Scabies won't go away

Dalton, GA

#580 Dec 6, 2009
my husband got scabies from work and gave it to me and my children he thought it was like poison oak or something we have tried washing everything in hot water steaming everything the cream nothing is working we are going bbroke over it all these perscriptions and doctor visits and we still have it my kids are misereable wat else can i do pleas
stressedandfreak edout

Philadelphia, PA

#581 Dec 6, 2009
KAI wrote:
my husband got scabies from work and gave it to me and my children he thought it was like poison oak or something we have tried washing everything in hot water steaming everything the cream nothing is working we are going bbroke over it all these perscriptions and doctor visits and we still have it my kids are misereable wat else can i do pleas
Please read my post and try what I did. My post are the last few on the thread.
bug sleuth

Madison, WI

#582 Dec 6, 2009
I have been suffering from the same thing. Please check out a condition called Morgellons on the internet and do not concentrate on the fibers as most of the media does. I believe this disease has stages and not all of them involve fibers. I am trying to put together some links with relevant information. I am not cured but am able to keep some of these horrible itchy crawly symptoms to a minimum. If you'd like to know more about what I found out and what I am using, you can email me.


#583 Dec 7, 2009
Hey everyone,
My boyfriend and I have had scabies now since sometime in August. It is now early December. This has given the time for family to come over and enjoy Thanksgiving and any other special occasion, sadly.
At first, my mom didn't believe the doctor (it was a PA) and I did.. I went balistic! Trying to figure out what the he11 to do. & I was like "we have to clean EVERYTHING, no skimping" and this house is a BIGGG house. Plus, I'm worried because I live with my 70 something year old grandmother (who thank God hasn't gotten them yet that we know of) and my 1 year old niece whom, it makes me want to vomit whenever I think of her possibly getting them.
Also, my aunt just had a kidney transplant which meeans her immune system had to be stripped from her body. I'm just so worried that everyone else is going to get this. My cousin already does have them. And also, my boyfriends daughter (3).

So, we had a dog move in about a month before we got these freaking things and we just got rid of her like 2 weeks ago (my sister's ex boyfriend went to jail and we gave her back). There was a lot of suspicion there as far as "people can't get scabies from dogs" went. And now, my other dog is scratching like crazy. But knowing all old people "I've seen mange and I know what it looks like." That really aggrivated me to no end!

Also, in early July.. my boyfriend and I went up to NY to stay in a hotel.. Which as I think of it, kind of falls into place nicely.. But I still think it's the dog. We're having a lot of conflicting issues with this cuz we don't know where the heck it came from and never will know probably.

My cousin is staying with my family and I tonight since we're not quite over it yet either and I had some extra permetherin 5%.. She'll hopefully go home right after her shower and do her cleaning and never come back till it's gone.

But my boyfriend and I have tried the permetherin and the ivermectin. The ivermectin seemed to help a little bit. I wasn't all that itchy today but I can never know. That's the part I hate about this, never knowing if its' gone or not.

So, my mom and dad and grandmother still don't believe me that we have scabies.(and the entire house needs to be taken care of) cuz we're really tight on money right now but thanks to all of you, I've been able to find a website that I think might help.

Uh.. So, as I was saying, this house is a really bigg house and I just want to know if there are any easy ways to take care of a house this damnnn big!! WE could probably throw it all out on the line since it's winter. But I don't know. Do you think that would work ?

I'm desperate for ANY info you can give me.. I have an e-mail or an AOL screen name if you want it.. It's, use it please. I'd love to hear anything you guys are willing to tell me. Even just to talk about it and get some irritation out.. Idc.. I need that too. Haha.

But yeah.. Please, if you would.. contact me.. I'm up for anything.

Boondall, Australia

#584 Dec 28, 2009
Hello I have had scabies for around 6months now my girlfriend also has it, we've been to the doc so many times and keep doing the things he tells us , wash clothes in hot water, steam the carpets, wash all towels linen bedding e.t.c, then theres the cream we have used the creams number of times to no relief,they seem to go for a while then come back, i also have 2 children aged 3 and 1 who have had it for 3 months now, we have been doing the treatment with creams e.t.c with still no luck, this is literally driving me nuts my babys find it hard to sleep at night,
until i came across this forum:D i am really interested in this 'horse paste' and wondering if anyone could suggest anything i live in australia, i will enquire to my local feed shop and ask around, would it be called the same thing?
can anyuone suggest anything for my kids? i am not to keen on trying the paste on them and the doc just keeps prescribing me the 'lyclear'(permerthin i think) but i dont think it is working,
it first started bad on my hands and now its just on my feet and thighs sometimes on my stomach, i feel like im fighting a losing war please help:) cheers

Boondall, Australia

#585 Dec 28, 2009
'stressed out freak'
Hi everyone... people should be ashamed if they found a cure or possibly having success in getting rid of the scabies and not letting the ones suffering know.

I will share with u a few things in my progress and possible success.

Where I got the scabies:
I think I may have gotten scabies from a hotel bed.

The signs:
I began to feel itchy but u can never reach the spot because its under the skin.. u will began to see white or clear bubbles come up on your hand or arms and u can pop them but its nothing but some type of clear fluid... it itches!!! I think they are the babies and they are embedded there and they dig their way out and lay eggs all over again. You will get hot often and sweat will burn sooo bad it can make you cry... I cried and I'm a grown man. You will notice paterns (from my experience) on your back like circles or marks as if u ben cut but healing. You can get warts from the itching and infection or allergic reaction to these.. I think I may have had the crusted scabies too because they leave hard scabs that itch terribly. You can feel these things all over your body... they ate up my penis and genitals and left marks but they marks on my penis are gone but I still feel them in my genitals crawling!!! They craw on your face and in your hair but I don't think they eat at your face or head in my opinion thank goodness. My arms, back, thighs, feet, legs, butt, stomach, underarms, wrist, ankles, chest and my sides... they don't really care, they go anywhere and feed.

At one point I had it so bad that my butt and inner thighs were burning so bad that I couldn't sit down or break out in sweat. I had these terrrrrrrible heat rashes and bumps from these mites in my inner thigh and on my butt. When I scratched, they swell up like rocks and I almost wanted to throw up from looking at them and wanted to cry. Some turned into huge bumps with puss. I took it upon myself to oooz one of them and this green puss came out as thick as tooth paste. The bumps are deminished now but a few have returned but I've kept them down.

I thought these things may have been flea bites but I never was allergic to flea bites and the fleas were actually gone and things still were burning so I went to the emergency room and they just listened to me instead of looking closely and I took pills and hydrocortozone and didn't need to because these were not outer skin irritations. I owe the hospital 180 dollars for not detecting scabies like they should have. I went to a free clinic and I was diagnosed with scabies and the perethin cream really helped me sleep and kill these things. I didn't have an allergic reaction to this stuff... I actually used both tubes which was 80 dollars, 40 a peice without insurance.

I have gone through soo much that its too much to type out. However I am having sucess with Epsom Salt with magnesium sulfate baths, bleach baths and using hydrogen peroxide 3% all seperately. Don't mix these cause I did get a burn from it but it went away. I aslo use skin lightener to get skin back to the normal color. I also use alchohol and sanitizer on my skin for general purposes. I hope I've helped and related to some of you. Let me know if you have anyyyy questions. We are. All in this together. U aren't alone

This is the exact same thing that is happening to myself my gf and my two boys i use the cream but 2 weeks later there back, anyone with success? the horse paste sounds like the go:)

Dallas, TX

#586 Dec 28, 2009

hey man, I am feeling alot better lately. I am living in a house full of family and almost everyone broke out from this, even the babies. The perithin cream does help initially but it didn't work long term after spending 80 dollars on 2 tubes because I was without insurance. I got epsom salt and soaked in it everytime I fetlt they were getting to me and I feel Epsom salt is the answer to killing these things and even though I an not religions, I did pray and ask for help and that may have helped as well. Also get a vaccum and vaccum often and dump the vaccum emediately. It will take time to get rid of these but things are getting better. Please get back to ne cause I don't want anyone left behind and suffering.

Milford, PA

#587 Dec 28, 2009
Shaun, A lot of people including myself are getting nighttime relief from Arm & Hammer powder detergent in a hot bath before bed. Some say it's a cure, but I haven't noticed that, then again I don't have scabies, I have a different type of mite? Of course you need plastic mattress, & pillow covers, and clean bedding for it too be effective. I sometimes spray my bedding with windex, or alcohol, just before my bath. I heard cedarcide works too.

I think you're talking about Ivermectin medication (horse paste) I haven't tried it yet, because I cannot get my environment under control.

I had good luck with 1 cup of Borax, & 1 cup of Epsom salts, plus 1/8 cup of Dawn blue dishwashing liquid in a hot bath, I got them to start to come off afterward, But I wouldn't try this before bed, because it seems to make them active (angry).

Ballinrobe, Ireland

#588 Dec 31, 2009
Thanks for all your help! I suffer this past half year and go back to doctor (different one..)today, loaded with lots of information from this page. I tried Lyclear, Derbac M and Benzyl Benzonate. No good. Alternated shoes, boilwash even dark colours, change beds, treated rest of family, god knows. Please wish me luck and if I find a solution I let you all know!


#589 Dec 31, 2009
hi, Benzyl Benzoate does not work for me. Stromectol not known in Ireland, try to get hold of it. Seen good old doc today and he admits we have a problem... Mites are immune to all cures availible. He was so good to admit his own helplessness, welcomes suggestions to products introduced to the country but it takes time. My new year resolution is to fight the bug and help others here. Good luck to all and if I succeed in any way I let you know! And thank you all!

Sugar Land, TX

#590 Jan 5, 2010
I have found that bleach does help take the itch away in a very hot bath. Also Breck Lavendar Baby Cream helps to take the itch away.

Me, My boyfriend, My cousin and I all had scabies at the same time. I'm very upset by the fact that she got rid of hers more quickly then us. Considering she was only itching for 2 weeks and we've been itching since August '09.

I believe what she did helps. They tell you to Lysol everything.. Which is what we've been doing. But she got a little creative. She sprayed Lysol on a paper towel and rubbed it on the itchy spots. Also, rubbing it with the towel helps not spread them to other parts of your body from your hands which would make it worse with the constant scratching of areas. She also applied the cream 3 times in I believe a 3 week period. Or maybe it was every 2 weeks.

My boyfriend and I only applied the cream once because only my insurance would cover it, sadly.
But we also used ivermectin.. I don't think we're tackling this correctly., But hopefully, when we move out in March, we'll be able to tackle this!

I think it's also sad that now my 1 year old niece and my younger sister have it. It's very stressful and the stress alone is enough to make me want to vomit.

But with the bleach in a hot bath, you can put in lavendar bath salts and use some type of lavendar shampoo and conditioner.. also use lotion,(guys I'm sorry, you'll smell like a flower) but it helps indefinitely. My boyfriend won't do it because quite frankly, he's lazy.

There is a type of soap out there, that on the package, it won't say it's got sulfur in it but my local pharmacy has it! It's called Packers Pine Tar soap.. It smells like pine, if you're highly allergic to pine, don't use it. But Sulfur does help with killing some of them off.. Soo when you use the cream or a pill/cream combo, it will knock their socks off.

So.. Bleach, lavendar, pine tar, lysol.. what else..

Using a 60% alcohol based hand sanitizer will kill off some of them on your hands.. and washing them every so often will knock some off..

I figure if I can atleast keep mine down until March, they won't get too terribly bad and we won't have to do a routine to get rid of them..

If we do have to do a routine though, I'm set.

I read on one of these that if you rotate 5 days of iver and 5 days of permetherin...

day 1: permetherin

Day 3: Ivermectin

Day 5: permetherin

Day 8: Ivermectin

Day 10: Permetherin

Day 13: Ivermectin

Day 15: Permetherin

Day 18: Ivermectin..

You're constantly covered.. and if you use sulfur soap every day in between.. You're even more constantly covered for a span over 2 weeks which is for sure enough to kill them.. I hope.

I hope this helps some of you..

Also, I read as well.. a website that I found.. I believe is the website.. you can go on there and get the permetherin and ivermectin for pretty cheap..+ shipping and handling ofcourse..

United States

#591 Jan 6, 2010
Mine are definitely permethrin resistant. The perm keeps them from spreading much, but does not reduce them.

I have about a half dozen nodes which I think have been their home for some years. My theory is that I picked them up on the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Our clothing was soaked in perm, which is probably why they are perm resistant.

I have tried ivermectin at 200 mcg/kg. It had a very rapid effect of reducing the size of the infestation sites. Several of them opened up. One of them turned into a sore about 3.5 cm in diameter. I had a lot of bugs. After four doses of ivermectin, I still have them, but less of them. I am going to double the dose to 400 mcg/kg, which I hope will wipe them out with two more doses.

I read that in Europe, they are using Malathion against scabies which are resistant to permethrin. I picked some up at Home Depot last night, and just hit the spots which are the serious infection sites. Huge difference today. It might have wiped them out at those specific sites. It is high concentration stuff, and I don't want to use it all over my body, or anywhere which is not severely infected. But it definitely seemed to make a big diff.

The ivermectin wipes out the new little burrows. But I have these lumps which have been going for some years. I have been to several different dermatologists, military and civilian, and nobody got the diagnosis right. They kept giving me heavy duty steroids which helps the itching and inflammation, but not the root cause.

The perm is irritating enough to the mites that when I put it on just the bad spots, then they will shed some mites onto the surrounding skin to start up new sites.

I think I have found the answer between the ivermectin and the malathion. The permethrin is not a lot of help for my particular population of mites.
Vann from Tennessee

Henderson, TN

#592 Jan 11, 2010
Please stop poisoning yourselves. The non-toxic cure for Scabies is so simple and easy using Food Grade Diatomacious Earth..... See this link for details.


London, UK

#593 Jan 11, 2010
TSD..Ivermectin is NOT an ovicide (egg killer). Malathion (Derbac) has been shown to be totally ineffective probably through over -use .Both these drugs are used as crop and livestock pesticides so it is highly likely ,in my opinion, that they and many other drugs/lotions etc(incl perm) are becoming useless, poisoning both humans and livestock and as a result 'we' are breeding super tolerant and aggressive parasites. Although I haven't tried it yet (am waiting for it),DE food grade seems to offer a benign and effective solution which just dehydrates them whilst not harming the taker (DO NOT INHALE THE POWDER)>I've been through the steroid and antihistamine route but which as you say ,partially deals with the symptoms but doesn't get rid of them.
What is your answer TSD ?
I'm going to give DE a dries them out and doesn't poison they say lol

London, UK

#594 Jan 11, 2010
If perm ,ivermectin and malthion are becoming less and less effective on crops and livestock then it stands to reason that for it to continue to be effective against parasites in humans ,one would need to up the dose far above acceptable levels and poison oneself.

Since: Aug 09

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#595 Jan 11, 2010
As livestock and people are moved and travel round the world, so do mites of whatever kind move too.
So TSD you wrote 'I read that in Europe, they are using Malathion against scabies which are resistant to permethrin.' but in a local London BBC report they showed head lice swimming around in the stuff.
I've used it many times and it didn't work ,probably because I have Morgellon's but even so....
I live in a fairly Asian (india/Pakistan area) and the pharmacists here say malathion (Derbac) is useless and advise using benzyl benozate. But ,with the continual movement of people globally ,resistant strains are going to emerge everywhere therefore a different approach is needed ;reading about DE has nearly convinced that this is the way forward ...or back ! Anyway, good luck to you.

Philadelphia, PA

#596 Jan 11, 2010
Once again, just use Epsom salt.

Milford, PA

#597 Jan 12, 2010
phillyguy wrote:
Once again, just use Epsom salt.
How much philly guy?

Alameda, CA

#598 Jan 12, 2010
so I was seeing a guy for 4months now who has scabies, he has had it for god knows how long, the asshole gave it to me, and told me that he didn't know what it was, even tho he went to the doctors to get treated for it. He never cared to fucking tell me and I'v had it for a month now. I found out what it was yesterday when I went to the doctors. Who knows how he got it, he changed the story twice when I asked him and he blames me for giving it back to him. I hope that he never finds a cure. Karma is a bitch.

Philadelphia, PA

#599 Jan 12, 2010
MikDee wrote:
<quoted text>
How much philly guy?
I use like a half quart . Soak in it. Watch it work

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