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#821 Dec 13, 2009
Hi Sam .I managed to get hold of some doxycyline which has greatly reduced the headache and dizziness that I've had constantly for the last 2 years after waking with a swollen eye ,nausea and the above sensations (Lyl suggested possible Lyme as I have high LDL) However my mite infection (scabies or otherwise) goes back further than that and began with itchy wrists ,fingers,scalp etc typical symptoms;my ex later had the same. After repeated use of Derbac (useless in my opinion a BBC TV report on headlice showed the lice swimming merrily around in the stuff!). So as the above points out continued use of ONE acracnicide of whatever form will breed resistance .Until relatively recently I had only been given Derbac but have had some success with A&H, iver and benzyl .
I currently have nodules on my fingers ,bruising and grey/blue shaped lines (not veins0 which end in the centre of the palm.Skin crawling and pricking all over face and scalp.,bumps and severe pain in my dick. Burrows are NOT always so easy to see with the naked eye, trained or
not and particular if the time is not taken to look thoroughly ; this is well documented on many site eg BMJ ..Dermatoscopes don't seem to be used much over here (UK not Oz)
I've had conflicting opinions from consultants from 'one dose of iver is enough' to 'every stage needs to be dealt with as iver is not an ovicide and the life cycle is complex' so 'trained' meds don't always agree with other. I've now forced them to agree to do some biopsies ,procedures which under their own guidelines ,should've been done long ago .

Brooklyn, NY

#822 Dec 13, 2009
mom wrote:
I had scabies for 6months ( or so I thought ) I have been scabie free now for 2 years, but felt the need to come on here and post my findings. We did it all. I mean all kinds of things to get rid of our scabies. we used all the meds, covered our selves in tee tree oil, sulfur, and vaseline. cleaned the house like crazy and drove our selves crazy and broke trying to get rid of them. we would treat ourselves with permitherin like our doc said and then we would feel good and then the bumps would come back about 5 days later! we felt helpless and the docs kept saying if you treated yourselves with permitherin then it should be gone, but we kept feeling "crawling and bites, pin pricks and itching" here is what we found out: yes, all you need to do it treat yourself with permitherin, twice to make sure, keep your house clean, by changing your sheets and towels everyday, bagging up anything thats soft like kids stuffed animals extra pillows etc. run the sweeper on your rugs and funiture and cover up your couches with clean linens. do all this until your done treating yourself ( 2-3 days ) except keep your stuff bagged for atleast a week. yes the bumps will come back, the itching will come back and even the "pinpricks" but it is not scabies!!!! i reapeat, it is not scabies!!!! it is a skin reaction from the peritherin. we also developed "folliculitis" from treating ourselves with so much stuff which feels the same way as scabies does! exactly. we fought with ourselves not to treat our selves anymore and after a few months it proved to be the right decision. you are really doing alot to your skin and your body needs time to heal from it. even now, every few months or so we get a "outbreak" of folliculitis ( inflamation of the hair follicules) it last a day or two and goes away. please do as I said and then give yourselves time to heal. you are OVERTREATING your skin, waisting money and stressing yourselves out over nothing! my prayers are with you.
Yes I agree. Same thing happened to me. Post scabies feels like scabies. We need more info out there for all these poor suffering people. I suffered for a year and a half till now I believe I'm just about done with it.

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#823 Dec 14, 2009
sam wrote:
<quoted text>
Joe, I don't mean to ruffle your feathers, but please show me a reputable medical website or journal confirming that bird mites can infest the skin of humans. And don't give me . Or or any other site that doesn't have medical affiliation.
I think the literature is outdated, to be honest with you.

Hollywood, FL

#824 Dec 14, 2009 hum....
I like Asian Chicken better.

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#825 Dec 14, 2009
Sam,Sam the Fungus Man ! Loads of people here have been to legit docs,derms,parasitologists and shrinks and have ended up with highly conflicting opinions , interpretations of test results which I acknowledge aren't easy to do as there are so many variables. However there's been many,many diseases what have you , which have taken years if not decades to be 'recognized' so why not accept the possibility of the existence of birdmites or fowl pest ? If virus strains like H1N1(swine flu) or avian influenza (bird flu) can jump species ,why not mites of any type? Many of the posters who talk of birdmites come from agricultural areas where ,no doubt ,there's loads of spraying going on which will increase the possibilty/probability of some resistant strain looking for some more hospitable host. Doncha think ?
The research just isn't being done for financial and/or political reasons. It's a bio-chemical war of attrition out there which has been going on for millennia as it always has been...
As more people are afflicted with mites or from polluted land etc and there's money in it ,only then will the research be done and a 'cure' be found...until the next resistant strain ...,ad infinitum..........

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#826 Dec 14, 2009 why not be open to the possibility of birdmites (or Morgellon's etc) infesting humans ? Regarding scabies ,I'm sure it's possible to find two, highly reputable professors from world famous universities who have diametrically opposite views on treatment ,life-cycle and so on... Please don't be offended.......there are no certainties..except that one !:)

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#827 Dec 17, 2009
Sam, I apologise for my over the top posts and ,although I stand by what I said ,the manner in which I said them was rude and unnecessary . I don't say much because I know I know nada and ,in my own experience of the medical establishment so far , nor do they ,or at the very least , have stopped listening and being curious.Science is not finite ;there are no givens,least shouldn't be. I thought/think it's open-ended and is about continuous questioning and analysis..........
Anyway ,my sincerest apologies .

Ruston, LA

#828 Dec 21, 2009
PLEASEhelpus wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi my name is Brandy my son(year and 4months) have had scabbies for Countless months now and at first i thought it was bug bites then posin ivy but after all the money on creams scrubs NOThing worked i relized that thast its time to go to a doctor i have no insurance im 20 and my son is waiting for his medicaid and i live with my parents . i Tried the cream the hospital prescribed for both of us but u put it on for 8-12 hours from neck to toes but it didnt help Im borke and cant afford allt hese creams and stuff . IM GOIN INSANE from the lack of sleep from itching and its AT NIGHT then my poor lil boy is suffering from it too and everyone turns there back on u when u say scabbbies ..PLease CAN someone help me and my son PLEASE
I tried a bunch of different things, and the baking soda helps soothe the skin.

I became desperate, and since the permethrin, I was using was literally burning my skin until it fell off...The naturopath said to use essential oils. I can tell you this much, after just moving, I was very low on denaro (moola). I looked in my toiletries to see what I had on hand, as I was DESPERATE.

I used FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH essential oil, it comes premixed. I am absolutely astounded after these past weeks of frying my skin to pieces, literally, and soaking and soaking, that this essential oil did more in a night. I am almost healed completely in one night. I haven't felt the pin-prickly sensation like something is eating me alive. I suppose if it was good for Jesus, it is good for me. Its amazing, I wish I had pictures to show you guys the before and after pics. Just buy some frankincense & myrhh essential oil and watch what happens for you. Truly amazing, and this has been the worst affliction I've ever dealt with. I'm not a suicidal type, but dang near thought about jumping out the window than live with these things under my skin breeding and leaving waste matter.

Soooooooooo thankful.
still fighting them

York, PA

#829 Dec 21, 2009
sam wrote:
It sounds like you have something besides scabies. Scabies don't get all over the house like that, but fungus or bacteria can, probably fungus. Or maybe your skin is reacting to all the chemicals you are using.
Hey Sam

Definitely scabies Sam. We've been scabie free for going on 20 days now, since removing and freezing the source of reinfestation- the children's car seats. We've also incorporated ammonia to the borax wash for colored clothes. We haven't been to any places that we'd been when we had scabies.

Remedy- Tumeric (sprinkle on washcloth and put in water), Borax (same as Tumeric),Soak in Borax and Tumeric water, Bleaching clothes and surfaces including car, Ammonia and Borax on colored clothes when washing, Bleach and borax on whites when washing, sheets and towels/washcloths; freezing any and everything

I will give updates. Good Luck no prayers for all b/c u need prayers to deal w/ this


#830 Dec 29, 2009
hey i used soya oil it really helps it cleared up but my sister caught it in the process so were gonna have too start it all agen .. is there anything u cud tell us too help scabies3?

Newfoundland, PA

#831 Dec 29, 2009
1-MORE wrote:
Thanks you. I treated with perm 4x and used neem.. I have been going nuts.. I even borrowed a microscope and was scraping myself for a week.. It's been 3 weeks since I treated last, foliculitus sounds right, because my derm can't find anything and nothing found in my scrapings..
I began thinking that it is post scabies syndrome.. and I too felt biting, itching, bumps, etc.. wow! the only thing I do now is if I am too itchy at night, I take zrtec or benadry..
thank you for posting!
so glad I could help...remember the environment can set off your folliculitis too. so don't freak out and worry thinking you have scabies again! it will come and GO!

Sanford, FL

#832 Jan 8, 2010
For anyone here trying to deal with scabies, i've been reading your posts and thought i could shed a light here, i am dealing with scabies right now, i had them before, treated with Permethrin 5%, Perm 1% won't help, since it's for head lices only, i guess i did not washed my clothes as i was supposed to. Anyway here is a video about how to get rid of these Mother and do it as instructed

&fe ature=PlayList&p=3ED393566 656E64E&playnext=1&pla ynext_from=PL&index=50

Sanford, FL

#833 Jan 8, 2010

i am waiting for these products so i can finished them once and for all...

Diatomaceous Earth is a good resource for desinfecting your home, beds, and environment!

i hope this helps
sick and tired

Las Vegas, NV

#834 Jan 9, 2010
It is interesting that you say folliculitis because that is what my dermatologist said I had. However, I found it odd that it could be all over my body like this. What type of antibacterial soap did you use? I've been using the permethrin cream and it hasn't fully worked yet. I also tried the dermatech. I'm so sick of this. How can folliculitus spread to others?
gobigjeff wrote:
I was diagnosed by a professional nurse at a local health clinic with a moderate case of scabies in October, 2006. I had developed an outbreak of numerous itchy red bumps, some with small whiteheads, across my groin area and inner thighs. I was prescribed Elimite to treat the outbreak, and it seemed to work, however a few bumps remained and I treated again a week later. I was not able to get rid of all of the bumps, and they spread to my legs and abdomen. I bagged up all of my clothing, and laundered the rest, drying everything at a laundromat on high heat. A few weeks later, I reached into a bag to grab out a shirt, and the next day I had a huge outbreak on both arms. I went to a second nurse, who rediagnosed me with scabies event though she had never seen scabies before, basing her decisions upon my original diagnosis and treatment. I treated with Elimite again and it seemed to work ok. I was never able to get rid of all the bumps however with Elimite no matter how hard I cleaned. I bought the purple Extreem Clean off the DermatechRX website and the Mitactin salve and spray and that seemed to work better. I threw out a couch, and a rug, and a set of sheets, and began cleaning everything on a daily basis. I mopped my floor, did laundry, covered my mattress with a mattress cover, and wiped it down everyday. My girlfriend and best friend got it too. My friend went to see a third nurse who told him he had Folliculitis, which is basically a bacterial staph infection of the hair follicles on the skin. Well I laughed at first not believing that two previous medical professionals could have been wrong, but I researched it online and sure enough, the symptoms and bumps looked exactly like what we had. We immediately stopped using the mitactin, and permethrin on the skin, and stopped cleaning with the extreem clean. Instead we bought antibacterial soap and over the counter antibiotic cream. My girlfriend and I began scrubbing our entire bodies daily with the soap and an exfoliating sponge, and put cream on the red spots. It worked like a charm. Within a week everything had basically disappeared, except some spots that were obviously still healing.

Newfoundland, PA

#835 Jan 9, 2010
You get folliculits because of all the treatments and chemicals you are puting on your skin. I had folliculits all over my body particularly where I seemed to have most of my scabies too.. this is because I kept applying perm. to the same areas over and over cause I thought I felt the sacabies there. Those areas were affected more by the folliculits. Folliculitis is the inflamation of your hair follicules. I have been scabie free for 2 years now but everyonce in a while I still have an outbreak of folliculits. sometime the weather sets if off, or anything in the environment can set it off too.

New York, NY

#836 Jan 9, 2010
still fighting them wrote:
7. the house- anything that can be bleached gets it(tables, sofas- dont care anymore about ruining color, appliances, counteers, electronics, side tables, end tables, floors). anything that can go in freezer gets froze (the 2 toys oof the kids that I didnt bag up LOL, keys, cell phone, papers, mail, iron and ironing board cover, pampers, wipes, coats that cant be washed). Anything that I can move outside to the deck goes (bagged up shoes, DVD's fabric dining chairs, bookbaags, stools, etc. No remedy for carpet- in the past we had it steam cleaned three times- got reinfested(maybe the kids). What I'm doing now is making the family room less desirable by removing toys, T.V., DVD's etc.; I'm going too buy a baby gate and put it up for 30 days. Prayerfully that will kill them in that room. Then, unfortunately, I have to find something to keep my 2 yr old occupied and in one spot only- The top bunk watching Yo Gabba Gabba-I'll bring his food up to him while I'm cleaning.
The bed- we change sheets everyday and bleach vinyl covering on matress.* you have to cover box spring, pillows and matress
What doesnt work/ or whats harmful
tea tree oil
all rx'd creams- insecticides
What does work
Borax-$3.78 at Walmart
Tumeric-$2.99 any grocery store or walmart
Neem w/ tumeric
Bagging things for 30 daays
Freezing things
Microwaving things
Thanks for so freely sharing of your experience. Have you tried purchasing a steamer and steaming your rugs, couch and other household surfaces? I'm looking into getting one because I think you can cover a lot of ground with them.
Vann from Tennessee

Jackson, TN

#838 Jan 10, 2010
Stop abusing your skin and wasting time and money.

My cure is documented here in the thread, "A Natural Scabies Cure:"

Safe, easy, cheap and minimal change in lifestyle.

Vann from Tennessee

United States

#839 Jan 12, 2010
All of the toxic chemicals you people are soaking in, and rubbing over your skin can be causing Dermatitis.

Can you tell the difference between dermatitis that you may have caused and Scabies?
Photos of Dermatitis:

So bottom line, whatever you do, make sure that your treatments are NON-TOXIC. I used Food Grade Diatomacious Earth to treat my scabies. See this link for details:

Borax Peroxide

Ruston, LA

#840 Jan 12, 2010
Ok, so I completely flipped out and went to the ER the other night. Thought I was getting a handle on this, and then it spread to the lower half of my body, and when I mean spread, I mean SPREAD!!!!!

Anyways, I was taking the borax and hydrogen peroxide baths which dried the crap out of my skin.

Sigh, I've been leveled to a grumbling mass of human misery, but giving up means giving in. I imagine toads that sit still long enough to let ants start crawling on them daring to overtake them unto death, so that keeps me motivated-dont want to end up as toad meat for these critters.

Soooooooooooo. I started with bleach baths, and it has been 3 days and I can honestly say it IS making a huge difference, no more itch, but spots still appear but it stings on the live mites, otherwise it doesn't seem to have much an affect.

When I get out of the shower, I mixed into Aveeno Oatmeal lotion these things

Oregano Oil
Thyme Oil - VERY STRONG ANTISEPTIC - I put it on straight and it peeled off the layers of skin, stung like you have no idea
Neem Oil

Its helping! My skin, instead of looking like an alligator is now looking really healthy except for the marks. I think they are dying or dead cause I don't feel the crawling, but I think there is still matter in there, and I'm afraid to say Im in the clear totally. I'm waiting for the Ivermectin to get here to kill the inside eggs.

What a nightmare. I vacuum 4 x a day, and here is what has helped the most.

BLEACH! I boiled bleach water and mopped it then dryed the floor, and I was daring enough to walk across the floor without crocs to see if they were waiting to attack my feet, and it didn't happen. This bleach method seems to be working for me. I'm not doling out medical advice, but after everything else I've tried, holy cow. The permithrin cream liked to have killed my skin, so nasty what it does to you.

May God Bless all of you on this journey, and let hope remain for those still sufferring

Portland, OR

#841 Jan 12, 2010
steph wrote:
hi, i need people's help... me and my boyfriend have been itching for the last 3-4months... he went to the docs and they brushed it off as bed mites or something so we spent a fortune on stuff for that and nothing happened... we both went and they said we had scabies... they gave us Derbac M. you cover your body in it for 24hours then wash it off and the same again a week later. we did this and we're still scratching... i am not allowed to work until im totally cured and i cant afford to take any more time off work... plus, im covered in scabs and blood is always on the bed covers from itching at night. please somebody help me, coz it is actually driving me mad. and you read about these people who have had it for years and i couldnt cope with it. please help. thank you!!
maybe you should try some benadryl or 1 or 2 bottles of wine. I have had scabies for 7 months now and I have found that this is the ONLY cure!!! this works particularly well when you conbine the two.

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