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#4385 Aug 15, 2014
Doctors are dumb when it comes to this plague. I am sure the doc thought I caught this from a hooker, many believe it is an STD because it also gets passed in that way.

Remember you are not me, so some treatments that work for me may give you pain, or even death. A good tip is to have someone be ready to take you to the hospital if you have a reaction.

I am treating this with a six sigma approach, and I believe the solution is to find the right cocktail of ingredients, plus completely eliminating their presence in the environment.

1) Blow-up inflatable bed, plastic (toss your bed!) spray it with permetherin daily, hose it off every 2 days
2) Bedding gets baked at 250F in the oven for 20 minutes Ė daily. I lined the bottom tray of my oven with alunimum foil, and be sure nothing touches the element or sides. Things get hot, all the way through, even stacks of clothing. This is a great thing, and is hotter than the dryer.
3) Vacuum and throw away the bag every 2 days (spray vacuum with permetherin after use)
4) Cover lazy boy chair with sheet, bake the sheet every day at 250F, spray chair with permetherin
5) Bake dirty clothes before hamper and shoes at 250F daily 20 minutes. Kill everything BEFORE the clothes washer and dryer! Better for your septic tank (no pesticides down the drain). Donítí let mites fester in a clothes hamper and spray it with permetherin! Donít get involved with special detergents! Just turn on your oven and bake!
6) Development a treatment regimen
1) Topical - leave this stuff on, don't shower!
a) All over body, permetherin, benzyl benzoate (careful! Sensitive areas will burn and irritate around face groin, bottom, armpits, neck!), frontline plus, pool clorine baths (I bought a snorkel and swimming goggles so I could soak in the CL water, I am considering getting a large kiddy pool in my living room and I may mix in permetherin as well, cover it with a tarp and use it daily), ivermectin
b) Spot treatments Perm, Benz, frontline plus, Cl baths, itchthammol, ivermectin
2) Internal treatments
a) Oral ivermectin 2ml mix with grapefruit juice(see body weight chart)
*b) Enema ivermectin 1ml (or 2ml with no oral dosage - 1ml to compensate for kidney losses from oral)

*I have been taking oral ivermectin with grapefruit juice (supposed to help pass the liver). Problem is, the liver filters out the medicine. If you are taking 2ml for 220 lbs, your liver is extracting an unknown amount. The oral ivermectin never deliver a full dosage into the blood stream and into the skin.

SO should I inject, NO! I mean I don't know how to inject myself! Eventually I may learn, that is my nuclear option!

I started taking ivermectin enemas. I mix about 1/4 filtered water with a dose for my weight (2ml) and using a well rinsed small plastic bottle with Vaseline on the topper, in it goes the bum with a squeeze. I then do a yoga pose elevating my derriere above my torso and resisting the urge to go to the bathroom. I am also taking pro-biotics because I may be displacing digestive organisms.

7) House
1) Treatments
a) Foggers (initially and maybe as a regimen)
b) Sulfur candles i.e. Sulfur Dioxide gas every 2 days.(I had to make these, I use soy wax because itís easy, beeswax takes higher temperatures. Look for directions on the web. One tip, soy wax is light, so mix the wax several times in the wax candle while itís in the freezer or the sulfur will settle. Soy wax is easy to clean up after and I made 3-16oz candles in under an hour)

*c) Treat driveway with hand pump sprayer Cl and perm mix weekly
* I am sure I got a resistant strain from livestock manure when I was working on my pickup truck, underneath it for hours. The cattle cross my long driveway and I run over their pies sometimes. Now I spray the drive with a mixture of bleach and permetherin weekly via a hand held pump sprayer.

8) Car
1) Permetherin spray, hand sprayer
2) Sulfur candles daily

Good luck

Manassas, VA

#4386 Aug 15, 2014
umathr wrote:
I got rid of scabies using sulfur soap and also using organic aloe vera gel or juice. scabies are about the same size as a skin cell, when on the surface of your skin they can hide under skin cells. work the sulfur soap into the effected areas let dry. every other day or so apply aloe. make sure it is organic aloe. this worked for me. I also took wormwood and zinc. good luck

Dubai, UAE

#4388 Aug 18, 2014
By god it is curable please send your email I will guide the steps to get rid of the problem. Once I have more details about the stage
steph wrote:
<quoted text>
thankyou, ive spent ages going through the forums... i just dont get it. dont the doctors take it seriously? am i supposed to wash everything, bedding, clothes, coats after wearing them once? its bloody horrible... does anyone actually get rid of it? it doesnt sound like it... is there no hope?!:-(

Since: Apr 13

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#4389 Aug 18, 2014
You could have bed bugs wrote:
<quoted text> you could have bed bugs
bed bugs are visible, if anyone has them you spray 90 percent alcohol on your mattress..there are good you tube tutorials on how to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs can never come close to the horror of scabies aka skin mites.

United States

#4390 Aug 18, 2014
megan wrote:
My daughter had the scabies since she was 2 months old. She is now going to turn 7 months old. My husband has it the wost but shes the one who got it first. All the other kids we have 4 in total, and us are goung crazy. They have been perscribing wvery type of cream you can think of and there is still no hope. I dont know what else to do...
What worked for me was neem oil and neem aura skin cream! I put the smelly 100% neem oil on at night! And washed it off in the morning! Neem oil is non toxic to humans! At first you will see many more bumps! That is the scabies trying to get away from the oil that they are now ingesting! Do this every night before bed and wash it off in the morning. Than apply the neem aura lotion! This does not work over night! For the first couple of days you might need to put the neem oil and the the lotion on but aftrr you see the skin improving you will need just the oil at night and the lotion through out the day! Do this for a few months snd make sure you iron or steam everything you put on
Diatomaceous Earth

Seattle, WA

#4391 Aug 19, 2014
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
mix 2/3 grapeseed oil with 1/3 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) into a spray bottle. Apply to the skin morning & night. Sprinkle DE into the bedding each day with a salt shaker being careful not to breath it. All scabies & itching will be gone within 1 week. Continue treatments for 6 weeks to kill off the hatchlings. DE kills them on contact & the Grapeseed Oil smothers their breathing tube.
Neem oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil and castor oil mixture can be used immediately after showering before drying off.
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade can be taken internally as a drink as well. Google it.

United States

#4392 Aug 24, 2014
I also tried everything and red onions worked beautifully

Flint, TX

#4393 Aug 24, 2014
jay gerson wrote:
i got scabies about 9 months ago. i have had persistent treatments and both of my dermatologists say that i have not had scabies for a few months now but i stil have red nodules on my upper thighs and buttocks. i have been taking topical steriods to reduce the swelling in the nodules which seems to work for awhile then the nodules swell up again. Is it possible to just have the skin removed where the nodules are so i can finally get rid of them? Anyone who could help please do because i am desperate.
Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), can make painful itchy bumps if you're allergic. It's in virtually all manufactured soaps. Use a natural soap like Dr Bronner's with no SLS. Use Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (9.5% HcL acid) put it on itchy area in shower for 2-3 minutes then rinse it off. That also cures skin cancer.

Edmonton, Canada

#4395 Aug 24, 2014
I am so desperate as we all are but I'm serious I have been dealing with this for almost 7mths . My baby has it I have it on finger and Brest . We co sleep and I breadtfeed. . I have tried everything to get rid of it . I have treated with perm 8times . I use neem oil , tea tree oil , sulfer soap , borax and arm n hamer to wash with and clean with borax and Lysol . I even soak my hands in Lysol and borax everynight . I live in Canada and Doctors won't give me ivermectain . I'm afraid to dose myself because I breadtfeed. I'm not ready to give up feeding my baby my heart is broke . I'm depressed realy bad and cry all the time. This is destroying my life and I don't know what else to do please help me please please please

Dungannon, UK

#4396 Aug 26, 2014
Brave heart, you are truly mad!

Galveston, TX

#4398 Aug 27, 2014
use capex shampoo it run them out in a week or 2

Austin, MN

#4399 Aug 27, 2014 This shampoo will help with the itching. I used a spray bottle and diluted shampoo to spray myself when I was itching.

The real solution is to use Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade all over your house. I sprinkled it on all carpets, chairs and car seats. I did not clean it off for 1 day. I also sprinkled it on my mattress. I put it directly on the mattress and then put the sheet over it. You want the diatomaceous earth on you all the time. This is the key to getting rid of these nasty little mites. I and my wife were tortured for over 6 months with these irritants.

These two products saved us from the hell we were in. Hope this helps.

Edmonton, Canada

#4400 Aug 27, 2014
joelbon wrote: x.php This shampoo will help with the itching. I used a spray bottle and diluted shampoo to spray myself when I was itching.
The real solution is to use Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade all over your house. I sprinkled it on all carpets, chairs and car seats. I did not clean it off for 1 day. I also sprinkled it on my mattress. I put it directly on the mattress and then put the sheet over it. You want the diatomaceous earth on you all the time. This is the key to getting rid of these nasty little mites. I and my wife were tortured for over 6 months with these irritants.
These two products saved us from the hell we were in. Hope this helps.
Do you know if this is safe to use around babies ? Thanks so much for sharing !

Phoenix, AZ

#4402 Aug 28, 2014
I have battled the little demons for over a year and like many of you have spent a bunch of money and had really low self esteem. I have tried all the oils, soaps, peroxide, bleaches, borax, natural remedies and nothing worked oh also the pesticide cream. Finally I tried the ivermectin paste from the feed store, apple flavor, cost 4.50. I mixed it in water and warmed it up to drink, measured it by my weight same as horse, and did it three weeks in a row and I know they are finally gone, after the first week you could see the trails they made trying to escape. im not itchy, my skin is white again not red and my self esteem is growing each day. It may not work for everybody but I sure wish I had done this months ago.
3 months and now cured

Suitland, MD

#4403 Aug 29, 2014
steph wrote:
hi, i need people's help... me and my boyfriend have been itching for the last 3-4months... he went to the docs and they brushed it off as bed mites or something so we spent a fortune on stuff for that and nothing happened... we both went and they said we had scabies... they gave us Derbac M. you cover your body in it for 24hours then wash it off and the same again a week later. we did this and we're still scratching... i am not allowed to work until im totally cured and i cant afford to take any more time off work... plus, im covered in scabs and blood is always on the bed covers from itching at night. please somebody help me, coz it is actually driving me mad. and you read about these people who have had it for years and i couldnt cope with it. please help. thank you!!
Ichthammol and frontline plus. Mix the two into an ointment and leave on skin for 2-3 hours. Wipe off with paper towels and discard in an air tight plastic bag. Do not wash off the residue! keep the remaining thin layer on your skin and it will protect you from re-infestation. Shave thick hair before treatment, head groin, etc.

Sterilize your clothing by baking in an oven at 250F for 20 minutes, burn sulfur candles in your house and car (be careful!) when you are not home!

I have had these for almost 3 months and have tried everything on my skin, this is the only this that has worked for me.
3 months and now cured

Suitland, MD

#4404 Aug 29, 2014
Mary wrote:
You need to get a dermatologist to prescribe ivermectin. Have you read PAGE 5 from the Thread, Scabies is Highly Contagious. Look for the poster named "Scabies in FL." Read all his posts there on page 5. Please do a major internet search on ivermectin. Research it thoroughly.
<quoted text>
ivermectin did not work for me.

Rocklin, CA

#4406 Sep 7, 2014
I do not like this. I believe my 17 month old got this from his dad who works in a nursing home and has what I believe scabies all over the poor residents. The nursing home staff won't DO ANYTHING. So now I have to figure this out since its coming home.
I read about Neem oil and it smells so bad. Has any more used it before. I don't know if I can use it because of the small. Thankfully my 17 month old doesn't care about the smell.

Peterborough, Canada

#4407 Sep 7, 2014
I have black specs all over my floors which I use a sticky roller couple times a day. when I put body lotion on my legs black specs seem to fly out on the floor. I have had a few bites, but not many anymore, actually smaller little pimples. I don't know if this could be scabies or what, feels like static on my legs. more of a stinging sensation, sometimes a little itchy.
any ideas on what this could be? when I was on vacation I could feel them and also see these black specs in the bed. when I unpacked suitcase it was full of these black specs.

Melbourne, Australia

#4408 Sep 11, 2014
Go the a dry suana.i did this every day for 10 to 15 minutes.even twice a day if u like.its relaxing as well.follow everyones cleaning steps but then definately go to suana. I promise you, this will kill them

Ellijay, GA

#4410 Sep 15, 2014
Is it normal to get small itchy bumps 4 days after permethrim 5% treatment? Does this mean it didnt work??

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