going on.

I washed with sulpur soap (walmart under three dollars a bar)

I dried with clean towel each time. I would mix hand lotion (neutrogenia) with tea tree, clove oil and neem oil. I would cover my body with this. I wait about 10 minutes and then dry off the excess lotion.

Every night i sleep with nothing on. I don't get in bed until I repeat the shower and lotion.

My scars are finally going away. I feel an itch from time to time when i dont do this and i freak out that its coming back so i go back to it. I can't wait til i can get away with one shower a day.

The good news is I have no breakouts now for 4-5 months. No one else has contracted this as I kept myself far away from sitting in anyones seat. I also purchased a clothes steamer and would steam down everything i wear.

Oh and also dont rewear anything (even bras). Everything gets washed after one wear (even if its 2 hours of wear).

I know it sounds so crazy but this worked for me! It's also way cheaper than the scammy potions across the internet.

This is the WORST disease ever!!! I wouldnt give this to my worst enemy. Its horrible and it has isolated me. It took me from October to until April before I got it under control. When I first used the soap, my skin felt worse than it did before, that is because it was killing the mite. Also I ha put our furniture in storage for 3 months and when it came back, it still had the mites in it! So be careful. It is so untrue that they die in 2 days. They can live a long long time. So do not just think 2 days is enough.

I hope my cure helps you! I hope you cure faster than it took me!


#1125 Aug 23, 2012
Zara25 wrote:
to "scratch".
I'm affraid that the tea tree oil will only sooth itching.Although, it is one of the strongest antiseptic oils,it will not cure scabies...
You have to wash your clothes, underwear and bed sheets in at least 55 degrees Celsius and do not use it for 14 days to be sure it's all gone.
After that, iron the stuff(in high temerature) and do not sleep in your bed for about 3-5 days. Usually, "it" dies after 3-5 days without human's blood.
The breaks between the treatment should take no longer than a week. I've done 2 treatments with lindan on two subsequent weekends (although it is not good for our health I was so desperated, that I used it twice) and after that, the following weekend I did two other three-day treatments with crotamiton 10% applying it three times in the evening.I washed it away after 3 days and I took a bath with the tea tree oil.I hope it will help. So far it seems to be better and itching is less severe and less frequent.
It is said, that yor skin is prone to be itching for about 2-3 weeks and it does not mean that the treatment has failed.
take care and good luck!
Zara: scabies do not live on human blood, they feed on old skin


#1126 Aug 23, 2012
momneedshelp wrote:
Hi my mom has something that's been goin on for 3 years and she says its scabies. I see old mark on her skin and fresh scabs on scalp and ears. She has tried numerous times with the creams and lotions from docs rx. I am currently doin research and she is not being heard with the docs. She only scratches her head at the present time. Something I read said nothing about scabies on the scalp..I don't know what to do for!
Have you found a cure? I have someting all over my body; even the face, scalp and ears. But I do not get the relentlesss itching, even though it itches. But the most unpleaseant thing is the crawling sensations all over the body - especially in the evenings and nights.

I think what I and your mum have is what is commonly named "Clean mans scabies". I guess it more of a "nick"name that includes probably several types of different parasites who lives in the skin and have became masters of surviving through NOT killing the (human) host through giving him the itch that will make himself scrat to death almost. And that probably takes a lot of adaptions so one probably has to work a little extra to kill this kind of scabies-like creatures. I got it from a hotel room in Venice (oh what a fobia towards touching things I will have for the rest of my life!)

My mum also have them - I infested her before knowing I had anything (how horrible is not that).

When the symptoms are not so visible it also very hard to get help from doctors. I do really have the ordinary scabies symptoms, just less. I have been to at least 6doctors. I will spare you the stories - they are horrible and the encounteers with the doctors and the feeling that I was all alone and perhaps never would get cured made me want to commit suicide. If I do not get cured, I will. I have given me about 2-3 months from now. I have not seen one single person in at least 3 months except for my mum - and worst of all; I cant have my dog here because I share her with someone else and her (lovely ) fur would pass the disgusting scabies further.

If one want more visible signs I have discovered that petrolatum creams (in Sweden it is called Vaseline, I dont know the english name for this cream)makes small bumbs, black small marks (really dont know what it is , and frankly I do not want to know) and red areas. I guess the cream makes everything under the skin come up. Sulfur has the same effect. Sulfur and petrolatum are often used cures for scabies. So more than just making the sugns of the darn creatures visible, they cure. But watch up with the sulfur; it really destroys the skin. My mum used it for one months but gave up. It did not go away. She got red bumps all over the areas we already knew were most infected. This is really strange.

My impression from my mothers try to get cured was that you must also take something internal, like inermectin. It takes to long otherwise, the risk of getting reinfested is to big and the damages on the skin also.

If your mum decides to use anything, read all the cleaning advices in this forum. Concerning the lifespan of what I and my mum have I think they can live for one -two weeks in textiles; something like that. NOT only three days. I pour boiling water over everything I have used, then 90 celsius degrees wash, then a long dry at at least 60 celcius.

Good luck!!

I honestlu
Scabies ugh

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#1130 Sep 9, 2012
So my husband and I just found out Friday we have scabies! Went to the dermatologist and did a skin scraping and it's scabies! I've been itching for two and a half months. We also have three children 8, 6 and 18months. Our 18 month old is the only one of the children who is showing symptoms. Was prescribed the Permethrin 5% cream and did our treatment last night. Took half our clothing to the cleaners and I washed the rest at home. Gave everyone baths b4 applying ointment. Washed all linens an towels bagged up all fabric items that can't be washed. Vacuumed and cleaned the vacuum after. Had to tape socks to my 18 month old daughters hands because she is a thumb sucker. Woke up 9 hours later and washed all the kids and re washed the bedding and cloths we slept in and re vacuumed. Did I miss anything? God I pray that this works an we are able to get rid of this nightmare! I do not want my children to have to suffer the way I have the past 2 and a half months! But if anyone has any tips to help pleas reply!! I want it gone and we r doing our second treatment in 6 days and in the mean time clean clean CLEAN!!!!

Since: Aug 12


#1131 Sep 9, 2012
9 hours is insufficient for a successful permethrin treatment. Read the instructions.

You are better off to do several treatments a few days apart as well.

I hope it works for you.
Scabies ugh

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#1132 Sep 9, 2012
bugged R wrote:
9 hours is insufficient for a successful permethrin treatment. Read the instructions.
You are better off to do several treatments a few days apart as well.
I hope it works for you.
Thanks. I'm just really freaked out at this point and I am trying to stay hopeful that we will get rid of it but after reading some of the threads here I'm not so sure. But I'm going to take your advice and do three treatments for all of us and hope it works. I treated all of us lastnight and today my 18 month old has gotten a few new red spots. It that maybe just from the treatment or scabies bites?

Uttoxeter, UK

#1133 Sep 10, 2012
Had scabies for a while go it from working with the homeless, tried the creams they worked a little, but I had it every ware, my head noise arms, the only thing that really seems to be working for me is taking extremely high doses of ivermectin im taking 1000mg then repeating this every 3-4 days. Also going on sun beds seems to help, don’t know why just found this out by accident. Just going to list the things that didn’t work very well for me (tea tree oil, neem oil, 5% permethtin,, sulphur body lotion,) 70% alcohol rub was only good for relieving the scratching, but it soon came back after a few hours, petroleum jelly worked to rid them from my noise, this could work on other parts of your body, but I wouldn’t use it alone, another thing buy mite proof covers from your bedding and mattress that’s essential, One thing you have to understand is your not going to get rid of them quickly, if your on this forum you obviously have a resistant strain or a bad case of them, otherwise you would have already treated your self with standard creams and be fine. Just don’t give up otherwise your just prolonging the problem. If you do start taking Ivermectin don’t go mad on it strait away everyone’s body is different, my body can take this big dose yours may not!!!!. One of the best defences against the little mf***s is you own immune system so don’t smoke or drink and start doing some light exercise. errrmm carnt think of any thing else at the moment, but anyway Im getting loads better now hopefully cured in a month.
13 yrs soo itchy

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#1134 Sep 12, 2012
hi all, i'm 13 years of age and for about a month now i have had scabies.... when i run or sweat i feel like i'm on fire !! i also don't get to sleep till about 3 am !:'(
13 yrs soo itchy

New Zealand

#1135 Sep 12, 2012
mt va wrote:
my stepson caught scabies in jail is there anyway we can hold the jail responsible and how long does it last and how dangerous is it to babies
it's not the jail's fault your stepsons a criminal is it ?

Urbana, IL

#1136 Sep 18, 2012
I noticed my daughter had delevoped a rash a week ago.(Which I thought was from laundry soap.) After switching laundry soaps the rash still didn't go away, we also noticed a rash on ourselves,(my boyfriend, and I.) We took her to the doctor, and they said she had scabies. We got the cream, and treated all 3 of us, I washed everything! Then I also realized that I delevoped a similar rash 2 years ago. Which may doctors diagnosed as contact dermatitis, then a few also said it was a stress rash. So I never even thought about scabies. Usually I'd have a rash for a week, then it would disappear. I guess my main questions are,

1. Because I've had it longer will it be harder for me to get rid of?
2. Does that mean I have crusted scabies?
3. I didn't have enough cream to cover my whole body, but I covered the rash, and areas around the rash, will I still be okay?

Since: Aug 12


#1137 Sep 18, 2012
Scabies doesn't usually come and go. How long have you had this boyfriend bcause he should have developed symptoms in 1-6 weeks.

Sometimes rashes are for the reasons they mentioned.

1. Some people say the length of time is a factor, but if you have scabies that have never been treated and have never built up a resistance to poisons, they should respond well to treatment.

2. Crusted scabies actually form a dead spot on your skin, so filled with scabies, nothing grows there, it is actually crust like. So probably not.

3. If it is scabies, that is a mistake, you would have been better off to wait till you had sufficient for everyone. Spot treating causes them to move to other areas and spread, it may also enable them to build up some resistance and make future treatments less effective.

Best luck

Sun Prairie, WI

#1138 Sep 25, 2012
Me too wrote:
I'm trying the tea tree oil and (I'm trying to find out if it's ok but...) the eucalyptus oil helps with the itch.
Good luck if you find an answer would you mind posting it here?
Thank you!=)
I'm so sorry to hear that because i know how u feel, i've been trying to get rid of them (scabies) for over a year and i'm miserable as hell!! I'm a clean person, but i've read that it don't matter if you're clean or not... If you have close, skin contact with an infected person you most likely will get them!!
knows how bad it is

Tallahassee, FL

#1139 Sep 27, 2012
it never goes away unless you become a germ o fobic i work at a place where its impossible to get rid of and they are very dirty people i clean all the time and bathe twice daily and it still gets on my clothes and everywhere im sick of it and nothing helps been to doctors dermatoligist and on and nothing they give makes the bastards go away i have no carpet wash the sheets every other day and mop floors three times a week and even moved my dirty clothes outside to wash i dont know what to do its been three years ive been fighting this crap.
uncle bobo

Denver, CO

#1140 Sep 27, 2012
knows how bad it is wrote:
it never goes away unless you become a germ o fobic i work at a place where its impossible to get rid of and they are very dirty people i clean all the time and bathe twice daily and it still gets on my clothes and everywhere im sick of it and nothing helps been to doctors dermatoligist and on and nothing they give makes the bastards go away i have no carpet wash the sheets every other day and mop floors three times a week and even moved my dirty clothes outside to wash i dont know what to do its been three years ive been fighting this crap.
the "Borax solution cure" thread has the info that is working for people . There is a bunch of extra stuff there too but if you focus on what "Ted" says you'll be doing good.

It's in everyone's civic and social interest to report your employers to the health dept.

Houston, TX

#1141 Oct 14, 2012
scratch wrote:
thanks Zara25
im gonna try again....
cause your absolutly right tea tree oil doesnt cure, this im posotive only took me a month and 4 bottles of oil and plenty of comments from friends and family wondering why i smelled like woodstock all the time
TEA TREE oil is not a cure
im going to jump into a volcano and burn these bastards off anyone wanna come alone?
Scratch I'm more than happy to join you I just wanna end this nightmare this mofos don't let me go to sleep >=[

Islamabad, Pakistan

#1143 Oct 23, 2012
hello every one, I think i have cured my scabies infection. most definately caught it off my friends who are in the animal slaughtering business and his house is not so clean.. i firstly noticed the itchyness under my buttocks caught by using my friends bathroom and using the toilet.. at first i didnt know about the situation until he himself mentioned at a point he had scabies and so did his family. I wasnt that shocked really because of the nature of his job. i battled it out naturaly increasing the number of showers and scrubs. but this wasnt helping.. i started getting really itchy inner thighs... private parts.. under arms where stinging like mad with a red rash.. my first appointment with my doctor said i had exzema and so she ordered me an itch relief cream.. worked wonders for my dry skin under my eyes but nothing for the scabies..weeks passed by and seemed like every closed part of my body was burning and itching like crazy... sometimes seemed to calm down some days really mad.. i was really scared because i was planning a holiday in real time to meet my wife.. one thing for sure is try not have really hot baths and try to keep your body temprature cool.. dont use deodrant sprays and other skin car produts.. this is what to do... clean everything cloth like as much as capable of you. now i went to the doctor again and asked for more help.. they gave me lyclear and fucibet.. lyclear once a week for no more than three weeks.. ( which most of the time you think it wont work and maybe forgget the second week or the third week but keep at it) and fucibet applied two to three times a day until the tube runs out.. and then get more.. a week before my holiday i noticed a big difference in my itchiness some days forgetting i even have scabies and some days itching.. when you go away from your home environment makesure everyhting is cleaned and bagged up so people left at home dont catch it from your fabrics and items..... carry on using fucibet you will definately FEEL the results.. the red circles after the itchiness apply it on them as well often dont apply thin layers it wont penetrate the skin, apply a fair bit and rub it in, after sometime keep check on the bumps or red or patchy flakey red skin and surely the will decrease in size.. it took my 2cm by 3cm red itchy flakey skin to heal in approximately 4 months and now it has dissapeared.. keep using it dont give up but make sure you apply it to where ever the itch is even if its under the buttocks.. just apply it but use a seprate finger to rub the cream in the different places... i hope i have helped.. you most likely caught it from a handshake or sitting on an infected oilet seat.. the only scary bit for me is that i have to return to the uk in a few months and it still seems like my friends havnt cured them selves like i told them to.. and it could just get as bad as it was once before.. scabies is not taken seriously enough by the doctors because they have never had it themselves... its not exzema its not an allergic reation to deodrant.. if you think its scabies after your hard routed research then it most likely is.. if the itchyness and stinginess settles with fucibet under the armpits and else where its most likely scabies.. All the best people.. wash your selfs 5 times a day ( but manage to allow time for the cream to wear in.. i normally washed my body before the infection once before sunrise, once at mid day, once at tea time, once at sun set and once at night... after the infection i had to wash less frequently as to let the cream wear in so its not about how many times you was your body or how hygeinic and clean you are.. if you have been infected the mites are under the skin not on top.. the cream may kill the mites but not the eggs.. re apply on proper timing to kill excess eggs.. i had to even quit my job becuse i was experiencing red raw under arms.. anyway people this is my first forumn i have ever written in my life. oh yes and please shave pubic hairs

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#1144 Nov 4, 2012
try to swim in the beach ( sea water) i tried before after 3 times repeat,its all gone. spend atleast 1-2 hrs in the water and repeat for 3 days. try it, it works .
Scabies ugh

Pelzer, SC

#1145 Nov 4, 2012
Alright so I thought I'd come back and give an update. September 9th we were diagnosed with scabies. Me my husband and our three children 8, 6 and 20 months old. We did our 5%
Permethrin twice one week apart. Did twice on us an once on the children. Washed everything. I mean everything lol and today I can say we are scabies free! Thank you lord. We did suffer with mild post scabies and still do from time to time but I have been back for a second skin scraping and no scabies. Keep in mind u will more than likley have post scabies for quite sometime but the itch and misery is gone for good. Just wanted to give an update and good luck to everyone here!
Scabies on my brain

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#1146 Nov 4, 2012
shady wrote:
I got scabies about 3 years ago from my ex-girlfriend. She said she got them from living in a lower-class living home. I have had them now for years and have tried all types of treatments. I have tried the creams, washed my clothes, cleaned my sheets, and it always seems like they have gone away except for the fact that I still have multiple red sores on the top of my thighs. These sores will nto go away no matter how many treatments I go through. The last treatment was three nights of Permethrin 5% Cream. And I still have the sores on my thighs. Any ideas???
SCABIES ARE HORRIBLE!! The one thing that helps tremendously is a hot steam iron. It's worth the investment..You can steam kill the little devils on your mattress, carpets, couch, etc..
I used some t-gel shampoo when I thought they were gone and wanted to heal my scalp and they went crazy!! After that I had them on my scalp and in my eyes, nose, was really bad..I thought I was in hell "where the worm does not die" as quoted by Jesus..
as I write this I'm feeling itchy again..I think I'll do the permethrin & Ivermectin treatment again. It's the eggs that are so hard to kill..try the steam iron..hope that helps!

Dubuque, IA

#1147 Nov 26, 2012
i dont understand i have applied the cream 3 times wash all towels clothing bedding dont wear the same shoes or coat,i vaccum stayed out of my bed for 4 days i now have tried the stromectol and nothings working! what a nightmare i picked this up from the hospital while having my baby!!!!!!!!!! this will not go away have it for 3 months!!!!

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