how do i get rid of scabies once and ...

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#4407 Sep 7, 2014
I have black specs all over my floors which I use a sticky roller couple times a day. when I put body lotion on my legs black specs seem to fly out on the floor. I have had a few bites, but not many anymore, actually smaller little pimples. I don't know if this could be scabies or what, feels like static on my legs. more of a stinging sensation, sometimes a little itchy.
any ideas on what this could be? when I was on vacation I could feel them and also see these black specs in the bed. when I unpacked suitcase it was full of these black specs.

Epping, Australia

#4408 Sep 11, 2014
Go the a dry suana.i did this every day for 10 to 15 minutes.even twice a day if u like.its relaxing as well.follow everyones cleaning steps but then definately go to suana. I promise you, this will kill them

Ellijay, GA

#4410 Sep 15, 2014
Is it normal to get small itchy bumps 4 days after permethrim 5% treatment? Does this mean it didnt work??
Itchymommyandtod dler

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#4411 Sep 17, 2014
steph wrote:
<quoted text>
thankyou mary. ive never been on a forum before... theyre great, everyones really helpful. i guess we're all miserable together?! what have you used/tried?
. Scabies love dry skin. Start with the greasiest body wash you can use.
Invest in a bag less vacuum cleaner and vac every surface possible and often. Vac your vehicles at least once a week. Sweep as often as possible. Vacuum pack any extra clothing/linens not in use. Stay away from ivermectin and anything harsh. I got non Hodgkin's lymphoma after having followed crazy advice. I had a tumor between my lung and heart. Be careful, it's tempting to try anything when you're desperate.

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#4412 Sep 19, 2014
LISTEN UP!! Everyone, go to Amazon and look up "Kleen Free." It is a natural solution to scabies. It is made up of enzymes that will kill these mites. You can spray it on the skin and it will kill them within a few days. It's natural and non-toxic. You can spray on your furniture, bedding, clothes, and it will not harm your pets. Read up on it and find out for yourself.
Tucson girl

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#4413 Sep 19, 2014
ya right !!!!!

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#4414 Sep 19, 2014
It took a really bad sunburn for my friend to finally get rid of scabies or maybe it was the salt water in the ocean.. Maybe both. Suffered for months. After the beach trip... They were GONE!
Tucson girl

Tucson, AZ

#4415 Sep 21, 2014
Diatomaceous Earth wrote:
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade
mix 2/3 grapeseed oil with 1/3 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) into a spray bottle. Apply to the skin morning & night. Sprinkle DE into the bedding each day with a salt shaker being careful not to breath it. All scabies & itching will be gone within 1 week. Continue treatments for 6 weeks to kill off the hatchlings. DE kills them on contact & the Grapeseed Oil smothers their breathing tube.
Neem oil, tea tree oil, grape seed oil and castor oil mixture can be used immediately after showering before drying off.
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade can be taken internally as a drink as well. Google it.
Ive been doing this. Love grape seed oil and DE Still have them. how bout you?

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#4416 Sep 22, 2014
My story - I had the scabies for 5 years before I found a cure. I went to 8 different doctors. Tried all the medication available. It’s about being healthy first. I had to clean out my system and attack the bugs from the inside and the outside. Now I keep up my health eating habits and cleaning methods to avoid re-occurrences.

My Suggestions are:
Black Walnut/ Wormwood Combination Extract, put in your leave-in conditioner and your lotions. I use the 10% to 20% method. Make sure you cover you entire body. I also found shampoos, conditioners and soap with a willow bark in the ingredient to be helpful.

I clean my house with Lysol and ammonia, especially the bathrooms that I clean sometimes twice a day. I clean my carpet by vacuuming with a microfiber bag, steaming after and spraying bug spray after that twice a week. It is important to pour boiling water in your shower before and after use. I use a tea pot it will give you good control and allows you to reach the upper walls. They will not be able to crawl back up your drain if you do this. Wait no more than 15 minutes after you shower. Then spray with Lemon Lysol.

Also I stop drinking coffee, dairy and eating pork. I supplement with a multivitamin, calcium and Black Walnut Herbal Combination. Good luck.

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#4417 Sep 22, 2014
Interesting wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, your really wierd!!
"Weird"? Perhaps, but accurate! We had eradicated most of theses diseases in the USA, but now we have strains and species emerging which are resistant to many of our remedies. Tropical infestations seem to be much more resistant to our own brand of these bugs. My 2 cents.

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#4418 Sep 22, 2014
evangelist akins wrote:
I know this might sound crazy;however, Ive worked in a nursing home for 9 years, and I know all about Scabies.To treat them I would run a bath (as you usually would) Take bleach(of any kind)and place about 5-7 caps full in the bath.The bleach is deluted in by the water,so you won't have to worry about it being too strong.Take a bath as you normally do. The bleach may dry your skin and may be a little harsh on your skin;however the itching will cease and the scabies will be gone. Do this a couple of times (at night)
But it doesn't kill the "eggs"!

Warrington, UK

#4419 Sep 22, 2014
Hey all, it's been a while since I visited this site, back in April 2014 I posted that I had had scabies and found a cure that got rid of it within a few days so, I thought I would come back and update you all. Bleach works, simple as that, a few drops in ha bath and believe me the relief is amazing, as far as I am aware most countries have bleach easily available and at low costs, it's the only thing that worked for me even though I tried all the expensive treatments first. I did all the other stuff like cleaned the house / car etc but believe me bleach is the most effective and easy treatment. Don't worry about it damaging your skin, let's face it scabies isn't doing you any good lol, after the bleach bath if you feel you need to you can apply a little moisturiser and you'll be fine. Good luck to all of you, I know how truly terrible this is and the dramatic effect it can have on your life.

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#4420 Sep 22, 2014
how does anyone do the bleach with the smell? how does it not make you sick?
rael deal

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#4421 Sep 24, 2014
Had it for almost a year time of my life lol , but god is good he will always send . Do this and its all over :) its called colloidal silver . Yep that's it !

Hurricane, WV

#4422 Sep 24, 2014
SCABIES!!!): SUCK. I have been putting aloe on them it's dried me up. But it kills them

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#4423 Sep 26, 2014
TVNV wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you know if this is safe to use around babies ? Thanks so much for sharing !
Hi from another Canadian. Diatomaceous earth would be safe around you and your baby if you mix it with the oil the poster had suggested and spread it on your body. You don't want to be breathing it in, since it apparently is very hard on your lungs, and according to some, the body isn't able to clear it from your lungs. If you use it around your bed, keep that in mind. I simply covered my mattress in a vinyl zipper cover from Walmart. Diatomaceous earth is available at farm supply stores. I will add a post below from someone else with some suggestions that may be worth trying as well. I will be trying it soon. Cut back on the peppermint and clove oil for baby obviously, by at least half. Peppermint oil makes you very cold, so be aware of that:

i did a lot of research and studying and finally figured out a surefire way to quickly get rid of them, eggs and all has worked within 3 days for everyone who caught it at the nursing home.
91% Alcohol (1 large bottle is plenty 4bucks)
Peppermint Oil (2oz is plenty should be $20 full retail at central market)
Clove Oil (20z is plenty also 20 at central market)
a few spray bottles
Bottle of Odorless garlic (walmart - 100 tabs 3 bucks)
Bottle of cayenne fruit pills (walmart 6 bucks)
Bottle of Beta carotene (walmart 4 bucks)
few bars of sulfur soap (can find at mexican grocery stores)
10oz container of aloe lotion ( i used Vaseline Aloe fresh from walmart)
alright in the spray bottle combine half the bottle of rubbing alcohol, 1 oz peppermint and some water.. i used aw index bottle and filled it halfway up)
Peppermint is a neurotoxin to critters and rodents... it kills everything from ants to mice and keeps killing them for about a day)
Spray your whole house down and clothes with this sheets beddingeverything...if you have a steam cleaner use it on your carpet with this mixture instead of soap).. then do this every day for about a week (i still have solutionleft, my place is only 1100 sq/ft tho)
now get a hot bath going.. nothing scalding hot or anything absurd, but pretty hot.. pour the other half of that alcohol into that tub and take a bath with the sulfur soap... your skin should be itching like crazy right now.. spend about 30 minutes
congratz you just killed a ton of critters making you itch.
next get that lotion you bought, empty out half the bottle in something then in that bottle you are going to combine 1oz Clove and 1oz peppermint oil
put that everywhere EXCEPT YOUR TESTICLES OR Hoo-Ha area (if you fail to listen to me and you do put it down there, that excrutiating pain can be taken care of by using olive oil to remove the lotion.... it will feel like the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life... i know from personal experience)
gratz you now smell like an 80 yr old persons house with clove, not a bad smell... also your whole body will feel like its ON FIRE... this pain goes away eventually) the clove WILL KILL EVERY SCABY on your body within 15minutes.. will also kill anything you come into contact with or sit on
DO NOT GET THIS LOTION NEAR ANY MUCUS MEMBRANES... you'll end up in the hospital and probably blind
now the peppermint stays in your skin longer than the clove... when new eggs hatch, it kills the babies so it gives you some breathing room
every time you itch, either apply lotion to that area and on the whole appendage (your wrist itches, lotion your whole arm)
as far as private areas, spray that peppermint spray you have down there, minty cool breeze and your junk tastes like x-mas, also it burns really bad... really really bad, but not as bad as clove oil does)
now as far as the pills, take 2 pills 4 times a day for the garlic and cayenne fruit) the beta C take twice daily for a week.. cayenne pepper is an INCREDIBLE internal miticide .. they wont want to be near your blood
rinse repeat until itching stops

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#4424 Oct 8, 2014
I think its sad to see so many long term sufferers. I though I had something, like mites or what ever but mostly it was the fear of the unknown that inflamed my responses and ideas. I NEVER had scabies but assumed I did when I kept feeling things moving on my skin and could never see anything. Turns out it was springtails, very small white jumpy things that live in soil and hard to see and when you do, suspect they are lint or small white thingies that look like the white matter at the end of a hair that’s been pulled out at the root. It took me 2 years and dozens of toxic remedies to figure out. I think I ended up on some DHS watch list because of all the things I ordered online as far away as Russia for some items not found in the US for skin disorders.
It’s my personal opinion, that some here who think they have scabies, do not. I have since learned of many skin disorders along the way like candida and other fungal or bacterial that mimics scabies, about how some substances you put on your skin may cause and inflammatory response and itch and resemble scabies.
Don’t let fear shut down critical thinking. I will NEVER take for granted the feeling of climbing in to a peaceful, cozy and comfy bed with flannel thick plush comforters and 4 pillows for me to hog - after a log day and fresh hot shower when my body has been made tired from long a stressful day. For a year, I sprayed my plastic covered mattress down every single night with bleach water then put on a new pair of sheets, dusting them with Diatomatious earth – only using a top sheet as a blanket, after washing a batch of 7 sheet sets weekly to have available to change each night.
Though to my defense, I think I had a parasitic infection from flea/mite bites early on after dog sitting for a friend. The springtails only exacerbated the fear. That was met with liver damaging ivermectin. I lost a ton of weight because of that stuff and not in a good way. It took me a year to bounce back.
I hope the long term suffers can find what truly ails them and find a permanent cure. To new actual sufferers, sulfur soap does work but not swiftly and should be kept in the home at all times. Its more likely to prevent new bites if the soap leaves you smelling like sulfur.
Klene Free on the skin is non toxic that also works but not swiftly. It works on springtails, bedbugs and roaches too, according to the reviews on Amazon.

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#4425 Oct 8, 2014
You poor thing that you have to come on this forum every single day with your emotional posts just to plug two products that don't do jack sht for scabies. Kleen free and kleen green are scams.
How do you sleep at night knowing you are lying and tricking people here. DE is another product that doesn't help.
over finally

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#4426 Oct 8, 2014
I'm cured!!! Having tried everything the ordeal is finally over. Thank god! I have my life back (and so does my housemate!!)


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#4427 Oct 11, 2014
Hi I had heard bathing in borax works can someone plz tell me if that's safe for me & my toddler ???? Thank u

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